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    Posted by Davka Volaw on 09-20-2002 02:15 PM:
    Vampiric Tastes...

    Davka walked into the bar that had a sign over it _Rama's Corner_, it sounded appealing so Davka entered.

    He sat in the darkest corner he could find and slid partially into the shadows, he was new and he did not want any serious incidents to happen. The droid came and asked for his order.

    "Fresh blood, quickly..." Davka said, he had not fed for awhile, "and make it warm..."

    The droid looked surprised at the order but zipped off to fetch the order. Davka sat meditating, growing stronger, but leaving his guard up. His hand held his yellow lightsaber hanging from the hook. Then he noticed that is was not very crowded tonight, so he relaxed a little knowing that if anyone meant threat he would notice quicker than if it were crowded.

    The rain beat against the walls behind the bar and the lightning flashed through the windows on the wall closest to the ceiling. The thunder rumbled outside...perfect for him. He wished people were outside, he would feed on those unwary...

    He sensed the droids were quarreling who would bring his drink because of how he looked. The only thing they saw were his icy blue eyes glowing out from under his hood...

    Then he felt a presence...

    Posted by Nikka on 09-20-2002 08:39 PM:

    *Shrouded in the shadows on the farthest side of the room sat the young Sith Warrior, Nikka Darkstorm. She watched as the newcomer entered the bar and narrowed her eyes, sensing something familiar about his presence, but soon dismissed it as dejavu and went back to her drink.*

    *The droid rolled to her table just as she let out a deep sigh. She waved her hand at the droid in dismissal, declining an offered refill on her ale. Reclining back in the large, circular booth, Nikka curled her legs up in front of her, resting her chin on her knees. This was a night she chose to spend some time alone...*


    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-20-2002 09:47 PM:

    " Davka, why do you not hunt? There are always people out ... even in this most delightful weather. Besides my bretheren you could always hunt them in their homes, as I have done before. "

    :: A voice echoes within the Shadows. The young vampire's eye's widen momentarily as he alone hears the voice. He turns in his seat to look behind him, but none stood there, shrugging it off he turns back around to find a pair of Crimson Red eye's staring at him. At that moment the presence of the Sith Lord hit the bar like an evil shockwave. Phantom sat unseen except for his eye's ... and his presence ::

    Posted by Nikka on 09-20-2002 10:12 PM:

    *Nikka turned again, her eyes catching the crimson glowing eyes, soon knowing who the other presence was. A clash of thunder was heard and then the sound of a glash shattering from the direction of Nikka's table. She never touched the glass, evident that the energy focused upon it was a surge of rage and mixed emotions. She scooted back in the seat to avoid the liquid that spilled all over the table top and the seat. Trying to seem inconspicuous was difficult. Many heads already turned in her direction, but she simply shrugged them off. Her piercing gaze peered from beneath her hood at the one... a chill of darkness emanating from inside her soul.*

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-20-2002 10:58 PM:

    :: Phantom's eye's flickered for a moment ::

    " Do you plan to continue this everytime I'm around? If so we are going to have some serious problems, besides it was you who left me, if anything I should be the one who is upset.

    :: Phantom paused for a second still having not turned to face her, his voice was calm and unchanged ::

    " I return from battle for find my love in the arms of another. Granted I left without telling you, but it was something I had to do .. to find out who I was. I'm guessing you truly did not love me or you would have waited. "

    Posted by Nikka on 09-20-2002 11:14 PM:

    *Nikka only turned away, not saying anything back to him. It was hard to do, but her anger subsided. The last thing she wanted was more trouble and tried her best not to hold any grudges. Nonetheless, he was still a member of the Empire and no matter what, he still deserves her respect. When the droid rolled to her table, she allowed it to clean up the mess and returned to her shadowy area of the booth. When it was through, she spoke to it, almost in a whisper.*

    "Just bring me water this time... it's time I kicked my bad habits..."

    *It rolled away, later bringing her drink. There were a dozen thoughts that came to mind on what she could say to him, but she thought it best to keep them to herself. Despite the anger that swirled around her being, she still considered Cale her friend... Hard feelings couldn't last forever. Nikka could have got up in his face and said, "Leaving me without saying where you were going, or even as much as a 'goodbye,' 'see you later' or 'I will return' can ruin my trust in your word, so I take it that you just brushed me off and left me for good," but she chose not to, though the thoughts still swirled. Nikka just sighed and finished the rest of her drink.*


    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-21-2002 04:40 AM:

    Xam entered Rama's, it was a beautiful night. Rama's was almost empty but he felt the presence of a very dark soul, then he looked and a smile appeared on his face.

    "Aah, I thought so, greetings Lord Phantom."

    He only saw a shadowy presence in a corner with long hair but could not say who it was, the other one was looking very pale. Blue eyes..

    "Hmm, well, how are all of you tonight?"

    He stepped forward and stopped next to Phantom.

    Posted by zinjara on 09-21-2002 04:55 AM:

    Zinjara entered the bar and started walking to one of the more isolated tables and tried to hide in the shadows, when the droid arrived he only ordered water.

    "So this is the place I've been hearing about, atleast its quiet" he thought.

    Posted by Davka Volaw on 09-23-2002 10:52 AM:

    "I choose not to feed because I give the people a thought of hope that they are safe in their homes" Davka said sensing the fellow dark lords presence.

    Davka felt very well being near another source of darkness and shadowry...

    "Besides I heard that the blood here is quites good, why take a chance of eating unhealthy blood when I can get warm, fresh, and filtered blood...?" Davka said in hid Nascorian tone...

    Davka made Phantom a little uneasy, but he hid it well, that's what years of being a Sith will do...

