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    Posted by Darth Zeta on 09-21-2002 12:24 AM:
    There Is Another....

    Zeta, one of few of the Zabrakian species that dwelled within the Empire's walls, found himself in Rama's of all places.

    The Zabrak, Sith Disciple to Sith Lord Raine Sarin, was not known to be at all friendly, and he liked to keep to himself whenever possible.

    Yet tonight, as he sat alone at one of the far back tables, all alone, he could not help but feel alone.

    Face after face he had looked upon in the last few minutes, all of which were unrecognizable to him, or of no interest.

    No, he'd been wanting something. He'd been wanting to look upon just one face, and see himself. He'd wanted to see another Zabrak.

    The Empire, he considered it home, but home was nothing really, if he could not share it with a fellow Zabrakian or two.

    So many times Zeta had wanted to ask his Master, Raine Sarin, about himself, and so many times he seemed to stop himself. The Zabrak knew better.

    Often he did not find himself around his Master's presence, but always with each glance or visit with the Sith Lord, he seemed to observe something new about the Zabrak, even if it were a very little observation.

    Yes, indeed, Zeta knew better, the Sith Lord was very private, and that is where the two Zabrak's had something in common for Zeta was also private in his own right.

    The Sith Apprentice had longed to make some sort of connection with Raine ever since he had arrived at the Empire. His small but previous training elsewhere had allowed him to make a connection with his previous Master, and now he had only hoped to do the same one day with his newest Master, Raine.

    For now though, for now Zeta just wanted the company of a fellow Zabrak. It did not matter who, so long as he could look upon a face such like his and not feel alone amongest his fellow brethren.

    He would wait all night if he had to...

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 09-21-2002 12:35 AM:

    *A voice spoke up from the shadows behind where Zeta sat*

    "You might be waiting a while for one like us. Considering there are only three in the Empire in total."

    *Raine smirked as his apprentice turned around.*

    "You can sit at this table if you wish. Or if you rather, I can join you. But only if you want to. I have a bit of a problem with getting to know my apprentices, and I do not see any reason why I can not start now."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-23-2002 10:43 AM:

    :: It had not been long since Darth Mundus became a member of TSE, yet, he had met lots of people. Lots of people who were really nice to him and who he'd became real close with. People who were willing to help him out when needed. People who somehow have made his stay in TSE easier and rather pleasant. Why? Why with all of this, does he still feel alone? ::

    :: Was it the fact that his soon to be spouse was no longer amongst the living? Was it the fact that he is still the newbie? Was it the fact that he misses his old master? All of this questions had something in common, the answer, which was NO ::

    :: It was the fact that it had been ages since he last saw one of his kind. He was not sure there were any other Zabraks in TSE. HE wasn't certain he'd ever see one of his kind again ::

    :: Drowned in his thoughts the Iridonia native ended up at Rama's Corner, he would try to deal with his own demons while having a drink ::

    :: He approached the bar, asked the BarT for his usual 'Yavin 4 at night' he took a sip of his drink, composed of Brandy and Cola, and then something made him turned around something he had not felt in quite some time. Something that draw an inner smile on him ::

    :: Two Zabrakians were at the bar. Talking to each other. At last, it looked like what seemed a never ending quest had finished. He had find two fellow Zabrak's::

    :: With a last sip he finished what was left of his drink and decided to approach them ::"Fellow Zabraks" :: Said the ten horned Iridonian :: "...mind if I join you?"

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 09-28-2002 07:57 AM:

    Raine's presence slightly startled Zeta, it was not often that the apprentice found his Master's presence in Rama's.

    Only three...Zeta thought silently to himself.

    The Zabrak had taken note of his delay in his response to Raine, and so to make up for his lack of response, he found himself nodding to Raine in acknowledgement.

    "Hello Master.."

    The Sith Disciple said nothing more, at first, as he gestured to one of the empty seats at his table.

    Zeta waited, watching and observing his Master through thoughtful silence as Raine took a seat at his table.

    Zeta had planned to speak again when Mundus approached.

    The third..

    Zeta's attention now appeared to be fixed on the newly discovered Zabrak, so attentive in fact, that he almost did not hear the words that were being uttered from Mundus.

    The Sith slowly centered his attention back to where it needed to be and then gestured to yet another one of the empty chairs at his table.

    "If you wish, provided that it is alright with Master Raine, as well.."

    His gaze fell from Mundus and onto Raine as he awaited a response.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 10-03-2002 01:06 PM:

    "It is quite all right with me."

