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  • ...Goblins be thine (open)

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-21-2002 10:50 PM:
    ...Goblins be thine (open)

    **Her master was gone somewhere, and the visions of something happening to him would not leave. Pain, that was what she felt. Though it was not her own. Though he was too far to tell if it was pain that he caused, or his own, that she heard the echoes of in her mind. The feelings were being drowned out again by everyone else's constant drone of thoughts. She probably could have focused upon them if she was in her sanctuary, but she had not dared to return to that place since that one night...The vision of the girl on the stairs reaching for her flashed in her mind again and she quickly closed her eyes and covered her ears. She wanted it to go away...
    Though there was something else. Blood...blood that was only in her mind, but she saw it on her hands. The blood of two brothers that had blocked her way to Ramas only a few hours ago. She had killed them, but was not sure how. And as she had stared at the two corpses she could swear that they were not dead. What had she done?

    These were the thoughts that were floating through her head in such a chaos to anyone else that they would at least go mad if they tried to read her thoughts. Even Master Lynch had problems figuring out what was going through her head most of the time.

    The water that sat before her was swirling in its cup as she stared at it blankly. To anyone who had not seen her before this night, she appeared a little lost girl, those with any sense of the force however would be able to feel the intense disturbances in the Darkside around her.**

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-24-2002 12:22 PM:

    **It was amusing, the way people would pretend not to notice her after they would see her. Perhaps the stories had spread into violent rumors, a regular at the bar one night had whispered to his friend how you should never look her in the eyes or she will make your brain explode, such a silly thing to suggest. Although, he hadn't been seen again since that night, his friend had told the others that he had gone crazy and killed himself.

    It was annoying to have such things happen, though she was grateful for it, partially. It made the general population of the planet leave her alone for the most part. But the Sith that she was a part of seemed to avoid her as well. They would step to the other side of the hall if she was walking down it, sometimes leave a room if she entered it, or just ignore her completely. She doubted they did any of these things for the reason of fear, no, that couldn't be it. They probably all just hated her existence. After all, children were not allowed in the Empire. Why should there have been an exception made for her? Though, Takai did not feel as though she was really a part of the Empire, she was an apprentice of one of the Master's there, yes. But her loyalty was only with him, not with the Empire as a whole.
    Perhaps that was why they avoided her...**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-24-2002 01:38 PM:

    Lina had noticed the young girl sitting there, but she couldn't decide whether or not to approach her. She had seen her before, and smiled for she looked as though she had a lot of evil inside .. She had heard a ton of rumours among the young thing, but didn't wish to listen .. She didn't understand why everyone had to be judged on appearence, or by what was heard.

    The redhead walked over, and glanced down on her, a gentle and friendly smile rested upon her lips.

    "Why hello there .. I've seen you once or twice around these parts.. Yet I'm thinking you've been around this Empire more then I have .."

    She slowly bent down, her eyes locked upon the little girl.

    "You're a very pretty thing .. and you look quite evil as a plus," Lina gave her a wink, but decided to get more serious, for this young thing didn't seem in quite the happy mood. "What is your name ?"

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-24-2002 05:35 PM:

    **Takai did not look up from the water in her glass that continued to spiral until the red-haired woman had asked for her name. She let herself straighten in the chair and glance down at the table.**

    "I think you have been at this Empire longer than I have. Though I have been here since I was born, so the ratio is different, I suppose, Miss Capulet..."

    **She spoke quietly, her voice strangely monotonous.**

    "Though, I suppose I should tell you my name as you asked, since I already know given name is Takai, you may call me that...or Rei if you prefer."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-25-2002 07:50 AM:

    "Ah, yes .. Takai."

    She studied the girl very carefully, and canted her head. She didn't really seem in a happy sort of mood .. But Lina guessed that it was a normal thing for her not to look up when being spoken to. Her eyes still remained on the young thing, and her smile still rested on her lips..

    "May I join you ?"

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-25-2002 10:29 PM:

    "If you wish."

