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    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-23-2002 05:42 AM:
    A Quick Stop...

    Warrior Nikka Darkstorm entered the large doors to Rama's Corner, the strap of the dufflebag hooked around her shoulder. She took a silent glance around the bar before stepping over to her corner booth and sitting down, sliding her belongings beside her in the booth.

    Might be awhile before I see this place again.

    She stared down at the table, remembering many encounters with her fellow Empire members. She could never let go of that ever. This very table was where she met Talus...

    She sighed. Her eyes were still flushed and swollen. She tried to cover it up with her hair as the waiter brought her drink to her table, but it was still evident that she was upset. She finally just brushed her hair out of her face, thinking there was no use in hiding her tears. They were as plain as day. Sighing again, she leaned her head back against the cushion backrest and took a sip from her drink on occasion.


    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-23-2002 02:40 PM:

    :: DM was sitting at the bar, having his usual Yavin 4 at night, when he turned his head around and notice Nikka sitting down at her usual spot. She seemed sad and the Zabrak didn't like his friends being blue. With one sip he finished his drink and walked towards her::

    "Yum asneub sedrat" *Good afternoon* "Mind if I join you m'lady?" ::The tattooed face apprentice gave Nikka an enthusiastic smile::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-23-2002 02:43 PM:

    She simply nodded in the most stoic way she could find. Her gaze never moved from the glass that held the amber colored drink.

    "Sure, go ahead. You can help me drown myself.. and my sorrows."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-23-2002 07:30 PM:

    ::Heartbrokened, hopeless, more depressed than he had ever seen someone. That's how the Zabrak felt Miss Darkstorm. He had never ever seen her like this. Sure they had share some "down" moments, but nothing ever like this. What could it be bothering the beatiful but deadly Sith Lady?::

    "NU YAVH'IHN ORTAUC ED ECHON OPIDAR!!!" *A Yavin 4 at night, quickly* ::Ordered the oversized Iridonian to a servdroid::

    "May I ask what's wrong m'lady? You do not seem like your usual self this everything alright? ::Nikka then moved her head slightly revealing her tears to DM. The tattooed face apprentice could not help but wonder what could possibly be going on::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-24-2002 07:01 AM:

    "I don't know if everything will ever be alright." She said rather solemnly. "Love has taken me as its prisoner again... and I want to break free. Besides, seems 'another' has broken free anyway."

    Nikka was devastated. She knew for sure he was the one for her. The way he looked at her and held her never broke any boundaries... until now. She has seen him around, but he would never even glance in her direction. There was no greater torment than being neglected and ignored, but she just shrugged.

    "It's happened before, though... so I'm used to being brushed off." She chuckled somewhat, swallowing back tears. "It's funny, you know. You think you know someone, you think they're your soulmate... then they end up being the next stranger that passes you in the night and pays you no regard. I mean, it's like we've never met and I can't stand it... Did I do or say something that ****** him off? If I did, I sure as hell would like to know what it was.... cause I never did anything to that man."

    It was then that she broke down into a million pieces. Her heart was breaking from alienation and abandonment. It would take her a very long time to get over this.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-24-2002 08:06 AM:

    ::Surprise, sadness, sorrow. These were only a few of the feelings within the giant Zabrak, when he heard the words coming out of Nikka's lips::

    ::He could not believe what he was hearing. Both Nikka and Talus were two of his closest friends at TSE. It seemed what they had was perfect, and now all of a sudden, from what the Iridonian was hearing, it looked like it was gone::"M'lady I'm rather surprsied by you words. I'm sure there is an explanation"

    ::The ten-horn-headed Sith then grabbed his drink which had just been brought by the servdroid, and stood up, switching sides on the table, sittin next to the read-headed woman, to show her his support::

    "...and please don't ever talk like that, no matter the outcome of things, at one point in time they will be alright. After the storm there's always calm, no matter how bad the storm is, calm will always find a way and the sun will rise for you again."

    "Please, just do not assume anything. Do not make a decision until you find out whatj's really going on." :: DM took a sip of his drink, once he was done he looked into Nikka's eyes::

    "If at night you cry because you miss the sun, your tears, will not allow you to see the stars...."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-24-2002 09:28 AM:

    "At night I cry because I miss Talus... and now my tears will not allow me to see the stars in his eyes..."

    The torn Warrior never moved when he did. She didn't shift any nor did she feel uncomfortable with him sitting next to her. This was probably it for her. Her heart had gone numb.

