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  • ..I see you.. (open)

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-02-2002 11:16 PM:
    ..I see you.. (open)

    **Everyone in the Empire went about their lives as they always would every day, completely unaware that some unseen force was always watching them. Not that it meant to, though. The ability had developed only a few days ago, and since then, one being in the Empire knew almost everything. The names of all the members, where they where, what they were doing, what they were thinking, even the deepest, darkest secrets of some who lets their thoughts wander a bit too much.
    It would have been almost maddening to think that such a person existed, would drive a person to the point of insanity to know that it was reality not fiction, and would send many over the edge to know that that person was nothing but a little girl...
    Though, not as little any more. The young Konrad appeared to be 13 years of age and she had changed much since the last time she had seen her Master. She had picked up some nasty habits, the pack of cigarettes she had stolen from one of the patrons in the bar that remained in her coat pocket spoke of this. Though, with the bad, came the good; if one could even call it that. Her abilities were getting stronger, and new ones were forming.

    Tonight she sat in Rama's Corner, the local bar, trying to drown out the voices by humming a soft tune as she played small games with the water in her glass, making the liquid swirl one way, forming a small tornado, and then reversing the motion. The deeper thoughts of the Empire were safe for now, for she wasn't sleeping, but it was in her dreams that everything hidden could be seen. But strangely enough, she was still aware of the hopeful in the recruitment center, the new disciple being trained by his master on the fields, the warrior drinking at the table a few feet from her, the knight meditating in her quarters, as well as the person that had been watching her, annoyed with the fact that such a young girl seemed to have an intimidating air about her that made the others stay away.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-03-2002 06:26 AM:

    Talus stode into Rama's as confident and cocky as ever, moving towards the bar to get a drink he glanced about the place to size it up, in case of a bar fight.

    Old habits die hard He laughed as he realized that there would be no brawls tonight.

    "Barkeep, Scotch and water." He grunted; ignoring the patrons of the bar. He slowly turned and began to walk away when he nearly bumped into something. A small porcelin doll of a child, sitting in Rama's seemingly manipulting the water.

    Intriguing, amazing they start them at such a young age. Instead of cursing her and walking on his way though he decided to speak to the child, for although his ambition was the only concern he had in life, his one soft spot was with children.

    "Good evening miss," Talus spoke as he approached the child. "What's a dame like you doing in a dump like this?" He said with a mischeivious grin and a wink. He quickly poured out the contents of his drink and ordered a water. He had a feeling that there was more than meets the eye with this child and he would need all his wits about him to have a conversation.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-03-2002 12:41 PM:

    **As soon as the man had come towards her a series of images and names flashed through the mind of the Empire's youngest member. She did not truly wish to speak with anyone, she didn't like talking to anyone. But there were few that she would speak with, if the mood struck her. Usually these were people that she took interest in. But, she would occasionally talk with those that made contact with her uncle, a man she deeply respected.
    As if assuring herself of what she knew, a few soft words escaped her mouth, barely to be heard...**

    "Talus Invictus...Disciple...Lord Darkstar..."

    **She ignored the other information her mind gave her and began pondering the question he had spoken. Coming to an acceptable answer, she spoke again. This time her tone was of normal volume, however monotone and strangely hinted with a tinge of something if the way a cat would speak to the mouse.**


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-03-2002 01:06 PM:

    "Yes I am a discple of Darkstars, I also am genetically engineered to have heightened senses, so if you mumble in my general vicinity I will more than likely hear you." He smiled as he spoke those words.

    Odd one this child is. Could prove to be an interesting conversation.

    "Yes you can observe a lot by watching life at it's basest forms," He said as he observed a drunkard stumbling over his own two feet. "Would you mind if I sat and observed with you? I'm not much company, but I will not be a burden to you." Talus spoke sincerely. He was often uneasy around new people and this was no exception.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-03-2002 06:11 PM:

    **She shook her head slightly, keeping her eyes on the glass before her. As Talus reached to pull out a chair, there was a slight scraping noise from the ground as the seat moved towards his hand. A simple trick, but she still enjoyed catching people offguard with it.
    Few were actually willing to attempt to carry on a conversation with the young girl, so she decided to allow him to stay; though, she definitely was not one to start up any casual talk.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-03-2002 06:18 PM:

    Talus smiled as the chair moved towards him, he was an oddity for a Sith, unusually calm and reserved. He took the chair and pulled it up, turning towards Takai he smiled; "Thank you for the chair miss...? I am Talus by the way."

