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The narrow bridge collapsed (open)

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  • The narrow bridge collapsed (open)

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-08-2002 04:38 PM:
    The narrow bridge collapsed (open)

    *So many things had happened. So many horrible things and so many questions to be answered were not. Though, it seemed like after what had happened in the council room, everyone avoided her like the plague, except for Varlon. Perhaps everyone had hated who she had been.
    Every day was a constant struggle. She had freaked out the first time she had fallen asleep and woke up, screaming that she had died, and again the doctors had to sedate her.
    But she was getting better. She would talk a little more, and had stopped watching herself move all the time. Though, she still couldn't remember anything. Didn't know who she was, where she was meant nothing, it was only a name.
    The medics promised her that she would regain some of her memory though, but she was not sure if she should believe them or not.

    Next to the glass of water that she had ordered when she had stumbled across Ramas was a bottle of pills that the medics had given her. Ones that were supposed to calm her outbursts and clear her mind.
    Her hands were intertwining and her two toned eyes were fixed on them, watching the movement of her fingers in total fascination. She'd stop looking at them for a moment and poke at the tight wrappings that went around her wrists and forearms. Underneath them were two huge gashed that had to be sewn shut. She had caused them herself when they had left her alone in the room for a brief instant.
    The medics had been nervous about letting her leave, but apparently someone had spoken up for her and said that she would need to find her way back into the society. Though, someone, not one of the medics, had asked that she be kept under watch, hence the tracking and life-sign-monitoring device that was on her arm.

    The young Zabrakian woman wanted someone to explain everything. Or just someone to acknowledge that she was alive. Never had she felt so alone.*

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-09-2002 02:21 AM:

    *It wasn't like her. Not like any Sith at all, actually. But everything just got to her. She was supposed to be a Sith Lord, not this retched creature feeling sorry for herself in the bar. So, perhaps for the first time ever since a sixteen year old girl named Rain Feral Sarin had stepped into the Recruitment center of The Sith Empire...
    She cried. Her arms folded upon the table, her head bowed in them, tears flowing from her eyes onto the wood surface. The girl sounded as if her world had completely ended. She didn't care if anyone was watching, let them judge her. They would cry too if they had been quite literally been ripped apart and then crammed back together, and that was only what her body had gone through.*

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-09-2002 04:52 AM:

    :: Rama pulled the chair out and it made a loud noise as it slide across the floor. He sat down and looked down at the woman's head who was sitting across from him. He reached down and picked up the bottle of pills that was sitting on the table. ::

    "Do they do you much good?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-09-2002 09:56 AM:

    ::Whispers, loud whispers. That in the shape of rumors, was how Iridonia native, Darth Mundus, had heard about the 'new' Zabrak woman and her birth. Now here she was sittining at the bar in Rama's, seeming not all that well::

    ::Not too long ago, another female Zabrak specimen had requested admission to TSE and was accepted. Today another female Zabrak, was found within the greatness of The Empire::

    ::Sitting in his usual spot at the bar, drinking his 'Yavin 4 at night' the tattooed face disciple looked at how a dark figure approached the female Zabrak. Darth Mundus had never met Sith Master Rama Sha before, the ten-horn-headed creature, had only heard stories about him, his battles, how powerful he was. Mundus didn't even know what the Sith Master would look like, yet, somehow he knew this was such legendary Sith, the one Dark Master this cantina, is named after::

    ::Interrupt, something Mundus would dare not to do. Especially when it was a Sith Master and a Sith Lord, the ones talking. He would wait for the right time to take part in such conversation. As soon as the opportunity for him to jump in the conversation, presented itself, he would take it, it was just a matter of timing and patience::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-09-2002 10:50 AM:

    *The Sith Master's voice caused her to jump slightly, she quickly looked up from her pitiful state though and now felt completely embarrassed.
    Her mind betrayed her again and she could not bring herself to remember who it was that had sat across from her, though it was obvious he was a man of great power...a Sith Master.
    She couldn't help but look away slightly, suddenly feeling as though she was not even worthy to be anywhere near the Master. But, he had asked her a question, she should answer.*

    "I would be lying if I said they did what they are supposed to fully."

    Posted by Darshanna on 12-09-2002 01:34 PM:

    That night the skies were dark. No stars nor moon shone down on the establishment known as Rama's Corner. It was total, obscured darkness. Darshanna only smiled as she approached the door and walked in. This night was indeed perfect.

