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  • Life from the loft.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-24-2002 08:35 AM:
    Life from the loft.

    It was a busy night in Rama's, the place was filled with people of all sorts. Many were simply random people, looking for a good drink, and maybe a better fight. Some where pick-pockets, looking for the folks with the fattest wallets. There were a good many Sith here as well tonight, which only made sense. After all, this was the Sith bar.

    The place was busteling with activity, even the rafters had people on them. This wasn't all that uncommon, but the choice people who usuially resided there simply weren't.

    There was one last place left, one hallowed sanctuary, where few knew about, or bothered to aknowlage. In the far right corner from the entrance (from the bartender's point of view atleast), was an old ladder, almost unused. Should one ascend the rungs of it, they would view a trap door, with rusty hinges from years of rain and snow, building up and carodeing (sp?). Inside was a room, not much bigger than seven feet or so in lenth and height, the ceiling teitering off in a triangle. Normally, this room was dark and inactive. On most days, this room was a forgotten shadow.

    Today however, there was a dim lantern there, illuminating the room to atiquite lighting. There was also a man, sitting cross-legged, looking out through one of the many knot holes in the wooden wall.

    Silent observation was sometimes a nesicesatie. Sometimes the sanctuary was even the difference between clarity and madness.

    Sith Knight Tempist Opps simply looked out at the crowd, and watched the world around him unfold, only to ball itself up again.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-24-2002 11:14 PM:

    ~Sith Warrior Alisa Sha was out for another night for an opportunity to meet another person in the Sith Empire. It was her goal to try and meet at least one new person as often as she could. She looked around her brother's bar and remembered some places tucked away in the loft where she could get a good look around to decide where to meet someone tonight. Going to her favorite spot, she ascended the ladder in the far right corner of the entrance and discovered her spot was occupied. A look of genuine surprise was on her face as she spoke to the man seated there.~

    "Oh, hi there. I didn't realize someone else knew my secret spot. Hm, it's not so secret any more now is it."

    ~She chuckled a bit and decided to introduce herself anyway.~

    "Oh and I'm Sith Warrior Alisa Sha of the Sith Empire. Are you a member?"

    ~Alisa hung onto the ladder as she looked inside at the man.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-25-2002 07:21 AM:

    Slowly, Tempist turned and looked at the woman who had spoken to him. A small smile crept over his face, and he noded slightly.

    "I'm Sith Knight Tempist Opps, it's a pleasure to meet you Miss Sha. And you need not worry, it's still fairly secret, most people down there are too drunk to be observant."

    He slowly stood to his full 6'2, and offered her a hand to help her ascend the last few rungs, if she desired to do so.

    "Would you like to watch with me?"

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-26-2002 03:18 AM:

    "Oh, please call me Alisa. It's nice to meet you Tempist. I'd love to join you, thanks."

    ~Alisa smiled back at him and then slipped her hand into his as she climbed the remainder of the ladder and walked inside. She looked around at the small enclosure but thought it would be quite comfortable for the two to observe the room. Remembering that she hadn't let go of his hand yet, she laughed nervously and released her hand from his.~

    "So, um... do you have the place for the perfect view picked out already?"

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-26-2002 07:44 AM:

    He smiled and shook his head slightly.

    "No, tonight is so lively that looking out at anything should be interesting. Why, did you have a particular spot in mind?"

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-27-2002 12:07 AM:

    ~Alisa smiled at him and then walked past where he had originally been sitting to a small area in the corner. She placed her hand on a well worn area on the wall and then gave a firm push. As the handprint emblem recessed into the wall slightly, several of the slats in the loft wall slid to the side which provided an improved view of the goings on downstairs.~

    "How about over here? It's kind of my favorite perch, so to speak."

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-30-2002 09:08 AM:

    His brow arched slightly. This young woman did know the loft well, probably better than anyone elsae.

    "As you wish. Ladies first." he said, motioning for her to get comfortable first.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-04-2002 06:48 PM:

    ~She smiled back at him and then sat down to watch the events below. After looking around for a few moments, she turned to look at Tempist.~

    "Have you seen anything interesting from up here lately?"

