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...It won't stop...(open)

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  • ...It won't stop...(open)

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-05-2002 10:34 PM:
    ...It won't stop...(open)

    **It was late. Very late. Three o'clock in the morning, late. Or early, depending on how one looks at things. But neither the time nor the date really mattered to one of the people in the empire. Takai only came out of "hiding" at night because of the fact that her father would be sleeping. The girl had many problems, most had been there since birth, the rest had developed within the seven months that she had been alive, and still new ones showed up occasionally. The newest of these "problems" was chronic insomnia. How fun.

    Despite the time, however, a young girl sat in Rama's, alone. She didn't have any friends. Then again, it was not like she was craving them either. But nevertheless she was alone. At least, physically. The constant drone of everyone’s thoughts was always there. Just other's thoughts and the glass of water before her that she continued to manipulate. Such wonderful company.**

    Posted by Saharia on 11-06-2002 01:51 AM:

    ::Saharia had been walking around for no paticular reason. She had not been able to sleep and decided to go for a drink. Somethign had bothered her but it was gone now, whatever it had been.

    She went back to her room and placed a dagger in one of her shoes, you never knew who you met in the bar.

    Going to Ramas she noticed a girl sitting alone and walked up to her, something wasnt right about the girl.
    She tapped the girl on the shoulder, not bothering to ask if something was wrong - the girl probably wouldnt want to tell her anyway::

    Want something to drink? I can't sleep and if you wish for company I certainly wouldnt disagree on the verbal exchange.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-06-2002 05:09 PM:

    **Takai had known that someone was approaching, so the sudden voice had not startled her, however, the touch on her shoulder had. She hadn't jumped, but the glass with the water in it had suddenly shattered.
    She stared blankly at the broken glass, the water dripping off the table. She continued to watch the water as she spoke in reply to the woman. Her voice was strangely monotone and soft.**

    "Company...that is up to you if you would like to sit here."

    **As the water finally stopped moving she considered the other disciple's offer.**

    "I believe, another water will be fine. Thank you."

    Posted by Saharia on 11-09-2002 03:23 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded and sat down, calling a droid forward, recognizing it as the one she dispised slightyl and ordered a water, threatening that it be sent to the right table this time.
    Sometimes the nights seemed so long, and some not long enough. Tonight was a little of both, the soft hum of the darkness ringing in her ears in a familiar song as she felt the darkness ever with her. Ordering a jawa juice from the still waiting droid thta had still not move before being pushed, she looking curiously towards the other sith, not showing much emotion on her face but nothing of her expression was of the cold kind.::

    I am Saharia. What of your name?

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-10-2002 11:39 PM:


    **It was strange, the girl would look up slightly to see who she was speaking with but was very careful never to make eye contact..**

    Posted by Saharia on 11-12-2002 03:39 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded, notiing the girls reluctance to look at her. there was something quite wrong. The droid came back with the drinks and she slipped the water to Takai.::

    Sometimes this place feels so isolate doesnt it? Sometimes it needs a voice to speak it's thoughts. Other times it's better to keep them inside but that is up to the voice. This voice should know that an ear is willing to hear if anything is wrong but wont press. It may find the ear any time.

    Onto other thoughts, who trains you? Your face be unfamiliar.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-13-2002 11:13 AM:

    **The woman was definitely less than subtle about being curious as to why the girl acted as if a great tragedy had occurred in her life. But what was there to tell? Her mother was dead, her brother gone, and she enjoyed both those facts.
    Takai had once been told that the eyes were the window to the soul. And there was no way she would let anyone other than her Master view that.**

    "Master Lynch trains me. He gives me purpose."

    Posted by Saharia on 11-14-2002 05:17 AM:

    ::Saharia Laughed softly, they all their secrets they wished to keep, herself included. If Takai did not wish to talk then so be it, Saharia offered friendship, nothing more. And she expected nothing, would not feel dissapointed if it was refused, for dwelling on those feelings was unneccessary. Still, it was always there to offer if none were enemies. Half smiling she sipped her drink before putting it down::

    I don't play games with words when the point can be pointed out in simpler form in a safe surrounding. Forgive me for that if you doth value word games.
    It is always good to have purpose, one wonders lost without it.... I'm sure you will do very well.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-20-2002 12:16 AM:

    "I suppose I will."

    **The water that she ordered came finally and she just let it be set in front of her. She didn't touch it yet, just kinda stared into the glass.**

    "You have been here a while, haven't you? The Empire, that is."