    **As the short time passed the girl looked even more and more downcast. Such great pain...she could not help but fear for her Master's well being as well as her future. If her Master was gone, that would leave her back to her father...and many more trips to the medbay. The young girl would have been swarmed with sorrow and worry had she not been so incapable of feeling.

    She realized how odd she must have appeared to be, just sitting there staring at a glass of water. Quickly, Takai grasped the glass with her thin, small fingers, and forced herself to drink from it.**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-26-2002 09:21 AM:

    The young Sith Disciple could read Takai like a book. She seemed so troubled, and in pain. She peered down at her, while the young thing remained still, gawking at the glass of water put in front of her. Lina flinched when all of a sudden she grabbed the glass and forced it all down her throat. She smiled slightly.

    "Something's wrong .. you seem quite troubled for a girl of your age. Would you wish to share your troubles with me ? I'm not going to force it out of you, but sometimes it is best to talk things through .."

    She gently pushed a few strands of her red hair behind her ear, and watched her silently once more.

    "And don't feel so odd .. Certain people judge too much. Ignore them .. either that, or you could just kick some ..."

    Lina paused for a second. She was after all a little girl..

    ".... rear end."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-26-2002 11:56 AM:

    **It was sudden, as quick as Takai had realized she was letting things get to her, she was letting her guard down. And in that instant she became like a blank wall, no thoughts could be heard, no feelings to be seen. It was as if she simply shut off any trace of emotion that there had been. Takai closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself retreat into her own mind for a moment, pleased with how everything was an unreadable whirlwind of chaos once again. Her eyes opened slowly and she thought about the words the disciple had said, perhaps Takai should speak with her. She would have to watch her wording though, no need to make someone feel awkward simply because you could hear their thoughts, and everyone else’s.**

    " Master has gone missing. Though, it is not rare that he is simply absent from the eyes of others, he is not on this planet. And though I do not miss him, his absence can cause a rather lethal chain reaction.."

    **It would have to suffice as far as giving information was concerned. Takai was not willing to tell what she felt was happening. And even more-so, she was not willing to tell anyone how she felt towards her Master. She had become too dependant on him, recently. Treating him like the father that Varlon had never been.**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-27-2002 08:48 AM:

    Lina nodded as she listened to Takai's words. She could tell just by them that the young Disciple was trying to be careful with what was to be said. She decided not to get too much into the whole thing, but just advise her ..

    "I understand .. but it isn't something to feel ashamed of. Our masters are very important to us, and they can be in many ways. Dara's sort of like the mother I never had .. In fact, I've never had a mother. But you get what I mean .. Sometimes they're so important to us that when they're gone, we just feel like something's missing. Like a piece of us was torn away from us. I don't know if that's how you feel ... but it's just my way of thinking about it."

    Her expression turned a bit more serious. Her arms were folded and placed on the table, and her ice-cold blue eyes darkened a bit..

    "I know there's more to the story then what you've just told me Takai. I know Master Lynch must mean much more to you. But ... I'm not going to force any of it out of you if you're feeling akward about it. It's your decision, and I respect it .."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-29-2002 02:34 PM:

    **She looked down at her hands, thinking of all the things that had happened recently. It dawned on her that she was reverting back to the girl she had been when Master Lynch had first found her. She wasn't eating, and when she got bored her thoughts instantly went to the blade, and perhaps worst of all, she started to smoke again, the pack of cigarettes she had stole a long time ago once again being seen far more than she would have liked to admit. Though no one knew, and they never would..
    The cuts suddenly stung. All of them at once, calling out for her attention. The hundreds of slices that littered her arms, legs, and many other parts of her thin, frail body. They were in the form of tally-marks. Though all of it was her secret, a secret so locked away in her mind that no one would know unless they physically looked. **

    "His presence forces me to control myself from committing less honorable actions. It is nothing more than that."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-30-2002 08:32 AM:

    Lina nodded and decided to not take on the subject any further. She canted her head as a droid waddled over to their table.

