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(Repost) Good Friends and good drinks! (CLOSED!)

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  • (Repost) Good Friends and good drinks! (CLOSED!)

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-06-2002 11:38 PM:
    (Repost) Good Friends and good drinks! (CLOSED!)

    (Repost Sorry everyone who was invited to join in the thread. We had a slight mishap and now we are all better, so please show off those sexy sigs once more! )

    The clone of Athena Lady Darknss made her way into Rama's this time she knew where to sit. She walked to the table she had told her guest she would be at. She took her seat and ordered a glass of red wine and a Martini shaken not stirred for her company. Her boots were placed on the table as her cloak hung from the chair. Her company would be here soon. She was more then excited when she found out he was back or well she was back I guess you could say. She was the one who was gone.

    The small R2 unit rolled over and placed both drinks on the table as she waited. Tossing a few credits on the tray the little driod rolled away.

    In the dim lite she waited and watched all of the new people whom she didnt know, watch her. Odd if they wanted to ask something they should dont just watch her. It would set her temper off sooner or later.

    She lifted her glass and took a sip of the blood red wine as she waited for her company.


    Callista Ming shifted on her cushioned stool at the bar. A cushioned stool that was quickly losing it’s appeal. She grumbled to herself. After hours, the stuffing was more than flat and about ready to cause numbness in her rear. She shifted again trying to find the last bit of comfort. Finally, in a fit of exasperation, she jumped off the thing. Stretching her legs, she twisted around to lean her back up against the counter.

    It was then that she caught sight of Athena. The clone had left the Empire and returned again, during that time, Callista had feared she would never catch up with her old friend. Now seemed the perfect time to do so. Strutting over to the single occupied table with her own drink in tow, Callista offered a toothy grin as she tapped the back of a chair. “Waiting for someone? Mind if I take a seat until they arrive?”

    Dyne Darkforce

    A dark figure entered the tavern, a certain mist following behind him. The man's cloak flowed to the side of him because of a light wind. The sky was filled with a few gathering clouds along with a brisk wind, showing signs of a rain coming soon. It was a rather quiet night other then that, outiside and inside. Didn't seem like much was going on at the HQ at the moment. The bottom half of a man's face could be seen underneath the hood from a ray of light. It had been awhile since Dyne had spent some time at Rama's. It was better late then never to come here, the dark one was in mood for a drink anyway.

    Stepping in further, Dyne looked around for his friend who invited him for a drink via hologram message. Bringing his arm upwards, he brought the hood down and let it fall against his back, along the shoulder line. A glance went across Athena before looking back at her, a slight grin following afterwards. Noticing the slightly occupied bar, he began to make his way over to her. His cloak flowed along with him while going towards her locale, seeing Callista near her as well. The lord kept to himself while going over there. It seemed like it would be a rather interesting night for him at the bar.....

    The Lady Athena

    She smiled as she noticed Calli, another of Mistress Shadowtides apprentice's.

    " I am waiting this man here. But please join us for drinks and you may get to know one of the Empires best. "

    Athena motioned for Dyne and Calli to both sit down.

    " Dyne Darkforce, this is Callista... Callista this is the Moonwalker Commonly known as Dyne. "

    Kat Kariena

    Kat watched the small group gather from a shadowed corner, feeling a bit out of place. She was normaly antisocial and just watched others have fun and interact. This should be interesting... she thought and stayed her her corner, crossing her hands on the table and putting her chin over them.

    Dyne Darkforce

    Listening to what Athena told Callista, he had arrived near the two ladies and the table which they sat at, awaiting for him. The first thing he had done was to look over at Athena with a small smile across his face. With that same smile, the lord shook his head slightly.

    "You flatter me Athena, you are equally as impressive."

    Looking over at Callista, he put his right arm across his chest and took a small bow of his head to her. His long black hair slid forward and in front of his face, hiding it somewhat. Getting back in an upright position, with his hair falling back behind him, Dyne greeted her as well.

    "Pleasure to meet you Callista, heard good things about you. Now I get to know you personally."

    Coming around the other side of the table, he slid out a seat, not using his arms. The Force was rather versatile in all aspects, if used and harnessed correctly. Taking a seat, he saw a glass of martini sitting in front of him. He nodded as a good gesture to Athena's courtesy. Bringing the glass towards him, he took a sip and placed it back down on the table. In the meantime, it wasnt completely oblivious to him of Kat's presence. He sent her a small message, via the Force, to come and join them.

