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::A drink before setting out::

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  • ::A drink before setting out::

    Posted by Saharia on 10-12-2002 02:47 AM:
    ::A drink before setting out::

    ::Saharia sipped her drink, she would be on her way soon to revenge. To meet Marion. She could feel the blood rushing through her, anger and excitement, some sense of knowing one of them would die and it would not be her. But if it was she wanted to leave with no goodbyes. Saharia didnt believe in goodbyes. She did not over estimate or under estimate any situation and death was a possibility if she did not keep focused. Still, a drink to celebrate then onto the harsher thoughts. Looking down at her pack she smiled coldly and looked at her Jawa Juice, it would soon be time. Half an hour and she would be gone.::

    Such a nice colour.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-13-2002 01:25 AM:

    A familiar presence sat quietly near by, observing the woman as she looked upon her drink.

    He knew that she felt his eyes watching her, and he smiled thinly at this deduction. Yet he said not a word, just watched.

    He had seen the drink before, and he knew what she was thinking of, but his thoughts never crossed over to her. She already knew that he knew what she was thinking of.

    He thought to himself, keeping his thoughts from being heard as his eyes too fell upon her drink.

    Indeed it is....

    Posted by Saharia on 10-15-2002 04:16 AM:

    ::Saharia felt the eyes. They were so much like the ones she remembered in her past. Looking up with her dark brown eyes she nodded at him, and put the drink down slowly as she reflected on their last talk. She had not forgotten his suggestion and planned on using it. Her bags were packed and she would soon be gone. The sooner this busines was done the better. But there was always time to greet a fellow TSE member, especially one with dangerous intelligence. She was always up for intelligent conversation.::

    Greetings Darth Zeta. Good to see you again. How have you fared?

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-15-2002 11:51 PM:

    Just a few minutes he had waited, but she had done exactly as he had thought her to do. Slowly she turned to look from her glass, and then onto him.

    Saharia nodded to him in greeting, Zeta, in turn, doing the same.

    "Likewise, and greetings to you as well, Lady Saharia..."

    Zeta stopped, pausing to ponder the question being asked.

    "I've been...restless. Much of my time has been spent pondering, observing. Nothing wasteful, but my time could be spent on other things of greater importance. Training has been rather light for me, but that does not mean that I am not learning."

    The Zabrak paused once more to take a sip of his ale before speaking yet again.

    "...I am more interested in hearing how you have fared, Lady Saharia..."

    Posted by Saharia on 10-16-2002 02:24 AM:

    ::Saharia smiled softly, yes you could learn many things just by listening instead of making unneccesary noise all the time. It was a useful skill to have.::

    I have fared well. Training has been of rare appearances, master Miryan has been busy of late. The connection with the force has become stronger due to other personal training. As for further training has not prevailed strongly. I have been travelling in spare time to learn of this galaxy, little nooks and crannies which may be of use later. I recently recieved a letter from an old friend, and will shortly be answering it, though I am aware you have probably guessed who by now.

    ::She sipped her drink, feeling the spiciness and hotness of the drink go down her throat. There were times she wished she had been blessed with the sense of taste. Still many benefitts had also been reaped.::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-16-2002 10:20 AM:

    Zeta's brow merely rose in response to her reply, he was still in thought however.

    "Answering it? I suspect it will not be in writing..."

    His face drew into nothingness as his face became impassive.

    "Are you...going alone?"

    Posted by Saharia on 10-18-2002 02:51 AM:

    ::Saharia sipped some more Jawa Juice then put down the cup. She nodded and looked out into the window further away from her. It was starting to rain, hopefully there would be a storm before she set out. A little sign of luck.::

    Yes, ask someone I havent, did not think anyone would be interested in a personal revenge mission. I am not one for a killing spree, senseless killing is such a waste. Mine mission I am afraid will not be what most consider fun.

    ::She looked out at the rain again and heard the sound of thunderstorm, half smiling in delight at the sound. A good sign, a blessing from chaos. Saharia rather enjoyed dancing with death, one of these days she would lose, but life was a risk.
    Looking at Zeta, she looked at his face that showed nothing, reflected no hint of emotion that may betray him. What was he thinking? Zeta was an intriguing character, much like the man she would meet with Marion. Going alone may not have been the safest idea but when had she ever walked the safe path? Why did he want to know? Sipping her drink again she listened to the sound, the rumbling from the sky that spoke promises of a 50/50 chance, a throw of the dice. She could hear the dice in her head. A good gambler rarely lost, but that did not make them invincible. A gambler never asked for help because their pride demanded it, or pure stubborness::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-18-2002 05:14 PM:

    He knew she wondered. He could tell by the way she was looking at him, her face seeking answers.

    "You think, but wouldn't you prefer to know? Knowing is better than thinking, and you will only know by asking."

