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    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 11:22 AM:
    Solitary Shadow

    Macros stalked the ceiling, avoiding the lights. Dropping into an empty seat, relieving a mercenary of his pay and grabbing a drink in one fluid movement he sat back, putting his feet up on the table.

    Flicking a coin in the air he caught it inbetween his knuckles. Then with suberb skill it seemed to dance in between his fingers, disappearing only to reappear in his pocket. Then, surprising some of the drunks watching him he crushed it in his hand with such strength that molten metal dripped onto the table and rehardened in the shape of a star, guided by the rogue's force sensitive mind.

    Macros, his face concealed in the shadow, flicked it up with his dagger tip, catching it skillfully he threw it at a fly on the wall, cleaving its tiny body clean in two, the head pinned to the wall by the small throwing star.

    He sighed bored, casting a mocking glance at those watching him, who seeing the anger and hatred in his eyes quickly averted their gaze and went back to their worthless lives...

    Am I the only thief in this retched place?

    He thought silently to himself, wishing he was back amongst the streets of home, dashing over rooftops and disappearing in the sewers, persued by guards. He missed the adventure already, and was looking for another thief in this place where undead creatures and proud Sith stalked, he wasn't so sure he felt at home. He was Sith himself now, learning the ways of the Darkside, but his training didn't seem to be going anywhere and he was slipping back into depression...

    His eyes glowed blue from the shadows, and there were several nervous glances at him from those nearby. He leaned forward, his lips twisting in a smirk as he heard gasps and curses at the sight of him leaving the booth. His sleeves were rolled up and a freshly-blooded dagger in his hand showed what had left the long slits in his pale arms. The blood from them stained the carpet and looked like flashes of red lightening as they followed the contours of his viens.

    Deep gashes covered his face where he had dug his nails into himself in frustration. His eyes still glowing unnaturally he stalked the bar, and although he was small in figure, even the large brute species stepped aside for him. He was looking for something but he did not know what.


    A Kill?

    He had no idea but by some urge he left the bar and continued walking into the night...

    He grew faint, but stopped. Dropping to his knees he looked down over the cliff where he had arrived. Lying half over the cliff in a pool of his own blood he glanced down at himself. His lips twisted and his eyes sparkled with derangement.
    He shut his eyes. I need to sleep. Ill be OK when i wake up he thought to himself.

    He took a shuddering breath and then the darkness came...

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-21-2002 11:40 AM:

    Xam entered Rama's, it was empty but everyone was looking very strange, like they had seen a ghost or something. Xam went to a table and sat down, he ordered a water and saw the people looking at him.

    Very odd..

    On the table he was sitting at there was a coin with the shape of a star, this was all getting too strange..
    With his hawk-like eyes he studied every corner of Rama's, blood spilled on the ground, a fly cut in two.. Something strange was going on here.

    He decided to go and ask what happened here, he lifted from his chair and went straight to a table cheering people, when they saw the Sith nearing they all went pale..

    "Did you peasants saw something or someone strange here?"

    No one answered, Xam was getting irritated. He could not stand people not answering questions..
    He looked at a woman sitting at the table, he grinned and focused on her though patterns. He was penetrating in her mind to scare the hell out of her..

    If you don't say what happened I gut your little girl there.. NOW

    The woman's eyes were wide open now and she screamed, everyone looked at her and she looked at Xam..
    She started speaking and said there was a young man whom had visited Rama's, he looked like a thief and he looked very confused, like he was turning mad..

    "A thief?"

    Macros! He went outside the bar and searched for his friend's force signature, he found it and with inhuman speed he ran towards the place Macros was, he was lying on a cliff almost falling in the abyss.

    "Macros! What is going on here? Are you mad or what ?"

    He lifted his friend by his shoulders and put him down far from the cliff.

    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 04:35 PM:

    Macros mumbled incoherently, he coughed, and blood lined his lips as he opened his eyes. Cowering in fear at the creature his fevered mind had conjured up, the one shaking him and crying out his name. He jumped to his feet, brushing the creature aside as if it was no bigger than an Ewok.

    He whipped out his dagger and circled it, looking for an opening, tears streaking down his face he lunged forward. But he was too weak, he dropped to his knees, bracing himself for the end. He heard a voice.

