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  • Lost in me own mind

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-10-2002 05:42 PM:
    Lost in me own mind

    Slowly he walks to a table by the corner, it is dark, so it´s hard to see his face, since he´s wearing his usual black hood, he takes a seat, and orders in a drink.

    Posted by Saharia on 08-16-2002 02:55 AM:

    ::Saharia walked into the bar, the noise had doubled from last night, and the alcohol could be smelt in the plentiful. There were those who were too drunk to have interesting conversation with, and those who emitted the 'get-away-from-me' vibes. At times those vibes caught her attention, and tonight was no expection. It was not his vibes but his dress. Walking up to him she sat down, looked at him for a bit and looking at the droid, nods for the usual.::

    I do believe I know not of you. is this seat taken?

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 08-20-2002 08:52 AM:

    Zeta noticed the new patron to Rama's as soon as he had walked in. Zeta slowly followed Wurzel with his own gaze, watching him as he takes a seat by the corner.

    Even though Wurzel's face is covered, Zeta can already see the man...

    ..though not in the way one would expect to see someone else. No the looking this Zabrak was doing did not dwell on looks, but on something else.

    He watched closely as a familiar presence approached the man. It was a woman he had not met but just recently, he had seen her as well. Sararia, an interesting person at best, she had been good company, as most were that Zeta had met.

    Yet the man, the Zabrak's eyes fell onto him once more, Zeta was not so sure Wurzel would make the most pleasant of company. Something about him just did not settle right with Zeta.

    Only time would tell if his observation was right or not though...

    Posted by Macros on 08-20-2002 10:30 AM:

    Macros entered the bar, surprised to see how busy it was, for a change. Not wishing to offend anyone by just been there, he quickly took a seat in the quiet area of the bar, amonst the shadows where he felt at home...three people caught his eye, the hooded man especially, he was never one to start a convasation though, so he ordered a drink from a nearby droid and waited, muttering to himself

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-20-2002 01:28 PM:

    Wurzel looked up you could see a blink of his eyes as he slowly investigated Saharia. " This seat is not taken " he said, as his eyes looked straight into her eyes.

    Posted by Macros on 08-22-2002 11:23 AM:

    Macros scoffed at the boy, obviously still interested in the opposite sex. He did not wish to drink here tonight. Dropping his hood low over his eyes, he gracefully left the shadows and out of the door. There were many sightings of him that night, wandering aimlessly around these new and strange parts to him; taking in as much as he could.

    Posted by Saharia on 08-23-2002 12:20 AM:

    ::Saharia noticed the look but made no comment. She was not here to pick up or flirt or find a man. She was here to talk with someone that caught her interest, be it female or male. There were too few people she knew in TSE and her speech pattern was still not up to scratch. Usually she had her transmitter than made her have perfect speech pattern but today...
    She half smiled and took a drink from the robot, jawa juice. Jawa blood mixed with 3/4 of vodka. No, she was not a vampire but her family had always liked this drink.::

    I am Saharia, and you? You seem foreign in these parts or I not noticed you before

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-23-2002 06:58 PM:

    As he took a his glass he answered the question "Yes I´m a foreigner here, I´m Wurzel, even known as Murghos in some parts of the galaxy, but I dont make much sound, so you might not see me all the time." he took a zip from the glass, he emptied the glass as he ordered in a glass of pure vodka.

    Posted by Saharia on 08-25-2002 02:06 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded and noticed the drink, the tiniest of smiles making the softest impression on her lips::

    Put some jawa blood in it and it doubles the strength. What is your business here, are you here to join the empire or here on business? If it is business you may be able to have something to offer depending on such trade you specialize in.

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-25-2002 10:40 AM:

    " I prefer pure vodka, for the taste. I hope to join the empire, but I do business to, anything speciell I may offer you?" he said as he emptied this glass to, with his other hand he help a piece of paper. " If you want guns, I got some different types, I can get other things to, depending on what you want."

    Posted by Saharia on 08-26-2002 06:18 PM:

    ::Saharia half smiled and put down her glass::

    I was looking for the best steel you can find. I will pay a good price as high quality steel should be honoured by a reasonable price. Steel that can be flexible but also with considerble strength and good for graceful movement to make a couple of weapons. And if you will join I will welcome you to this empire as you will become one of our own. But for now, I wish you luck.

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-27-2002 07:08 AM:

    Wurzel rised his glass, took a sip and said:" Steel, hmm, yes I think I can get some high quality steel, howmuch are you interested in?"

    Posted by Saharia on 08-28-2002 05:16 AM:

    Enough for a twin set of Katana's and a little left over. You can be quite generous on the left over. There is always good use for high quality steel at the unlikely times.

    ::Saharia sipped her jawa juice and smiled at the thought of the two weapons she would make. Her mothers sword would be only for special times...but she needed two swords that would be useful for most situations. She hoped this man knew of a good steel seller. They were hard to find when you looked for an honest tongue and true quality.::

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-28-2002 03:45 PM:

    " Hmm, yes, that should be fixable, depending on how much you´re willing to pay, or what you have to trade"

    He looked at the door, and then looked at some other booths, finding nothing special, suddenly saying: " have you met a man called Murghos around these parts?"

    Posted by Saharia on 08-29-2002 12:06 AM:

    ::Saharia smiled, this one was sly. A trade for a trade? Why did he want to know about that man?::

    What interest do you have of him? I may have seen him somewhere in this galaxy but it depends on the nature of your interest to mine answer. Name your price for the steel or state your interest. I have no trouble in paying an honest price.

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-29-2002 09:01 AM:

    He smiled back, then saying: "Well, Murghos is a interesting case, since we have some business yet not finished, and I want to finish them. I could give you steel for four katanas, that way you´ll get some leftovers, and the price, hmm, I´m interested in weapons mainly, so I would like to trade steel for weapons, depending on what weapons you may offer."

    Posted by Saharia on 09-03-2002 02:38 AM:

    :;Saharia smiled::

    In the way of guns and blasters I am afraid I cannot help, I am not much for them besides the three I use for necessity. In the way of swords, short swords, knives and any sort of steel weapon I can make you one or I have plenty if you would wish to have one. Name your favorite weapon and I will see what I can do. I always keep my promises, and I am sure you will keep yours.

    ::There was a slight warning in her eyes, but other than that it was all business. The deal sounded good, and if they could sort out the price in return fopr the steel, the deal was done. She thought it apporpriate not to comment on Murghos, what was between them was not of her business nor did she want to get caught up in it.::

    Posted by Wurzel on 09-12-2002 09:06 AM:

    "My favorite weapon, that´s easy, swords, with a saber tooth back.If you´ll get one of those swords, i will give you the steel."

    Wurzel looked on Saharia, notising that she had changed the conversation, but he desided to not comment.