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  • The Power of the Mind(Open)

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-28-2002 09:30 AM:
    The Power of the Mind(Open)

    The mind held many hidden mysteries about oneself.

    The mind held much power, but was also quite vulnerable.

    The mind was dangerous.

    Zeta only knew these things to be true because he had experienced such things.

    He knew how easily ones mind could be manipulated. He knew how even the most secretive of things could be found within the mind, especially if they did not want to be found.

    Knowing such knowledge, one would think that the unexpected could be somehow expected. Such was not true though, after all, every persons mind was different.

    This was what made the Zabrak so cautious, he had always learned to expect the unexpected.

    As Zeta quietly sat in the back of Rama's, reflecting on the things that he pondered within his mind, he glanced about Rama's. His eyes fell upon every individual patron that he could see, wondering one thing about each of them.

    Just how powerful were their minds?....

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 10-28-2002 06:03 PM:

    Brigid McKnight silently strode into Rama's, a bored and tired look settled upon her hidden features. She walked forward a bit until her gaze shifted and came to rest on a Sith she hadn't seen before... and by the looks of it... he was a Zabrak. An intelligent race that had been thought extinct for a while now.

    Arching an auburn brow, Brigid tilted her head to the side and began to near the table that the Sith was sitting at. Stopping at an arms length from behind him, Brigid spoke.

    "Have alot on your mind, Nagasia?" A word of her own alien language meaning comrade.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-28-2002 06:30 PM:

    Zena stormed into Rama's in a foul mood. Clad in her ceremonial robe and attire, the Sith Knight lumbered to a table by the far end, the hilt of her sword, Serpent's Fang, protruding from its scabbard.

    "What have we here... two apprentices of the revered Sith Empire?" Zena's thunderous roar shook the air once laid dormant in idle gossip.

    "They call me Zena. Yes..the mercenary. And who may you both be?" Her inquiry was more of an order in her raspy tone.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-29-2002 02:32 AM:

    *Bio was sitting at the bar counter with his hood lowered for reasons to himself, when he heard the loud voice of Zena. Slowly lifitng up his hood, he turned to look in the direction it was coming from to see not only Zena but two other Sith. Turning back to grab his glass of water, Bio watched from behind his hood but not in a way that would be obvious to the naked eye, as he sipped his glass of ice water*

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-29-2002 09:29 AM:

    Zeta had not expected anyone to come to his table, let alone speak to him. Nonetheless, surprise did not reach his face as the woman approached his table. He did not have to look behind him to notice her presence, the force told him she was near.

    Slowly he turned his head to look at her, his face revealing nothing of what he thought of her upon first appearance.

    "You could say that," he said to Brigid, studying her quietly for a moment. With a simple gesture of his hand, he motioned to an empty chair at his table.

    He hadn't had time really to say much of anything else as he felt another presence draw near to his table.

    It was not as if he wouldn't have noticed her though. He was sure half of the patrons in Rama's knew that her presence existed there, simply by way of her monstrous voice.

    The Zabrak's eyes narrowed upon looking onto the mercenaries presence.

    He had a mind to comment on the woman's loud presence, but knew better. So instead, his eyes revealed what his words did not, and the narrowing of his eyes remained as he answered her.

    "Zeta," he said through the slightest of clenched teeth, though it was very evident that he was annoyed by her entrance.

    Alright, so maybe the small expression in his voice gave way to how he felt, but he did not much care.

    His eyes drew away from Zena after a long lingering moment, his expression changing as he glanced about Rama's.

    No one had been looking towards the direction of his table before, but now, many a patron looked his way. He had yet to notice the hooded patron quietly watching from afar.

    The Zabrak's gaze fell back onto his table, but not before giving one last narrowing look onto the Sith Knight.

    His eyes fell onto his drink of Ale, but he did not pick it up to drink it.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-29-2002 05:11 PM:

    Zena slammed her fist onto the table as she pushed over her chair by her abrupt ascention, and marched briskly over to Zeta. He did not stir, sensing the once Sergeant's anger boiling over by her audible breathing, introducing her vile temper.

    "Zabrak! I do not appreciate the way you glared at me! I know your kind. My apprentice is Darth Mundus, also a Zabrak. Do not think you can hide your opinion of me behind your reptilian eyes! An apprentice is to respect the higher in rank! I am a Sith Knight, if your memory has deceived you!" Her resonance was as threatening as a Rancor's roar as her arctic orbs clawed into his conscious.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-29-2002 10:30 PM:

    The Zabrak seemed undisturbed by the woman's sudden burst of anger. Slowly Zeta turned his head to look onto Zena once again, his eyes settling onto her face. No expression came to his face, and silence ensued for a few heartbeats.

    When he spoke his voice was at his normal tone.

    "I answered your question...."

    He had spoken back when spoken to, what was not to be respected from that? He knew, he was not oblivious to what she was telling him.

    Nonetheless, something in the Zabrak made him want to push the limits with this woman.

    "..Forgive me, I did not know that freedom of expression was not allowed when in your presence. It will not happen again."

    Normally Zeta would have given an amused expression to go along with his last comment, but he had said, in so many words, that no expression would come from him again...