    As he sat he started to study the surroundings. She had picked out a good place to watch from, from this spot no one could walk up behind you and you could see nearly all aspects of the bar without turning your head.

    "Excellent choice of bird-watching spots." He said quietly. As he sipped some water he had exchanged for his scotch and water.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-03-2002 06:29 PM:

    **Ignoring the question of her name, she continued to watch the water in her glass swirl as it slowly took on a reddish tint. As for the comment on her location, she let a slight smirk come to her lips, but it quickly faded.**

    "I had not noticed."

    **It was a wonder that whoever did not talk to her did not go mad. Her answers were always short and always left more questions to be asked. And it was hard to tell if her tone was sarcastic or sincere. It remained at the same pitch, same volume, completely drained of emotion. Talus was not far from the truth when he had compared her to a doll.*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-03-2002 06:40 PM:

    He looked at her with a faux look of suprise; "Somehow I seriously doubt that, you seem to notice alot more than you let on, little one." He then took another drink, he had no trouble engaging someone in a conversation of one line sentences.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-03-2002 06:45 PM:


    **Her attention was still on the glass, the water seeming to thicken as it changed from it's clearness to a deep red...**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-04-2002 08:22 AM:

    Talus watched as the little one continued to manipulate her water, it was not often that he was suprised, but to see her seemingly to water into blood threw him off just a bit. He watched and then as if making a game of it, he began to spin the water in his glass, he would not be able to change it's color or composition, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-04-2002 10:58 AM:

    **Again the slight smirk appeared, but only for a moment. The water in her glass stopped spinning suddenly and it's composition returned to normal. Looking up finally from the glass and taking a glance around the room she took a sip of the water.
    She knew she would have to pay more attention in case her father happened to show up.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-04-2002 10:16 PM:

    Talus however did not stop spinning the water in his glass, as it increased in speed it began to lift itself out of the glass, creating a small vortex of water above Talus' glass. Smiling at Takai he nodded towards a drunk who had passed out at the bar, with a glance of his eyes the cyclone moved from Talus cup and then above the drunk's head. As he held it there, beads of persperation were starting to for, it was not as simple of a task to hold the water together in its form in free space, suddenly Talus exhaled and the water splashed over the head of the drunk. He lept to his feet quickly, smiling down at Takai, he laughed; "Your turn, move the chair on him as he goes to sit."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-04-2002 10:43 PM:

    **She smirked slightly yet again. It was obvious Talus enjoyed the small prank he had played on the drunk, and as he had said, it was her turn. However, she had no intention of following the direction of someone other than her Master.
    She looked down at the empty glass in her hand and then suddenly put her arm out to the side...and dropped it. The glass shattered upon impact with the floor, but was not left there very long; the shards were already beginning to hover just above the ground.
    As the drunk turned around, his face was red and rage flickered in his eyes. Just as he was about to ask the obvious question of "Who did that?", he was met in the face with several of the sharp pieces of glass, the remains imbedding themselves in his throat.

    The young girl however had turned away from the site and was tracing the cracks in the table with her fingertips, again softly humming the tune she had when Talus has first noticed her, the hat she wore casting a shadow over her eyes.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-05-2002 08:39 PM:

    Talus was a bit thrown off by her lack of regard for life, Talus could take a life easily and in cold blood, but he did not often kill someone for pleasure, it was more than often for gain. Why kill someone when you can rule them, was often his philsphy, but he would not question her sadistic pleasures, many Sith used their absolute disregard for human life as a source of power and strength and this was more than likely the case with the young girl.

    "Not what I was expecting, but a nice shot none-the-less. Now if you don't mind, what is the haunting tune that you seem stuck on?" Talus asked inquisitively, for the song was becoming embedded in his own mind as well.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-06-2002 01:12 AM:


