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  • who's out there?(open to all)

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-06-2002 10:49 PM:
    who's out there?(open to all)

    The doors to the bar swing open as Gideon enters the room. His black hair back in a braid and his blue eye's had an akward shine this night. He see's an empty booth and no reserved sign so he takes a seat. he see's a waiter a says,

    :A pitcher of your cheapest beer:

    Gideon ignores the cheapskate look the waiter through at him, and looks for an interesting face to talk to.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-08-2002 03:41 PM:

    .."Greetings..And who may you be stranger?"..

    Zena arched a brow as she noticed the man at a nearby table, shifting her position to get a better glimpse of him.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-08-2002 06:04 PM:

    Gideon glanced at the woman, who he had not met yet and spoke softly,

    :Greetings I am Gideon Desdemona care to Join me for a drink:

    Gideon waited for a response.

    Posted by Daegal Murdoch on 08-08-2002 07:59 PM:

    Looking up from the ale that he was so involved in at the present moment, Daegal took notice of the newcomer. There was something interesting about him. Something that made him stick out of the other mindless drones that sat here day in and day out drowning their worries in their drinks. No, this one was different. Of that much Daegal was sure. Daegal nodded at the newcomer, not saying a word. He wasn't one to tip his hand, especially not this soon.

    Daegal's attention turned to a friend and comrade who was speaking to the newcomer. Nodding silently at Zena, Daegal spoke to her, his voice subdued, but demanding attention.

    "Greetings, Zena. It's been a long time."

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-09-2002 07:18 AM:

    Swinging around in her seat, sensing a cordial yet cogent presence, Zena mirrored Daegal's gesture. Arctic blue eyes riveted onto her fellow compeer of the Sith Empire, as a smile tugged at her lips.

    .."Indeed it has, Daegal. Care to join me as well in a drink? Seems we have a newcomer in our midst."..She nonchalantly proclaimed, according Gideon with a transient nod.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-09-2002 03:40 PM:

    Gideon took attention to Daegal Murdoch as the beer arrived. He poured it into three mugs and passed them around, with a tip of his glass he said,


    Gideon wiped his mouth and said to Dark Lady Zena and Daegal Murdoch,

    :I hope you two are having a pleasant evening:

    As he took another drink.

    Posted by Macros on 08-09-2002 04:32 PM:

    'Macros the Black' enters the room, quickly pulling his hood over his green eyes and taking a seat among the shadows, where he felt safe in this new and daunting place. He takes a moment to look at his surroundings...

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-09-2002 11:13 PM:

    Gideon noticed Macros enter the room and take seat; he looked lost and alone just like he felt before these two people talked to him. Gideon thought about inviting him over but realized if he was alone he will make himself present if he wants company.

    Posted by Macros on 08-10-2002 08:15 AM:

    Macros noticed the small group at the bar, yet he chose to watch from afar before making himself known personally to them. He grabbed a drink of a nearby droid. Cringing at the bitter aftertaste it left in his mouth, he left in on the table in front of him and eyed up the group, especially the one who had just looked in his direction...

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-11-2002 06:20 PM:

    Gideon who is still looking at Marcos takes another drink then looks at his company and asked,

    :do either of you no that acquired man over there:

    Posted by Macros on 08-15-2002 08:37 AM:

    Macros grew bored and decided to shout over to the man.

    "Hey you there, may I join you and your companions?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-15-2002 02:48 PM:

    Gideon who downed another glass said,

    :If two is company and three is a crowd then fours a group just enjoying the drinks and the people you share them with. So get over here:

    People could hear that he had a drunk sound in his voice.

    Posted by Macros on 08-16-2002 01:31 PM:

    Macros walked over warily, hed seen drunken men make big mistakes with him before, and end up much worse for ware. He joined the rest at the bar.

    "Greetings, I am Macros, what names do you go by?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-17-2002 01:07 AM:

    Gideon poured him a drink and said,

    :Greetings Macros I’m Gideon Desdemona have a drink:

    Gideon put the drink in front of him and extended his hand in hopes of a new friend, or maybe just a drinking buddy.

