Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 07-18-2002 11:10 AM:
Sacrafice and Pain

Opening the door of Rama's, the Sith Warrior unintentionally invited an algid gust of mountain air to infiltrate the tavern. Disturbed patrons yelled for the unsecured door to obstruct the squall that had momentarily sobered them to a somber reality.

Zena shuffled to a far table as she pondered deeply on her future with the Empire. She held a secret that would shock her closest friends, especially her Master. The Droid knew her regular choice of spirits as it was placed before her in mechanic haste. She downed it greedily in ample swallows. Her arctic eyes were pooling with tears of a shattered heart, yet she could not divulge what had been recently devouring her soul and sacred vow to live amongst her fellow members of the Sith Empire. Only time, and a loyal decision of a close bond of friendship, would mark her next step of action.

Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-18-2002 12:18 PM:

Sitting in a room above the patrons within his own private drinking booth he had sat back with an glass of red wine in an glass held in his hand. His pale face was turned up to stare into a single glowing light that his eyes had been looking at for the last half an hour, he made no turn to avert his gaze from the light instead merely absorbing its assault that caused his eyes to slightly tingle after a time.

Sensing something his head slowly moved down he turned ever so slightly to look out from his booth and attempt to detect that which he sensed. Placing the rim of the glass to his lips he drank down some of the bubbly liquid into his throat and rose his arm up to the side of the large seat that ran the length of the wall.

He realized who he sensed now, rising up he placed the glass to the table without a trace of the wine left. Approaching the rail that stood from the booth he scanned the floor surveying its patrons and seeking the one. Locking onto his query he stood back to the rail than and with a slight jolt of his feet flipped himself over the rail.

A game between two poker playing humans had began a hour ago with both losing more than a share of their purse to various other gamblers earlier in the night, each eyed the other with hate and knowledge only one of the two would walk out with any credits. Or so they thought.

With a crash the dark form crashed atop the table sending cards and booze flying in the air. One drink spelled over the chest of one while the other leapt back shouting a string of curses at this sudden development. It did not help he had held a winning hand.

Reaching into his coat to pull to a blaster the man heard a low growl emit from the stranger, his eyes saw only a quick jab in this throat and a sudden pain. The white faced intruder only smiled and yanked a blood coated finger from the wind pipe of the man who fell backwards gasping for air. Leaping around in a 180 turn with his hands and feet the chaotic Sith landed again on the table only now to face the second gambler.

“There are two things you should know”

On hearing the words the man decided to flee was a option best suited as the full realization of what was going on and what this thing could be before him might truly be however futile the attempt to flee may be. Unfortunately for him he could not move a muscle.

Stepping off the table his dark cloak flapped all around the Sith, strolling forward to the man the vampyre Sith rose a hand. “There are two things you should know.” From his hand he held up a finger.

“One, you really should know when to fold”

Grinning the Sith held up a second finger. “And two...” Taking both fingers he plunged them into the mans nostrils and started to pull the mans head upward slightly, the Siths sharp finger nails threatening to rip through. “ never ever EVER make yourself look as foolish as you did. You’ll find your head on backwards.”

A smile turned at the Siths lips as he brought a knee to the mans groin making him double over as the Sith freed him from the hold he had placed upon the man. As the patron double over the Sith reached down around his face and with a vicious twist snaped the mans neck. The body fell flat to the floor with its back to the ceiling yet the mans face was also now staring up at the lights.

A devious smile on his lips the Sith Master of chaos was already walking away to a table so far from the main action of the bars floor to where his apprentice Zena sat lost in thought. He bowed once letting his cloak flutter out around him. “Mind if I take a seat?”

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 07-19-2002 10:02 AM:

Beholding the paramount veneer before her, Zena rose from her chair, capitulating into a bow in response to her exalted Master's presence.

"You may, Master...I am honored."

Zena could sense him boring through her mind as it sent a biting chill down her spine. Lynch would have the reason for his apprentice's apparent torment, deeply sketched on her delicate features. She tried in vain to resist the pressing mind probe, but finally relented.

"Blasted mind probes! I cannot keep anything from you..can I..Master?!"

Jedah Lynch remained motionless, still standing; a towering abhorrent vista of death as he awaited her disclosure. With a reluctant sigh, she nodded and relayed what had been troubling her.

"It is one year, to this day, my camp with the Red Moons was raided by that Sith Lord who spared my life. I had only recently recalled the reason for the fate of my comrades. I see now why I had not allowed it to play into my memories. The anniversary, unfortunately, crumbled my resolve."