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-04-2002 07:06 PM:

    He smiled, and shook his head slightly.

    "Only one, this is my first time up here. I noticed the ladder a while back, but this is the first time I've remembered to come up here...."

    His eyes seemed to change slightly, as he looked back to her.

    "As for what I've seen, the only notable thing is a rather attractive Sith Warrior I have recently met."

    He hadn't ment to be flirtitous (sp?), but it just seemed to roll off of his tounge.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-05-2002 02:27 AM:

    ~A tinge of what almost appeared to be a rose color appeared on the pale faced woman's cheeks at Tempist's words. Her eyes met his and she smiled.~

    "Thank you. I certainly find you very interesting as well. It's a shame we hadn't met earlier actually, although I'm glad we met now. How has your time in the Empire treated you?"

    ~She looked down at the crowded floor of the bar beneath them briefly before returning her attention back to him.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-06-2002 05:05 PM:

    Realizing he hadn't yet sat down, he carefuly descended to the floor, careful not to fall. He hated embarassment. His eyes met hers again, and he smiled a little.

    "All in all, not too badly thus far. Some things have been a bit dismal, but it seems only fitting. The life of a Sith is one of troubles. How has your' time here been for you?"

    He shifted slightly, making sure that he could still look at Alisa, while being able to look out through a few knot holes if they needed somthing to talk about.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-07-2002 01:17 AM:

    ~Alisa gazed down upon the busy room. Patrons were shuffling about and fellow members of the Sith Empire were sitting in the darkened corners surrounding the bar like a shroud of evil. She looked over at Tempist and smiled and then pointed to an area off to the far right.~

    "Look over there. I think we have our first blood to be spilled warming up now. Although there's really not any fighting allowed in my brother's bar, people have found a way around it if you just silently unleash a fatal attack. You can see the dagger in his boot where his arm dangles down to the floor. The other man isn't even going to see it coming. Oh..well um actually, maybe you can't see from where you are. You can move over here closer if you need to."

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-07-2002 10:12 AM:

    He smiled, and noded, before moving a little closer, for a better look.


    He got closer untill he could see the man she was talking about, by this time, his dagger was in hand. Tempist found it odd how amatureistic it seemed for this man to go about it this way. Daggers only could do so much, and even less when it isn't easilly accessable.

    "Must be his first time trying that."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-07-2002 06:09 PM:

    ~Alisa studied the bar patrons closely and knew that a well placed dagger, no matter how small the blade, could still deliver a lethal blow to the most unsuspecting of souls. Looking over near the bar itself, she saw the service droid scurrying around and then watched as a patron dumped what was apparently the incorrect drink over the dome of the droid.

    A small bolt of electricity sparked near the base of the droid and landed against the patron's kneecap as the droid rolled off to retrieve the new drink. Alisa smiled and chuckled at the sight. The Sith Warrior looked back over at Tempist, wondering why she hadn't met him before now.~

    "Probably so, but he still might be able to complete his task depending on how skilled he is with the dagger. I have always felt that you can learn alot about people by watching them interact with others..kind of like seeing what a person is really like when they think no one is watching, you know?"

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-07-2002 06:37 PM:

    "Yea, but it seems to me that you learn more from talking to them... from looking into their eyes."

    As if to back up his words, he stared into her eyes, taking in what he saw.

    "Besides, either way, this man is going to get cut. He's defenseless right now."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-08-2002 02:08 AM:

    ~She looked into his eyes as he spoke and then had to look away awkwardly as she felt her cheeks becoming warm once more. The Sith Warrior looked down at the bar again which was bustling with more patrons than she had seen in a while, which of course was good for Rama and his funds.~

    "I agree. We'll just have to see how it all plays out I guess. And I do agree that you can tell alot about a person by looking into their eyes as well."

