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Business Operatives: Part II (Closed)

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  • Business Operatives: Part II (Closed)

    Posted by Callista on 11-13-2002 08:10 PM:
    Business Operatives: Part II (Closed)

    The moment Snake’s Eye touched down at the Sith Empire’s landing pad, Callista was already on her way to the binge establishment known as Rama’s Corner. There was an enlivened hop in her pace as she entered, then quickly slowed as her head twisted around, arctic gaze sweeping the room. First one here… she mused, finding none of the summoned ladies.

    The Sith Knight's Zena, Athena, and Kekoa - Callista’s three most reliable cohorts amongst the Empire. This new task Callista had undertaken would be quite an adventure and one she assumed would be better off accompanied with backup. Dependable backup. And who better to help undergo such an exciting, risky, and ultimately dangerous acquisition than her fellow Sith Ladies?

    The brown haired beauty grinned at the thought as she located an empty table large enough to occupy her called upon company. Reclining back in the chair, hands folded behind her head, she waited.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 11-21-2002 07:26 PM:

    :: It had been days since Kekoa wanted to associate with anyone. Something had happened nights before, but she would not speak about it to anyone. Heading towards Rama’s Bar, Kekoa stopped outside on the sidewalk and scanned the area. Looking at the doors swinging open, Kekoa marched into the Bar and nearly sent one of the guests flying onto the floor as the door was forcedly pushed open.

    Kekoa walked by the being, who was slightly holding his broken nose with his hand. Her uncontrolled anger seemed to be growing by each day. At times she thought is was due to lack of fierce battles and the thrill of combat against our enemies. Or did it have something to do with what happen nights before.

    Keeping her eyes on the others about the Bar, she picked up Callista’s sense in the Force and grinned. Stepping quickly towards the table Callista had chosen, Kekoa stopped and slammed her left fist onto the table. “So we meet again.”

    Her dark brown eyes stared at Callista while Kekoa could barely keep a straight face, as Callista seemed to wake suddenly from her quiet state?

    Kekoa and Callista had a few spars in the past to dictate this sort of behavior between them. They always had a habit of keeping each other on their toes.

    Kekoa was honored that Callista wished for her to come on this venture. Moving to the other side of the table, Kekoa took a seat and looked at Callista. “I gather we are the first here today? How soon are we to leave?” ::