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Ninety-Nine Bottles of… (Open)

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  • Ninety-Nine Bottles of… (Open)

    Posted by Callista on 08-25-2002 12:27 PM:
    Ninety-Nine Bottles of… (Open)


    Callista looked at the drink sitting in front of her, bewilderment etching across her face. What was it she had been drinking? Her eyes narrowed at the dark liquid, staring coldly at it… as if it would suddenly break under the pressure and tell her. A hand came up to swipe the glass from its perch on the bar counter. It slid across the polished surface and fell, shattering on the hard floor, scattering shards of glass and droplets of liquor. She deliberately propped her elbow in the place that the glass had previously been and rested her chin in her palm gazing at the numerous bottles on the shelf across the way.

    One…two…three… A large figure blurred her vision and she lifted her head, slightly annoyed at whoever it was that interrupted her counting. “Need another drink?” the scratchy voice of the burly bartender inquired. Callista ran a hand down her face, then rubbed at her eyes as she shook her head. It was evident she had already had enough to drink. Satisfied with the answer, the man moved on down the line. As soon as he did, the Sith Warrior crossed her arms on the top and let her head fall, resting her forehead on her forearms…

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-26-2002 01:38 AM:

    *As he made his way through the bar his eyes were stuck upon the warrior. He knew of Callista, but they had never met. He moved next to where she was sitting and slide onto the stool at the bar. He looked over to Callista, but she didnt react. He signalled at the bar-tender.*

    "Why the drowned sorrows?"

    *Two glasses of water were placed in front of him as the bar-tender moved about his business. Not much movement from Callista. He sighed and sipped at his water. He leaned down to see if he could catch a glimpse of her face, but to no real avail.*

    "Hi. I'm Abydos Nighthawk. I have a nice shoulder, feel free to cry on it. Or feel free to push it... either way I still have a shoulder."

    *He awaited a response from the warrior, he took another sip at the water.*

    Posted by Callista on 08-26-2002 09:36 PM:

    Callista was aware that someone had taken a seat beside her and was addressing her, but she was comfortable where she was, her face enveloped in the dark crevasse of her arms. Her temples began to throb as the liquor began to take its effect on her body. Her eyes creased tightly as she tried to drown out the noise that seemed to have increased in volume and pitch. She grumbled as the man beside her continued to talk as if chatting to himself. Canting her head slightly to the side she peered out at him with one eye, which she quickly shut and then reopened a crack, squinting from the harsh lighting.

    This man…she wasn’t even sure she had seen him around the Empire, but she was positive she did not know him, which hardly surprised her. She was acquainted with only a handful of people.

    The intoxicated woman watched the man on the stool beside her, not catching a word he said. She could hear sound, but it gave the impression of speaking another language, or perhaps she just couldn’t get past the clouds that encased her mind in order to pay attention.

    Her voice caught in her throat as she opened it to say something. Swallowing hard she tried again, this time successful. “Hello…”

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-28-2002 03:49 AM:

    *shocked that he had finally gotten a reaction he waved at the half-revealed face of Callista.*

    "Hello there. Sorry to bother you. Just saw that you were... well... down. If you wish me to leave, I understand."

    *He smiled and briefly looked around the bar, he then returned his attention to Callista, he took a sip of the water he had and waited for her to speak again.*

    Posted by Callista on 09-05-2002 10:17 PM:

    Callista lifted her head from her arms and rubbed at her eyes. “No, it’s okay…I could use some company.” She half smiled towards him, glancing down at his drink. “Water, eh? I should have stuck to that…”

    A groan escaped her lips as her temples started to throb. She tried massaging them, but it only seemed to worsen. With a sigh and uttered curse under her breath, she just soaked in the pain, allowing it to disperse evenly throughout her body and diminish considerably. “So…Abydos, right?” she asked, then continued on without letting him answer, “What brings you here? To Rama’s that is…surely not for a glass of water?”

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-07-2002 08:11 PM:

    *Looking at his glass, he knew her words were true, water was good, but not that good. He grinned and looked back at her as she began to emerge from her arms.*

    "Well... as good as water is... I come here for the entertainment, I really enjoy the psychological benefits of being here, observing and watching how people act and react. But, like tonight, I saw something that seemed out of place and I figured I'd check it out."

    *Laughing slightly*

    "Not saying that you're out of place, you just seem troubled... anything I can do to help? A drink? A shoulder? anything?"

    *He took a sip of his drink, he was relieved to know that he wasnt really bothering her, but it still seemed a little forced, he needed to relax... 'maybe I shouldnt stick with the water.' he thought.*

    Posted by Callista on 09-10-2002 11:19 AM:

    Callista couldn’t help but smirk at the man’s antics. He talked…a lot…and seemingly about everything and nothing at once. Or so it resembled in her ears, although alcohol had a large part in that.

    “Nothing is wrong, per say…Just nothing seems right either.” As soon as the words left her mouth she realized they made not a bit of sense. Trying to correct herself, she pivoted the barstool around to completely face Abydos. “Do you ever question your existence in this galaxy?”

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-24-2002 02:34 AM:

    *The deep question set him aback. He pulled himself into a straight and upright position as he pondered her question. As he rubbed the sparse chin hair on his chin he answered her.*

    "I dont really question my existence, I merely accept it. Surely a purpose will arise in a situation where it becomes clear as to why I exist. I believe several of those have occurred for me already. I would say I dont question it, more have forks in the road and its choosing the right path to take... or at least hope."

    *He realised that his ramblings were just that. He had more to say, but what he was already speaking was not making much sense to him, maybe it would help Callista. Hopefully. He gave her an opportunity to answer, whilst the silence sat he returned his thoughts to the question to rethink his answer.*