    Posted by Macros on 08-17-2002 03:45 PM:

    Macros took the man's hand and shook it, smiling as he did so. Then he accepted the drink, sniffed it and downed it one.

    "Thats good stuff.

    He grinned before taking a more serious turn.

    "What brings you to these dark and dangerous parts? Do you wish to join the Sith Empire like myself?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-17-2002 06:20 PM:

    Gideon noticing the serious face that Macros made so he put one on and said,

    :Yes Macros I do wish to join the ranks of the Sith. To use my inner demons to summon a great power in side of me, but I believe that's what were all doing here:

    Posted by Macros on 08-18-2002 10:20 AM:

    Macros nodded,

    "Power is something that I myself desperately seek, for I was once all powerful, before I lost it all, but that is another story..."

    Smiling, Macros grabbed a glass and poured Gideon a drink, and then one for himself.

    "It seems your friends are a little um...asleep. What a shame..."

    Laughing at them he downed his drink.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-18-2002 12:31 PM:

    Gideon takes the drink that Macros poured for him, took a drink a said,

    :Yes they are. Put a couple of drinks in a person that can't hold it and they start to day dream and don't pop back into reality for a long time:

    Gideon laughs when he looks at them then said,

    :Yes there gone, gone into a dream world:

    Posted by Macros on 08-18-2002 02:36 PM:

    Macros laughed again,

    "How is your Recruitment process coming along? Nasty aren't they. Just the stuff to get you going"

    Macros, the strong drink getting to him, tried to balance a cup using the force just over one of the sleeping figure's heads, smiling as he did so.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-18-2002 05:26 PM:

    Gideon raised his eye brow and smiled, after taking another drink he said,

    :ah, recrutment not a good thing for the inpatient soul:

    Gideon who was starting to sobber up suddenly relized that Macros could use the force, he was probaly trained in weopons also and said to himself,

    :I have no force training very little weopns training if I do make it in Empire what are the chances i'll survive long:

    Gideon's smile quickly turned into a frown.

    Posted by DarthReaper on 08-18-2002 05:48 PM:

    In to the bar walks a character in all black garments, covered by a black hood and cape. He looks up and sees only one character interesting enough to acknowledge. He walks up to the man sitting at the counter pulls off his hood and says, I am Darth Reaper...descendent of Darth Maul of the race of Zabrak. You have caught my eye and I wish to offer you a job of an apprentice. " He moves his cape away from his waist belt, where the db-saber of Maul is in view. "Denying my offer may result in nonprogressive consequences!!!"

    Darth REAPER

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 08-18-2002 06:11 PM:

    Hi there and welcome to As was explained by Lynch in your thread in the Main Forum, unless you have already trained here and have experience you cannot take on an apprentice.

    But if you are interested in joining The Sith Empire and becoming an apprentice yourself and gaining that necessary experience as you climb the ranks as everyone else does/has done, please feel free to make a post in the Recruitment Registration Forum. I have also e-mailed you so please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have. Thanks.

    Posted by Macros on 08-19-2002 04:31 PM:

    Turning his back to the annoying individual that had stormed in amongst them, Macros faced Gideon,

    "I am sorry my friend, but i have no idea."

    He laughed.

    "I learned basic force powers from a Sith Knight I met in a far away bar, who aknowledged my potential in the ways of the Darkside.."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 04:44 PM:

    Gideon felt much better seeing that man make a fool of himself and said,

    :I gusse i just worrie alot, but lets not let it ruin are good time :

    Posted by Macros on 08-19-2002 04:55 PM:

    Macros grinned and poured more drinks for the pair.

    "Nothing wrong with worrying in the right place, but do not let it cloud your vision on such trivial matters as survival as an apprentice. If the Empire accepts you, you will survive. Simple as that."

    Macros glanced around the room, noting the absense of people.