    As the door closed behind her, she scanned the bar with her golden eyes and to her surprise, she saw two other of the same race. Others had scattered throughout the galaxy, but she had no idea some would be among the Sith. She did recognize the male though, the one whom was questioning her in the recruitment chambers. Emotionless, she began to make her way through the bar and approached a lone spot at the bar, sitting down. The same barkeep she remembered from a previous night here still gaped at her as she looked upon him and requested the same drink.

    "Do you find something amusing about my appearance?" She growled, offended at his lack of respect. The barkeep only shook his head frantically and handed her the prepared drink.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-10-2002 02:11 AM:


    :: The pills floated out of his hands and then flew across the room impacting the wall breaking the container in which they were. Pills spilled all across the floor as several droids rushed to clean up the mess. ::

    "........Those who seek solace in bottles.....or pills in the matter, will not find it."

    :: He looked down at the Bandages on her wrists. :::

    "What is your name?"

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-10-2002 02:24 AM:

    *She had looked down, ashamed at herself at the drugs she had been taking, the Sith Master's words were true, and she knew it. Though, his question caused a bit of a problem. She didn't know what to be called. A few had called her "Rain" but she cringed at the name. Though, she had a new name for herself floating in her head, but had never called herself by it, it seemed too odd to.*

    "I have not been given one. Though, I suppose if one is needed, then Cerridwen will do."

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-10-2002 04:58 AM:

    "Then Cerridwen it will be."

    :: Rama Crossed his arms and set back in his chair a bit ::

    "Tell me Cerridwen......Do you have time enough in your life to find the answers you seek?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-13-2002 02:16 PM:

    ::From where Darth Mundus was seated, the conversation taking place between the female Zabrak and the Jedi master, could not be heard. Not that we would intrude someone else's business, but they were a little far, and not speaking loud::

    ::The tattooed face disciple just watched the events unfolding in the bar that night and waited for the right time, to approach the two Sith::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-13-2002 02:51 PM:


    *Her answer came quickly as there was no question to it in her mind. She had all the time in the world.*

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-14-2002 06:13 AM:

    "And where will you find these answers?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-14-2002 02:22 PM:

    "You seem distracted."

    Nikka's voice spoke from behind Disciple Mundus. It was always her thing to sit and watch herself and she had been there the entire time watching the two converse as well. Coming into view from the shadows, Nikka grinned at her friend Mundus and sat down beside him.

    "How are you this evening?"

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-15-2002 01:43 AM:

    "I don't know.."

    *In truth, she wanted the answers, she wanted to know everything she could. But, she felt so lost, like everything was downside up.
    ...Then there were the people watching her. The large Zabrak male and now the redheaded female had finally shown herself. Cerridwen knew she had been there, watching her. Gods, couldn't they just leave her alone? Why did they all have to stare? So what if she had horns, so what if she looked nothing like the rest of her what if she had once been two people?

    She took a napkin and a pin and punctured her finger, having no pen, it would suit for ink. She muttered slightly to herself and quickly wrote a small note on the napkin in her blood and then crumpled the napkin into a small ball.*

    "Excuse me for a moment."

    *She had to be polite to the one she was sitting with, it was part of who she was. Cerridwen then turned and threw the napkin at the table, aiming to hit the woman in the head with it. It fell short just of it's mark, she cursed herself for not using the force to aid it. With a slight wave of her hand the napkin unfolded from itself to show what she had written to the two other Sith.*

    "Stop watching me"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-15-2002 01:58 AM:

    Nikka turned her head just in time to see the crumpled napkin unfold before her eyes. Reading what it said, she picked it up and crumpled it back into a ball, regardless of it having blood on it. Choosing to ignore it, she tossed it aside and awaited Mundus' reply.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-15-2002 02:04 AM:

    *She frowned, how dare she. Who did that girl think she was? She certainly wasn't a Sith Mistress.. She had some nerve, staring at someone and then pretending to ignore them when you got caught. Another flick of her wrist, and suddenly the napkin came up from the floor and hit the woman in the back of the head.
    Cerridwen smirked, she may not have known exactly who she was, but she did know she was a Sith Lordess and the other woman was not. Yes, a Sith Lordess maybe a young one, but who cared? Cerridwen found pride in that, even if she had to earn her way up the ranks as different people, she had still done it.
    She turned back to Rama and sighed.*

    "Sorry you had to see that...childish display."

