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    Posted by Syd on 12-08-2002 12:05 PM:
    Unnaturally Quiet (open)

    *ooc* Introduction to a new character, a Human/Vong hybrid, completely outside of the force. His a Force Ranger, typically hunting and killing force users. Though he won't be doing that here in Rama's I just want to introduce him to the world.

    The doors to Rama's Corner opened, generally there was some form of aura, a force signature, a life force, or just random unprotected thoughts that followed the sound of the someone entering, but this was different. An eerie deadness of all possible dections outside of the normal 5 senses followed this newcomer.

    His hair was dark brown and slicked back, he was dressed in a leather trenchcoat, remeniscent to that of a soldiers, the collar pulled up to his chin. There were a pair of heavy black slacks that came from under his coat. On his feet were a pair of perfectly shined, black jackboots. The man looked impeccably dressed.

    He wasn't tall, but he wasn't short, standing around 6' 1". His body was powerfully built yet thin, he more than likely weighed 195 lbs. His chin was square and his eyes were a cold blue. His skin was white, with a hint of color, though he was not tanned.

    As he strolled through the bar he looked at its patrons with disinterest, he was not here on business tonight, he was simply here to wet his whistle. And do some reconaissance.

    "Bar-keep, Tom Collins, extra dry."

    Posted by Darshanna on 12-08-2002 12:33 PM:

    The night was clear and drafty; stars were shining. Truly it was a beautiful evening for those who had an eye for such things. How the light could pierce the darkness made Darshanna rather ill to her stomach. Darkness, pure darkness is where she would only dwell.

    Making her way into the newly discovered establishment of Rama's Corner, the newest member of the Sith Empire glanced almost aimlessly around her surroundings. It was a normal bar, people smoking and drinking, and possibly doing a bit more than the normal alcohol and herbs. She could sense the feeling of drunkeness and more throughout the whole bar. Drinking was not one of her normal activities, but she would share a drink or two once in awhile.

    Pressing through the crowd and tables that sat so close to each other, she finally made it to the bar. Her Zabrak eyes scanned over the bottles and then to the barkeep, her face stoic. She showed no emotion most of the time, but within, there was a different story. Many masks were worn. A small grin managed to passher lips then as the barkeep stared at her large 7' frame. It was apparent that he had never seen such a tall woman, or had not heard that the Zabrak women were known to be tall and hold such a staggering appearance, as do the men.

    Sitting down, she still managed to tower over the man even though he was still standing to his full height. She motioned toward a bottle of amber liquid.

    "Give me a glass of that, now."

    She watched the barkeep nodded and prepared the drink promptly and placed it on the countertop.

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-09-2002 02:42 PM:

    The small child-like being watched from her crouched position on the dirty floor, she watched it all, and took in every single bit of information like some over observant droid. With every turn of her head, her image flickered slightly as if it weren't real. She reached her somewhat deformed hands up to the small dial on the left side of her neck, turning it...suddenly, her image flickered no more.

    She watched the woman enter the bar, noting her tall stature. Nemhain's grey-green eyes watched the woman for a moment and then dashed over to the new comer, her pupils dialated and then widened, a flicker of 0 and 1's appearing in the blackness of the pupil, then dissapearing completely. The man was tall, but much shorter than the woman, Nemhain's child-like curiosity began to get the best of her. She stood up, and stared at the man, she could detect nothing off him, her senses, as keen as any Sith or Jedi-s a sense not working. She turned her head to the side, pushing her senses further, still detecting nothing.

    "Who is this man..." Nemhain thought to herself, her tan-ish face half hidden behind a tattered cloak of dingy white. Her green hair flickered as if it blew in a slight breeze. Nemhain shuffled her heavy brown boots against the ground, kicking up dust, her gaze still intent on the curious man.

    She cleared her voice and said..."Who are you?" It was directed towards the man, and he heard her, for her voice was strong and loud, hinted with an accent and lined with different animalistic growls, signs of the many experiments gone every whcih way.

    Posted by Syd on 12-10-2002 10:15 AM:

    The man sipped his martini and grinned, It's too easy to unnerve these force users..., he thought and the funny thing was the Sith had no idea what he was thinking. No one could his mind was closed off as if he didn't exsist in this plane.

    Slowly he took another sip, he really wasn't in the mood to kill one of them tonight, he just needed a drink and he wanted to observe.

    Pity these fools are so eager to die...

    He turned around in the direction of the young female/thing calling him: "A man who is thirsty, that is all."

    His answer would suffice or the Sith would try to prove herself before her peers and find her force powers completely ineffective against the man.

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-10-2002 01:55 PM:

    A frown spread across her lips, the pupils again dialating in her eyes, only this time to vanish. His disrespect towards her angered her slightly, but that emotion quickly vanished as she was pretty much a stoic. Her expression remained blank and the curiosity flowed slowly from her face.

    "Lovely...." Was her reply, simple and not really retaining to the subject.

    "I suppose that you're here to mingle and make friends...If one such as yourself can do such a thing" There wasn't any hint of an insult in her words, no emotion what so ever, it was somewhat mono-tone.

