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    Posted by Unknown on 08-10-2002 01:04 AM:
    slip streams

    :: a portal opened up outside the bar and out walked a man in a cloak, his face was not visable but he carried an ora about him one that seemed familar yet distant to all those around. the figure walked into the bar and sat in a dark corner to try and hide himself from veiw. a server droid came to his table and the man ordered a vodka. ::

    Posted by Macros on 08-10-2002 08:21 AM:

    From his own place in the shadows, Macros watched this newcomer with great interest...he liked this man already; he knew how to keep himself to himself. He sent his precense across the room, and with it a polite request to join him.

    Posted by Unknown on 08-10-2002 01:09 PM:

    :: the man sent back his message it was simple but to the point. ::

    you can do as you choose.

    :: the man then took a sip of his newly arrived drink ::

    Posted by Macros on 08-11-2002 07:10 AM:

    Macros glided across the room, the shadows seemingly hiding him. He pulled a chair next to the newcomer, hurrying, yet appearing casual.

    "Greetings. I am Macros the Black, I noticed the slipstream that you used there, I too am an opener of rifts, and have spent many years in study of them."

    He eyed the newcomer, using the force to establish his power.

    "What name do you go by stranger?"

    Posted by Unknown on 08-11-2002 01:58 PM:

    :: the mans face was still not visable to Macros but if Macros could sense feelings it was one of curosity. As for the power the Unknown had it was not accesable as if hidden by something ::

    " You ask allot of questions. I don't go by any name I drop it a millena ago in a former life. You can call me blade that was the last name I went by. "

    Posted by Macros on 08-11-2002 02:13 PM:

    Macros looked puzzled. He asked only one direct question, and the man's power seemed to be hidden from him. What did he have to hide? And would he a useful ally?

    "Blade..." He repeated, as if tasting it, a name was more than a name to Macros the Black.

    "You know what..." He grinned. " I like you." He risked offering his hand out to this 'Blade', hoping he would accept...

    Posted by Unknown on 08-11-2002 03:27 PM:

    :: blade extended a gloved hand to shake Macros's hand. ::

    " thank you Macros the black. I do have question for you, are you a member of the Sith or there empire? "

    Posted by Macros on 08-12-2002 04:00 PM:

    Macros withdrew his hand, sitting back down.

    "I am currently in the recruitment process to join The Sith Empire, but at the moment the only back I watch is my own..."

    Leaning back in his chair, he toyed with a chain around his neck.

    "And you; Sith or Yourself?"

    Posted by Unknown on 08-13-2002 12:12 AM:

    :: unknown let out a chuckle at the mans words. ::

    " I was a Sith of this empire well not exactly this empire one in a different Dimension very close in likeness to this one but then that was in the past. My counter part from this dimension was a member here but he is dead now. "

    :: Unknown quickly changed subjects ::

    " How far have you travel in slip streams? "

    Posted by Macros on 08-13-2002 09:03 AM:

    Macros pretends to understand.

    "I prefer to call them rifts, and I can travel anywhere I have been previously, no matter how far. I have used them to send armies through in the past."

    Posted by Unknown on 08-18-2002 10:05 PM:

    Uknown just sat there not moving

    " Oh I see so you know nothing of dimentional travel or traveling slip streams. You see rifts can open up to anywhere you choose a slip stream is a bit different there time calculated and if you don't open one at the right time you could get sucked into a whole new universe and could be lost and stuck there foryears just waiting for the right stream to come by.

    rifts are simpler but do not ussaul allow people to travel to demensions that are to far seperated from your own as slip streams can. "

    Unknown took a sip of his drink.

    " It can be a bit complex and take lots of years of study to learn all of this but I had the time and still do."

    Posted by Macros on 08-19-2002 04:12 PM:

    (OOC: Ive heard that teleporting of any kind is out of bounds in star wars universe so were both buggered lol).