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A Strange Mood .. (Open)

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  • A Strange Mood .. (Open)

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-25-2002 09:06 PM:
    A Strange Mood .. (Open)

    Lina entered into the bar, sighing a bit, her blood-red hair swaying from side to side along side her face. She brushed it back carelessly, and sat herself in a corner, where no one else could see her. She smiled a bit .. her mood was a bit cheery today .. And a tune was inside her head, that she had been meaning to let out ..

    "I see him when I sleep at night
    I think he's stuck in my mind
    He pulls me in, holds me tight
    A love ever so hard to find

    A kiss is shared, I reach out to feel
    But too bad, it's a dream .. thought it was real

    Maybe tonight, I'll dream of him again
    And hopefully tonight, the feel won't ever end
    For out on this lonely night
    I feel so free ..
    And can only hope .. he dreams of me .."

    Her voice had gone a bit louder during the chorus, and she noticed how a few were staring at her in disgust ...

    "Umm .. sorry."

    Lina blushed, and quickly dropped her gaze ..

    Well .. that was embarrassing ..

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-26-2002 01:48 AM:

    *Looking over to the woman he watched her sing her song, it sounded like an angel singing. As he began to become engrossed with her and the song, the beat and rhythm beginning to find its way to his feet as he tapped along, she stopped and began to shy away.*

    "Please continue, its sounds remarkable."

    *He said to her across the room.*

    "My apologies if you think I am being too forward, but it really does sound good. I have never heard that tune before. Did you write it."

    *He said as he began to rise and make his way over to her, drink in hand, smiling all the way. He tried to keep the angelic melody in his mind*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-26-2002 11:14 AM:

    Lina's face turned red, as she turned to see Abydos making his way toward her. She canted her head a little, glancing up and at him .. she really felt embarrased now. Her gaze dropped to the floor, a few strings of her hair wavered along side of her cheeks.

    "Umm ... y-you like it ?"

    She swallowed hard, but smiled a little knowing that someone actually appreciated it ..

    "And yeah .. I wrote it myself ... Just wasn't in a good enough mood to bring it out into the open .."

    Her palms began to collect sweat, and her gaze still lay on the floor ..

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-28-2002 03:37 AM:

    *He smiled to reassure her.*

    "Sounds great. It's something we dont get enough of around here, besides the Karaoke nights... but they leave something to be desired. I mean, just because we are Sith doesnt mean we cant sing!"

    *He scanned around briefly to see the other patrons around the bar return to their own business.*

    "Besides, the lack of entertainment in here is... well... lacking."

    *He took a sip of his drink and noted that Lina seemed somewhat reluctant and embarrased, he felt a little overwhelming and intrusive, he took a step backwards just to give her some space, but kept the smile on his face.*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-28-2002 10:39 AM:

    Lina laughed a bit, her blue eyes twinkling, as she began to smile at Abydos.

    "I guess so .. but thanks. Erm .. not too many people really notice these things about me ..."

    Her nervous-wreck-self was slowly beginning to fade away, as she brushed a piece of her red hair behind her ear.

    "I'm Lina Capulet ... 'The red head with a voice.'" She laughed, saying it as proudly as she could.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-02-2002 05:17 AM:

    *Shocked at his own rudeness, he had forgetten to introduce himself. He bowed slightly to Lina.*

    "Forgive me of my rudeness. Pleased to meet you Lina Capulet, I am Abydos Nighthawk."

    *He smiled at Lina and the remark she had made*

    "The red head with the voice eh? Well I guess that makes me...uhhh... Abydos Nighthawk!"

    *He smiled at his own stupidity, it was unlike him not to have some type of witty, sly or arrogant comment to make, but he was taken back by Lina and the energy she gave off.*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 09-02-2002 02:52 PM:

    She laughed, her blue eyes shimmering brightly as she smiled at Abydos.

    "Yeah, I've heard of you .. hehe. Well, it's not like you're not good at anything .. Everybody's good at something."

    Lina's smile showed great happiness .. this was practically the best mood she had ever been in all of her moments here at TSE.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-03-2002 03:44 AM:

    *He wondered for a moment of how she knew him, but then dismissed it as fact.*

    "I am sure I have my moments of glory, then stupidity, but either way I still have my moment right?"

