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The Price of Failure {open}

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  • The Price of Failure {open}

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-01-2002 06:07 PM:
    The Price of Failure {open}

    Alone. For the first time in her life. Alone. Was it her fault? Perhaps. Could this situation she found herself in have been prevented? Doubtfully. Only two days ago she had been on Coruscant in one of the most unlikely of places, down below what could be called "civilization". The Underworld of Coruscant. A place where crime thrived, and one group of thieves had become supreme. The Raptors, a large gang that practically ran things down there. Once a group of over reduced down to 5 in the matter of 48 hours. No one had seen it coming.
    The group had existed for over 50 years and only now had the authorities above decided to take action. They called it eradication of crime, social cleansing. Extermination would have been a better term.

    Not that any of that mattered now. What was done was done and the remaining survivors had left Coruscant, knowing that if they did not, there was a chance they would be hunted down and killed. Things had been so weird the past year...after all, she hadn't always been the leader of the group. There was the other girl...the one the Sith had taken away.

    How ironic that she must now be in a bar full of the people that had been responsible for her being in power...maybe if she had still been in her old position, none of this would have happened. At least, she wouldn't have been blamed.

    The service droid rolled by her table.
    "A Screwdriver...please."
    Yes, alone. That was what she was. But perhaps...not for long. For in this den of Darkness, she felt at ease. Maybe it was the fact she had a vague knowledge and understanding...if not a gift...of the force. And, she had always preferred darkness to light.
    She probably would not go long without being noticed by someone.

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-05-2002 11:55 AM:

    Or, maybe it would be awhile. The bar seemed somewhat empty this night. Maybe, just as she was keeping to herself, the others in the bar were as well.
    Maybe she simply was not meant to have company that evening.

    The droid returned with her drink and she paid for it with a few credits
    "Thank you.."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-05-2002 01:37 PM:

    :: DM walked into the bar, a li'l bit tired in his first day of training, he decided to have a few drinks and relax b4 heading to his chambers ::

    " Brandy and cola in a big glass w/lotsa foam " :: Said the Zabrak to the BarT ::

    :: He then turned around and noticed Oni Kajou, he decided to talk to her for a bit, just to meet some new people, since he didn't know that many to begin with as he is just a rookie ::

    " Evening, my name is Darth Mundus, come here often?"

    :: He then lifted he's glass and took a sip of his 'Yavin 4 at night', while he awaited for a reply ::

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-05-2002 07:22 PM:

    "This is actually my first time here."

    She smiled softly at the Zabrak and offered him a seat.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-05-2002 08:00 PM:

    " Thank you " :: Replied the Zabrak, while pulling out a chair and sitting down ::

    " I'm kind of a newcomer, too" ::The Zabrak reached out his hand and offered it to the Rama's-corner-newcomer :: "What is your name?"

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-05-2002 08:26 PM:

    "Oni Kajou. And yours?"

    Smiling softly, she then raised the glass full of the orange alcoholic drink to her lips

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-05-2002 08:49 PM:

    "Darth Mundus is my name" :: He need not use the force to realize there was something wrong w/her ::

    "U seem troubled, what is the matter?"

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-05-2002 09:47 PM:

    "Nothing really. There are just some things that fate deals you that can be rather unpleasent at times, you know?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-05-2002 10:00 PM:

    " Mind sharing? Sometimes it's good just to talk about things w/a stranger " ::Said the oversized Zabrak as he took a sip of his Brandy ::

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-08-2002 12:53 AM:

    "Oh..I don't want to bore you with such trivial things."

    Soft laughter passed from her lips that stopped only to let her take in some more of her drink as she brought her glass up. Oh, how she would have loved to been able to say "I just witnessed the completely and total slaughter of my people." But there was no way it would have come from her without tears.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-08-2002 07:45 PM:

    " Why dontcha tell me and then I can decide whether it's boring or not, trivial or not? " :: Said DM, as he gave a smile to the stranger, trying to cheer her up ::

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-24-2002 12:38 AM:

    "You don't give up that easily, do ya? Well, then, to save you from a long story, the basics old family, the group that I have been a part of since I was a young girl, have been completly destroyed, and it's partially my fault. And although I may have found my true home now, the past will always be there, ya know? Guilt doesn't go away as easy as one would like it to. I'm just thankful that Lady Fate gave me another chance."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-24-2002 09:42 AM:

    "Guilt...guilt never goes away. You must learn to face it and deal with it. Sometimes we make choices and then, we gotta learn to live with them" :: Said the tatooed face Iridonian, as he perfectly understood to some extent, what Oni meant ::

    :: His mother's death, his fiancé's death. Two deaths of which he carried their weigh upon his shoulders ::

    "As to whether I give up easily or not. Girl, I never give up" :: Said the oversized Zabrak trying to lighten things up while attempting to draw a smile in his face ::

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-25-2002 12:13 PM:

    "Hmm, can't say I'm too surprised at that fact. I've met many like you.."

    She smirked slightly and took another sip of her drink.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-25-2002 12:35 PM:

    " that right?" :: Said the Zabrakian, while waving at the servdroid, trying to figure out what Oni had meant with that comment ::

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-25-2002 04:57 PM:

    "Yep. Then again, one can meet a lot of interesting people where I come from...err..came from. Well, I guess I didn't really come from there, I wasn't born there or anything."

    A slight shrug of her shoulders finished off the thought.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 09-26-2002 07:52 AM:

    :: DM ordered another round, looking at her. Sadness could be seen all around her, what could be so terribly wrong for her to be the way she was? ::

    :: Once the droid came back with the drinks DM pushed her drink to Oni, took his own and had a sip ::

    :: He then added :: "One, can meet interesting people, when least expected. But what makes you think that whatever it is that happened is to be considered your fault?"