Zena took another drink as she could see her Master clenching his fists at her causal act of biding time, delaying her confession. Slamming the glass down she summoned her courage.

"He sought revenge against my clan because I had killed his apprentice in combat. I do not know if he was affiliated with the Sith Empire. It was my job as a mercenary; I was on guard that night. If it had not been for our Rancor that destracted him in the heated battle, my sword would not have pierced his heart. He had employed a dual saber, rendering my blaster carbine ineffective. I had only my Mandalorion iron sword for backup."

Zena looked away from the lambency of his green eyes gravitating on her. His power washed through her like the vortex of a cyclone, churning her insides as if she was placed in the barkeep's blender for a tortuous ordeal. Visably shaken, she tried to sit down, as a bone-like finger ending in a barbed nail obstructed her action, lifted her chin effortlessly while commanding her to stand through the Dark Force. Its extensive voltage reverberated across her mind as she stiffened to attention.

"So now I drink for the fond memory of my fallen friends, and the apprentice I was forced to execute. Because of my actions, all is lost."

The Sith warrior awaited a swift reprimand as she briefly closed her eyes, hoping to erase his sovereign facet from eating her alive.

Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-30-2002 06:05 PM:

So this was one of the secrets that lay within her and ate at her existence, an action taken against her past fellow compatriots who fell prey to the blade of another Sith all due to her besting a Sith in combat. Such was an ironic tale was it not? She had killed his apprentice and he had sought out revenge, if not to gauge the abilities of the one who had killed his apprentice, such was an test that many Sith undertook if one of their apprentices were slain during combat. Why not replace the lost apprentice with the winner who may prove to be superior?

The anniversary of this chain of events no doubt leading up to this day had dwelled on her shoulders, if he had still known some sort of pity he might have felt such an emotion but at the time he knew nothing but her doing what it took to survive and she had done just this had she not?

Such an ability and will had to be applauded.

Listening to her words after he took his seat he never once spoke until she was done, he did not wish to interrupt something that no doubt played on her soul. How many had he saw die or turn from the path of true darkness? Did not these occasions play on his mind as well at times? If they did they were fleeting and soon passed into nothingness.

He lived in the present not the past and he had no time for fools.

“Hardly so....all is lost? Such is not true at all. You have survived the fires of combat where your own death could have come to past. Twice did you defy agents of darkness and overcome that which challenged you. You proved your skill and determination to survive.”

Locking those unforgiving green eyes at her own he stared with an darkness in his own soul.

“Your former allies died a warriors death so there is nothing to mourn for they surely have pleased their Gods and will sit by them in honor in the after life whatever it might be. You are still alive and will honor their memory by achieving all that you can in this life, any other course of action would bring them dishonor.”

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 07-31-2002 10:12 AM:

Appraising his commentate, Zena nodded as she took a seat. She would never again allow former times to be the dictator to her convictions. Jedah Lynch himself acquitted Zena of her past actions of self defense against the Sith apprentice, dissolving the unneccessary vexations that had been playing on her conscious.

"Thank you Master. I am relieved you understand, and honored you see my last day as a mercenary, as one of a warrior faced with a formidable enemy."

She was getting used to his electrifying eyes, as she boldy riveted her own onto his.

"Aye, they all died a soldier's death of honor. Perhaps it is merely survivor's guilt, making me feel I should have as well. But like you had stated, the Sith Lord viewed me as a superior fighter to his lost apprentice, so rather than waste me, he decided to augment my skills."

Zena smiled up to her Master, beaming in his compelling presence. She held a renewed respect for him, never would she hesitate to die in his stead, if the situation would demand of her such an extreme sacrafice.

"Care to share a drink with me?" She playfully winked.

Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-31-2002 08:06 PM:

Stroking his chin in contemplation he nodded and clicked his fingers. Always was a droid really to serve the Sith Master a drink when he desired one, if nothing else it was convenient. Something that was useful at times when important visitors or guest of honor did pay him a visit.

A grey and green droid on three wheels beeped and quickly zipped and zoomed around tables and people as it made its way towards the Sith and his apprentice. Speed and service was ever so important in life.

“A drink yes, I think I shall, is there anything you wish to order?”

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-02-2002 01:54 PM:

"Red wine, the best they have."

Zena marvelled at the power he commanded, even with Droids.

"That is...since you are buying tonght." she smiled with a nod.