    *Lina was just buzzing tonight.* he briefly scratched an itch on his head*

    "Why the cheery mood? There has to be some reason. Or maybe not? hmmm... nevermind. Why so happy?"

    *He smiled, he was surprised he was able to stop from his usual ramblings. He briefly scratched an itch on his head*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 09-03-2002 05:37 PM:

    "Well ... umm ..."

    Lina blinked, her stare was rather blank and lost.

    "To tell you the truth, I dunno myself." She chuckled a bit at her stupidity, and laughed out loud again. "And I think I'm a bit hyper too .."

    She giggled slightly, trying not to let out anymore of her "happy-mood-laughing".

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-07-2002 08:05 PM:

    *He let out a quick laugh.*

    "Well, it's a good thing, at least I think so, like I said before just because we are the 'bad' guys doesnt mean we cant be happy"

    *Thinking over his words*

    "Well thats my philosophy, at least, dont know how many others agree with me though..."

    *He shruged off his comment and continued.*

    "Would you care to join me for a drink?"

    *He asked pointing in the direction of the bar and bar-tender. He hoped he wasnt being too forward.*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 09-13-2002 04:10 PM:

    She smiled gently up at Abydos.

    "Wouldn't hurt," Lina made her way over to a stool near the bar counter, plopping herself on it. She grinned, and kicked off her boots in the droid's direction, "hold those, and get me a red wine." She placed her legs on top of the counter, and chuckled at the ugly looks she got at the others nearby.

    "'Ey ! They're legs, you have two of your own ! ... Only yours are probably a lot more hairier, but still .. eyes and hands off !"

    She grunted at the few who whistled or hooted from the back.

    "I think I'm already drunk .." Her eyes turned back to Abydos, giggling to herself.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-24-2002 02:28 AM:

    *he couldnt help but let his eyes wander to the two legs that draped over the bar, but he needed to maintain his head... and not get caught out by Lina.*

    "Already drunk eh? Well, I might as well join ya!"

    *He yelled at the droid just for the sake of yelling, he ordered some hard liquor, he had a lot of catching up to do. He returned his attention to Lina and smiled slying*

    "So, whats a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

    *He couldnt help but laugh at his own stupidity, but he regained his composure and made it as if it was a real question*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 09-25-2002 11:54 AM:

    She grinned a bit, wiggling her toes, and flicking her hair behind her. Her eyes then met with Abydos'.

    "I'm just here to have fun .. and I mean that in many ways possible." Her eyes shimmered a bright red. She then noticed Abydos trying to turn away from her legs. She gently lifted one of them up, and slid her foot under Abydos' neck, lifting his face up and bringing his gaze to hers. "You seem quite threatened by my legs."

    She teased, and slowly pulled it away, crossing it over the other leg on the counter, chuckling to herself.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 10-15-2002 04:08 AM:

    *Still struggling to keep his eyes off of the slender legs, taking a desperate gulp of his drink, he managed to bring his eyes to meet hers.*

    "Its not so much the threat of your legs... more of what they can do. You have an amount of control over them and I wouldnt want to be caught with them wrapped around me.... I mean, I wouldn't like to be placed in a position where they are rubbing up against me in a vigorous manner... oh!"

    *He swiftly brought his forearm to his forehead and swiped away the sweat that was forming on his brow.*

    "... What I meant was... if your legs were to be kicking in a fast motion I wouldnt want to be placed between them... NO!! Uhm... You see if your legs were to be... oh... hell!"

    *He scratched the back of his head to help stimulate his brain into working and buying himself time.*

    "... oh... I like your legs!..."

    *He was overly embarrassed and lowered his head swiftly into his hands as he closed his eyes and saw nothing he hoped he had disappeared to the world around him.*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 10-15-2002 05:44 PM:

    She laughed at Abydos' nervous rambling, noticing how sweaty he was getting as well. She then tossed her hair back in a drunk matter, and smiled sheepishly.

    "It's funny how I was so nervous to even talk to you in the beginning ... now I'm practically laughing and getting drunk."

    She chuckled and dropped her gaze dropped to the floor.

    "Thanks .. I'm happy .. and I think my legs are happy too."

    Lina laughed, and gave him a gentle smile.