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Dit Moi Pourquoi

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Lady Jezebella sat silently in the far corner of the private tables in Rama's. Her arms were folded over her chest and her legs were intwined at the ankles. She seemed to be asleep, with her head tilted forward and the awkward silence coming from the area. But.. the truth was she was just in deep thought.

All of the events of her past were slamming back into her throbbing head. The people, the places, the pain, and the pleasure. All of it seemed to just bunch up and fill her mind. Overloading her Davorian memory, causing her head to riddle with all the pain of her devestating past.

There was the pain of having to fail, ask for help, or cry out with frustration. But.. what made her so different...? Everyone experienced that. Unlike them.. she experienced more of this... all Sith knew of the pain she went through. The pain of losing everything and the struggle to stay alive with what little the universe gives you.

Than of course there was the glory of obtaining what you have worked most of you life for. But... even that could be shot down if given the oppurtunity. But in her case.. she wouldn't allow that. For a long while she had been a Disciple for The Sith Empire... and nothing was going to stand in her way of conquering her glory of that. But... pride and selfishness were beginning to become a problem.

With a bored yawn, Jezebella shifted about in her chair. Appreciating the silence of her vacant area. She was well and far from the noisey groups of gabbering drunkards in the open center of the bar/lounge... though there still remained some Sith and couples seated not too far from her seat in the private area.

Indeed, it seemed nothing could disturb her at this moment in time. Nothing could anger her; nothing could bother her.... or so she thought.

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The untouched wine glass that was resting on the table beside Jezebella slowly began to move forward without her knowledge. When it reached the edge of the durasteel table it rattled softly and than went crashing the floor. The remaining shards of the wine glass shifted about on the floor and than stopped when two small boots appeared.

It caused the woman to shake herself from her deep thought and look at the small child standing in front of her. Her hair was long and black, much like her own; and was tied back neatly into a bun. The girl had a childish face that concealed dark secrets... none which were to be uncovered. A frown now creased her small forehead and her arms came up to fold over her chest

'You are really pityful, you know that?' The young girl shook her head and watched her, her crimson gaze sneering and uncaring. She began to tap her foot... as if impatient. But... what would she expect... 'I know?'

Narrowing her eyes, the girl tilted her head to the side and continued to watch her. A slender black brow arching, to increase the frown spreading across her face.

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A sudden crash made her snap her head up and glare darkly at the one whom dared distrub her quiet. She found herself staring at a young girl... around the age of twelve... or at least that's what she looked of. With a growl, Jezebella shook her foot, which was now drenched with wine, off and continued to glare at the young lady. Such insolence would not be tolerated.

Straightening up, uncrossing her ankles and arms, she sneered back at the girl. She was playing a dangerous game.... even children could be silenced... and this one was certainly now at the top of the list.

Next came a rather rude statement. 'You are really pityful, you know that?' That's what the foolish girl had said to her... but at this point in time she couldn't help but wonder if she was right. She didn't even know the girl though... she was a complete stranger. No likeness with a sight for sore eyes.

"Are you talking to me?" She asked coldly, narrowing her amber eyes. Of course she knew the answer to that question... but.. why not give the girl a run for her money and send the brat back to her uncaring mother who didn't really give a damn if her daughter was bothering deadly strangers, such as herself.