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    Posted by Macros on 10-09-2002 03:45 PM:
    Sticky Fingers

    Macros glided into the bar, clothed in big black baggy pants and a ripped deep blue t-shirt covered with a black leather jacket. Various pouches adorned the insides of his long jacket and rogues belt. Instantly aware, checking for any authorative figures and finding none, he set to work.

    A mercenary was relieved, in his celebratory drunken stupor, of his hard-earned pay. Macros seemed part of the shadows, drifting in amongst the throng like a mouse; unheard, unseen.

    Finally, satisfied he had aquired enough to pay for the night he took a shadowy seat, underneath a smashed lightbulb. His quickfingers removing a drink from a passing droid he waited for one he would like to meet. He had heard of a new rogue in town, and the commotion he had fermented unwillingly in the Recruitment Hall.

    You hear things quickly when no-one knows you're there. . .

    Posted by Nikka on 10-11-2002 10:56 PM:

    The doors to Rama's slammed open. A cry was heard and then the chilling sound Nikka's cold, dark voice: "Get the hell out of my way!" Many glasses shattered on the floor as she pushed a drunken patron out of her way upon entering, a sign Nikka was not in one of her better moods. She wanted a night alone, to herself as the way she has felt over the last week or so. But why come to Rama's? Rama's was known to be filled with people who were in a terrible mood, so Nikka wanted to be among that form of environment and came here to dwell on her many decisions over the last few months. It's what many people came here to do so why not her?

    She sat herself at her dark, shadowy table and immediately her bottle of Hapan Mist was sat before her with a glass. Perfect timing. One thing to boost Nikka's mood. She didn't even bother with the glass and just opened the bottle, beginning to guzzle from the spout. By the time she sat the bottle down on the table, half of the bottle was drank down. She cleared her throat and began to drink again.

    Then a man approached her and began to speak, "Pretty lady like you shouldn't drink alone." Nikka looked at him, her eyes ablaze with the fire of the Dark Side and gave him one stare before responding with a Force blast into the hearest wall. She stood from the table and approched where he now lay upon the ground.

    "I have not the time to deal with your games of self conquest! Leave now, for I might spare your life if you do." She hissed seductively in his ear while grasping at his collar, slamming his head into the wall. As she stood, she smirked at him and blew a kiss in his direction.

    There it was again.. the rumble of thunder outside. Nikka grinned at the sound and sat down at her table again, sinking into her thoughts.

    The man who disturbed her never even moved....

    Posted by Macros on 10-12-2002 09:07 AM:

    Macros laughed silently to himself. Trust Nikka to brighten things up. He decided not to intervene though, silently waiting for the new rogue...he could wait all night.

    Posted by Macros on 10-16-2002 02:32 PM:

    And it seemed, he would have to...

    Macros suddenly flicked a knife out of his belt and held it against his wrist, trying his best to hold back his hatred. Hate for everyone, everything, and worst of all, himself...

    He wouldn't do it, he had given his life to the Empire and it was no longer his to take. Suddenly his wrist snapped back and the knife flew into the back of young woman, he darted out of his seat and dragged her dying body back to his table. He watched as he saw the life flow from her, and cut her slightly to see heer pain. The blood flowed onto him and he watched it trickle over her limp body.

    Then her eyes glazed over and Macros threw her from him, smiling perversely as the corpse layed across a screaming woman's table. He had found a new way to relieve his anger, in the torturing and killing of innocents.

    Macros smashed his glass against the wall and buried his head in his hands. . .

    Although the shadows hid him well tears trickled down his pale face, and he blinked them back. He retrieved a drink from a droid and downed it one. Then he took two more and they were soon gone. Slowly the number of glasses on the table grew, and Macros' head hit the table with a dull thud.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-19-2002 09:36 PM:

    Nikka paid no attention to the woman that lay on the ground dead, nor did she even glance back at the man who was still unconscious on the floor. What she did focus on was Macros at his table as she heard the light thud coming from his direction. She was concerned and moved over to his table. As she sat down next to him, she saw the many empty liquor glasses on the tabletop and then saw him laying slumped down over them. He was out cold but he appeared to be alright. Nikka just remained sitting there, sipping from her own drink and just looked down at him. Then she begam to speak to him in a low tone.