    The redhead closed her eyes for a few moments to allow the tears to subside. Through the pain that was welling in her heart came the sound of her voice, humming to a tune she had heard back home. Then the lyrics came forth from her throat as she sang it in a perfect, flawless tone:

    Reflections of your love have come to wither...
    I thought I done my best to memorize...
    A picture fades of you and I together...
    I haven't come to terms with how we said goodbye.
    Did you really care, care enough for me?
    Did you even care, care enough for me....

    There came a brief pause. Nikka gathered her thoughts of the lyrics and then continued on.

    Am I not quite good enough or somehow undeserving of your precious love?
    You could have had the decency to let me know, before you gave me life... Oh, don't you even care just the slightest little bit for me?
    Cause I really need to feel you cared even once upon a time for me.
    I need to believe, in my heart of heart of hearts you really cared for me.
    And I need to understand why you left me there so helplessly.
    Don't you even care... care at all for me..?
    Reflections of your love have come to wither... I thought I done my best to memorize....

    As she finished, she sighed. It was the first time she hed ever revealed her talent in public like that. Everyone in the vicinity had turned in her direction, staring in astonishment. Nikka paid no attention to the people and gulped down her drink...

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-24-2002 02:02 PM:

    "...impressive, you are possesor to quite a beatiful voice. You should let it come out more often."::The Zabrak was truly impressed by Nikka's song. However, he was far more impressed by the words that previously left the woman's mouth. In Nikka Darkstorm, Mundus had met a warrior, a fighter, someone who would stand up for her believes no matter the price. Today, that woman was not there at Rama's::

    "M'lady, there's a solution for everything. Whenever the Gods decide to close a door on us, they open a window."

    "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger, and eventhough weak, I see you alive and kicking."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-24-2002 05:00 PM:

    "Thanks. I've been singing since I was very young... probably one of the reasons my foster parents hated me so much. I drove them insane with my voice."

    She chuckled. By that time, she felt a familiar presence nearby and nearly shuddered.

    "I sure hope you're right though. I really do not want to lose him....."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-24-2002 06:14 PM:

    Talus walked into Rama's, stopping at the door. All too often when he was angry he came here, caused a scene and ended up doing something incredibly stupid. This time however he tossed the bottle of wine down the alley and walked in. The droids by this time had learned to steer clear of Talus when he entered.

    "A glass of water, as cold as you can get it." He muttered to the large Bothan tending bar. Taking his glass he sat down quietly and drank, his hands still bleeding from the roses. A solitary tear streamed down his cheek. He didn't know what he wanted or what he should do.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-25-2002 04:39 AM:

    Then she felt the dark wave rushing through her as Talus entered the bar. A small gasp escaped her throat as she felt his emotions and then knew her decisions were hasty.

    By the force, what have I done... I can't do this.

    She turned her head in his direction and saw that his back was to her. She then sighed heavily. The bar suddenly grew quiet as if a fight was anticipated, but she knew there would be no fighting or arguing in here tonight. Atleast she hoped...

    She turned to Mundus, who had noticed Talus' entry and sighed again.

    "What am I going to do?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-25-2002 07:36 AM:

    "Right now you're not gonna do a thing..." ::Indeed the Zabrak had noticed his bearded friend's entrance. He was probably getting to involved in the situation, but he just couldn't sit around while two of his friends were hurt. With one very long sip he finished what was left of his drink then turned to the red-headed woman::

    "Now if you'll excuse me for a second, m'lady...." ::The Iridonia native stood up and walked toward the dread-locked Sith. Once close enough he put his right hand on Talus' left shoulder. The genetically enhanced Sith was about ready to throw a punch until he realized it was Mundus who had tapped him on the shoulder. Not a word was spoken. The Zabrakian knew his friend was in pain and Talus knew that Mundus knew::

    ::With his head he made a sudden move backwards,as if pointing in Nikka's table direction, letting Talus knew he had to look over there::

    ::Slowly and had the Zabrak not known his friend better, even kind of hesitant, would seem a proper way to put it, Talus looked over Mundus' shoulder and saw Nikka. The beatiful but deadly woman, couldn't but wonder what was going on between the two male Sith::

    ::Talus then hid his head behind Mundus' and looked him in the eyes, as if asking the ten-horn-headed creature what to do. Without a word being said the Zabrak's gaze spoke and gave him the answer::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-25-2002 08:25 AM:

    Still shaken and frozen, Nikka just nodded slightly, sipping from her drink again.