    ~She looked over at him again with a smile and then pointed to a man and woman seated off to the side. They seemed to be together in all senses of the word and as the woman rose from her chair to excuse herself, the two kissed. Still watching the man now seated alone at the table, Alisa watched as another woman discreetly walked over to him and kissed him deeply, slipping a card into his shirt pocket before moving back to her own table. The Princess of Ord Mantell furrowed her brow and then looked over at Tempist.~

    "Would you look at that..he just let that other woman kiss him when he was obviously already with someone. I just don't understand people like that. It reminds me of when I was.."

    ~Her words trailed off as she looked away for a moment.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-08-2002 09:18 PM:

    Tempist grinned slightly at what she had commented about. Tempist discretly raised a finger, pointing at the woman's chair as she went to sit down. She fell onto the ground, embaressed and redeened in the face. The man she had just 'made contact' with watched, but didn't move to help her. After she stood once more, she walked back to him, took the card back, and slapped him in the face. Words seemed to be exchanged, but they weren't loud enough for Tempist and Alisa to hear, but the rest of the bar seemed to be happy with it, seeing as most of the people below pointed and laughed at him. The woman then stormed out of the bar, in a fury of rage. Only then did he realize that Alisa hadn't finished her thought, or atleast not verbally.

    "...of when you were what?"

    He didn't mean to pry, but his curiosity got the better of him.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-14-2002 12:40 AM:

    ~She really hadn't meant to even say that much. Alisa looked over at Tempist briefly and then had to look away again. After a few moments, she spoke quietly as she scanned the bar again.~

    "Oh.. that. Well it's nothing.. nothing now at least. Just seems to be how things work out for me, I guess. What about you? Do you have any regrets in life?"

    ~Her eyes travelled to his once again.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-28-2002 10:43 PM:

    Tempist sighed slightly, and his eyes stared off into the distance. He thought about much of his life, and all the times he wished he could go back and change. So many friends... all dead.... So many lovers..... slaughtered.... So much un nessicarry death... all because of him...

    "Yes, all the time."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-06-2002 12:50 AM:

    "What is the biggest regret you have in life? And has it affected you in some way? Even now?"

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-06-2002 06:30 PM:

    He thought back far, farther than most lifetimes of the other membrers of the Empire. He thought back to when he was a small boy, and remembered watching his father die. He remembered the corpses of his mother and younger brother, both mangled almost beyond recodnision, by jedi. He blinked, and a single fell from his left eye, unnoticable by Alisa.

    "Not saving my kin."

    After a short, seemingly awkward silence, Tempist looked back to the woman at his side.

    "What is your worst regret? Weather it be somthing that you did do, or didn't do."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-06-2002 11:24 PM:

    ~She noticed the change in his demeanor and decided not to press the issue.~

    "I suppose my biggest regret would be my time away from the Empire. I should not have left.. I feel so disconnected and behind on things. People who joined after me are passing me by it seems.. perhaps I just need to renew my focus once more."

    ~Alisa looked down at the people milling around in the bar.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-16-2002 09:29 PM:

    He smiled slightly, pushing his memories back again.

    "Ahh, not too bad, everyone moves at different speeds. Besides, if personal issues do not get resolved, then it becomes harder and harder to work on them later, and all of the training in the world won't help you then. And you seem like a good student, you'll probably catch up to them in no time."

    Below them, two men were begining to get rather vocal with eachother, and unplesent words could be heard from anywhere in the tavern. Soon, a fight would undoubtedly break out. It was indeed a busy night in Rama's tonight.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-18-2002 01:43 AM:

    ~Tempist's words were comforting to her and she smiled at his insightful answer before becoming distracted by loud noises below.~

    "Ooo look, a fight. Let's see.. I'm going to say the short, red bearded guy is going to come out the victor. Who do you have your credits on?"

    ~Her eyes sparkled in the dim lighting of the loft as she looked over to Tempist with a grin.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-18-2002 09:21 PM:

    Tempist smirked, and peered down at the two. The other man was tall, with a long grey beard. He didn't look fit to fight, but his age sugguested that he may know a few things about brawling the younger man may not.

    "I'll say it's whoever has the man waiting on the outside for the opponent to walk away."