    "Quiet int it?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 05:55 PM:

    Gideon took a drink and followed Macros’s lead and looked around then said,

    :Yes, it is quiet maybe a little to quiet:

    Gideon heard a beep and looked down, it was is holopad. He read the message and told Macros,

    :Excuse me for 5 minutes the council request's my presence:

    Posted by Macros on 08-19-2002 06:03 PM:

    Macros bows his head, making himself comfy.

    "Good Luck, For you shall need it."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 06:11 PM:

    *Nikka sat in a secluded and dark area of the bar shrouded in all black garbs. As she overheard the conversation from the two newcomers, she scoffed, but said nothing. There were thoughts in her mind of what she could say though. Overhearing their opinions of the Empire council were offending enough. So she simply remained silent, and awaited if anyone else would overhear them and step in to say something.*

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 06:14 PM:

    Gideon who was gone a little more than 5 minutes saw Macris still sitting there. Gideon walked up to him with a bit of a shocked look on his face, he ordered a round of hard liqour for the two of them and said,

    :Your looking at the newest Sith Disciple:

    Gidoen held up his glass for a toast and said,

    :You are next my friend:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 06:23 PM:

    "Welcome to the Empire."

    *Nikka said with a smile as she overheard their conversation yet again.*

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 06:28 PM:

    Gideon saw the woman and said,

    :Thank you, may I have your name and order you a drink:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 06:33 PM:

    *She nodded in approval and smiled.*

    "Sure. Name's Nikka. Nikka Darkstorm. I'm a disciple here as well."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 06:37 PM:

    Gideon smiled at the lovely woman and said,

    :I'm Gideon Desdemona, being a disciple here you know what i've been through:

    Gideon chuckled and asked,

    :What will you be drinking:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 06:51 PM:

    *She stood from her table and moved over to his location.*

    "I'll take a Corellian Mist, please. Thanks. May I join you?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 07:03 PM:

    Gideon asked the waiter for Nikka's Corellian Mist then said,

    :Please do i enjoy the company:

    Gidoen thought why they waited for her drink he would get to know her more by asking,

    :So Nikka how long have you been with empire:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 07:41 PM:

    *Smiling, Nikka sat down while the droid rolled off to get her drink.*

    "I've been a member for around 6 months now. I find it quite homely now."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 07:49 PM:

    Gideon thought about that homely.......... he hopes to find this place like that. As the droid waiter arrived with her drink he handed it to her and said,

    :Enjoy :

    After taking a drink Gideon asked her another question,

    :If you don't take this personal I would like to know your age:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 08:00 PM:

    *Her fiery eyebrows quirked at his question. Not that she was offended by the question. She just thought it was such a surprise to hear such an inquiry on first meeting the man.*

    "I'm 22."

    *She took the drink in her palm and sipped from it slowly.*

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-19-2002 11:41 PM:

    Gideon porred a glass for himself and said,

    :Sorry if I affended you or if that was to personal for the first meeting, but you are a lovely woman:

    Gidoen's stomach dropped as he knew the liqour was taking affect again. He never would have said that since he just met her evan though it was true and told her,

    :I think I will stop talking for a while and let you ask me a question or two if you feel like it:

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-19-2002 11:56 PM:

    *Nikka gave him a reassuring look and patted his hand gently.*

    "It's perfectly alright. You never know anything about a person unless you ask."

    *She smiled and sipped from her drink again.*

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-20-2002 12:04 AM:

    Gideon was reashured that he didn't upset the woman with his words. Gideon thinking he mite take a break set his drink aside and asked the droid waiter for a glass of water. Gideon looked a Nikka and told her,

    :I gusse we all have are foolish moments but i think it's what we do after them that count:

    Gideon wasn't sure why but he felt real calm talking with Niika.Almost as if they were best friends and had knowen each other for years.

    Posted by Macros on 08-20-2002 09:48 AM:

    Macros arose from a drunken trance, his head cleared, to find Gideon talking to a woman. Instantly aware, he looked at his friend, then at the stranger. He smiled.

    "It appears I have missed something here."

    Turning to face the woman, he tried his best to appear friendly, something he struggles at.

    "Im Macros the Black, Sith hopeful, what name do you go by?"

