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  • Temptation(Open)

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 07-31-2002 04:26 PM:

    *The front doors of the bar creek open and a seemingly tall figure steps in. Clad in a black shirt underneath a black trench coat, green pants with lead ammo-like objects running around his waist, a pair of black dewback hide buckled boots; them having small spikes proceeding from the bottoms and various weapons concealed about him. Has silver slightly spiked up hair atop his head; two large strands hanging down in front of his face. His hands tighten into fists, a faint cracking being heard from one. *

    *He continues in, the bottoms of the coat flowing behind him as he goes. His piercing gaze sweeps the room, glancing over each and every patron, studying their every move. By merely glancing over their usual sways and movements he is able to discover their very weaknesses. Already building up defenses and tactics in his mind for each patron, he arrives at an empty, and secluded booth. *

    *He takes a seat, glancing around once more. His gloved hand goes down to his utility belt, unclipping a pouch. It then comes back up holding a pack of cigarettes. Takes one out, putting the pack back into the pouch. His hand then goes inside the trench coat, coming out with a strange looking lighter, or it may seem to be a lighter. *

    *The cigarette would now be hanging from his lips. He brings the lighter to the end of the cigarette, flicking a button. A flame flickers into existence, dancing above the lighter. It seems to light up the dimly lighted area he occupies for the moment it takes him to light the cigarette. Once diminishing the flame, the slightly eerie glow that just moments ago casted upon Shard vanishes. He takes a rather long drag from the cigarette, letting out a long stream of smoke afterwards. He then whispers to himself, his eye lids half closed. *

    " Hmm, quite an exhilarating crowd tonight. "

    *His words dripping with sarcasm. *

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-04-2002 03:27 PM:

    *Nikka sat at her usual table as she watched the newcomer enter the bar. A bottled water sat in front of her on the tabletop beside a half eaten plate of food. She watched with a certain curiosity, but not a hint of impression showed in her emerald green eyes. Taking a sip of her water, she began to feel a slight sting in her eyes from the cigarette smoke, but didn't let it bother her.*


    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-05-2002 09:19 PM:

    'Gideon' walked around looking for an interesting face to start a conversation with when he over heard the man sitting in the booth and said,

    :Your telling me:

    'Gideon' sets a shot down in front of him as a good gesture and speaks in a friendly voice and says,

    :I'm Gideon, and who you might be?:

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-05-2002 11:21 PM:

    :: A Dark, Evil and Sinister presence hits the small bar like a shockwave, sending chills down the spines of all. The lights dim slowly as the door blows open slamming hard against the wall.

    A lone cloaked figure emerged from the doorway, a great and well known warrior of darkness, to most he was simple known as Darth Phantom or the Lord of Darkness, only a select few knew his true name.

    Phantom had been gone for some weeks, he left without warning or explination and this was the first he'd been seen in awhile. Phantom stood there in the door way for a breif moment looking over everyone. A smile pulled at his lips as he turned to see his beloved sitting there, as his face comes into her view she notices something very much different, his eye color had changed from a deep crimson color to a deep yellow. The creature moved swiftly across the floor as he reached her table he bent down slightly and kissed her most passionately. Taking a seat across from her he speaks in a low voice ::

    " Good Evening my love. "

    :: Indeed something had changed, as he spoke she noticed his long ivory Vampire teeth, now he was truly a creature of Darkness ::

    " I trust everything has went well. "

    :: Phantom's vision shifts to that of the two new arrivals, a grin sweeps across his face ::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-06-2002 02:57 PM:

    *Nikka simply nodded to the 2 sitting near her table but was taken completely by surprise as Phantom approached and kissed her. After kissing him back with equal amount of passion, she hugged him close, the gesture saying she missed him greatly. As she looked to him, she noticed a great change in his appearance.*

    "Good evening, dear. Everything's going alright."

    *She squinted her eyes slightly as she got a closer look at his face.*

    "There's something different about you."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-06-2002 08:27 PM:

    " Indeed, I have become a true creature of Darkness and Evil ... "

    :: The Sith Lord paused for a moment ::

    " I have become a Vampyre. "

    :: Phantom smiled and as he did his ivory fangs came into full view. He slowly removed his hood, his face had turned pale, though his lips were a rose red and his eyes had turned a beautiful yellow ::

    " I want to appoligize for leaving without telling you, I wouldn't normally do that, but something called out to me ... I guess it was true Darkness and Power. "

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-06-2002 08:38 PM:

    *Nikka grinned as she could feel the darker aura surrounding him.*

    "It's alright. You had to do what you had to do to be happy. I'm happy for you."

    *She smiled.*

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-07-2002 01:37 PM:

    *His eyes narrowed breifly, nodding in acknolagment to the one who sat near him, as well as the other two...intimate ones. Smirking slightly, he raised his glass to his lips once more, sipping from it quietly. *


    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-07-2002 10:34 PM:

    " So what do you think? "

    :: The Undead Sith Lord smiled briefly, but before she could answer he bent over and kissed her again ::

    " The power is unbelivable. "

    :: He looked at the two sitting at the bar and raised a curious brow, who are they and what are they doing in his bar he thought to himself. Putting them out of mind he waved to the bartender telling him to send over a droid to take their order ::

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-08-2002 02:21 AM:

    *His eyes narrow yet again, as he senses the dark shaded presence drown with questions of his arrival and intentions. Then noticed him command a droid to take his order. He found this most offending, as if he suspects Phantom is looking down upon him. Diminishes the thought, before it causes his anger to swell up and he bursts forth with a rather arrogant attack. Also chooses to diminish the thought and possible attack for he is unnaware of the sith's power and weaknessess, more then knowing better to attack. He then begins to get annoyed by the one sitting with him. He had gone to this bar to be alone, though he suposes its not that much of a problem. Takes yet another long drag from the cigarette, letting out a thin stream of smoke afterwards. *


    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-08-2002 03:47 PM:

    Zena growled spinning around in her seat..

