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to walk the darkness.

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  • to walk the darkness.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 09-25-2002 08:58 PM:
    to walk the darkness.

    The night was just starting to fall around the sky when the thought hit her mind.

    ~ Go to Rama's~

    The knight stood and walked towards the bar her maker had loved to visit. As the Doors opened to the dim dark bar she smiled. Her boots left a loud but unbothering click as she walked. Her black cloak drapped and drug along the floor. Taking what felt normal and seemed to be the same dim light table in the courner of the bar her make sat at. Rafters above her and tables all around.

    The service droid rolled to her and beeped. And the normal glass of Red wine was placed at her table. ~Red Wine???~ The Sith had Yet to order.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-25-2002 09:02 PM:

    :: An eerie and familiar presence entered Rama's.. one that the Sith Master had not felt in the longest time. Turning to look at the source of the powerful surge of evil, she spotted her longtime apprentice, Lady Athena.. or rather, her clone. Picking up her glass of white wine, she made her way over to where Athena was seated and greeted her quietly ::

    "Hello, my apprentice. May I join you this evening?"

    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: The Lady Athena, Lyra Darkstar

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Varlon Konrad, Dyne Darkforce,
    The Lady Athena, Bio Hazzardous, Callista,
    Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha, Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin,
    Dark Jedi Kitano, Abydos Nighthawk, Lina Capulet,
    Nikka DarkStorm, Crescent, Dark Emerald Jade,
    Michin Troval

    Mentor to: Saharia

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides, custom Sith Blades

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    AIM Bio The Sith Empire Tides of Darkness

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 09-25-2002 09:05 PM:

    With nothing more then a nod of her head. Athena moved the chair out for her Master.

    " Like one would say no to your Company?"

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-25-2002 09:08 PM:

    :: Dara smiled and took a seat across from Athena. It was remarkable how every action and mannerism was identical to her first apprentice.. but then again, clones were supposed to be identical copies after all ::

    "It is good to see you once again, my apprentice. It has been far too long. I trust you have been well?"

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-25-2002 09:36 PM:

    ~ Drip ... Drip ... Drip ~

    :: Drops of blood fall upon the table that the two Sith occupy, and a faint moan fills their ears. As they look up, much to their suprise they find a shadowed figure holding a young woman in his arms standing on the rafters. As they continue to watch the shadowed figure drops the lifeless corpse to the floor beside the table with two holes in her neck, as his eye's pass over the two sith his eyes glow a blood red.

    And then it hits, the Dark, Sinister and Evil presence that could only belong to the Dark Sith Lord, Darth Phantom. Though the two could not see it they felt a small grin creep up on his face, Phantom wiped the blood from his lips and sat upon the rafters ::

    " Mmmmmmm. "

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 09-27-2002 01:59 PM:

    Looking up at the sight of the blood on the table the sith Knight flashed a quick smile at the sight of the Sith Lord. Who now seemed to be an Undead sith lord.

    " Lord Phantom, Greetings I am the clone of Athena Lady Darknss. I belive you and she knew one another rather well. Please join us for a night of drinks and catching up. "

    Looking to her Master the Sith Knight spoke once more.

    " That is if you dont mind Master. "

    She knew the Sith Master would love nothing more then to spend time with other members of the Empire. Or well when the Maker was here she (Dara) had always been trying to see more and more of the members.

    Moving her right hand out towards a chair that was at another table it moved slowly across the floor towards the occupied table and was left out for the Sith lord to have a seat in.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-28-2002 11:23 PM:

    :: Dara smiled ::

    "I don't mind at all, my apprentice."

    :: Looking up at Sith Lord Phantom, Dara nodded to him in greeting ::

    "Hello there Lord Phantom. It's been a while since I have seen you as well. Do join us."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-28-2002 11:54 PM:

    " Mmmmmm. Yes. "

    :: The Sith Lord slowly stood up not taking his eye's off Athena. As he reached his full height he leapt off the rafters landing beside the table in a crouching position from the impact, the Sith stood up once again and took the offered seat ::

    " Good Evening ladies. "

    :: Phantom looked to the bartender. The bartender looked up to Phantom and nodded, moments later a droid walked over a set down a full glass in front of the Sith ::

    " A clone ... most interesting. "

    :: Phantom took a drink of his whiskey ::

    " Indeed her and I were ... close for a time, though it quickly faded as she found love in another. "

    :: The Sith Lord's right eye twitched at the mention of another and his eye's glowed red ::

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 09-30-2002 11:44 PM:

    The images flashed in her mind. She knew every detail of the two but would say nothing. Made life much easier. She smiled as the Lord took his seat and ordered his drink.

    " So what all has happened since, or well before my so called return? "

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-30-2002 11:53 PM:

    :: Dara sat deep in thought for a moment as her apprentice asked what seemed to be such a simple question, yet in reality would unravel a tapestry of events which had unfolded recently ::

    "It is hard to know where to start really. But let us suffice to say that the Sith Empire has undergone a metamorphasis which has unleashed us from the stasis of the past. Some members of old have moved on as a surge of new evil has joined us. The dawn of a new era of darkness is upon us.."

    :: Her eyes sparkled a deep crimson as a smile slowly formed on her lips ::

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-01-2002 05:44 PM:

    " I should get to know some of these new people. "

    A thought crossed her mind.

    " who all has left? "

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 10-17-2002 11:54 PM:

    "Yes, the new members are strong and full of promise. They are indeed securing the future of the Empire in everything they undertake. I would certainly recommend speaking to as many of our newest members as you are able to."

    :: Dara paused a moment in thought before continuing ::

    "Regarding those who have departed or are now lost to us.. I suppose I see no need to dwell on the past. Instead, I would rather focus on who is here now and what we can do in the galaxy to assure that we will continue our reign of darkness."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-20-2002 03:13 PM:

    " I'm sure you are right Master. To the Evil wall of death the Empire has placed upon the lives of our time. It will go forth and so shall each and every member of this Empire. So sister I know there is something new you wish to share with me. I have been gone far to long to have nothing new to hear of my Sister of Darkness. "