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I'm about to break. (Open)

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  • I'm about to break. (Open)

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 11-06-2002 07:29 AM:
    I'm about to break. (Open)

    For once, Brigid McKnight was noticed when she entered Rama's Corner.. for the first thing she did when she entered was to throw a book half-way across the room. Her eyes held tiny glints of crimson glow and her fists were clenched tightly at her sides. It was so very simple to tell she was frustrated.

    With firm, long strides, Brigid made her way over to a vacant table at the far end of Rama's. The area was currently vacant... but for how long she wouldn't know. No one.. however.. was completely alone...

    Crossing her arms over her chest, Brigid leaned back in her chair.

    "This is getting really old..."

    Posted by Dark-Jedi-Kitano on 11-06-2002 06:02 PM:

    Kitano sees Brigid as he nods to her