    She didn't pay much attention to what was going on between Talus and Mundus. All she could do was block everything going around her out of her mind for the moment until Mundus returns. She dreaded to hear what Talus would say and feared he would never speak to her again.

    And then the pain welled up inside her heart once more... and thus came the sound of her voice from the corner table. It was a little more isolated this time, but could be heard faintly in the vicinity. The lyrics started out very sentimental and sorrowful...

    I'm thinking of you
    In my sleepless solitude tonight
    If it's wrong to love you
    Then my heart just won't let me be right
    Cause I've drowned in you
    And I won't pull through
    Without by my side.

    ....but grew very uplifting and nearly intense. (And may sound a little racy.)

    I'd give my all to have
    Just one more night with you
    I'd risk my life to feel
    Your body next to mine
    Cause I can't go on
    Living in the memory of our song
    I'd give my all for your love tonight....

    Then at the beginning of the next verse, she found herself staring right at him, although he still had his back to her while speaking to Mundus. Her voice still remained somewhat isolated, but still enough to be heard.

    Baby can you feel me
    Imagining I'm looking in your eyes
    I can see you clearly
    Vividly emblazoned in my mind
    And yet you're so far
    Like a distant star
    I'm wishing on tonight...

    She repeated the chorus (I'd give my all....) Her voice was more potent and broad than before and filled the entire bar. She just stared straight ahead... hoping for the moment his eyes would meet hers.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-26-2002 09:48 AM:

    Talus knew teh Zabraki meant well, but now was not the time for his friend to console him. Too many thoughts too many questions.

    What the hell am I doing? Why do I feel a need to make things right? Why do I feel pain now when I'm alone?

    Then he heard her song, he wasn't sure how to react, he didn't think the universe needed to be in our their discussion, but he did need to know how she felt. Maybe this was her way of telling him.

    Slowly he turned his eyes met hers. He blinked. He'd never blinked first before, but this was different, it was a show of his willingness to bend for things to work out. Slowly he opened his mouth but now words came out as he lipped the words; "I'm sorry" Then rising from his table he began to walk out of the door. The chaos of emotions, the confusion, it was too much for him and he wasn't sure how to handle it in front of her.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-26-2002 11:45 AM:

    Nikka just sighed silently as she watched him mouth the words in her direction. She was sure he was apologetic, but didn't understand why he was so hurt. Seeing him this way was beginning to tear a hole in her heart. She wanted to be there to comfort and hold him in his time of need, to let him know that everything would be okay, but then she felt it was best to let him be alone for the time being. She even began to feel guilty.

    Did I make him feel this way? I know he has never experienced these kind of emotions before... Maybe I did this to him... but I can't just shut him out like this...

    She watched as he headed for the door. Something told her to go after him, but a strong force held her back and she didn't move a muscle. Now wasn't the time. He needed to be off to himself, perhaps to think about things-to try and sort out his emotions. Nikka just looked down at the table and then to her duffle bag laying in the booth seat.

    " am I..." She muttered low and just sat there, thinking about what she should do next. Perhaps these rough times will subside in time... but it was so hard for her to understand.

    Posted by Drako on 10-26-2002 04:02 PM:

    Waiting in Talus's path, always where he needed to be, when he needed to be there, was the ancient Sith Lord. Talus wouldn't be able to leave without first passing the Force Vampyre who looked in no mood to move.

    His face was stoic, devoid of any emotion at all as he waited for Talus to come close enough to speak. His hands rested on his hips, pushing his cloak back, revealing the two sabres clipped at his belt, a seed of doubt as to weather he planned to use them or not.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-27-2002 10:31 AM:

    Talus was becoming more in tuned o his master's signature all the time, however it was the only signature that he could differetiate from the buzz around him.

    "Excuse me m'lord..." He spoke quietly and without looking at his master, he knew his master was armed, Talus was not, besides the small dagger he kept on his person at all time. His look was one of confusion. He didn't know what to say to Nikka, he didn't know what to say to Mundus, he didn't know what to say to his master. And he wanted to leave, he continued walking, as if he would pass right through the Sith Lord. He knew it was foolish, he knew it would mean pain, but physical pain would be better than the emotional anguish he was feeling at the moment.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-27-2002 11:25 AM:

    After remaining silent for a few mometns, Nikka stood from the booth and gathered her belongings. Without a word to anyone, she drew the cloak over her face and eyes and moved toward the door. The woman tried her best to fight back her emotions. It was difficult. And now it was time to leave...

