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    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-18-2002 04:11 PM:
    Rain Fall

    It was dark and gloomy out as the Sith Knight walked from her quarters towards Rama's she had sent a message for a friend to join her for some nightly drinks.

    Upon entering into the bar she looked around just to see who all was there. She nodded to the few people she still knew here within the Empire and then made her way towards the table she always sat at. She waited before she ordered. Her ebony black cloak now more then half resting on the floor.

    Her eyes seemed tired and dark but then again they were Iced Violet. Her hair drapped down her neck just stopping before her shoulders. She still waited, for all she knew her company was with an apprentice.

    Partons of the bar watched her and then watched as people came and left Rama's. Many people still looked oddly at the Knight, she guessed it would take some getting used too.

    Posted by Drako on 10-18-2002 04:24 PM:

    Moments later her old friend entered, the ancient Sith scanned the room for Athena. When he spotted her he ambled slowly over, taking the glass of water a droid had brought him as soon as it had seen him enter.

    Several patrons upped and left as soon as they saw the Sith Lord, his reputation, and their memories of him preceeded him. He didn't even appear to register their pressence though he did.

    He arrived at Athena's table and smiled

    "May I join you?"

    Though she had invited him for a drink he was a true gentleman and would always ask. He stood, one hand on the back of the chair opposite her waiting for a reply.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-18-2002 10:38 PM:

    His force signature allowed her to notice him before he got there. She smiled as she watched the others get up and leave. Only the strongest could remove people from the room. She at one time had such power. She would again.

    " Dark Star you dont need to ask. But yes I would love it if you joined me. "

    The waitor brought over her normal glass of Red wine. He placed it on the table top and her right hand slinked around the ballon glass.

    " How have you been? "

    Posted by Drako on 10-19-2002 03:49 PM:

    DarkStar pulled out the chair and sat gracefully down, placing his glass on the table as he did. He cracked his neck and loosened his shoulders a little, it had been a long day.

    "How have I been? Might as well ask the mountains my friend, I am as eternal as they and equally as untouched by the passage of time..."

    He sipped his water, his eyes locked on Athena like a predator sighting his prey,

    "But you are not has time passage weathered on you?"

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-19-2002 10:30 PM:

    She smiled as he took the seat apart from her. A sadness would enter her eyes if she knew it could help him.

    " You know, Mountains crumble and fall after so long. Unless taken care of. As for me not being Immortal, I have died once and returned, who is going to stop me from it again? Dark Star you and I shall be walking and killing for years and till the end of time."

    Her eyes locked onto his for just a second. She never liked to have her eyes linked on a person who is more powerful then she. Nor even on a person an attack could happen from the back with out warning. She brought her drink to her lips and took a sip of the red drink.

    " You only drink the bland stuff I see. How are your students? "