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The Pleasures of Past Sins... [Open to All]

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  • The Pleasures of Past Sins... [Open to All]

    Posted by Crescent on 11-14-2002 06:43 AM:
    The Pleasures of Past Sins... [Open to All]

    *A roar of thunder echoed through the area, as a sharp burst of lightning shoots through the sky. Small droplets of water rained down from the dark, ominous clouds above. A lone shadow of a figure walks along the ground, his strides calm and steady. He makes his way toward Rama's, his crimson eyes glancing up to view the back of the bar, a malevolent grin peircing his slitted moulth. He whispers to himself. *

    "My, what a profound location. "

    *He glances up and down the steel(or whatever material it is)wall, having an inspiration. Yes, this is quite a location for an art work. Although, this is sith terriotry... he shall wait. So alas, the pleasures of past sins shall wait... *

    *The back doors of the bar creeked open, and an apparition of a figure slinked into the some-what well occupied room. His leather bound hands were tucked into a long, black coat, chains and lockets hanging loosely in a decorative manner. He had jet black, slightly curly hair, it a bit under shoulder length. He was gothic in appearance, his skin a ghostly pale white. He wore black pants, and some-what high leather buckled boots; them coming up to his shins. Random, sinuous peices of slightly tattered blackened cloth hung loosely from various parts of his attire, merely topping off the capricious of the attire. *

    *His crimson gaze narrowed, as it's virulent gaze sweeped over the room in a thorough scrutiny. He seemed to be looked for someone, something, anything to entertain him at the moment. Though he was enthralled with a blood lust to kill, he looked for a distraction, of sorts. He made his way toward the bar, pulling up a stool and taking a seat. His eyes narrowed coldly, as he orders a red wine. Once it arrived he payed for it, his gloved-clad hand sliping around the glass, raising the rim to his lips. He sipped quietly from it, savoring the taste as a starving, ravenous beast would favor the blood of a virgin. He sat there, still awaiting any interesting event or paronama to arise. Sneers slightly to himself, finding liquid to not be a worthy sin, so he waits... *

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-14-2002 04:58 PM:

    :: Dark walked into the bar looked for his normal seat but someone allready occupied it. So Dark hissed he didn't like it when someone took his seat. But he couldn't do anything about it. Then he senced something. He felt a precence of a person that hasn't been there in a while. It was none other then Crescent.

    Dark remembed when the last time he meet him. It was when he was questioning Crescent. So Dark went over to him. He still had his hood over his head, but Dark was alot stronger then the last time they meet. He seemed to have gotten stronger. He was still a dicsiple, but he had the strength and knowledge of a warrior. He went up and sat next to Crescent with out him noticing him.::

    "So, You've been excepted into the empire. Who might your master be then?"

    {The Shadow Realm}{Bio}
    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Crescent on 11-14-2002 05:06 PM:

    *He smiles politely, rotating in his seat to face Dark. The most alluring and profound smile, still resting upon his pale lips. He responds, his voice clear and fluid. *

    "Yes, it seems I have. My master is none other then the ever elegant Master Dara Shadowtide. I am most pleased, not to mention honored that she had accepted me. "

    *His eyes narrow slightly, a barely visable virulent and injurious gleam shining from them. *

    "Would you like to join me for a drink, my friend? "

    *As he speaks, his leather gloved-clad hand slips around the thin holder of his wine glass, him raising it to his lips and sipping from it quietly, once again. He savors it for a few moments, again, swallowing the liquid afterwards. *

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 11-19-2002 07:44 AM:

    Brigid McKnight had boredly made her way into Rama's earlier that night... and even though it was filled with its usual drunkards.. she was bound to find something of interest amoung the milling fools. Something... anything...?

    It was then that she noticed two Sith chatting openly by the bar counter, one of which she had met before, Shadow, and the other.. she didn't recall meeting before.

    Seems like 'tis time to end my miserable boredness with a bit of Sithly humor.

    A wicked smile formed on her lips as she began to near the bar counter...

    "Hello there, gentlemen. Mind if I join you?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-19-2002 09:14 AM:

    Another fellow wandered up to the table, his size was of heroic proportions. His face was stoic no emotion, nothing as if it had been scuplted that way. Slowly he made his way to the table.

    "Evening, do you mind if I sit and drink with you?" His voice was powerful, but soft-spoken. It too held no emotion in it's thrall. The man seemed almost jedi-esque in the way he held himself, but it was just a facade that held back the deluge of rage and aggression that he was ever ready to unleash.

    Posted by Crescent on 11-19-2002 05:10 PM:

    *He glances up at the two new arrivals, a nefarious gleam in his crimson eyes. A polite smile slits his pale lips, as he says in a some-what strange voice; it's tone seemingly spurious, to a small extent.. *

    "Yes, please, take a seat. "

    *He waits untill they have done so, saying afterwards; the pitch and tone of his voice carrying that same anti-authentic(for lack of a better term) tone in it. *

    "Oh, my apalogies, I have not introduced myself as of yet.. My name is Alexander Karesh Mhith. "

    *He winces slightly, for it has been long since he has refered to himself, or been refered to with that name. Resently he has known himself as The Crescent Killer, murderer of the Coruscant Slums, sector 4, or jailmate number 66019. Though, the names stop not there.. monster, maniac, lunatic, narcissistic Bas*@$, yes, it seems life in his area have taken a hating to the malicious works of art he had "painted. " But alas, let us not dwell on the past, he would think to himself; as he awaited the honor to know the names of his sith allies.... *

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-20-2002 05:02 PM:

    Talus looked over the faces of the table, he recognized none of them. That was something he'd have to remedy.