    Davka sensed the female presence of another, watching, ..... seemed like she was watching Darth Phantom...

    He heard the exchange in thoughts, reading into their thoughts, they had once had a love...

    "You should take the chance to be with her again, you won't know how much she means to you until she is gone forever and you can no longer see her beautiful face......" images flashed in Davka's head and even Darth Phantom could see them, the pain in it was shown by Davka's eyes, they went soft Icy Blue, closing slightly. The images of a young woman the same age as Davka flashed, torture, violence, death...

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-23-2002 08:37 PM:

    :: Phantom raised an eye brow to Davka's suggestion, then let out a bellowing laugh ::

    " I doubt that will ever happen. She'd rather see me dead by her own hand then imbrace me again. Besides she has found love in another Sith ... Talus. "

    :: The Sith Lord paused breifly as he took a drink of Whiskey ::

    " How easily people forget. Oh well as long as she's happy ... I guess. "

    :: Phantom grinned revealing his Ivory Vampiric teeth. Slowly he ran his tounge over them as he looked to a near by woman ::

    " Why let them feel safe when you can instill fear in them, nothing tastes better then pray when their fearful for their lives. Look at them their cattle, scuring around in their pointless pathetic lives. "

    :: Phantom's eye's flashed dark red as he thought about it ::

    " So Davka. Tell me of yourself. "

    :: Phantom nodded to Xam and motioned for him to sit ::

    " Good Evening Xam. How are you this Night? "

    Posted by Davka Volaw on 09-24-2002 12:01 PM:
    Vampiric Tastes...

    "Well I just came here from the Jedi Temple on Couroscant, from killing two Jedi..." Davka said sipping the blood that reached him,"They killed my parents and my wife..."

    "Besides my parents worked for the sith before... I was supposed to be a sith..."

    Davka took another sip of his blood and gave a disgusted look..."This is disgusting...I need fresh blood."

    With that he matterialized into a complete shadow, moving around the room he enveloped a beautiful female, eyes going bloodshot from the shock and lack of circulation...

    Davka dragged her back to the table, fear in the eyes of all that surrounded their table of darkness, even sith. He had already made a name for himself.

    "Here Lord Phantom, have a taste, it's actually pretty good..." He set her on the table in front of Darth Phantom.

    "Good enough for you...?" Davka asked as he wiped the blood from his lips and sucked it off his fingers..."The attack and the prey..."

    Posted by Nikka on 10-06-2002 01:07 AM:

    Nikka overheard what was said, but never turned her head to look in their direction again. It was too sickening of a display for her to watch... even for her. Nikka did not take the scene of a woman being violated in that manner too well, so she stood from her table and moved to a better location...

    Posted by Klis on 10-07-2002 05:48 AM:

    Klis was in the bar.. just so happens. Fun how lucky he is to be in such a situation from time to time. Drowning away his loneliness and utter boredom in drink. He found the.. Vampire.. most interesting. Not who is was, or his appearance but the fact he just Flaunted what he was.
    Klis had always thought vampirism was a secret society, or at least it made sense..
    He merely took a swig and just enjoyed his normality.

    "So, too, our grandsires will rise from the ground
    They break their fast on the first part of us
    They will consume us whole."

    Posted by Davka Volaw on 10-16-2002 10:31 AM:

    Davka noticed how people were watching in fear and chaos, him "violating" her for his life.

    Davka turned to Phantom, "Do all think that we vampires can just live by drinking simple, horribly tasting blood substitutes? I would rather die than live that way..."

    Davka finished and draged the woman's corpse and sort of dissapeared for a while. Emerged a beautiful woman, now a vampire, her masters eyes glowing behind and over her shoulders.

    "Go now and feed..." Davka said setting her free, for now...

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-17-2002 12:32 AM:

    :: A small smirk appeared on the Sith Lord's face ::

    " I honestly do not know my friend, one things for sure ... to hell to anyone who thinks we should hide who we truly are. "

    :: The Phantom's blood red eye's flash a dark crimson color as the new Vampire emerges from the shadows ::

    " Mmmmmmm. "

    :: The Dark Lord locks eye's with the newly created and begins silently whispering into her ear and mind, with a smile she slowly walks to where the Sith Lord sat and sits upon his lap, leaning towards him she kisses him deeply ::

    ~ Snap - Hiss ~

    :: The new Vampire's eye's snap open to find a pitch black lightsaber sticking through her side and out the other with Phantom holding the hilt. The Sith Lord quickly stands up throwing the woman to the floor, with one quick yet simple motion of his hand her head rolls from her body. Phantom deactivates the saber and places it back under her cloak ::

    " You are young and unaware my friend, we are unique and rare and wish to stay that way. Do not just turn random people out of bordom thinnk first. "

    Posted by Davka Volaw on 10-17-2002 10:32 AM:

    Davka chuckled at his new friends reaction to th new, yet now dead vampire.

    "You think she could have lasted out in the wilderness for long Phantom? If she did she deserved life because she would have shown strength and a high survival skill. We also don't want our race dissapearing totally. Yes, sure we can embrace more if they are needed, but bitten and transformed vampires cannot be trained as well as a born vampire." Davka said taking a seat across from his companion, "When we transform humans to vampire, they are never as strong as a true born vampire. And what if we need the support of an army in the future, the Vampires would be strong."

    Davka's icy blue glowing eyes met Darth Phantom's red eyes, "But I understand your point of view."

    They both chuckled at their folly and enjoyment of what they are.

    "So, I was wondering if we might spar sometime, I am in the Pilot Project for new recruits, and the training has not yet began, so I was wondering if the Old Shadow Master could teach the New One some techniques that would flex my abilities. And you might find my weapons ammusing..."