    "Blow that smoke somewhere else, or I will make you ingest the butt of it."..She sneered at Azrael..

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-08-2002 06:09 PM:

    *Nikka smirked slightly as she noticed one of the men gazing in their direction, but directed her attention to her beloved. She smiled and touched his cheek slightly, grazing her fingers through his hair.*

    "I think the look suits you very well."

    *She then heard a familiar voice yelling out a few seconds later and turned to see who it was. It appeared that the same man that was gazing in her direction had irritated her friend Zena with his cigarette smoke. She smirked again, knowing if he tangled the wrong way with Zena, he would indeed pay the price.*

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-08-2002 09:02 PM:

    :: Phantom smiles as Nikka comments about his new look. His eye's glow a bit as Zena's voice is made heard, he looks to see who she is about to gut and grins ::

    " Take it easy on him Zena ... It makes the pain last longer. "

    :: He chuckles slightly to himself, then returns his attention back to his beloved ::

    " As do I. So tell me what has happened since I left? "

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-09-2002 06:56 AM:

    Stifling a chuckle, Zena shifted in her seat to regard both Phantom and Nikka with a respectful nod.

    .."Depends if he averts the trail of the smoke,".. the Sith warrior commented with a wink projected to both their vicinities.

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-09-2002 01:13 PM:

    *Arches a brow slightly, averting his gaze toward the one spiting threats off at him. He mutters to himself. *

    "Heh, I suppose I was quite wrong about the amount of rudeness amoungst this place. It is far more then I suspected. "

    *He then spits the cigarette from his lips to a near-by ash tray, remembering to show politness even if others are showing the exact opposite of it. Shoots a friendly smile toward Zena, beofre taking another sip from the glass. *

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-09-2002 02:47 PM:

    "To blow your smoke elsewhere, would have sufficed; at the Jawah over there, for instance. They are far too short to care...then again, who ever gave a womprat's **** what a Jawah thought. I am Zena by the way. And who might you be stranger?" Zena threw him a sinister grin.

    .."You are in Sith territory. Polite manners is hardly a custom we bestow upon outsiders of this realm."..

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-09-2002 04:36 PM:

    *Nikka shrugged at Phantom's inquiry of happenings since his absence.*

    "Nothing out of the ordinary. My training still commences in the battlegrounds. I am progressing in my combat skills."

    *She then diverted her attention to the newcomer and Zena once more. The statements of manners made her laugh loudly.*

    "She's right. I don't think manners is something you expect when you enter a Sith bar."

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-09-2002 04:47 PM:

    *Make no gestures of showing his expresion, nor attitude. *

    "How odd. I assumed the ones who cleaned the universe of such scum as the jedi would hold at least a bit of manners. "

    *Shrugs his shoulders a bit, sipping once more. After swallowing the liquid, he speaks once more. *

    "Again, I suppose I was mistaken. "

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-09-2002 04:52 PM:

    *She chuckled after giving him a sneering glare.*

    "Heh... you want manners, go to one of the Jedi bars. I'm sure they'd welcome you there."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-09-2002 11:27 PM:

    " Oh but we do have manners ... your still breathing. "

    :: The Sith Lord's eye's glowed for a moment as he trys to contol his anger, clinching his fists he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly trying to calm himself ::

    " Muhahahaha. We are Evil, we bathe in others blood what makes you think we're going to be nice and to a nobody at that. "

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-10-2002 12:28 AM:

    *Arches a breif brow, listening. Though he shows no movement or sign of mirth, inside he is laughing uncontrolably. He smiles breifly, saying again afterwards. *

    "Oh, how I sense your loathing. You believe you are above manners, and above about everything else. You believe you have obtained true power. Though you may be right, I suppose I do not know. "

    *Smiles, as he continiues. *

    "Yes, I do not know anything, now do I?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-10-2002 01:49 PM:

    *The Disciple looked to Phantom and then to Zena, beginning to chuckle under her breath. This man obviously thought he was the universe's greatest gift.*

    "Looks like we got a live one here."

    *Her attention diverted back toward the man, her eyes glinting a pale hue of crimson.*

    "One thing I will advise you for when you enter these parts: Can the attitude and show proper respect for members of the Empire. Perhaps you could direct that attitude toward your enemies, for that is what we are not, my friend."

    Posted by Azrael Shard on 08-10-2002 05:54 PM:

    *He stayed solemn for a moment or two, speaking afterards. *

    "I apalogies. I suppose I have just had a lose temper lately. Forgive my rudness and dissrespect. "

    *Nods his head slowly, taking a sip from the glass yet again. *

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-11-2002 05:58 PM:

    *She simply nodded to the man without saying a word and awaited reactions from Zena and the others that were in the vicinity.*


    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-17-2002 06:40 AM:

    "There are hundreds of corpses lining the battle grounds whose last words were..I apologize. We Sith do not show mercy, let alone forgiveness, unless it suits us to an advantage. My friend Nikki is correct. We seek power, not tea parties according our guests with pleasantries," Zena finally spoke up after being submerged in deep thought.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-17-2002 02:08 PM:

    *She chuckled at Zena's statement and stood from the table, downing the rest of her drink. She was suddenly growing tired and felt it was time to leave.*

    "I'll drink to that. Unfortunately, I see it is my time to retire. I shall see you at another time."

    *She nodded and made her way to the door, exitting the bar.*