    Exiting the bar, she slipped out into the darkness, making her way down toward the valley that lead toward the ridge. Nikka remembered a night spent on the hillside when she felt alienated. That was so long ago... As she continued her slow pace, she hoped nobody would follow her, but had a feeling that somebody would. All she would do is keep walking.

    It was her time to be alone...


    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-27-2002 11:38 AM:

    'Tah'l'us euq adajednep satse odneicah norbac?' **'Talus what are you doing?'

    :: Darth Mundus just watched Talus stood up and leave without a word being spoken. Mundus knew what should be done and so did the genetically enhanced Sith, only that for whatever the reason was, he was not doing it::

    ::The large Zabrak stood there confused himself of what the situation was. He then noticed Lord Darkstar stand in Talus' way::

    'Maybe now you'll come to your senses, my friend' ::The tattooed face Sith, felt a bit of confort, when he watched his friend's master, someone the bearded-man might actually listen to::

    ::Mundus was more than surprised when he saw Talus wouldn't stop, and he couldn't help but lower his head in what could be called to some extent, disappointment::

    "Ahhh.....!!!" ::A big sigh came out of Mundus mouth, he then turned his head around to the booth where he had left Nikka only to realize she wasn't there anymore::

    ::Instinctively the Zabrak looked at the back door only to see the door was moving, in its usual motion to be closed again. In the blink of an eye, he had already stood up, headed towards the door, and on his way to look for the red-headed woman::

    Posted by Drako on 11-02-2002 04:59 PM:

    "No Talus, I don't think i'll be moving, I think you and I are going to have a nice long chat,"

    He motioned to the table, waiting for Talus to sit first, the ancient Sith had no intention of moving until his apprentice was seated, there would be no chance for Talus to get away.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-02-2002 05:11 PM:

    "Master now is not..." He stopped, there was no point in trying to convince Lord Darkstar otherwise, if he said to sit, Talus would sit whether he wanted to or not.

    "As you wish m'lord..." He said quietly as he pulled the chair out and slumped into his chair.

    Posted by Drako on 11-03-2002 03:08 PM:

    DarkStar seemed to fold more into the chair than to sit on it. His eyes met Talus's, seeming to bore right into the young Sith's very soul, stripping it bare before the ancient Sith.

    "Tell me all..."

    He said simply

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-03-2002 08:11 PM:

    "Don't you already know, master?" His voice was cold, dead, much like the fire inside him at the moment.

    "What's there to say, I don't understand what I'm supposed to do, I don't know how to love and I can't make her wait for me to learn." He said after a pause. Never looking directly at his master, the tears in his eyes ashamed him.

    Posted by Drako on 11-05-2002 03:30 PM:

    DarkStar sighed, though it may have suprised his apprentice the ancient Sith did not know everything that happened or would happen, just most of it.

    "None of us have time to learn my young friend and we can never be all that people want us to be,"

    He reached over and sqeezed Talus's shoulder, as a father would, DarkStar's intend always seemed to surround him like an aura, now it was a comforting presence that seemed to drain away Talus's worry.

    "All we can do is try our best my friend, and if love is truely there, it will be enough,"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-06-2002 05:08 PM:

    "Perhaps..." Talus sighed audibly. He was upset, it comforted him that his master cared, but it didn't make it any easier for the young man.

    "Everything just happened so suddenly and things were going so fast, I just needed a break, but I found myself wanting to be close to her even when I was away. It was inhibiting my training and my studies master." The young man began to spill his thoughts out.

    "I'm a sith first, my first duty is to make myself better, I can't do that if I'm thinking about something other than training all the time, can I?" Slowly his eyes met his master's there was a look of sincerity in them and a tone of the same in his voice.

    Posted by Drako on 11-08-2002 03:39 PM:

    "And where do you think you will draw your power from my young apprentice?"

    DarkStar sipped a drink of water, placing it back on the table he tilted it and swirled the water round, watching it before meeting Talus's gaze.

    "Love is...not only something you should cherish but something you should fight to the death for, hate and anger can all spring from love. While you have some, lavish attention on them, one day they may not be there. If you train all the time you will burn out..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-11-2002 06:11 PM:

    "I have my ambition m'lord, it is what drew me here, my power lust, the hunger for battle. But I understand what you are saying... there are things I lack and that companionship solve. I just do not have the experience to deal with companionship, but I suppose that's part of the reason it's called experience." Talus laughed lightly as he finished his reply.

    "M'lord does it get any easier? Being in love?"