    **There was a slight pause in her humming as she opened her coat to the side slightly, rummaging through a small pocket there. Doing so, however, gave away another one of her "secrets". The girl was thin...very thin. Unusually thin, and the pale skin of her arm that showed only for an instant was covered in small, fingertip shaped bruises. It hadn't been that way a few months ago. These things had only started to surface recently, ever since her father had started blaming her for her mother's death and her relationship with the Sith Lord that was once called "papa" had gone completely sour. But these products of what was going on between her and Varlon were perhaps the only things that she kept close to herself, away from her Master.
    She noticed Talus was looking and quickly closed her bulky jacket around her again, having removed a small, plump skeleton doll, with short, stubby little limbs and a large head, from the pocket in her coat. A doll that was now being held close to her with one hand; the other returning to tracing the cracks.
    Takai was glad that Talus had not tried to read her mind so far. She didn't want to see another person laying on the ground bleeding from the ears because they wanted to try and figure out what was going on in her mind. Even the most skilled in that area would have trouble, the constant buzz and hum of random tunes and sirens made even finding the child's true emotions to be difficult.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-07-2002 12:00 PM:

    Talus saw the bruises on the child's arm and was enraged, he had seen them before, on the arms of runaways in the slums of Mos Eisley. He often would question the child and find out who had done this to them. He would then proceed to hunt down the monster and kill them with his bare hands, making them feel the pain and torment they had inflicted on the helpless ones. It was the only way Talus was like a Jedi, he got no pleasure for senseless abuse to anyone who could not defend themselves from it. He however did get extreme pleasure from breaking the ones who did.

    Although Talus' anger flared in his eyes, his face showed no change and his voice stayed steady, it was because of this the small children often trusted him with their secrets of who hurt them. Looking at the Doll Child he spoke softly, "Does it hurt when it does that to you?" His voice cracked however, for some reason this childs torture seemed to weigh more heavily on him than any other. He drank the entire glass of water in a single gulp and turned back towards her.

    "I'm sorry it is not my place to ask those questions to a fellow Sith."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-07-2002 04:29 PM:

    **She quirked an eyebrow at Talus and then spoke again softly, her tone still had not changed from the one she used when she had first spoken to him**

    "My pain is my buisness. If I could not handle it, then the one who causes it would be dead."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-07-2002 05:51 PM:

    Talus nodded his head, "I am sure they would be and again I apologize I was out of line." He smiled as he ordered another glass of water. "So tell me, who is your Master?" He asked without another thought to the matter. She was a Sith, not a child and she would have to defend herself, unless of course she asked her comrade in arms for help.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-07-2002 07:15 PM:

    "Master Lynch is."

    **She looked up and ordered another glass of water from the droid as it rolled by again.**

    "Though, I did not choose him. He chose me."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-07-2002 07:22 PM:

    "Interesting, you must have shown great potential for a Master to chose you. But I suppose you could say Lord Darkstar chose me, he chose to allow my arrogant mouth to continue to draw breath and so out of respect I chose him as my master." Talus sipped on his water a little more and glanced around the bar, so many people stuck in their own little worlds, they didn't know half of what when on around them and yet if you asked them, they would claim to be aware of their surroundings. Talus glanced at the wraith of a girl. To most she would appear creepy, but Talus had a strange respect and awe for her.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-08-2002 01:28 AM:

    **The droid rolled by and quickly she snatched the glass of water away from it and placed it back in front of her. She stared at it a moment and then closed her eyes and shook her head slightly.
    Why couldn't they ever shut up? Too many people were being far too loose with their thoughts. It was like she was stuck in a small room that was overfilled with people and each one was talking as loudly as they could. The feeling would come and go, but some nights it was just unbearable. Sometimes the information her brain would receive would be nothing than a soft whisper, but at times like this, she was somewhat clueless as to what to do. She would have to tell her Master about this new development, perhaps he could aid her in controlling it more.

    For the moment however, she attempted to ignore everything coming to her mind and keep her attention on Talus. Not that she cared about being rude or anything, but the simple fact that she was not irritated by his presence.**

    "They think about such, simple things."

    **Her eyes locked on a woman at the bar.**

    "She thinks of nothing but her body and how many people have noticed her. Sad she does not know what the man in the corner is thinking and planning to do with her. Though those are only sick fantasies, he would never go through with it."

    **Pressing the palm of her hand to just above her left eye socket she closes her eyes slightly, attempting to dismiss the thoughts of the other people as the loud roar began to quiet down again.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-08-2002 02:08 AM:

    Talus looked down at the child; "Their thoughts, they plague you don't they? I can not say I understand this, I have never been a mindreader nor have ever had the desire to be. I'm sure Lord Darkstar will teach me one day how to probe thoughts, but it will not be something I relish."