    "...Mad or what?"

    It sounded familiar, but he convinced himself it was just trying to lure him into dropping his defences. He opened his eyes and stared into those looking at him. They seemed caring and concerned, but Macros' own tear-filled eyes distorted everything.

    His muscles twisted spasmodically and he coughed until he could hardly breath. An unatural heat radiated from him and suddenly he seemed to recognise the figure above him. His voice was only just above a whisper...

    "Xam. . ."

    And then he twitched and slipped back into unconsiousness, still bleeding from his self-inflicted wounds. . .

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-21-2002 05:16 PM:

    Gideon was out for a stroll pondering all that has happened to him so far when he saw Xam Feldek the man he had only met briefly. Gideon saw Xam only foe a seconded when he started to run with force enhanced speed. Gideon thought that was weird so he stood there for minuet tell he felt his friend Macros's force signature, so he thought but it disappeared after that. Gideon just blew it off for he knew he wasn't trained to sense things like that he just thought it was Macros.

    Gideon kept on walking looking in the direction he thought he felt Macros in when he saw him fall to the ground. Gideon ran over to there position and saw the freaked look on Xam's face so he started to help him Macros up when he saw the blood stained dagger. Gideon dropped Macros back on the ground a looked at him, he observed the wounds and put 1 and 1 together to equal 2. Gideon saw Xam try to pick up Macros and Gideon yanked his shoulder to let him know not to touch,


    Gideon yelled,

    on't touch him, look at his arms he did this to himself. Now we have two choices Xam. We pick him up take him to the med. bay, OR we sit here with him wake him up and talk with him figure out why he did this so we can stop him from doing it again. You know which one i vote for, so what is your decision:

    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 05:22 PM:

    Macros came round. The fever was subsiding a bit, and he recognised his two good friends standing above him. He slowly opened his eyes, but then shut them, it felt as if the moon was a dagger in his brain when he opened them. He had a sudden urge to be sick, but managed to hold it down. He opened his mouth to speak to his friends, but no sound came out...

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-21-2002 05:28 PM:

    Xam looked at Gideon, he was right, Macros' arms were bleeding.. He let the shoulders and helped Gideon to bring him to a safe place far from the cliff.

    Xam found Gideon's thought patterns and concentrated to send a force message to him so Macros wouldn't here them.

    I want to talk but let's not make him feel worse that he does now.

    He then spoke up.

    "Macros... What happened?"

    He was tearing a part of his cloak to use it as bandage, Gideon could speek now while Xam was busy taking care of Macros' physical state.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-21-2002 05:36 PM:

    Gideon set Macros down and walked back to the cliff and picked up the dagger that Macros drooped. Gideon started walking back to Macros and stood next to him. Gideon reached down a took Macros's lightsaber as well pocketing the dagger and hooking the lightsaber to his belt,

    :We don't want to take any chances:

    Gideon knelt down in front of Macros and said,

    :My friend you have made some real bone headed choices to night so you will get your weapons back tomorrow if you better or alive for that matter:

    Gideon knew he wasn't the most sensitive person in the world so looked at Xam and Xam knew it was time he took over.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-21-2002 05:44 PM:

    Xam finished to bandage his armes and the blood was staining, though Macros had lost much blood. He looked very concerned, his wounds were not that bad but enough to kill him.

    "Macros, you scared the hell out of us, tell us now, what happened?"

    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 05:53 PM:

    Xam had to strain to hear him, his voice was so weak...

    "I. . .I don't know. I. . ."

    The derangement in his eyes shone clearly in the night.

    "It's not the first time. . ."

    He saw the confused look on Xam's face and waved his hand, continuing before Xam could speak. He laughed. He saw his friends cringe, the laughter was almost mocking of himself.

    "I've done it before, it gives me something else to think about other than what troubles me. You are both dear friends...yet I cannot help but feel lonely...Theres something missing. . ."

    He coughed, breathing slightly stronger now he was getting it off his chest.

    "Theres something missing. . .but I don't know what. I miss my homeland, nothing happens here, i feel empty inside, i long for the adventures I had back home..."

    He sobbed, looking into both his friends eyes, seeing only pity. They would never understand...