Posted by Lynch on 08-04-2002 09:18 PM:

“That I’am.”

Giving the droid the orders it beeped its affirmation of the given order and quickly U turned as it headed toward the bar with the order. Seldom did he come to the bar to have a drink, too few times compared to his younger days in the empire when he had first began as an disciple.

How many would be hard pressed to believe the person he was until he had become the creature he is now. Back than he was not the dark warrior of darkness he was now. It was only through difficulties and his own stubborn unforgiving will that had brought him to this point of his dark chapter that marked his existence.

So very few times did he take a simple moment to come back here, to a bar he had frequented so often in his younger days.

Beeping to announce its arrival the droid came to their able with a tray over its head held by a single “arm” that had come out the droids side. Retrieving the two brews it brought to the Sith he handed his apprentice the red wine and for himself a drink of redness but hardly one of the same design as his fellow Sith.

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-05-2002 09:31 PM:

.."Ah...a fine wine indeed."..

Zena inhaled its sweet aroma before ingesting its contents, the crimson liquid saturating her arid throat like a replenishing rain.

.."Such a succulent delight deserves to be toasted."..

Zena felt honored her Master stayed to share with her in this auspicious occasion. He was never known to frequent the establishment except to quench his insatiable thirst for the kill on an unsuspecting patron. Swiftly his deliverance of their demise merely echoed the beats of a restless soul hankering to conclude the lives of the weak, aiding his vast prepotency.

.."Shall we drink to the expansion of the Sith Empire, my Master?'..Her alluring arctic blue eyes stood in direct contrast against his phosphorescent green scrutiny.

Posted by Lynch on 08-08-2002 01:39 AM:

“As worthy as any toast as I have heard. To the Empire!!!! May it last forever and bathe in the blood of its enemies for eternity”

Clicking the glass that held his beverage to satisfy his own appetite to that of his apprentices the sound of clinging rung out as they collided gently enough to not waste a single drop of the drinks contained within each.

Pulling back his glass he took a good long drink of the refreshing red brew that flowed around his tongue and down the Siths throat quenching a thirst that was darker in nature than the common humans need to over ride a need to enjoy the refreshing taste of a cold liquid to settle ones parched dry throat.

Oh yes, his thirst was by far much darker in nature.

The smell of the red liquid flowed to his nostrils that near over rode an need, a basic one of his vampric side to enjoy the fresh blood of living prey. For now, the drink he held and tasted would do, the corner of his lips turned up into a devious grin.

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-08-2002 08:25 AM:

Crushing the glass in her hands as the Darkside blossomed in her veins, Zena hurled the remnants of the shattered debris at an idle droid, its bleeps of protest invoked a roar of laughter from the Sith warrior.

"Get over here droid! I need another refill!" Zena glared at her bleeding hands, as she wiped them over her features, marking her face like the war paint she used in the mercenaries.

"Master...When shall we go to war against the Dark Jedi? The Jedi are so few. My thirst for carnage is overwhelming me. My anger grows stronger each passing day, as more Sith Empire members fall prey to the Black Hand's seductive lures. I need to vent on our enemies. I wish to crush them all!"

Posted by Lynch on 08-10-2002 06:17 PM:

“The who?”

Giving a laugh to the name and being more than amused at her sudden burst of anger and desire for the blood and death of those that would oppose the Sith ways he gave an wave of his hand to signal for her to remain sitting for now as the droid would soon return with her second refreshment.

“Why worry about that is insignificant and worthless? We have weeded out the weak and expelled that which was pitiful to further strengthen the whole. Such is the Sith way. But fret not....your desire for blood and carnage will be served soon enough. Upon the horizon there is much in store.”

A glint of darkness shined in his eyes as he spoke the words. Oh yes very much soon, there existed many worlds out in the vast galaxy ready for the righteous order of Sith to descend upon it and show them the true path. They would be educated in the word.

They would know that word was Sith.

It was a word that would soon cause destruction unlike any had seen.

Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-17-2002 08:47 AM:

"Yes, my Master..The weak Dark outsiders and the Jedi shall perish under our might. Soon we shall have our revenge and proclaim our sovereignty over all the pathetic minions of the galaxy. The Sith of the Empire will roll dexterously across their enemies, leaving ground bones in the aftermath, littering the loam by a resolute titanic assault. It is only time, and for that the wait will be well worth the treasure of our impending conquests."

Her arctic blue eyes began to alter their pigment to the silver of sword, as she hungered for the imminent liquidation that would soon transpire.