    *She tried to look ashamed, but she was giggling madly on the inside.*

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-15-2002 02:13 AM:

    Sensing the ridiculous paper ball coming toward the back of her head, the Sith Warrior turned and caught it in one swift move.

    "Someone loves to toy with people don't they? I saw it the first time."

    Her voice was twisted in aggravation. She would not allow this to continue, no matter if a Sith Master was present or not. She saw a look cross Mundus' face as she looked at him- a look of distaste for the woman's behavior.

    "I've no quarrel with you and I'm well aware of what species you are as I have friends of your race. I heeded your notice, now leave me be."

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-15-2002 02:21 AM:

    "Toying with people is only part of being a Sith. You should know that. And I would quiet myself if I were you, woman! You think you know no fear, it seems perhaps you should be lucky it is only paper that is being thrown at you."

    *She shot a glare at the woman. Well, at least Cerridwen had now learned that she had a short temper. Then she remembered...the distaste for all the others. That was why Raine had always stayed in his room. He hated everyone else and their pathetic little egos. They all thought they could rule the universe, but one quick shot of force lighting and half of them would be on the floor begging for mercy. Perhaps Raine had been a bit of an egomaniac wonder they all hated him in return.
    But that was Raine, not her. And right now she wished nothing more than to destroy the annoyance in her life. She had yet to prove herself, afterall. Maybe the killing of one of these people would do it. Who cares if it was a fellow Sith? It had been done before, afterall.*

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-15-2002 05:25 PM:

    :: Rama sat Straight faced with a almost emotionless look on his face. He didn't turn to look at the woman or take his eyes off straight ahead while the two bickered. He simply raised his hand as a gesture for the 2 to stop. ::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-15-2002 06:41 PM:

    *She sighed, but wouldn't question anything. Cerridwen wasn't sure why she respected the man at the table so much, and his simple gesture was enough to get to her try and calm herself. She looked down at the table slightly.*

    "I'm sorry. I should have known better than to let that happen. It won't again."

    *She felt bad for making such a scene, though it wouldn't be unlike her to dwell on it. She quietly hoped she and the warrior's paths never crossed again, she did not feel like being held responsible for the actions she would take.*

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-15-2002 06:54 PM:

    Canting a respectful nod to the woman and Sith Master Rama, the Warrior sat back down at the table with Disciple Mundus, this time, she didn't have her back turned, but to the side next the wall. By then a droid rolled to her table with two drinks. She took them and sat them down on the table. A deep sigh escaped her lips. Certainly there never was a dull moment involving two Sith women being at each other's throats. Luckily it never escalated.

    "So, how are you this evening, my friend?" She asked again, taking a sip of her ale. Her temper was subsiding even though it didn't go to a breaking point, but it was clear that the slightest thing could aggravate the redheaded Sith. She always appeared very quiet most of the time... until the right buttons are pushed.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-16-2002 08:06 AM:

    "It's obivious you need a little more then answers."

    :: He looked across at the woman. ::

    "What if I told you I could give you what your looking for?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-16-2002 09:37 AM:

    ::Before Mundus could answer Nikka's very first question, a series of events unfolded right in front of his eyes. The female Zabraki had thrown the napkin to Nikka, and then the 'argument' between the two of them, and the settling by the Sith Master, whom the tattooed face disciple didn't know, but still was certain, it held a high rank amongst TSE and was also very powerful::

    ::Once things cooled down a bit he replied to his friend Nikka::

    "I am..." ::The Zabrak's answer was not one his usual self would give, apparently, he wasn't OK, there was something getting to him, though he couldn't point his finger at exactly what it was::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-16-2002 04:28 PM:

    She noticed the hesitation in his voie, and mostly that he didn't finish the answer. Not knowing what to say or do, she decided to down her entire drink. There was a distinct aura surrounding the area that she noticed too, but she chose to ignore it and go about her business.

    Still bothered by the expression on her friend's face, she decided to inquire on what the matter was.

    "What's going on? You can tell me." She nearly whispered.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-17-2002 11:19 AM:

    "I know I can trust you Nikka..." ::The Zabrak then took a sip of his drink, playing with the glass, keeping it in his hand, shaking if, as if completely mixing the liquor with the soft drink, he looked at the bottom of the glass for the minute and then added::

    "I wish I knew what it is...ever been in a situation, where you don't feel like yourself but you don't know why?" ::He then looked at the bottom of the glass again and with one sip he finished what was left of the drink::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-18-2002 01:41 AM:

    *Her eyes quickly left the table as she looked up at the Sith Master.*

    "You can do that?"

