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*A new look for an old haunt*

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  • *A new look for an old haunt*

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-24-2002 01:02 PM:
    *A new look for an old haunt*

    *It was a particularly quiet evening, moreso than the server-droids at Rama's Corner were used to. The sky outside was clear, with nary a cloud to be seen, and only the slightest of breezes was brushing against the side of the building. Because of this, it came as no shock to Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks, that the bar was empty, save a child's handful of patrons.*

    *As he stepped in through the double-doors, his force presence was kept at an almost unnoticable level, as to not give his identity away. It would be interesting to see if anyone recognized him..*

    *During the 3 months after the expedition had ended, MnT had found his hair to be more of a hinderance than anything, at the length it had grown to.. He had learned the hard way that having one's eyes covered by hair was far from a good thing when stranded for 3 months in a completely hostile environment.. As such, after announcing his return to the council, he had left to his room, and performed some slight cosmetic alterations..*

    *So there he was, black tank-top over black cargos over black boots, but with a different hairstyle than he'd had for the past... what was it, 5, 6 years? Yep, there he was, and he needed a drink.*

    *Walking over to the table near the back that he usually sat at, the man called one of the server-droids over with a wave, and ordered a pitcher of ice water, and a glass. It would indeed be refreshing to once again taste untainted water..*

    Posted by Elena Van Derveld on 07-24-2002 01:07 PM:

    The outfit had to have been what gave it away. She wasn't strong enough in the Force to sense his presence, or keen enough to notice his face, but the outfit was unmistakable - Alpha, or Miryan. Elena smiled; it had to be the Sith Lord who'd saved Vega from himself those months ago.

    She rose upwards from her seat as a droid rolled past her. Elena scooped up the glass of water heading over towards the only just returned Sith and approached his table, smiling somewhat. He wouldn't recognize her, but maybe the Force presence would gave away a little about her past.

    "Here's your drink, good lord."

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-24-2002 01:48 PM:

    *As the girl he did not physically recognized walked over with the glass of water, MnT could not help but smile, not only in puzzlement, but also in slight dissapointment.. There he was, trying to surprise people with a new haircut, only to be approached by someone who looked, by all accounts, very female, yet possessed the very essence of Vega Van Derveld inside her.. He was quite outdone..*

    ... Thank you.. m'lady.. Would you care to join me?

    *Even as he spoke the words, a chair to the right of her silently backed away from the table..*

    Posted by Elena Van Derveld on 07-24-2002 05:08 PM:

    "I'd be delighted,"

    Elena smiled thinly as she sat down promptly into the offered chair, reclining instantly. She held her drink, a martini, loosely in one hand as she looked over Miryan. She hadn't out grown the neanderthol traits that men held so dear yet, so still sized up every man she met as if they were an opponent.

    "How are you feeling after you trip, Miryan?" she chimed.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-25-2002 04:50 AM:

    *She knew who he was, and of the recent events in his life.. If this was not Vega, it was a clone.. And Vega, so he'd heard, was no longer with the Empire..*

    ... Not entirely bad.. Ask me again after I've put a few days of relaxation behind me.. I'm still running ragged from the last 3 months, but overall, I'm good..

    *Taking a sip of his water, MnT relished the briskness of the temperature, and the delicious flavor refreshing his tastebuds.. However, as he swallowed, his face took on an expression of curiosity..*

    ... Forgive me if this sounds rude, but I'm intrigued.. You bare inside of you, the presence and essence of Vega Van Derveld, you know who I am despite, to my recollection, us having never met each other before.. Are you a clone..?

    Posted by Elena Van Derveld on 07-25-2002 06:12 AM:

    She nodded lightly, showing an expression of understanding.

    "Well it's good that you're feeling better..."

    Another sip of her drink, and she grinned.

    "And yes, I'm a clone. I admit, not a very good one," she glanced downwards.

    "I mean I don't look much like Vega as far as I can tell... but congratulations to you, I think you've been the fastest to guess."

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-25-2002 07:10 PM:

    ... Well, you're here at the Empire still, while Vega has left.. Perhaps you were Meant to be different from him..?

    *Chuckling, he added-*

    ... Besides, the change from his visage to yours isn't neccesarily a Bad thing..

    Posted by Saharia on 07-26-2002 04:35 AM:

    ::Saharia was about to leave when she thought someone in the bar looked familiar. Looking harder she saw it was her master, Miryan. So he was back. Pleased she nodded, though not alerting him of her presence as he was already wrapped up in another conversation. Besides she had things to do and perhaps could talk with him later. Before she left the room she did give him one message::

    Welcome back Master Miryan.