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-21-2002 06:00 PM:

    :What are looking for, pity:

    Gideon looked at him discus,

    :We all gave something up to come here, and we all knew the sacrifices that would be made. If you want excitement I’ll see you in the training grounds when your better but this Macros this is pure stupidity:

    Posted by Macros on 09-21-2002 06:05 PM:

    He shook his head, snarled at his 'friend.'

    "I don't want your pity, I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO COME HERE!."

    He snapped, turning on him. His rage was evident, forgeting his wounds, his anger increasing his strength he Force pulled DarkDestiny to him. The lightsaber snapped and he turned on Gideon, aiming to take his head off in a single swipe. .

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-21-2002 06:06 PM:

    He listened very carefully to every word Macros tried to utter and then to Gideon's words, he turned to him and Xam's face showed a face of I can not agree and I can agree..

    "Macros, this isn't a wise thing to do, if you want excitement just tell us."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-21-2002 06:14 PM:

    Gideon Brought up his Lightsaber and the impact shot sparks through out the area. Macros pulled his down to swing it again but Gideon met blow with saber and stomped on the wounds on the other arm of Macros's witch was still on the ground. The pain made Macros drop his saber and Gideon picked it up again and lopped it around his belt this time so the only way to get it would be to take off his belt. Macros holding his other arm got a nice a hard slap from Gideon across the face,

    :You are wounded my friend fighting me in this condition would lead to your death, and you will die if you attack me like that again:

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-21-2002 08:12 PM:

    Talus had been watching the other disciples from the shadows in pure disgust, blather about like children. Walking slowly towards them he made his thoughts perfectly clear in the expression on his face. He looked down at the bleeding Macros and sneered viciously;

    "Do you miss your mommy sticky fingers? I could arrange for you to see her..." As he finished speaking he brandished his dagger and made a sudden motion towards Macros, much to the chagrin of the others. In a fluid movement he cut a long strip of clothe off of Macros' cloak and wrapped it tightly, nearly too tightly around the weakened disciples upper arm, his wrist had been bandanged but he needed a tourniquet to slow the flow of blood. He looked at the others and growled.

    "How long were you going to let this fool bleed while you had your pow-wow?" Picking him Macros up over his shoulders he looked at the others. "I'm taking him to the med bay to be patched up. You can follow if you wish to carry on this conversation there."

    Then he hissed at Macros; "Had you not been a member of the Empire I would have left you to die in your own filth, but do not think I am saving you from yourself. No you are going to wish you'd died when Lord Darkstar learns of your stupidity and I am going to enjoy watching him cure your homesickness." He smiled sadisticlly at the thought and began walking in the direction of the medbay.

    Along the way he opened his thoughts so that anyone who might be reading them would hear.

    Master, please meet me at the med-bay, one of your apprentices has wounded himself and I think you might want to know why....

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-21-2002 09:37 PM:

    Gideon looked at Talus in complete discus,

    o you honestly think I would have watched my friend die, I know I’m not to sensitive but I’m not heartless? But your right Talus I did take it a little far:

    Gideon walked by Talus and as he passed he said,

    :Your master should punish him fully, but if he does not want to do it himself tell him I am willing to if he would like to set up a spar Macros deserves what is coming to him:

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-22-2002 03:32 AM:

    Xam looked at Talus coming over and how he almost cursed Macros.. Darkstar's punishment would be unpleasant for Macros but he diserved it. Nevertheless it was his friend and he only wanted the best for him but this time he went too far.

    "I agree with you Talus, let Darkstar decide over this case."

    He walked with the three men, the wind was whispering in his ears and the sky was darken by the many clouds.. From now to then there was a lightening clearing up everything and when one of those shone Xam could see Macros still bleeding and with an almost dead-look on his face. Was it because of his wounds? Or because he was thinking about what Darkstar would do with him..

    Posted by Macros on 09-22-2002 12:32 PM:

    Macros seemed to awake from a dream. Shaking his dizzy head he realised it was frighteningly real. He was being carried none to gently by Talus. He groaned, looking down at his arms, which seemed to hurt for some reason. . .

    "What the. . . ? !"

    They all looked at him, to see what he had cried out for. His eyes no longer had a distant look and he shook his head in shame, his mind instantly going back to a time on his home planet.


