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    Posted by Demon Night on 09-16-2002 03:13 PM:
    Wicked Me

    *Demon Walked into the noisy sith bar and grinned with delight.Ah, now here is where i won't be bothered by Jedi.She though while gazing around,looking for a table*"Just a tad bit packed tonite..."

    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 10:08 AM:

    Macros was slipping in and out the packed bar, although his mouth was set in grim determination, his eyes sparkled with the delight at this nights takings. His pouches bulging he saw a new face walk into the bar. Gliding quickly to one side, the shadows concealing his young face, he inspected her carefully. He decided he didn't really want to steal form her, plus he might aswell spend some cash 'on the house' as it more or less was.

    He crawled with lightening speed up the side of the wall, before dropping down from the ceiling to land next to her. With an impish grin he extended his hand. He spoke three words, grinning at her surprise.

    "Macros the Shadow."

    His nickname became clear as he sat back and he seemingly became part of the dancing shadows from the busy bar. A drink found his hand and he downed it in one. Turning to her, raising his eyebrows at he silence he decided she needed some help in the whole 'conversation' area.

    "Macros The Shadow."

    He repeated, frowning slightly.

    "And you are?"

    Posted by Demon Night on 09-23-2002 02:52 PM:

    *Demon smiled at Macros and tilted her head to one side*"I'm Demon Night,call me demon though.."

    Posted by Crescent on 09-23-2002 05:16 PM:

    *His eyebrow twitches slightly, as he faintly hears the words of them both. Once the last syllable had left Demon's mouth, a faint chuckle leaves Crescent's. He thought to himself. *

    ~My, what odd individuals. How in the Emperor's Black Heart did she ever gain such a nefarious title. "Demon"... Well, it does have a certain iniquitous ring to it... ~

    *In the far corner of the crowded bar sits a most insidious one, swathed in blackened robes; and even darkness itself. A deep shade engulfs him, the blanket of shadows eclipsing most of the booth, and voiding most to all of his features. Afterall; he is but a mere silhouette before the dimmed lights; physiologically and literually. *

    "Yes, I shall have a red wine, in a clean glass if that is not to much trouble. "

    *His sinister, genuine voice stabs out from the umbra shrouding over his face, toward a tender. Strangely enough, his tone and vocal currents seem to have a spurious ring to them. No matter, the tender goes to get his drink. Once it returns to his booth he pays for it graciously, the shadows infront of his visage shifting; in a gesture of a nod in thanks. *

    *His right, glove-clad hand tightens around the glass, him raising the rim of it to his pale lips. He sips from it quietly and solemnly, swallowing the contents. After a slight inhale of air, he sets the glass down on the table infront of him, in a deep contemplation of many morbid delusions; thoughts... *