    "A pleasure Alexander, I am Talus. An apprentice of Drako..." He said looking over the rest of the table waiting for their introductions.

    Posted by Crescent on 11-20-2002 05:10 PM:

    *He noded slightly, his jet black bangs sinuously hanging in his face as he inclines his head, again ..... slightly.. *

    "A pleasure, likewise.. Talus. May I have a tender fetch you anything? This bar seems to have a wide degree of beverages... ranging from mere alcohol, to centuary aged wine, to even the blood of the most rare animals in the land. I must say, you sith do know how to drink..... I'd enjoy seeing how your social events turn out.. "

    *He smiles slightly, awaiting a responce.. *

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-20-2002 05:33 PM:

    "Just water for me tonight, thank you though." Talus replied casually. Often he drank, but alcohol rarely had an affect on his genetically engineered body.

    "You are one of Master Shadowtide's apprentices aren't you?" Talus asked the young man.

    Posted by Crescent on 11-20-2002 05:39 PM:

    *After he had summonded over a tender, and Talus' desired drink has been delievered to him he nodded slowly; the chain around his neck wavering slightly. The sinuous row of chrome chains of his necklace wraped around his pale neck a few times, before continueing to go down his chest, dissapearing into the umbra of the inside of his jacket. The various decrative lockets waves slightly, as he shifted his position in his seat, responding the nod even further.. *

    "Yes, that I am. It seems she is quite famous here, and to an honost reason. I am glad I am not the only one who notices her power, cunning, and grace... yes, quite glad...... "

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-22-2002 06:07 PM:

    A dark figure clad in black robes sat in the corner of the Bar. The hood of her garments was drawn up over her head, casting shadows upon her face and hiding her identity. A serving droid suddenly came to her table and the Lupine sighed to herself.

    "Just a JD, please...and don't spill it on me this time."

    She said hastily, and then allowed her bright cyan eyes to come to rest upon a gathering group of men, none of which she recognized. Her mind thought back to her lost lover...and then to the path she was taking with her Master. Nearly a Warrior now, Danya was deeply rooted in the ways of the Darkside and even her smile dropped hints of evil....though none could see it at the time.

    "Perhaps they will have to pay me a visit."

    She thought to herself, then opened herself to their minds and allowed them to 'see' her....or to at least, know she was there.

    Posted by Crescent on 11-23-2002 08:21 AM:

    *He smiles to himself slightly, a most attractive women sitting in the corner catching his molevolent gaze. He nods out to her, attempting a skill he has yet to perfect. Due to his lack of skill in this ...... skill, it would seem like a mere whisper, or even a murrmer, but the person he is directing it toward should hear it all the same.. *

    ~"Why, hello there. Would you like to join our little party of people here? I'm positive you would be a most welcomed asset to our table. Please, come, have a drink with us.. "~

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-23-2002 03:13 PM:

    Danya heard a voice speak in her head and she smiled to herself, looking toward the table of gathering men once again. She nodded and rose to her feet with the drink she ordered in her hand, and slowly....seductive like, she made her way to their table.

    "Good evening...."

    She whispered softly, then removed the hood of her cloak to reveal her identity. Smiling, the Lupine exposed her elongated canines and set her cyan eyes upon the man who had invited her.

    "Indeed I would love to join your party. Pehaps we could liven things up a bit?"

    A slightly laugh escaped her red pouty lips as she eyed him up and down and then looked to the others expectantly.

    Posted by Crescent on 11-23-2002 07:36 PM:

    *He smiled slightly, allmost enraptured within her beauty. Though, her sheer looks are not the only thing that attracts him. It is the danger, and the threat he feels from looking at ther canine-like.... canines. He moves over a bit, to offer her a seat next to him. *

    "Yes, I'm sure there is a way we could lighten up with dull bar.. especially with one so elegant as you in our company. "

    *He says this, his voice and tone a bit flirtatous, to a degree.. *

    OOC: .......... sorry, just had to put this somewhere in this post. Ya know, to give it a bit of personia.. *L*

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-23-2002 11:05 PM:

    Danya smiled once again, the light catching her elongated canines as she sat down close to the man. Turning she faced him and gently put a hand to his cheek....then traced her index finger down his jawline and cut across to run down his lips.

    "It doesn't take me long to make...things....happen. And I'm sure if we work together...we could really heat things up."

    She winked and then brought her hands to rest on her lap as she set her gaze upon him. There was a wicked tint in her eyes and the evil edge she held glinted within her smile.

    "What do you say?"

    ooc: ! That is such a cute smiley! And yeah, I agree:

    Posted by Crescent on 11-24-2002 08:39 AM:

    *He smirked lightly, of course allowing that slight trace of hand. Once her hands were places in her lap, he also sliped a bit closer to her, slightly into a breif embrace, if one may occur. He spoke, his voice still carrying that flirtatous ring to it, and a sort of sly tone as well. *

    "I say.. hell yes.

    *Yes, he indeed did like this one. He had allways thought sith females to be more rugged, to a sort. Tomboys, if you will. But alas, he saw no sort of coarse appearance about her. He smiled once again, and returned the wink. He seemed to not notice the tempestuous weather outside, as if it were a mere breeze in the wind. All his attention, was focused on this one individual, this one sith... *