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Nothing But Poison [Open]

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  • Nothing But Poison [Open]

    Posted by Frost on 08-27-2002 09:03 AM:
    Nothing But Poison [Open]

    The red-haired man sat on top of the building, staring at a silver ring he held between his gloved fingers. He watched it carefully, his orange eyes not leaving it one second. He read the message engraved in the silver out loud.

    "Love you forever - Sophia." He murmured.

    Pictures of the woman flashed in his mind, as he canted his head to the side, still looking at it with a lost stare. Images of his dead fiancee, her soft lips, her beautiful hair, her perfect body, her porcelain skin, her elegant legs, her arms wrapped around his Father, her fingers clutched onto his wrinkly skin, moaning out his name ... At that thought, he clenched his fist, the ring in his palm. Though usually emotionless, he arched his eyebrows, furious.

    Posted by Frost on 09-01-2002 09:00 AM:

    He then threw the ring in the air, catching it afterwards. Why couldn't he let go of this little pest ? He groaned under his breath.

    He mumbled some curse words. "... ******* of a father."

    Posted by Crescent on 09-03-2002 02:31 AM:

    *The front doors of the bar creek open slowly, and in steps a dark figure; swathed blackened robes, wearing them as a mere shroud. The cowl of the hood is raised; his entire face eclipsed beneath a deep umbra of shadows. Loosely hanging cloth strings down from his attire; their sinuous curves and twists allmost alluring, as is his whole appearance. His slinking movements may portray him as rather insidious, as his sinister and intent crimson gaze tightens, sweeping over the room mutiple times. Proceeds toward a rather secluded booth, bathed in darkness. He sits upon arrival, his entire self submerging within the inky stillness. No tender, nor any random patron strays near this new arrival, perhaps an unseen force influencing them to do so, or perhaps not. Stays completely still within the shadows, resembling a still, placid pond. Though, within would dwell the fury of a million angrey, violent turrents of rushing water... *

    Posted by Frost on 09-03-2002 04:43 PM:

    "Sophia." He called out discreetly.

    "Sophia, Sophia, Sophia, Sophia." He repeated, still with a silent tone.

    "Little **** ..." He muttered.

    Though he felt like throwing the silver ring away, he put it back into his trench coat's pocket, letting it slip down his fingers slowly, as if it still hurted him to let go. Maybe it still did, but he kept denying it in his mind.

    Posted by Crescent on 09-03-2002 06:03 PM:

    *His eyes narrow, becoming mere shadows of thin slits. He senses several emotions above him, perhaps on the roof. Anger, hatred, and even dispair. His dour visage then brightens slightly, as he embraces these emotions; feeding off of them, if you will... *

    Posted by Frost on 09-05-2002 10:59 AM:

    Frost squinted his eyes, feeling someone almost being ripped from his soul. Though it didn't hurt much, it still left a big reaction. He sent a message through the Force to the man below him, in the bar.

    ... Leave me alone.

    Posted by Crescent on 09-05-2002 01:46 PM:

    ~Forgive me... ~

    *He sent in return, the message a mere whisper, for he knows not how to execute such a talent quite skillfully yet. He then waved over a tender droid, ordering a Corellian Ale.. *