    "I've been there." She gulped down the rest of her drink and smiled. "And I can see you have as well. A lot of us have. I really went over the line a few days ago though. I frightened and angered my best friend and soulmate. Oh, I will never forget the look on his face."

    She leaned down more and spoke more in his ear. "Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Your friends here at the Empire will see you through it."

    She raised up and began to laugh out loud. "What am I doing? I bet you can't even hear me."

    Posted by Macros on 10-20-2002 11:40 AM:

    "I heard every word you said, friend"

    Macros whispered, sitting up slightly, but putting it back down again when the room decided to spin around just for his benifit. He smiled faintly, nodding at the empty glasses.

    "Never could take my drink."

    Then he frowned slightly,

    "Tell me of your troubles, im in no state to talk really."

    He turned to her slightly...

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-20-2002 09:48 PM:

    "Oh, I'm fine. I feel much better. How are you? Are you sure you're alright?"

    Posted by Macros on 10-21-2002 08:48 AM:

    Macros nodded his head.

    "My head's just a lil' more messed up than usual, and I can't take it at the moment. I guess it's been here, I never had a home, anything, but back on my planet I always knew what it was I could do, where my place was and that at the end of the day I'd be sleeping in a gutter. This place is new and confusing."

    Macros took a few deep breathes and widened his eyes to stay awake.

    "What the hell did you do the other day then? Sounds"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-21-2002 05:27 PM:

    Nikka nodded. It was understandable to feel that way. Nikka never had much of a home herself until she joined the Empire. She then chuckled as he asked her what it was that she did. Leaning back in the chair, she sighed.

    "I got so drunk I almost died...if Talus had not came to my quarters, I probably would have gone..." She replied softly. "I've done it before, long ago though...but not like that. I don't know what got into me."

    Posted by Macros on 10-22-2002 09:28 AM:

    "That's nothing to laugh about."

    Macros said seriously. Then it was his turn to laugh.

    "What do you see in Talus? If you don't mind me asking? I mean no offence to him he's a great fighter...but as a person? I don't get him."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-22-2002 11:05 AM:

    Nikka was stifled by the question. She really couldn't answer it. Now that he has not come around her in so many days, she was beginning to wonder if she has done the right thing. Nikka hated being neglected and abandoned. People that done so paid the price.

    "No, I don't mind at all." She paused for a few moments to gather her thoughts on all that has happened in the last month. A hole was beginning to tear inside of her. Her inner being was being gradually shredded into a billion pieces-a sign of things to come.

    "What do I see in him? Well, that's the sixty-four million dollar question. I think the question is, what does he see in me. He has chosen to stay away from me and I have no idea why." She just shrugged. "Oh well, I'm used to being treated like bantha fodder and being kicked to the curb. Happened not long ago with another, actually."

    But I think I'm finally paying the price for what I did to him......

    Posted by Macros on 10-24-2002 04:46 PM:

    Macros saw the look in her eyes as she composed herself to answer, and as it all came out. He stammered slightly.

    "I..I.. shouldn't have asked that, I'm sorry."

    He appeared apologetic, but he was really tryin to prevent getting on the wrong side of the big brute Talus, again.

    "I'm sure he has a good excuse, he's a busy man. Very ambitious. I'm in no doubt that he loves you, but the question is, does he love the Sith more..."

    He raised his head to look at her, before his head had just been resting on the table.

    "And I think we all know the answer to that one."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-25-2002 05:15 PM:

    "It's no problem."

    She nodded to assure him it was alright.

    "I'm not sure what he loves more. We both should devote our lives to the Dark Side, but to each other as well."