    He watched as her eyes screamed out what her face and body refused to show, until she finally placed her hand on her temple. Talus then decided to do something both noble and foolish. Grabbing the girls hand he placed it to his temple, the cold calculating thoughts on his brain were not of things that would cause pain. He thought of training, of gaining power, of defeating enemies. His mind passed over thoughts of kissing Nikka gently in the night. He thought of things that were neither horrible nor painful and maintained his calm, but other things were now creeping into his head, the thoughts and voices she heard were pouring in through his ears. He fought hard, focusing on the void of his soul, how he had did not care about anyone or anything outside of himself and the Sith Empire and for a few brief seconds he was able to allow the deluge of thoughts fill this bottomless pit inside him. But he was not trained yet and could not hold the thoughts back for long. When he had taken all he could he wrenched the girls hand away from his face and nodded towards her. Beads of persperation flowed from his forehead, as the room spun wildly for a moment. Talus had only tasted a small bit of what the child had to go through on a infinte loop. It was no wonder why she always looked so expresionless.

    "I need a drink." he said dryly.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-08-2002 01:46 PM:

    " do."

    **The effects of him seeing what she did for only an instant was rather humorous to her, but she did not laugh. Though, she was curious about one thing...**

    "How can you love?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-08-2002 02:44 PM:

    "Love, haha. I don't get what your are asking. I don't love anything. I respect my comrades and my master, but I have no love for anything but power..." Talus lied, both to himself and to her. It was true he did love Nikka but he wasn't about to tell anyone that, because he himself did not understand it.

    "Now about that drink," He muttered as a server droid approached.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-08-2002 03:02 PM:

    *A clear, beautiful, celestial night sky shone down on the establishment known as Rama's Corner. The large wood doors swung open slowly and there stood Nikka Darkstorm, one of the newest Sith Warrior of the Empire. Her robe-shrouded figure stood there as an outlined shadow against the pale glow of the moonlight as the door remained open. The dark hood obscured her face, but many could tell it was her from the strands of fiery auburn hair that pooled over her shoulders, as well as the dark, chilling aura that emanated from her presence.*

    *A new look of pride donned on her hood-hidden face as she stood there scanning over the occupants of the bar, inncandesant green eyes peering from below the hoodline. Then her dark, angelic visage comes to view. She appeared calm, but the fire of the Dark Side burned from within. She reached out slowly with a black-gloved hand, calling on a wave of the Dark Side as a bottle of water floated to her hand. Grasping it from mid-air, she opened it and began to drink from it slowly, quenching her thirst. Remaning still, she stood there and watched from afar as everyone went on about their conversations, silently...not saying a word. Only random thoughts came to mind as she stayed there.*

    The fire of hate will always be with me, for it will never perish. I will never let it perish, even if a brush with the light tries to consume me, I will keep it burning for eternity.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-08-2002 03:09 PM:

    "...Your thoughts betray you. You are thinking of Warrior Darkstorm."

    **Her words were simply matter-of-fact, not accusing.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-08-2002 03:34 PM:

    "Yes my mind does wander to thoughts of Warrior Darkstorm quite often, but I can not love her, I do not even understand what love is as of yet. Perhaps in time, when I am stronger and wiser and can master this emotion, maybe then I will love." Talus did not look at the small child as he spoke, he had seen Nikka shortly and turned his head away from her as well. He did not like the new direction this conversation was going, because it was on a subject that he was unable to block and control his thoughts on.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-08-2002 03:54 PM:

    "I see."

    **The young child knew that Nikka had entered the bar, it was hard not to with how she presented herself. But Takai chose to ignore her. There was no want to know what would happen when Talus and the Warrior were near each other. It seemed that "love" was a pathetic emotion, that people had no control over, and turned their minds into mush. It was definitely not something she would want to see in action.
    Part of her did not like the fact that the Warrior had even entered. For she knew the two of them were close, and when looking for a place to sit, one usually chose to be with someone they knew. Takai was not one for company, and she only let Talus entertain her for the moment because of the fact that unlike so many others, he respected her as a fellow Darksider.**

    Posted by Thorin Enkidu on 09-08-2002 06:30 PM:

    *ooc I'm really truly a moron

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-08-2002 06:32 PM:

    *ooc yes this is the correct character I believe.

    *IC He looked at Takai with a bit of a puzzled gaze and spoke; "You truly do see, don't you. You know why I avoid looking at her, you know why I do not want to love and yet why I can't stop my attraction towards her. I am sorry. Even more so that I have tasted a bit of what you must endure. It is a fate I wish on no one, not even the Jedi." He took a sip of his alchoholic beverage and sighed.