    Posted by Nikka on 08-20-2002 01:37 PM:

    (OOC: It's me. I had to register a new account :P)


    Nikka turned toward Macros and smiled. She didn't want to disturb him before as he appeared to be preoccupied with his own thoughts.

    "Pleased to meet you, Macros. I'm Nikka."

    Posted by Macros on 08-21-2002 09:54 AM:

    (OOC: Ok why?)

    IC: Macros smiled and took a drink,

    "So how long have you been in this Empire, you carry yourself around these strange parts as if you have known them a while. Are you a disciple, or do I have the honour of speaking with one higher up the rankings?"

    He added quickly:

    " Not of course, that a disciple is a bad thing..."

    He looked nervous, he hoped she didn't take that the wrong way; he meant well.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-21-2002 03:19 PM:

    (OOC: This one was giving my problems, but it's ok now )


    "My membership of the Empire is reaching it's sixth standard month now and yes, I am a Disciple."

    *She smiled at his curiosity.*

    "Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a Disciple. I quite enjoy it, but I do hope I move forward in rank soon."

    Posted by Macros on 08-21-2002 04:44 PM:

    (OOC: Ok good lol)

    IC: Macros raised an eyebrow, an unseen gesture taking place within the shadows of his hooded face.

    "Good luck anyway, may the darkness guide you to glory, and may your foes rot in your wake. I too am hoping to become a disciple here. If you do not mind my constant questions, who are you apprenticed too?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-21-2002 04:55 PM:

    *She nodded slightly, taking another sip of her drink.*

    "I wish you the best of luck on your recruitment. My master is Council Member Dara Shadowtide and she is one of the best."

    Posted by Macros on 08-21-2002 05:09 PM:

    Macros nodded his head, looking at Gideon, as if willing him on to speak, as Macros did not wish to ask any more questions of the disciple at this time.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-21-2002 06:20 PM:

    "So..What brings you both to the Empire?"

    *Nikka thought she would take over asking questions for a bit. She figured if Gideon was a new member and if Macros willing to join, she would get to know them better.*

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-21-2002 06:51 PM:

    Gidoen did not want to disdurb Nikka and Macros so he sat there tring to get head on strait some more.

    Posted by Macros on 08-22-2002 11:07 AM:

    Macros appeared deep in thought, and just as Nikka was about to ask him again, he answered. Looking confused as if he didn't know himself, he tried his best to answer.

    "Something draws me here. An unnatural force of somesort."

    He shook his head, his unseen eyes squinting as if it would somehow clear his clouded vision. He spoke slowly..

    "Maybe in time it will be revealed to me, maybe not. But I intend to stay here, and even if I do not know why, I will give my life to the Empire."

    Macros shook his head, coming back to reality, smiling.

    "Anything else you would like to know? I do not mind."

    Mumbling and turning his head, his antisocial nature coming forth for a brief moment, if only heard by himself,

    "I will let you know if I dont like your questions, I assure you.."

    He grinned, remembering his manners, hoping she didn't hear his darker side.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-22-2002 11:33 AM:

    Gideon sat there drinking his water and thought noe would be a good time to say,

    :Macros you may have a greater reason for being here but the one thing that draws everyone here is the quest for ultimate power:

    Gideon didn't want to put words in his mouth but he kept on talking and sayed,

    :Macros, you may allready have the power but it will grow as will you in time. So just remember patience is a virtu my friend:

    Posted by Macros on 08-22-2002 11:53 AM:

    Macros smiled

    "Thank you my friend, power is something we all seek, but it is what you do with it that matters the most. Mine is the Empires once I am accepted, IF I am accepted."

    Macros looked distant,

    "There is definately something else though, I can feel it. At night when I sleep, when i look to the stars, even while I sit here now. It's like a voice that I cannot hear telling me what to do..I can't explain it with words. Here let me show you.."

    At that, Macros shut his eyes, and Gideon looked confused, and then startled as the feeling sent from Macros reached him.

    "Now do you understand? That is something I have only recently learnt, and I have not perfected the tecnique to it yet..."