    "Red wine if you don't mind."

    The droid nodded and waddled back behind the counter. The Disciple turned her head back to Takai .. The name sounded all too familiar just at the sound.

    "Just wondering .. what is your last name ?"

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-30-2002 12:23 PM:

    **Oh how she wanted to say what was on her mind. "I have no last name." After all, the woman who gave birth to her was dead and the man who could have been considered her father was gone as well. But she still used her family name, despite her hating for them all.**


    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-31-2002 09:03 AM:

    "Then your father would be ..."

    Lina wanted to finish the sentence with the name "Varlon", but just then remembered that the man had left TSE a while ago. Her expression grew sympathetic towards Takai. No wonder she was so broken. Then again .. she never did see her father around the empire much ..

    "... I'm sorry."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-31-2002 11:13 AM:

    **For the first time in a long while, the child smiled. Though it was not one of happiness, nor was it "cute". The smile came off more as a strange, sadistic smirk. The sympathy coming from the other Sith was humorous to her, in a way. But then again, it might have been natural for one would feel sorrow for the orphaned girl. Oh, but only if they had seen the wounds her father had caused her in the past, from simple bruises in the shapes of hand prints to broken things that non one should ever know.**

    "Don't be. I hate him."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-31-2002 11:32 AM:

    Lina let out a small laugh. She wouldn't blame her. Varlon wasn't around enough for the little girl, and there must've been plenty of other reasons.

    "I wouldn't mind hearing why .."

    She smirked a bit, and awaited the young one's response.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-31-2002 01:55 PM:

    **She hated it when people asked that question, and she was not about to give all the details. But there was always an answer, that was true, and she was willing to say.**

    "He blamed me for his wife's death."

    **"My father's wife." That was how she referred to her mother. The reason behind it was not too well known, most simply blamed it on the fact that Takai and her mother never got along. It seemed to be a running theme when it came to the young girl and her family.**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 01-01-2003 11:06 AM:

    Lina's brow furrowed a bit.

    "Gee ... he seems quite the family man."

    She shook her head a bit, and pursed her lips, trying to lighten the mood a little..

    "Men do a lot of stupid things. They never truly want to blame themselves for their mistakes, because they believe sometimes they're too good to cause them ... in the end they blame the first person they see ... But that's only most of them."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 01-07-2003 12:25 PM:

    "Some women are like that as well..."

    **Her attention was once again on the glass of water sitting in front of her.**

    "Perhaps that is why it is better if they all just die."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 01-07-2003 01:06 PM:

    "Heh .. for a little girl you sure have a big view towards life. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking ?"

    She canted her head slightly, a bit curious about this. Takai was very wise about many things, as though she didn't make it strange for her to be a young girl in a big Empire.. She seemed more like a mature grown woman on the inside, but with still many things to learn. Life doesn't stop delivering its messages at any point whatsoever. Lina was a grown woman, but she knew there would be a lot more bad and good things to come..

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 01-07-2003 04:39 PM:

    "...10 months."

    **She didn't seem to notice of how strange that made things seem. She looked like she was at least 10 years, but months? She should still be an infant. Though, her mother's race was to blame for her fast growth. But no one other than her father, brother, and Master knew of that.**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 01-08-2003 01:13 PM:

    She raised her eyebrows suddenly at the response, for of course she did seem much older. She didn't wish to question on it, and instead decided to think of it having to due with the backgrounds of one of her parents..

    "10 months huh ? You're awfully tall for a 10 month year-old child ... But it isn't anything I'd find strange anyways."

    She smiled and brushed aside her dark blood-red hair, letting out a small huff..

    "If there's anything else you'd wish to talk about you can ... I'm a good listener and I have all the time in the world for it. But that's only if you want to..."

    Lina didn't expect her to actually tell her anything. She was already hiding a lot from the Disciple enough as it was. But she asked the question anyways, just incase she had changed her mind...

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 01-09-2003 12:41 AM:

    "I'm afraid I'm not much of a conversationalist."