    ...and so, his face gave way to no expression at all as his gaze remained on her.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-30-2002 08:12 AM:

    "Your tongue favored a repartee to my inquiry, yet your iridonian eyes betray your conspicuous scorn," Zena retaliated, settling into the seat next to him, her scrutiny that of a contemptuous air.

    "Were you not debriefed on the proper ovation to confer upon the veterans of the Sith Empire? I sense your resentment towards me, Zeta. And why is it you harbor such dangerous convictions of a Sith Kight?" Her demeanor altering from one of raw exasperation to a tantalizing disposition, scanning the Disciple like she would through the crosshairs of a Blastech E-11 rifle's scope.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-30-2002 09:12 AM:

    The Zabrak's eyes followed Zena as she invited herself to sit at his table.

    "By all means, join my table, after all, you were invited."

    The Zabrak had to control his temper to keep from snarling at Zena, though all the while, his tone remained as expected, or how Zena wanted it to be, at least.

    "You come to my table with your monstrous roar of a voice, in the process, disturbing me at my table. Yet you do not understand why I treat you as I do. Expect me to respect you, when you do not do the same onto me..."

    The Zabrak laughed suddenly, amused by the woman.

    "...Why should you, I am only but a mere Sith Disciple. By all means, continue to serve me with your rude behavior, it seems to be a rather dominant trait of yours..."

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-30-2002 10:25 AM:

    Zena clenched her hands into balled fists as the Zabrak was pushing her patience to the apical of its limits. In a blink of an eye, Zena withdrew her dagger and plunged it into the table mere inches from Zeta's hand resting on the surface, the hilt vibrating from the sheer power of the impact as the 12 inch blade was seemingly swallowed by the savage ambulation.

    "How dare you make an assessment of me, apprentice! It is you who first displayed disrespect with your blatant gestures of contempt and audacity. We are members of the eminent Sith Empire! Pleasantries are for the Jedi to uphold! If my voice disturbs your blasted ears, then allow me slice them off your head and spare you further torment!" Zena snapped back followed by a perceptable growl.

    "Perhaps a spar in hand to hand combat would silence your brazen tongue!" She challenged.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-30-2002 06:51 PM:

    *The tension between the two seemed to have gotten the better of Hazzardous as he turned his full attention to watch the event unfold...still, he made no attempt to entervien in this affair, letting Fate roll the dice for them*

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-31-2002 08:42 AM:

    In no way did Zeta take notice of the blade as it sliced into the area of the table that was just inches from his hand. Nothing came to his face, his eyes still glued to Zena.

    He had already blown it at keeping himself expressionless.

    He studied her in silence for several minutes without saying anything, unmoving.

    His face finally gave way to expression once more as another amused grin settled onto his face. Without looking, and with the grin still planted on his face, he ripped that dagger from its place.

    "I believe this belongs to you..."

    The Zabrak had a mind to throw the weapon back at her, but something stopped him. A mere Disciple or not, he still would have thrown it, regardless of the consequences.

    No hint of anything on his face said what he was thinking of doing, nor was it displayed in his mind, It had not been something the Zabrak would have had to think on.

    Slowly Zeta moved the hand the held the weapon, forward.

    "I know how your mind works," was what he said as he placed the dagger on her side of the table, unused.

    His hand fell back into the same position as where it had been before he removed the dagger.

    "You did everything as I imagined you to do, right down to the challenge of a spar."

    The Zabrak's face went expressionless yet again, he continued on.

    "I can't take the pleasure in sparring against you. I am but a mere Disciple, I would be no fair match for you. Word spreads here quickly, and word has it that you're quite good at what you now challenge me for. My training has been rather limited thus far. Someday you and I will spar, but not today. It would suit you well to wait, for it is a better opportunity worth waiting for."

    At the start, the narrowing of his eyes had been real, the rest, all but real. All in observation.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-31-2002 01:24 PM:

    Taking the dagger, Zena flipped the hilt in her hands a few times to test the balance, then promptly sheathed it back into its scabbard.

    "So...I have heard of the, how can I say this... psychic abilities of your kind. I am aware you are of the warrior race, the true Sith some have boasted. The fact you may have guessed my motives, does not give you the ability to know me, Zeta." She leaned into him as she met his luminous stare with her now silver/gray eyes, mirroring the color of her blade as the Darkside was beckoning its wrath.

    "Indeed...a spar you shall have with me when you ascend in your training. Pray you learn well, for I shall not hold back," she countered, traversing back to her original table, satisfied the point was delivered.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-01-2002 09:38 AM:

    *Seeing the feud end, Bio watched Zena return to her table, still his gaze on her...then back to Zeta. Bio had guessed Fate has roll Zeta's lucky number to have avoided a potenial beating from Zena. Once again his gaze on Zena, Bio postioned himself back towards the bar and ordered another glass of cold water*

    Posted by Xanx on 11-01-2002 05:46 PM:

    Xanx stalked in just in time to see the irate Sith Knight plunge a dagger into the table she was seated at. It seemed to be a threat display -- something he could understand.