    He sat back, awaiting a response while taking a sip from his drink. Realising it was empty he ordered another for the trio.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-22-2002 12:06 PM:

    Gideon who was confused by his words understood what he mint when he felt the power he put out and said,

    :I know what you mean. I've felt as if a greater power points me in the paths of life. I can't do what you just did to let you know how I feel but I believe they are the same:

    Gideon felt as if the feeling that Macros and him-self felt was the same thing that everyone here felt. They where the great ancient members of the sith pointing each of them to there own destiny.

    Posted by Macros on 08-22-2002 04:16 PM:

    (OOC: No offence meant, and i know mine isnt perfect, but I think you might wana use a spellchecker so that your meanin comes across clearer sometimes..but hey, what do i know? lol)

    IC: Macros just nodded, reading Gideon's thoughts; he decided he liked the thought of the ancient Sith watching over him, deciding his fate.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-22-2002 09:21 PM:

    (OCC-spellcheck was down at the time i posted)

    IC-Gideon noticed things were getting slow again so he decided to make things a little more interesting. Gideon stood up and found one of the regulars asked him a question and came back. Macros and Nikka had one of those wierd looks on there faces when Gideon returned, then he asked them,

    :A game of darts maybe:

    Gideon pointed to the wall on the other side of the room where there was an open board.

    Posted by Macros on 08-23-2002 08:21 AM:

    (OOC: k im just sayin lol. By the way next time your on aol theres something i wana ask u about a possible storyline for us 2.)

    IC: Macros smiled, he wa quite good at darts, he'd have to promise not to use the force though, as Gideon was not yet able to harness his power.

    "Sure. Good idea. Nikka, care to join us?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-26-2002 12:06 AM:

    Gideon took Nikka's silence as a sign that she was to drunk to play. Gideon and Macros walked over to the board and he asked Macros,

    :What should the game be? Criquet, 301, it's up to you man:

    Posted by Nikka on 08-26-2002 03:28 AM:

    "I'm not into playing games, fellas. I'll catch up with you later."

    *Nikka heard them talking but had drifted off into her thoughts.*

    Posted by Macros on 08-26-2002 08:56 AM:

    "Ok then, fair enough, I'll see you around then ey?"

    Macros turned to Gideon, after receiving a message. He grinned.

    "Seems Ive been accepted into the Sith Empire, my friend."

    Finishing his drink, he stood and walked across to the board, keeping up with gideon's faster pace.

    "And as for the game, It's your choice, I don't play often enough to care."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-26-2002 01:34 PM:

    Gideon smiled and said,

    :Welcome to the Empire:

    Gideon took a drink in his name then said,

    :I've always been best at 301, so that will be the game:

    Gideon picked up the darts and handed them to Macros and said,

    :The first turn is yours:

    Posted by Macros on 08-26-2002 04:45 PM:

    Macros, strolling away from the board, threw his first dart over his shoulder, it narrowly missed the triple 20. Turning, Macros looked shocked.

    "Oh. Seems I'm out of practice..."

    He threw his next couple, facing the board this time, getting reasonable scores. Retreiving the darts he spoke quietly.

    "How is your training, my friend?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-26-2002 06:09 PM:

    Gideon watched Macros's turn and said,

    :Not bad:

    Gideon picked up the darts and started his turn, he hit a doulbe bullseye, singal 20, and a double 19. Gideon handed Macros the darts and said,

    :My training is good but mabey you should concentrate on the game:

    Posted by Macros on 08-27-2002 08:04 AM:

    (OOC:That picture is better.)

    Macros grunted. Throwing a perfect three he smirked. As he walked back he spoke cockily to his friend.

    "Good idea. Ill keep my eyes on the board and my scores up. Your go."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-27-2002 12:02 PM:

    (OCC-I thought that also.)

    IC-Gideon smircked as this was the good time he was looking for. Gideon tossed three more excellent darts and said to Macros,

    :If you don't mind loosing we should do this more often :

    Posted by Macros on 08-27-2002 03:53 PM:

    "Haha. My training has started, Im training with one known as Xam. Have you met him?"