    The Zabrak was easily amused often. amused by the things he could see, but more so, amused by the things he found himself surprisingly discovering. It was almost as if he never expected himself to discover or learn anything at all, and it amused him when he did.

    She had not asked, she had not asked because her mind told her something else, and she was stuck on believing what she wanted to believe.

    Zeta was like that too, but so were many others.

    Whatever her pride or stubborness demanded, he would not make her put such things aside. Instead, he would do what she could not.

    "Then I will be the first to prove that what you believe is untrue, for I take great interest."

    Posted by Saharia on 10-19-2002 02:25 AM:

    ::Saharia looked surprised and did not bother to show it, he would have noticed her response anyhow. She quenched it quickly due to others being around though. Asking meant having another have one over you. Life was about survival.
    Sipping her drink, she sank his words in and what to do with them. Someone was interested? She did not see how but that was what he had said. Accepting the truth, she nodded as the words were fully sunk in. her voice held no bitterness or annoyance in it, when truth presented itself, you didnt argue. Instead she considered the only alternative she could come up with in what way his words might have meant. Sometimes it frustrated her when she could figure out a person, but that always made it all the more interesting. Better to die standing then live nealing.::

    Truth seems departed from me there. I would not deny one who wishes to come, company would be well recieved. If one wishes to help in another form then that would also be of benefit but from that I am unable to interperete what you may mean.

    ::She knew that did not sound impressive but she was not here to impress anyone, and a lone rider sometimes found news of help hard to determine when spoken in riddles, even though she herself tended to speak riddles as well..::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-19-2002 09:30 AM:

    Zeta was not always so clear with his words, but that was something he liked about himself. It left room for those who did not know, to wonder...

    The Zabrak simply nodded his head in reply as he let Saharia's own words sink in.

    He had kept part of the truth from her, and now it was time for him to voice such truths.

    "I do not think it would be wise of you to go alone. Perhaps you know of what you're up against, but sometimes surprises wait within every corner. I would rather experience and see your revenge for myself, rather than hear about it later."

    So there was no figuring out of his words now, just the simple and pure truth, though Zeta still would not have minded to continue to make a guessing game out of his words.

    Posted by Saharia on 10-21-2002 02:37 AM:

    ::Saharia watched him for a few seconds, how would she survive for such a long time with one that made her always second guess all the time?
    She had never really met anyone who required much of her attention span to ponder what they were onto, that made her nervous as he did. Part of that feeling of him was the fact he could read her better than anyone else had before, and she liked to have her own secrecy. He also had a very valid point and she felt he would be a good one to have in a battle. She would have to hold greater trust in someone here sooner or later.::

    Then the dance of death will be shared by two this mission. The bar Taskoki in Mon Calamari be waiting.

    ::Saharia replied in her usual manner, then sipped her drink to finish it off. 48 hours had turned into 47 hours. Time was wasting, and her ship was ready. She wanted to get some ground of Mon Calamari and the kind of people before meeting the two people who made her blood boil again. Time to think straight and logically before she had to speak to them. She wondered if Marion still had her wings, and if she did Saharia would hack them from her back as Marion ahd hers. She would never forget the yearning of the sky, nor the stripping the one thing she had valued most. Yes, time was wasting.::

    How long does it be for you to be ready?

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-21-2002 10:24 AM:


    It came off of her, he did not have to prod her mind to find it. Whatever he wanted to know, he could look in her eyes. He'd find it there, the same as he did with whoever else he wished. Zeta made note of this discovery, but said nothing about it.

    It would be something he would have to change, time would take care of that.

    Mon Calamari..

    He had heard of the planet, but had never been there. A planet just about completely covered in water. Yes, what Zeta knew of the planet could maybe help him during this mission, and maybe not. However, it did not hurt to know your surroundings.

    She was thinking again, but this time Zeta had only noticed by the way she was holding her drink. A presence always tended to act differently when they were thinking, if it were in the way they looked, or their own actions.

    She asked another question, one which made the Zabrak amused once more, though this time the expression was evident as he chuckled lightly.

    "This Sith always does his best to already be prepared, and that is just what I am. Death has its calling, and it's on Mon Calamari. Say the words, Lady Saharia, and we will go."

    Posted by Saharia on 10-23-2002 12:13 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded, words were not needed. If she knew Marion as well as she thought she did, Marion would be finding out as much as she could about Mon Calamari. Standing she picked up her bag::

    My ship is in the fourth section of the ship yards, position number four from the left facing the door. It be looking shabby but has been through much and is a lot tougher than it looks. If you have your own ship, feel free to meet at Mon Calamari and meet me at my ship to recieve my contact code.

    ::Walking towards the door she turned and gave him a half smile, and a respetful nod before leaving.::

    I thank you for your help.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-23-2002 08:46 AM:

    The Zabrak did not return her smile, but did give a respectful nod in return.

    Until then, Lady Saharia..

    His message carried through to her via the force.

    He would board with her.