    He pointed to a shifty figgure standing by the door, watching the two men closely. He figgured it was probably a friend of the elder man. Any good bar fighter knows not to go aggrivate someone alone.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-20-2002 01:48 AM:

    ~The person Tempist was pointing to was not in Alisa's line of sight so she had to get a better look.~

    "The man over... where.. *oof*"

    ~As she leaned over to see which man Tempist was talking about, Alisa lost her balance and knocked into his chest. Slightly embarrassed about her sudden clumsy move, she looked up at him.~

    "I'm really sorry.. are you ok? Gosh that was so graceful of me.."

    ~She looked down and laughed at herself, almost not able to look at him.~

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-20-2002 07:30 PM:

    Tempist's arms almost automaticly went out to catch her should she not regain her ballance, and was relieved to see she didn't fall to the floor.

    "I'm fine, are you alright?"

    His concern for her covered his face, he just couldn't help it. He gave her a small smile, and lightly touched his hand to hers, helping her to the knot hole he was looking through.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-21-2002 02:05 AM:

    ~As she regained her balance, Alisa felt Tempist's hand on hers and smiled as she moved closer to see the view down below. She didn't move her hand out from under his though, instead she turned her hand over and lightly held onto his.

    The Sith Warrior found herself far closer in proximity to any man than she thought she would be any time soon, yet this man seemed different. There was something about Tempist that she couldn't put her finger on just yet. Looking down below and then back to him, she grinned.~

    "Yes, I'm fine. Only bruised pride here but hey, next to a training session this is nothing. I'll survive. Thank you for catching me though. You have pretty quick reflexes."

    ~Laughing lightly she glanced down below again as a chair flew threw the air.~

    "Hey it looks like the show's starting now."

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-23-2002 07:36 AM:

    He smiled, and looked through the hole.

    "Thanks, but not really. They seem to be selective of when they work well."

    Bellow them, the action was starting to pick up. The elder of the men was now slightly bruised, and looked like he'd earned a black eye. The short, stout man seemed to be having trouble though, like he'd recieved several kicks to the stomach.

    "I wonder how the red haired one managed to reach the old fellow's head..."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 12-01-2002 07:28 PM:

    ~Alisa watched the fight break out below and then various members of the Sith Empire leap from their seats to settle it back down. The hum of lightsabers filled the air briefly before disigniting in a blur as the bar became quiet once more.~

    "Aw, well there goes our fun. What would you like to do now? I could slip down unnoticed and bring us something to drink if you like."

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 12-01-2002 07:53 PM:

    He smiled, and shook his head.

    "Only if you are thirsty. But with all of the people here tonight, it would be hard to go unnoticed."

    He looked back down to the floor below, and then back to Alisa.

    "...and there is always more to do from here. There are just so many ways to incite mayhem when you are unseen..."

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    ~Alisa watched Tempist as he spoke. There was a bit of a mischievous tone in his words and it made her smile.~

    "Well, our drinks could wait.. what did you have in mind?"

    ~Her eyes travelled down below and then back up to his with a grin.~


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      The Knight smiled, and pointed back down through the hole, both motioning for Alisa to have a look and to aid the manipulation of the force, as directed below them.

      Tempist closed his eyes for a breif moment, and a small smirk tuged at the corners of his mouth. Shortly after, Alisa's head was filled with images that went though one of the patrons' minds. The man was so inebreated that he couldn't even control his own thoughts. He day drempt he was in a feild somewhere, as a mighty warrior, battling off a horde of undead soldiers with ease.

      Tempist felt like showing off what little he could do with mental manipulation, and implanted the image into the man's head that there was surrounded by ewoks, each with sharper spears than ment for the small woodland creatures. However, they seemed to be more real than he was at the time, and the man seemed to sober up unusuially quickly.

      By this time, he'd stoped trying to relay the thoughts to Alisa too, his mental force abilities weren't very great. But he still enjoyed tormenting drunkards. He hoped that by now Alisa had been tought how to touch minds, so she'd see the full picture, and not just the man's reaction.
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