    **She continued to speak in the eerie monotone, smirking at her own epiphany. She really didn't talk to many in the Empire and now that she found herself doing so, she simply didn't know what to say.**

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 01-09-2003 01:37 PM:

    "Well, tell me about your master. To tell you the truth, I've never really seen him, so I don't know exactly what he's like."

    She knew it was kind of forcing her to talk, but she was also a bit curious about Mr. Lynch. She had only heard things about him, and never really talked to him face to face..

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 01-12-2003 11:12 PM:

    **To be asked about her Master was not something she had expected and she suddenly found it even more difficult to speak than it had been before. To describe her Master was not an easy task.**

    "He is a powerful, cruel man...a vampyre. I have seen him attack, kill and manipulate others, yet I know nothing about him other than those things that one might learn simply by observing him. All I know is that he keeps me safe, but for what reasons, I can not say."

    **She paused, thinking again for a moment, a sick truth came over her.**

    "I believe however, he only trains me because he can use me, use my gifts...if that is what one wants to call the abilities. The day I stop having a use...he very well might destroy me. I do not know.
    Though perhaps he has deceived me to believe such things to keep from showing his true nature...but that is only the desire of a weakling, a reality I do not hold to be true."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 01-28-2003 01:27 PM:

    Lina nodded, listening on to what the young one had to say. Her expressions changed from time to time when she mentioned all the things Mr. Lynch could've been using her for, but she was quite amazed she didn't wish to pay attention to it. Most children were very guillible with these sort of things, and usually sent the message around. She did not wish to believe it either..

    "He does seem a very closed man. But even if he was using you just for that .. would you still let him do it ?"

    It was a rather personal question, and one that she didn't have to answer if she felt uncomfortable. It only reminded her of a situation she had a long time ago..

    Posted by Rama Sha on 02-01-2003 11:46 AM:

    :: Far to long the name "Jedah" had come up. Jedah seemed to be sticking his nose where is didn't belong as of late, asking questions he shouldn't ask, and meddleing with people's minds he should not meddle with. And now before him sat one of the apperentices of Jedah, one of this most "prized". He didn't know if Jedah knew what was happening to this girl......or why.....but Rama knew. He had seen it before. Prehaps Rama should meddle with the minds of those HE should not meddle. He stared across the bar at the girl sitting with the red head. He did not try to hide the fact that his eyes had fell on her, he wanted her to know he was watching. ::

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 02-01-2003 12:27 PM:


    **Her eyes looked down as she answered Lady Capulet's question. Takai had gained a lot from being an apprentice of Master Lynch, even if he was just using her for her abilities to gain something, there were benefits to her as well. Specially the fact that Lynch kept her away from her father.

    She glanced to the side...someone was watching her. Someone wanted her to know that he was as well. She couldn't hear his thoughts as well as everyone else in the room, in fact, barely anything was coming from him. But then again, so it was with most of the higher ranking Sith. Though, what she could tell, she didn't like. Unlike the red-haired Sith sitting with her, this one's reasons for watching her were far more sinister...What did he want?
    Takai had learned to trust no one but her Master, and she would leave if this man was threatening enough. She would go to where he could not follow, even if she was currently unsure of how safe she was there. Looking down at her hands, Takai found herself wishing her Master was somewhere close-by instead of far and away where she could not reach him no matter how hard she tried to.**

    Posted by Rama Sha on 02-01-2003 03:01 PM:

    :: The Figure stood from his seat and began towards the table. The chains on his highly decorated armor klinked against the metal. His pale eyes still peered forward. He stopped short near a pillar in the middle of the bar and stood half hide behind it. ::

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 02-02-2003 09:12 AM:

    **She glanced back in the shadows and frowned. Nodding to herself she looked to Lina and forced a small smile**

    "I need to depart. It was..."

    **A pause, as she searched for the right word.**

    "...nice meeting you."

    **And with that she quickly grabbed her pack and left the bar, glancing over her shoulder to make sure the man in shadows was not following her.**

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