    His concentration lessened by the conversation, he threw three abysmal shots. Cursing under his breath he ignored his friends taunts.

    "Looks like we will be doing this often then."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-28-2002 05:20 PM:

    Gideon ordered another drink before he shot. Gideon picked up the darts and took his turn, he felt as if he was a child learning how to play the game as two of the three darts bounced out of the board. Gideon turned to Macros and said,


    Gideon retrieved the darts and told Macros,

    :No one's perfect, We all make mistakes but that one might of cost me the game:

    Posted by Macros on 08-28-2002 05:39 PM:

    Macros stood back and held in his laughter.

    "I make lots of mistakes. At least it's only a game it's put in danger, not your life..."

    Macros was near to rounding up this game now, but his throws were poor.

    "Let's just have one game tonight, my friend. After I've won this lets get some more drink."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-28-2002 05:50 PM:

    Gideon bursted out in laughter at how porley the two where doing this night and said,

    :I agrre with you. We've made fools out of our selfs enough for one night:

    Gideon nerley recovered from his bad last turn but all Macros had to do was hit a simple 14 to win the game and he was still at least one turn from winning. It would have to be the best turn of the night if he wanted to win let alone Macros would have to screw up royaly.

    Posted by Macros on 08-28-2002 06:34 PM:

    Laughing at his friend's joke, timed as he was throwing his first dart, he missed the board completely! Laughing at his pathetic first attempt he saw his game go down the drain with two more pathetic shots. Not waiting to see his friend's throws he walked back to the bar to drown his sorrows in his drink..

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-28-2002 11:42 PM:

    Gideon walked over and took a seat next to his new friend and said,

    :For the sake of peace I pray you don't look at the board:

    Gideon had just thrown a perfect turn and won himself the game. Gideon smiled and said,

    :Hey, winner buys the next drinks and tonight that's me:

    Gideon chuckled and thought now was a good time to change the subject.

    Posted by Nikka on 08-28-2002 11:43 PM:

    (OOC: That is a cool pic )


    *Nikka turned and watched the two men attempt to play darts. One of the reasons why she declined was her inability to play games, but while watching those two, she could have just joined them and got it over with... and possibly beat them. She chuckled at the thought and then drifted into her thoughts again.*


    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-28-2002 11:54 PM:


    IC-While Macros was drowning his sarrows over his loss Gideon rembered that they Nikka alone. Gideon walked over to the table and siad,

    :I hope we didn't leave you bored over here all alone? If you would like the company I can sit down and we can talk some more:

    Posted by Nikka on 08-29-2002 12:56 AM:

    "A lot of us spend time alone.."

    *She smiled almost solemnly and nodded.*

    "I'm fine, really. Thank you for the concern."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-29-2002 01:01 AM:

    Gideon smiled and said,

    :If that's what you wish, I was always taught that a lady is always right so I'll leave you be:

    With that said Gideon walked back over to Macros hoping he wasn't still sore about loosing

    Posted by Macros on 08-29-2002 09:00 AM:

    Macros flashed Gideon a mock look of anger. His eyes laughing he downed the lastof his drink. Glancing back at the board he moaned.

    "Looks like I messed that one up...Well done you lucky son of a *****. That was my game."

    Turning to Nikka he spoke softly.

    "We all need our time alone. It is when our minds are undisturbed that we grow stronger and wiser."

    Talking to them both he sighed.

    "It's been a good night, but Im going to call it a day now, I have training tommorow. I'll see you around."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-29-2002 10:11 AM:

    Gideon smiled and shook Macros's hand and said,

    :It was a pleasure to meet you Friend:

    Gideon and Macros walked there separate ways but before Gideon walked out of the bar he stopped, turned, and nodded to Nikka then spoke,

    :Good Evening Miss:

    With that said Gideon turned back around and slowly walked out of the bar.

    Posted by Macros on 08-29-2002 10:18 AM:

    Macros nodded to Nikka, then he slowly weaved his way through the crowd and out into the night...