    *She paused and sighed slightly.*

    "What must I do?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-18-2002 02:24 AM:

    "Sometimes." She nodded slowly, starting to wonder what has suddenly gotten into her friend and compatriot. It wasn't like him to act so spaced out like this.

    "When me and..." Nikka couldn't finish what she was about to say. Days after that, she couldn't even venture out of her own room. Most of the time, she could't bear to get out of bed. "Well, I believe you know." She finished, whispering softly. For an instant, she could feel no anger, sorrow, rage, or even rage. Nothing but stoicism. She shook off the feeling and then focused on the expression on his face, which had not changed for most of the few seconds she had been speaking. She was beginning to worry.

    "Things that are unexplainable tend to get the most attention."

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-18-2002 06:23 PM:

    "Come with me........I'll bring you back if you don't like what I show you."

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-18-2002 10:08 PM:

    *She looked slightly uncomfortable at the idea of just leaving with someone she really didn't know, but something told her she should. Part of her knew that she had to. She didn't speak, but rather just nodded her head. It wasn't hard to figure out that she was willing to leave.*

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-19-2002 11:39 AM:


    :: Rama grinned slightly. ::

    "........but that friend of yours Varlon will no doubt come looking for you."

    ::Rama stood and turned to Nikka and Mundus. ::

    "Mundus is it?"

    :: He apporached the two. ::

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-19-2002 01:57 PM:

    ::As the Iridonian was about ready to give his red-headed friend a reply, another question was thrown to him regarding his name. As he turned around to see who it may be, he could see it was the Sith, that had been sitting with the female Zabrak, the one to approach Nikka and him::

    ::The tattooed face disciple nodded respectfully to him and answered::

    "At your service..." ::The oversized Zabrak need not know him, to realize he was someone very powerful; a very high-ranked Sith, unlike many of who usually frequent the Cantina. This meant no disrespect to the other Sith gathered there, but it is not everyday, that you come into Rama's Corner, and find the Sith Master who gives the establishment it's name. After all the bar is named after him Eventhough Darth Mundus didn't know that::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-19-2002 02:29 PM:

    Nikka turned as the voice of Rama called out and then watched as he approached the table, remaining silent.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-19-2002 02:31 PM:

    ::He nodded to Nikka and then removed a small disk from his pocket and gave it to Mundus. ::

    Make sure the Sith Lord Varlon gets this.......he'll be most intreisted in it's contents.

    :: Rama turned back to Cerridwen ::

    "Just leaveing a crumb trail for your friend.......we want him to find us."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-20-2002 11:45 AM:

    "Your wish is my command..." ::Mundus received the disk handed to him by the Sith Master, he placed it in his postman bag, in one of the safe zippered middle pockets::

    ::He then turned to his Sith Warrior friend in amazement; not really knowing how to react to the events that had just taken place at the bar, for it was not an ordinary situation, that the ten-horn-headed creature, would find himself commended with a task from one of the most powerful Sith Masters::

    Posted by Darshanna on 12-20-2002 09:32 PM:

    *The Zabrak Disciple overheard the arguement between the two women and wasn't too thrilled with the other Zabrak's behavior toward a Sith Warrior, but chose not to interfere. She was a newcomer and hadn't quite yet earned anyone's respect as of yet. She turned to see the Zabrak male that questioned her in recruitment along with the redheaded woman and the other male standing at their table. Sliding off the barstool, she moved over to their table and nodded to them both.*

    "Good evening, may I join you?" Turning her head toward the man, she nodded as well. "Hello."

    *Her face shown the slight hint of a smile, the first time she appeared this way in a while. Taking a sip from her drink, she awaited a reply.*

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-22-2002 12:26 AM:

    *She quickly stood up from where she was and looked to Rama who was giving instructions to the other man. *

    "I have just a few things to collect...where shall I meet you?"

    *As she waited for his answer she caught the eyes female disciple who had been giving her a displeased look. The look she returned was one of pure and total hatred, the kind that would send chills up the spine. But the contact was quickly broken off. Cerridwen was far more than annoyed by the other women she had the misfortune of seeing that evening. They would be the first to pay for everything that had happened to her. Everyone would pay, everyone would know what it was like to be her for one agonizing moment. But that would all come when she regained her skills, when she found the answers this man said he could give her.*

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-22-2002 10:24 AM:

    "Meet me in the docking bay in 3 hours........I have ship in orbit."