    "If my thoughts begin to trouble you let me know and I will leave you be." He stated at his cup, angry at himself for being unable to control such a base emotion.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-13-2002 05:04 PM:

    "You truly are not bothering me. I doubt that I will ever feel these emotions, and so, I live them through others."

    *She looked down at the table again*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-13-2002 05:45 PM:

    "I said the same words too, it seems fate likes to toy with me."

    Talus finished his drink and smiled at Takai; "Perhaps in time my friend, perhaps in time...."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-13-2002 06:24 PM:

    "I have no desire to feel those emotions, though."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-13-2002 07:57 PM:

    "Nor did I, I had but one desire as I am sure you did, to become a Sith and grow strong. I still have no desire to feel these emotions, but I can not help it. The more I fight it, the more I desire her. It is maddening, Damn her! No, my fellow Disciple pray you do not succumb to these infernal emotions!"

    As he finished he brought his right hand down so hard on the table that he shattered his cup. He inhaled deeply, he regained his calm and smiled at Takai.

    "Excuse me for my outburst. I do not know what came over me."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-13-2002 08:03 PM:

    "It is quite alright."

    **All the while as Talus had spoken, her face had remained calm, the mask never leaving.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-18-2002 10:02 PM:

    "So what should I call you, I'm growing tired of calling you little one or young one and I'm sure you grow even more bothered by it than I." Talus said seriously. He wanted to know his new aquaintances name. She had struck a chord in his large frame and sort of kinship for him and he'd like to know who she was.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-18-2002 10:41 PM:

    "You can call me whatever you wish to. If you are refering to my name, however, it is Takai Rei. Though, my family name is Konrad."

    **She hated her family name, hated it when someone called her "young Konrad" or other such things. It most likely came from her hate for her father.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-21-2002 12:53 AM:

    "Takai... An exquisite name. It is a pleasure Takai and an honor, the Konrad's are well known in our glorious empire."

    Talus noticed she did not call herself Konrad however and wondered about it, but not too much if it was his concern his young friend would inform him.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-21-2002 02:42 PM:

    "I don't think it's so great. Takai means death..Rei means zero...or...ghost. My mother had such a wonderful sense of humor. Giving me such a name, and then calling my brother something so simple as Alexander."

    **Her eyes rolled slightly. It became more and more obvious that the young girl practically hated everyone in her family.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-21-2002 03:32 PM:

    "Death Ghost, perhaps I will call you that from now on?" Talus grinned at the pale disciple. He noticed her eyes rolling and her expression changing ever so slightly. He did not want to upset his companion.

    "So tell me Death Ghost, how did you come to be trained by Master Lynch, he does often accept new apprentices?"

    Talus was beginning to do what he did with everyone, size them up, there was obviously something incredibly special about this girl for a Sith Master to agree to train her at such a young age.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-21-2002 04:47 PM:

    "He found me in the library while I was reading something I shouldn't have been."

    **Normally a child would not speak about things that they had been doing "wrong" and had been caught in the act of doing. However, to Takai, it was just a fact, a moment in her life. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be proud of.
    She put the small skeleton doll back down in her lap and grasped the glass of water with both hands before taking another sip of it.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-30-2002 12:52 AM:

    ooc* Sorry I've taken so long to reply Takai, classes have been a bear two exams in two days and two papers in two days, jeez I love Calc and Stats*

    IC* Talus nodded, he enjoyed reading as well, and although he had not yet entered the library he woudl do so once time allowed.

    "Something you shouldn't have been reading...Only the self-righteous Jedi banned books or so I thought. Tell me was it anything interesting Death Ghost?" Talus' eyebrow arched at the mention of a text that might be banned by the Sith. He would have to read it sometime.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-30-2002 10:53 AM:

    "It was not banned in that sense. You simply would not be able to read it. I believe only a rare few here actually can, and the ones other than myself are Masters
    or high ranking Lords. I am not sure why I was able to read the text
    As for it's interest, perhaps it was. Mainly old spells...things that disciples should not learn, for we are not able to control them yet."

    **She knew why she could read it. The Darkside had taught her to. She would simply look at the words, and know what they were. A strange gift, but one that her master apparently believed to be useful. But she did not mind having someone to guide her, it would help her to learn how to control those spells which she could not.**