    *How odd it must have looked at that table. The two others held the traits of the race, perfect specimens if someone wanted to take a picture for a book. However, the Sith Lord smirked as the line "One of these things is not like the others.." floated musically through his head. Raine always had done his best to cover up the traits of his race, not to look more like everyone else mind you. Rather to cover up what he was created to be. Not that it was hard to do. Where Zabraks usually had a large build, Raine was thin and agile, much like a cat. And his hair color...if a Zabrak let it actually grow out it would be a shade of brown or black, Raine's was an unnatural shade of blue. Such lovely flaws of creation in a tank.
    In truth, Raine was curious about the other two men at the table. It was rather nice to have somone else at the Empire that could be considered to be like him in some ways. After all, he had been the only Zabrak in the Empire until Zeta had joined.*

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-04-2002 11:06 AM:

    "Thank you" :: DM then pulled out a chair and sat down::

    ::Why? Why after all of his journeys through the galaxy, after all his tasks as a bounty hunter, after all the fortunes he stole, after all the lives that he took; why after seeing pretty much everything, to the point of barely being surprised by anything, did it seem all of a sudden he was a tad bit nervous? and...excited?::

    ::Was he not in TSE, the place he now called home? Yes. Was he not amongst his fellow Sith? Yes. Then why all of a sudden become uneasy? Was he not amongst his fellow Zabraks? Yes. Ah, that seemed to be the answer. Better yet, the question::

    ::Three individuals of the same kind. One of the toughest races ever to live. Yet each one so different from the other...::

    ::Rubbing his hands against his legs, he realized there was really nothing for him to worry about, or at least he thought so. Then, silence is broken::

    "Do you fellas want anything to drink?"::He then waved to a serv droid, while awaiting for his peers' reply::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-04-2002 01:45 PM:

    Zeta gave s silent nod to his Master, and then turned to watch Mundus as he sat down.

    His gaze upon Mundus was filled without an expression as he silently observed the newly discovered Zabrak, well, newly discovered to Zeta.

    Again Zeta found himself studying this Zabrak intensely, but only because he had never seen Mundus before, and he was still evaluating him.

    He had taken note of the silence between all three of them, and because his gaze had been on Mundus rather than on anyone else, he was better able to take not as to at least Mundus' silence.

    The expression on his face, and the fact that he had not yet met Zeta's gaze, it made Zeta deduce that Mundus was thinking about something.

    Another moment of silence spilled forth as Mundus finished his question. Zeta did not answer at first while he took a few seconds more to observe.

    His gaze broke away from his fellow Zabrak and his gaze looked around Rama's for a second or two before falling onto his table again.

    "No, thanks, I've already had my drink for the day."

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 10-18-2002 09:36 PM:

    *Looking down into the glass in his hands, the Sith Lord was pleased to find it was still over half full of his usual greenish alcohol.*

    "I am still in no need of a refill. Though, thank you for your offer.."

    *The silence between the three of them was annoying to say the least. Raine adored the silence, but for some reason it was getting on his nerves at this point.
    However, this was suddenly lost as a moth caught his attention as it flew around the room. He watched it as it neared a candle and began to fly about it in wonderment. The Sith Lord watched it and waited as if he was waiting for his favorite part of a play to hit it's peak as the moth drew closer and closer to it's inevitable demise.*

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-19-2002 09:39 AM:

    Normally, Zeta welcomed silence, but that was when he found himself alone. To be in company and be met with silence, well this somewhat bothered the Zabrak.

    He looked to Raine for a moment, wanting to ask the Lord something, but he did not, instead he just observed him for a moment, and then turned to the other Zabrak at the table.

    "How did you find yourself here within the walls of the Empire?"

    He was met with silence for a moment from Mundus as the Zabrak thought of his reply to the question at hand.

    His question for Raine had been an entirely different question all together, but he felt that it was just not the right time to ask.

    He longed to know more about his Master than what he already knew, which wasn't much considering what he actually knew.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-21-2002 11:42 AM:

    ::The silence at the Zabraks' table was more than loud. Mundus couldn't help but notice how the Sith Lord was being amused by the moth, Zeta seemed to be pondering something. All of the three Zabraks in TSE together, so similar, yet so different at the same time::

    ::After hearing the reply from his fellow Zabraks DM ordered a 'Yavin 4 at night'::

    ::Silence was then broken by Raine Sarin's apprentice:: "I had a promise to fulfill..."