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    Posted by videl1999 on 07-15-2002 01:53 AM:
    Starless Night (open)

    With the light of the moon and stars hindered by the clouds, it was hard to see anything in the pitch-blackness of the night. Not too far off though, three pairs of eyes were visible glowing from some unseen light. One of them belonged to Videl Ryu who walked quietly into Rama’s before drawing back the hood of her cloak. Seen only by the gleam of their eyes until now, Videl’s wolf and panther silently stalked in across the room on furred feet behind her. A dim setting lit only by a few lights, one of which buzzed slightly in the corner, the bar a favorite hangout for all kinds of people whether they be hunters or Sith. Taking up a barstool, Videl sat down and looked around as her pets wandered over and settled down beside her stool.

    Yawning wide enough to show his intimidating set of sharp fangs, the panther, Shiji stretched out his back while digging his front claws into the floor before straightening out his lithe body and sitting down once more. His tail swished from side to side for a moment before he drew it in around him and waited quietly. The other was Kuroi, his battle-scars cut all over his body but the most noticeable was the one that had rent over his eye. As bad as it looked, the wound gave him no trouble though, his vision was fine out of both eyes as his sight had not been taken on one side by pure luck. These two had been with Videl for about 2 years now and were very loyal to her, willing to give their lives for their master. But they served more as companions to her since Videl could handle anything that crossed her path. For now, the dark animals were watchers as their master had come back to the place they had once called home yet again. Her actions were curious to them since Videl never stayed there as before but they still wondered what was to become of these visits. In truth, Videl herself didn’t know why she came back several times now, something kept drawing her back there.

    For now, the fires in Videl’s eyes danced a bit as she looked around, there was several people who were new to her as always but some of them were familiar. One of which was a wizened, stolid old man with a jagged scar that cut over his eye drank slowly from a large flask, he was a regular but no one in particular. Upon noticing a bit of movement out of the corner of her eye, Videl looked off to her right to see a man trying to slink away unnoticed. A wry smile spread across the young huntress’s face as she recognized him. This one was one of the many who had suffered when she had gotten bored in the bar, this man had been one of her targets for her throwing knife dart games and he had a scar on his forehead to prove it. Videl chuckled to herself before turning away, she would leave this one alone for now, besides she wasn’t bored....yet....

    OOC: really now? that all came outta my head honestly.....still need posts in here....bored.....

    Posted by Jakob Burton on 07-16-2002 06:42 PM:

    OOC: This reminds me of a book with the same title....

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 07-19-2002 04:55 PM:

    Sten noticed the newcomer. Or maybe not newcomer, but someone who wasn't here often. It wasn't her beauty that drew his attention, but the animals at her side. They were both very majestic looking, and each in their own way. The scarred wolf was obviously a fighter, whereas the panther was a hunter. Or at least, that's what he could see based on just sight. Sten, sitting only a few barstools away from her, reached his hand forth, summoning a bottle from it's respectful place on the shelf to his hand. He then slid it, past several other patrons, stopping right in front of her. Seeing that she got the bottle, he turned his attention back to his bottle, taking a sip of the clear and potent liquid. He had to admit, he made one hell of a moonshine.....

    Posted by videl1999 on 07-22-2002 01:44 AM:

    *Videl looked up upon feeling someone using the force to see Sten send the bottle over to her. She looked at him briefly before turning back to the bottle and trying it out. It was pretty good but she was a little curious as to why it was given to her but then again living the life of an assassin made her not too trusting. She flashed him a smile before turning back to the drink again. Honestly Videl had never seen a primate-type before so she didn't know quite what to make of him. In her younger days, Videl spent her time with human-types or predator types since those types seemed to have a natural knack for killing, her first master being a cat-type, half Ctarl Ctarl and Maknan. Absentmindedly, Videl scratched between Kuroi's ears and the wolf responded with his usual gravelly growl while Videl herself thought of much older days*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 07-28-2002 11:13 PM:

    Sten watched her, studied her with his mind's eye. What was she about? Why was she here? Perhaps he should ask. Sten got up, and walked over to her, without any sign of fear, or nervousness. In fact, he was rather blunt.

    "Hello. I'm Sten. And what is a girl like you doing in these parts? If you are at all like you seem, you should be in the woods hunting with your fine companions. Something I'd probably be doing as well........"

    Posted by videl1999 on 08-01-2002 01:52 AM:

    One of Videl's eyebrows raised ever so slightly, this one was quite blunt. Still she knew from experience, Sith were never ones for beating around the bush, direct was the preferred way as she was accustomed to as well.

    "This area used to be my home actually, as for hunting, my pets prefer to hunt for food or only to help me find my intended catch. The bounty life isn't all fun and games but it pays the bills."

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 08-05-2002 10:15 PM:

    "Too true. Too true...... So, it used to be, but what about now?"

    Posted by Videl Ryu on 08-07-2002 02:12 AM:

    Videl sighed softly while her eyes briefly scanned the area.

    "Honestly I don't know now, I just seem to keep making my way back here, whether it be out of habit or for some other reason I don't have a clue."

    She then sipped her drink, her other hand rubbing between Kuroi's ears again.

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 08-11-2002 09:43 PM:

    "Perhaps the Dark Side is bringing you here time and time again. The Dark Side is a powerful thing. If you become one with it, you will find power, something needed in all trades, including yours. And perhaps even you could join the Sith. We can do some tests to find if you have what it takes. And trust me, joining the Sith was the best thing for me, and is in your best interests. You will find so much more if you do join. So, are you interested?"

    Posted by Macros on 08-12-2002 05:37 PM:

    (OOC:IM Sooooo sorry but.. *ROFLLMAO* THAT IS THE BEST THING EVA STEN. LOL. ur signature

    Posted by Videl Ryu on 08-13-2002 01:20 AM:

    Videl smiled somewhat wryly, a habit of of hers that she did very often.

    "I once was one of this empire but certain things made me drift away....and to be quite honest with you, many things have changed over my time away and aren't quite as I remember. But it's more of a matter of if the empire still wants me than my decision really despite how interested I may be but I will say this, I do miss being here and being a part of all this."

    She sighed briefly as she looked around a bit, her eyes wandering over the bar and its patrons, remembering past incidents as she did so.

    "I guess that may be why I keep coming back in a way, the memories still call to me, bringing me back here time and time again."

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 08-23-2002 04:43 PM:

    OOC: Glad you enjoy it. I aim to please. :P


    "Well, if you so long to return, then perhaps you must. If you come to the recruiting area, I will recieve you there, and if possible, train you. You see, I'm but a Warrior at the moment, and have been one for awhile, so I must go up in the ranks to be given the privelige to train. I'll ask and find if I can, and then perhaps I'll accept you as my first trainee. This might take some time, so be patient."

    Posted by Videl Ryu on 08-24-2002 03:13 AM:

    Videl smirked again but shook her head slightly.

    "I have all the training I may need though it's good of you to any rate, I may visit the council one of these days but not tonight, at some later date but not right now."

    Videl sighed softly, her thoughts wandering but she was still slightly hesistant, after all things were not as she remembered and most of the ones she had known were gone.