    Posted by Elena Van Derveld on 07-26-2002 05:15 AM:

    "My thanks, Lord Miryan."

    She grinned somewhat, glancing over to Saharia as she spoke. Elena smiled and nodded in greeting to the girl.

    "Feel free to join us, Saharia. The more the merrier."

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 07-26-2002 06:43 AM:

    *Looking over, MnT's cheeks took a slightly pink tinge as he realized he had completely overlooked the presence of his apprentice, due to being so busy trying to maintain the transparency of his own..*

    ... Yes, Saharia, please join us.. It has been quite some time, and it's good to see you're still here..

    Posted by Saharia on 07-27-2002 05:26 AM:

    ::Saharia turned and half smiled::

    Of course I'm still here Master, once loyalty is given it cannot be taken back easily. I will join you if I am not interrupting anything.

    ::She moved towards them quietly, doing a customary nod to her master::

    Good day Elena, Master Miryan. It has been a long time. I hope your journey went well.

    Posted by tempistopps on 07-28-2002 03:43 PM:

    A dark figgure steped into the bar, from the main entrence in the front. He sensed many familiar people present, one of whom he hadn't seen in a great deal of time. He wouldn't be recodnized. The man strode to the table where they were gathering, and smiled at MnT."Welcome back Master Miryan."He smiled to Saharia and Elena, and gave each a nod of greeting.

    Posted by Saharia on 08-14-2002 03:18 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded at Tempist in a warm manner and looked at the barman the usual way in which he knew what drink she wanted, it was the same everytime. Jawa juice.::

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 08-23-2002 03:18 AM:

    ... I am here, and I have my sword.. It went well enough I imagine..

    *He said the words to Saharia with a slight chuckle, as his eldest apprentice entered, approached the table, and said his greetings..*

    .. Ahh, Tempist, it is also good to see you again.. Recovered well from your injuries it would appear?

    *He was referring to the damage Tempist had suffered during their battle with the monstrous demon that held Damnation's Touch.. Whether Saharia knew that was entirely dependant on how often she heard talk when Tempist, Vega, Dale, and Rama got back..*

    OOC: I posted this a Long time ago, you all are just reading it now cause you're unobservant =P lol

    Posted by Saharia on 08-25-2002 01:56 AM:

    ::Saharia turned to look at Tempist, being one that did not float around and have general chats, and spent most of her time training in the silence of her own company, thus did not hear a lot of news. She was not sure exactly how he had been hurt, and hr eyes grew slightly curious but not enough to interrupt the flow of the conversation for it. For now she looked at Tempist, and considered asking afterwards if he wished to talk about it himself.::

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-26-2002 07:48 AM:

    He noded, and moved his shoulder around in it's socket.

    "Yes, it seems that the worst of it's passed. How has your recovery been going so far?"

    Inwardly, Tempist sensed Saharia's curiosity, and although he would gladly answer any questions she may have, now wasn't the time for such things. Perhaps they would talk later.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 08-27-2002 01:00 AM:

    ... That's good to hear. My own has not been without it's fair share of scars..

    *As he spoke the words, he pulled the left strap of his tank top away just enough for the top of the scar that ran from that shoulder to just past his ribs on the right side, to be visible. He knew Tempist had been unconcious when that particular strike had hit him, but he felt it was likely his apprentice had heard how the rest of the battle had gone, at some point since coming back..*

    ... Oh, and Saharia, we're just talking about one of the battles that occured right at the end of the quest we went on, just before Tempist here and the others were able to come back..

    *He could sense her curiosity easily enough through the distinct tone it was radiating in her aura, and hoped that for now, that would be sufficient enough explanation.. Later he could tell her about it, but not right now..*

    Posted by Saharia on 08-27-2002 03:24 AM:

    ::Saharia nodded, taking in the information. For now that would be enough yes, she was slightly annoyed at herself for letting her curiosity show too much and would check for that in the future, either that or he was getting to know her too well. There was a danger in that itself, but who knew what a master knew about their apprentice.::

    Sounds like you all survived, and glad about that I be.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 08-31-2002 02:55 AM:

    ... Your feelings about that are shared amongst us All, I believe, Saharia..

    *He smiled as he spoke the words, turning his gaze over to Elena just for a moment, whom hadn't spoken a word in some time..*