    "But seeing as how this is going no where....I leave you to your drinking..." She yawned quietly and remained standing, her gaze falling over the rest of the room, watching, listening, learning.

    Posted by Macros on 12-15-2002 03:34 PM:

    The new man heard a whisper in his ear. A youngish voice full of mischief but tinted with a hint of growing slyness spoke to him.

    "It's amazing how one who thinks so much of himself can lose his possessions as easily as a drunk, don't you think?"

    The man turned to his right, the ear in which the voice had spoken, but found no-one there. Above him, Macros showed no sign of pleasure at his trick, no impish grin as would have been there before. He wasn't a fool, he knew what game he was playing...

    He dropped one of the man's coins into his drink and the man instantly looked up, but saw nothing. He looked down to find the young Sith rogue staring into his eyes. The new man opened his mouth to complain about his rude reduction of possessions, but Macros simply pointed to the man's belt where his possessions were.

    Macros didn't offer his hand to the man but introduced himself as he drank a JD that he'd never ordered.

    "I'm Macros, and you I believe, are new? And unless I'm a fool I'm sure you're not here to wet your 'whistle'."

    Posted by Syd on 12-16-2002 04:19 PM:

    A rail gun was quickly placed between the eyes of the pick-pocket. He'd gotten nothing of importance and more importantly he'd marked himself in a residue that would allow him to be easily tracked, by Syd's enhanced eyesight.

    "It seems you forgot to disarm me while showing off your skills," His cold voice said barely audible to those surrounding him. His Tom Collins was now officially ruined, by the stench of a force users touch.

    "Perhaps it would be wise of you to offer me a drink with the money you took from my left hip pocket. By the way the wallet you snitched too, is laced with neuro-toxins, I suggest taking this before it kills you, you have...oh I'd say thirty more seconds."

    He replaced the rail gun in it's holster and tossed a vial of anti-toxin across the bar and watched with a hint of sadistic glee as he watched the Sith reach to call it to him via the force, but like most of his important possessions they were engineered to be outside the force. A gift from his previous captors, the Vong.

    "Oops you missed." He lauged as he turned to the bar and ordered another Tom Collins to replace the one the pickpocket had ruined.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-16-2002 05:46 PM:

    Nikka was watching the occurance from the corner of her eye as she sat at the bar. How disgusting these Vong can be. She read many things about them and how arrogant they can be just because they were immune to Force powers. There was one thing she could tell about this particular one though. He was half human, and perhaps it changed the map a bit on their abilities.

    Sipping from her drink, she noticed the new recruit of the Empire, Disciple Darshanna enter the bar and sit down a couple of seats down from her. Nodding, she extended her hand toward the Zabrak female.

    "Evening. I'm Nikka, so nice to see a new member enter our ranks."

    She watched as the woman took her hand firmly and exhanged the universal greeting of a handshake and nod.

    Turning her head, Nikka pointed toward Macros and began a formal introduction.

    "This is my friend, Macros. He too is a Disciple of Lord Drako. You guys may spar one of these days."

    She smiled darkly.

    Posted by Macros on 12-17-2002 02:51 PM:

    Macros reacted quickly and pulled his hand towards him and a tray flew under the anti-toxin which balanced neatly on it. The young 'pickpocket' calmly took out his knife and made a cut in his arm before pouring the fluid into it. At the new guys disgusted look Macros smiled; A disgusting but charming smile.

    He passed him his vial back, and as he did so a drop of blood from his arm dripped into the man's Tom Collin's and Macros sniggered. Ignoring his look of rage he spoke to him in a voice that ended the petty showing-off.

    "I believe this is precious to you, shame there is more than one way to catch a....vial."

    He sipped his JD and held onto it.

    "Now the pleasantries are over, who are you and what is your business in these parts?...."

    He paused, waiting for a name. He saw Nikka in the corner point to him and point to him, he nodded his head in greeting to her, seemed she was always watching his back. He turned back to the overly confident...person.

    Posted by Darshanna on 12-17-2002 03:06 PM:

    The newest Disciple of TSE canted her head in a slight nod Nikka and Macros, then looked over at the newcomer. She too had watched him since she made her entrance to the bar. Sipping from her drink, she kept her eye on him for a brief second, then turned to Nikka.

    "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Nikka. And you also, Macros."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-24-2002 12:44 PM:

    "Never a dull moment around here, eh?"

    She chuckled darkly, sipping from her drink.

    "There's always someone trapsing in here with ego's so big, their heads could explode." The chuckle then turned to laughter, loud enough for the whole bar to hear, just as her voice had carried far enough for the ones around her to hear.

    "Or worse."

    Posted by Syd on 12-27-2002 01:46 AM:

    It was no look of rage on Syd's face but rather bloodlust. He enjoyed tasting the lifeforce of his force using victims'. Taking a sip of the now blood spiked Tom Collins, he simply chuckled.

    You force-users, so reliant on your power, if I were to unleash a Yslirmi in here, I'd cut down the whole lot of you before you could even blink.

    "No business sir, like I said, just a man who is thirst."

    Syd sipped his drink again and watched how these force-users interacted with one another. It would help him when it was time to make his move.

    *ooc, sorry for the delay in my posts rl's been hectic.