    He was of a species that was new to this part of the galaxy -- a Saurapian. At first glance one might take him for one of the feared Ssi-Ruuvi, until closer inspection revealed a body covered by fine feathers and feet bearing nasty ten inch sickle claws. He also walked differently, his back level to the ground, his long, stiff tail acting as a counterbalance for the rest of his body. Large red eyes, with good binocular vision, took in the scene, rapidly dilating and contracting and dilating again in a flash of red.

    He watched as the woman, who struck him as being one strong in the Force, got up and moved to another table. Still unused to the more civilized regions of the galaxy, he cautiously made his way up to the bar and ordered a cup of namana juice in an oddly whistling, birdlike voice.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-02-2002 06:40 AM:

    Lofting a brow in curiosity, Zena spotted the reptilian species she had never been acquainted with.

    .."Well, what have we here."..

    Unbeknownst to many in the Sith Empire, Zena was referred to as the Beast Breaker at her mercenary camp, back when she was the Sergeant of the Red Moons. She could tame a wild rancor, and ride the wind on a serpent's back. Born with this uncanny attribute, the beasts and she shared a common ground. They would protect the camp, as the merc would assist in finding them prey for their enormous appetites. They also were bound in kinship, as she could understand their minds, more complex and intelligent than most had apperceived.

    Shouting over to the stalwart male reptile across the bar, Zena waved him over.

    "Care to join me with a drink, new one?" Zena was ready to telepathically address him if his knowledge of Basic was limited.

    Posted by Xanx on 11-06-2002 04:27 PM:

    His eyes flashed red again as he "heard" the summons from the Force-strong woman. Retracting the claws on his hand, he took a three-fingered grip of his drink and strode over to where the woman was sitting. He sleeked his dark feathers into an unassuming pose and bowed to the stranger.

    "You me here called?," he whistled in passable Basic.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-08-2002 08:56 PM:

    "Indeed, she paused, taking in his prodigious manifestation. "I am Zena, and who may you be?" She cocked her head, her eyes skimming this unusual guest, probably native to the outer rim planets.

    Posted by Xanx on 11-09-2002 07:28 PM:

    He bowed once or twice, his eyes dialated a bit nervously. "I Xanx called am," he warbled in a musical voice that was quite at odds with his fearsom appearance. "I pleased you to meet am." And Zena was also introduced to the oddities of Saurapian grammer, which made for Basic more mangled than any Gungan could ever hope to achieve.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-10-2002 08:05 AM:

    Nodding in reciprocation to his courteous bow, Zena was tempted to mind probe this magnificent species, yet caught herself from the offensive lure. She found his uncanny speech quite enlightening.

    .."Interested in joininng the Sith Empire?"..She asked with a hint of anticipation.

    Posted by Xanx on 11-11-2002 12:53 AM:

    He cocked his head to one side, birdlike, inquiring. "What the Sith Empire is?" he warbled. "It is Power?" he asked, using the common translation of the Saurapian word for the Force. His eyes flashed red again as his pupils constricted and dilated.

    "You strong in Power are -- I it feel can. You can teach me how Power to use?" He cocked his head in the opposite direction and moved a step closer to the woman. "You can?"

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-14-2002 06:57 AM:

    "Indeed, I can..however, only if you are accepted amongst its ranks." Zena paused, finding herself quite comfortable with his unique form of communication, as if it were his own language.

    "The Sith Empire is what it says, my friend. An Empire harboring a mass assemblage of Dark Force trained Sith. Power reaches into each Disciple, as they learn to harness it to its zenith, rising in rank in the process.."

    Posted by Xanx on 11-21-2002 04:16 PM:

    "Then I in it very interested am," he chirped, wondering if she coud teach him the ways of what he called "the Power."

    "How I it do join?" he asked, his eyes flashing red again. The crest of long feathers that adorned his head rose and he bobbed his head a couple of times in excitememt.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-25-2002 02:54 PM:

    Zena erected a brow, not prepared for his inquiry into the reputable doctrine.

    "The recruitment halls, find it must you. Then to the Sith, introduce yourself, you shall." Zena grinned at Xanx, as his uncanny speech was measureably wearing off on her, finding herself speaking in a similar manner.

    "You sense I have spoken with reptilian species in their native tongues. It is obvious, my friend, as your remote dialect has now drifted into my mind. Yes, I have known allies to be rancors and serpents."

    Posted by Xanx on 11-26-2002 04:24 PM:

    He listened to her approximation of his unusual syntax with intrest, cocking his head from side to side.

    "I not reptilian am," he chriped. "Saurapian we called are -- more birds like. And rancors not sapient are -- I am." Then he sleeked his feathers, hoping that he had not offended. There was much to learn about the galaxy, that was certain. "But it good you about other species know is," he warbled apologetically. "You much more," and he paused, searching for the right word in Basic, "more worldly than I are."

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 12-07-2002 02:37 PM:

    " fine featherd friend..experience shall be your the Darkside shall tweek your interests and cultivate your skills, and then some...That is, if you are tutored in its cryptic realm." Zena spoke candidly, boring a hint of the Dark Force through the alien's mind.