    "You are welcome to join us as well Kat."

    With that, he faced the two ladies again, taking another sip of the martini. Dyne settled into his seat and laid back somewhat, making himself relaxed.

    "Got it made right for me as well Athena, thank you. So, how are you two ladies this evening?"

    Kat Kariena

    Kat sat up and blinked at the message. She had been slightly surprised, more at the invitation than his knowing her presence was there. Are you sure about that? she asked in reply, standing and walking over quietly.

    The Lady Athena

    Athena smiled as she watched Kat get up and walk over to the table.

    " Please do join us Kat. "

    She looked at Dyne and Calli then finally after a moment of thought.

    "Well since my return to the Empire after my Makers Death its been rather interesting finding the people whom she knew. But I have adjusted well to all of it. And from the memories she left me of you Dyne I seem to have found one of her best friends. "

    Dyne Darkforce

    He made a silent response to Kat, unknowingly to the other two ladies present. Using the Force, he spoke to her into the recesses of her mind.

    "As sure as I will be."

    Darth Phantom

    :: A Dark, Evil and ultimatly Sinister presence slowly emerged into the minds of all patrons at the bar and grill, sending shives down the spines of the weak. As the presence sank in an Ill feeling overcame all as the presence itseld was unlike any other, the pure hatred and evil gave an eerie sencation.

    Moments later the large oak door to the place commanly known as "Rama's" blow open and there in the doorway hovered a lone cloaked figure, the figure was clad in all black and his face was covered by a thick and heavy hood, the lower part of his jaw line could be seen showing off his large ivory Vampire fangs as he grinned slightly to the look people gave him as he entered.

    His blood red eye's pireced the vale of darkness about his face as he looked around his second home. The grin he wore upon his face turned to a smile of delight as he saw his old friends and blood brother Dyne. The figure known simple as Darth Phantom nodded his head to the gathering group, slow and gracfully he walked towards the group ::

    " Good Evening Ladies ... Dyne ... "

    :: The Dark Lord nodded to each who sat at the table, though his gaze halted as he looked upon Callista with a smile on his face ::

    " Tell me brother, how are you? I have not seen you in sometime, I was almost worried. Athena ... welcome back. Plan to stay this time around? "

    The Lady Athena

    Athena was merly talking to Callista and Dyne when the doors of Ram's came off the hinges. She shook her head knowing it was Phantom.

    " Well he knows how to make an intrance. "

    Softly laughing to herself she heard him greet Dyne and then herself.

    " I will Stay as long as I dont get to ****** off. Hows that answer for you Phantom? "

    She ordered another round of Drinks. Herself a glass of Red Wine, Dyne another Martini, Callista what ever it was she drank. Phantom a glass of blood wine, and Kat as well to what ever pleased her. Looking up as the little driod rolled away to get her the drinks she took a look around the room there really was not a soul she really knew who was not already at the table. But she was sure others would show up.

    Posted by Callista on 11-07-2002 12:19 AM:

    "Pleasure to meet you Callista, heard good things about you. Now I get to know you personally."

    She nodded to the Sith Lord, a smile spreading across her face. “The pleasure is all mine…I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” Pulling out a chair, Callista plopped down at the end of the table, her glass finding a place just in front of her. She grinned at the gathered around her, enjoying the little get together. Tipping the glass back to study the dark liquid it contained; she began to swish it around, listening to the conversation around her, before bringing the cup lip to her mouth and downing the last bit of Corellian Whiskey.

    Leaning in her chair so that it stood on the hind legs, she draped her left arm over the back and watched the other Sith. Her icy gaze wandered around the table at the three seated, lingering slightly on the dark, undead Lord known as Phantom. There was something about him that intrigued her, but as he turned to catch her gaze, she quickly averted it elsewhere, striking up a conversation of her own.

    “I’m afraid I don’t have the pleasure of knowing you, my dear,” Callista nodded her head in the direction of Kat who was in route to the table.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-08-2002 12:33 PM:

    :: Phantom chuckled lightly as he watched Callista ::

    " Fair enough I would say Athena. "

    :: Phantom nodded in thanx as Athena ordered him something to drink. Motioning to the empty seat next to Callista ::

    " May I sit? "

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-08-2002 02:11 PM:

    Kat joined the group, but remained quiet, almost as if she was off in her own world, though she was quiet present and alert to what was going on around her. She watched as other Sith joined them and kept her scilence, vaguely(sp) firmillar with present company.