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Questionable Actions. (Closed)

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  • Questionable Actions. (Closed)

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-29-2002 07:12 PM:
    Questionable Actions. (Closed)

    Jezebella swept back and forth through the vacant rows leading between the groups of tables that were supposedly private. Her hand was settled upon her chin, in a puzzling manner, her pace and constant blunders of crashing into tables told anyone that her thoughts were lurking elsewhere.

    After slamming into a bar stool, for the seventh time, she grabbed her throbbing hip and stopped. So many things to do... so little time left to train.

    With a grimance of saddness, Jez slipt into the chair, in which she had crashed into, with a frustrated grunt. One leg now crossed over the other, she sighed and thought aloud.

    "Damn it.... if I leave now... I am going to be off of training for another long while. I don't think the Master would like that."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-29-2002 08:17 PM:

    ::Mundus came into Rama's, thinking about the other night::

    ::Since he had joined TSE, he had made many friends, he cared a lot for all of 'em. If necessary he would give his life for any of his Sith peers in a heartbeat. After all, when he joined the ranks of such organization, he had sworn his loyalty and his life to TSE. Then what was it about HER::

    ::Long time ago he had promised never to love anyone again. Why then it seemed he cared more for this...girl::

    ::To his surprise she was there. Lady Jezebella was roaming the private section of Rama's, seemed she was troubled, at least it seemed her mind was somewhere else, but there::

    "Should I approach her? Seems she's busy, maybe I should leave her alone... ::What were these thoughts on the Zabrak's head? Was he nervous? How come? The ever impressive former bounty hunter? The Iridonia native with probably the biggest pain ressitance in the whole galaxy? Nervous?. This did not look like Mundus at all::

    ::The tattooed face Iridonian was lost in his own mind, staring at her, when all of a sudden she raised her head, her eyes, met his. Did a sigh just came out of the 315 lb Zabraki?::

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-30-2002 07:35 AM:

    When the Dovorian-Shi'ido caught sight of the Zabrak, which she had met before in this very public spot, Jez smiled and waved him over. Not that she really needed to get caught up in a conversation... she had many things to do in preperation of her journey.. if she ended up going. But... perhaps the Sith could offer some advice.

    Well well.. seems like I might be stuck here after all... but I could sure use the advice...

    Narrowing her eyes in thought, Jez unknowing slid a chair out with her, what was now considered as, 'elementary' force control.

    When he arrived, she smiled up at him and gestured toward the chair in which she had pulled out.

    "Why hello there, Mundus. It seems we run into each-other often these days, doesn't it? How are you, comrade?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-30-2002 11:08 PM:

    "Jezebella. Nice to see you again..." ::He waited for the lady to sit down and then he took a seat::

    "Indeed we seem to be running into each other quite often nowadays" ::He then waved at a servdroid so that it could take their order::

    "You seemed....troubled, m'lady. Is everything alright?" ::He then looked at her eyes and noticed her mind was full of questions::