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    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-20-2002 09:21 PM:
    Care to join me..?

    Lina slid in through the doors holding her head a bit gravely. Her red hair covered half of her face, her free blue eye sparkled, yet everything else remained emotionless. She pursed her lips, smoothing out her red lipstick a bit. She then plopped herself down with a slight 'ouf!' and barely glanced up at the little android when he arrived.

    "..Red wine, thanks." She licked her lips a bit, and coughed, brushing back her hair from her face. It seemed so frizzled, but she ignored it. Relaxation was all she needed at the moment...

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-20-2002 09:32 PM:

    Unexpectdly, Eve leaned down and almost breathed down Lina's neck like the guards back at DK Corp. used to do all the time when we didn't 'behave' or failed a mission ... Right before the prison.

    "How do you like it so far, X-Girl ?"

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-20-2002 09:42 PM:

    She chuckled evilly, but then remembered her headache. She rubbed her forehead, and coughed a bit. She stared up at Eve, a half smile reaching her lips.

    "Piece of cake.." She said as if it were nothing.

    Somewhat..She thought to herself, and then grunted a bit.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-20-2002 09:46 PM:

    Eve heard her thoughts, but didn't really want to alarm her, so she kept that 'tiny' secret to herself. She took the seat across Lina and sat down slowly.

    "Well, the name's Aurora. That's what they called me back in there anyways ... And I know you are Lina."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-20-2002 10:07 PM:

    "Hmm..," she paused for a minute trying to get a hold of herself. It was really difficult since her headache gained way,"'s good to know then, sugar. I never really expected anyone to come by, but thanks anyways."

    She sniffed a bit, and then eyed her red nails. Everything seemed a bit foggy to her.

    "'d you find it when you were here?" She questioned, feeling her body get a bit warm. It was probably best to make conversation, since she was here and all.

    Lina eyed the android as he slid the drink over. She caught it instantly, and drank rather rapidly. When she stopped and placed the drink down, three quatres had been sucked out. She gently wiped the remaining on her lips. It actually got her to be a bit more awake.

    Took you long enough.. her mind and face read. She then turned back to Eve.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-25-2002 08:48 PM:

    "I was neutral ... Anywhere beats the sewers, the dumps and DK Corp. And call me Eve, I don't feel like having people questioning me ... and I don't feel like having some of them agents after me again."

    Eve sat back in her chair, and sighed. It took her a while to take off the agents off her back, she didn't feel like having them back on her tail.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-25-2002 09:06 PM:

    Lina chuckled a bit at Eve's worried words. A smile creased on her face, slightly charming. She gently rested her chin atop of her hand, and plopped her feet on the table roughly. She gently kicked off her high-heeled boots at the Android's direction, letting him catch it immiediately.

    "Hold those for me, will you sugar?" She gave a small wink, to Eve, and gently rotated her feet, making a few cracks or crunches. She let her feet stay on the table, crossed her arms, and sat back in her chair. She then turned back to Eve, a grin appearing this time.

    "Ah...the agents. Wow, you're a real worry wort aren't ya, ma'dear? May I call you Evie or would that be out of bounds too?" She giggled a bit rubbing her legs smoothly, getting a few stares from others. "What?! Never seen a woman's legs before...?" She cursed at the others, whom then went on to minding there own buisness. The red wine really had changed her around a bit.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-26-2002 03:36 PM:

    Eve put her left arm back on the chair's back and exhaled. She shook her head, a slight smirk drawing on her lips. She even chuckled. It was ok to show emotions infront of another fellow X. She looked at the others checking them out and grinned, rotating her head and sending her long braid to the back.

    "You can call me Evie. As for the agents, they got almost half of us. Aren't you worried, