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    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 08-20-2002 08:36 PM:
    Journey of the Mind

    "We walk the narrow path.... benethe the smoking skies... sometimes... I can bearly tell the difference... between the darkness and light. Do we have faith... in what we believe..? The truest test... is one we cannot... and will not see. Tell me... is there something more to believe in..? Or is this all there is...?

    The familiar nightmare of eternal darkness steal my deepest desire.. "

    Brigid McKnight sat huddled in one of the dark corners of Rama's.. still prefering the ground rather than a chair. Her eyes were glued to a book she had recently found in the back shelves of the library... earlier, when she had first joined the empire... she had noticed the small red diary.. but decided to move onto more important history and mathmatic books.

    Every few moments she would mumble out a few parts in the journel.. parts that confused her.. such as "Do we have faith in what we believe..?" and "Is there something more to believe in?"

    Yawning softly, Brigid set the book down.. where the pages lay flat against the ground.. as so she wouldn't lose her place. Rubbing her eyes, she glanced upward.. she was surprised she was able to read in such a loud and populated area.

    Suddenly, a glass was thrown to the floor.. splattering the dark wine contents on her and the journel.

    Brigid shifted her gaze once again upward and glared at the many people before her... a low growl came from her as she reached for the journel and stood... the crimson liquid flowing down from her face.

    "Excuse me all to hell."

    The people whom now formed a talkative posse.. didn't even spare her a glance.

    Shaking her head.. she walked over to a less populated end of the room and plopped down onto the floor.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-26-2002 01:59 AM:

    *As he sat alone by himself, like he did to just focus in on his life, he saw what had occurred to the Disciple. He had seen her around the Empire, but never actually made any contact with her. As he followed her, with his eyes, to where she moved he stood up and made his way over. Whilst en route he snatched the cloth out of the hand of the bar-tender, who was just about to wipe down the bar with, and placed it over his shoulder.*

    *As he reached the table where she sat he took the cloth from his shoulder.*

    "Hi. I'm Abydos Nighthawk, couldnt help but notice the effects of overwhelming stupidity. This may help."

    *He extended the cloth out for her to take and dry herself.*

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 09-10-2002 05:45 PM:

    Brigid's gaze shot upward to meet that of another Sith's. Arching a slender auburn brow, she nodded and looked toward the cloth which he had brought for her. Staying silent, she offered him a thanking look and reached up toward the bar towel.

    Before even considering wiping off her face, she ran the towel over the wet pages of the small red journel, which had been stained by the dark red wine. Narrowing her eyes, she quickly swiped the towel over her face and brushed a strand of wet aubrun hair from her face, offering her currently dry hand.

    "Thank you.. very much.."

    Posted by Dark-Jedi-Kitano on 09-23-2002 08:33 PM:

    Kitano walks by as he nods to both Brigid and NightHawk as he continues his way to attend business elsewhere

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 10-15-2002 04:10 AM:

    *Nodding at Kitano as he passed he returned his attention to Brigid*

    "So, what brings you here tonight?"

    *He asked to her as she kept drying herself off.*