    Macros was alone at the Rainbow Parrot, a run down inn which he frequented, and where he also made many contacts. It was a normal night, not too busy, but not dead. He was still fairly young, only ten years of age, but had been theiving his whole life, been an orphan he assumed. He had nothing in his life, no parents, no friends, no future, no money. .

    Another drink was empty in fornt of him, the innkeeper not really caring who he served as long as he saw the shine of their coin. Two hands dropped down on the table in front of him, and two shining eyes glared into his. . .

    The man spoke, although he wore rags, he still had an air of nobility, and even intelligence about him. Macros instantly sobered up, regarding the man intently.

    "I haven't seen you before so I assume you have a job for me."

    The man slid a rolled up parchment across the table and Macros raised his eyebrows when he had read it. The contents naturally commited to his memory the young thief burned the letter on the table's candle. It was unusual for the amount of information on it, usually he got a name and any old head would be enough for his pay.

    But this one was had an address and everything on it, even a sketch of the two marks. A childless couple, fairly well off...

    Something in his head screamed at him not to take the job, but his sense of adventure got the better of him. . .

    "How much?"

    Them an looked at him puzzled, and Macros rubbed his fingers together and the man laughed, a deep baritone that shook the floor. Suddenly he left, the thief was quick on his feet but caught unawares. Barging open the door he ran out into the street glancing left and right, but there was no sign of the man.

    Macros turned to go back into the bar, but his instincts urged him to look for the man...

    He ran left, towards the rich part of town, figuring the man was smart enought to throw him off by going in the opposite direction. He leaped upto a wall and crawled up it with lightening pace, a talent he had always had, always figuring he wasn't completely human.

    The boy thief ran round several corners, drawn by some unatural force to the same direction each time. Suddenly he stopped at a dead end, at the end of a street. . .

    The house seemed familiar, he sneaked closer to it looking at the address of the street and the house number. He almost cried out with surprise! The man who had escaped him was stood in the doorway, but then he just disappeared, leaving Macros to doubt his senses. He heard voices inside...

    He flitted up a wall, peering in through a window, drawing back when he saw it wasn't empty. Two people lived in the house, two were in that room. . .

    "I don't like this, but the pay will be high I'll wager. . ."

    He opened the lock quickly and skillfully, taking a dagger out of his boot and shutting the door nearly too, he composed himself.

    He slowly advanced up the stairs keeping in the shadows. His heart jumped when the first mark, the man, appeared at the tp of the stairs. He opened his mouth as if to shout, but Macros' knife was in his throat. Macros caught the man before he fell, and lowered him down in another room.

    "This is too easy."

    He mouthed to himself as the wife fell with a knife in her back. . .

    The young assassin systematically went through their possessions, seeing pictures of a young baby scattered everywhere, and 'missing' posters with the same child on them. He picked one up, examining it closely. It had today's date on it, and the writing was neat...

    'Young boy, now about ten years old missing. Several sightings of him round this town. He was lost as a baby. . .'

    Here the text was smudged as if it had been wet by tears. . .

    Lying on the bed was another poster, but the picture had been cut out.

    'Young boy, around ten years wanted on several charges of murder and theft.'

    Macros searched quickly through the pile of letters and posters, finding the picture. . .


    He shook it's head, looking down at the woman. He looked at the picture again, it was a sketch for the 'wanted' poster, but he realised it was very well done. A tear dripped onto the photo, and the boy realised he was crying. . .

    The photo was him!

    He turned the woman over, taking the knife from her back and caressing her face, which was chill to the touch. He sobbed uncontrollably. . .Taking the knife in his hand, he mumbled for forgiveness, then plunged the knife into his stomach. The man from the bar was the last thing he saw before the darkness took over. . .

    And then subsided. Lying in a sewer he woke to find his wound had been tended too, but still hurt, he closed his eyes, he would get up later. . .

    A part of him would always be missing; his parents, but something else was lost that day. . .

    His sanity.


    Macros squirmed in Talus arms, but it was only weakly now. As he opened his eyes he realised the trio had been invading his thoughts, but he wasn't angry at them. Only at himself. He saw the light of the med-bay ahead, and he shut his eyes again. . .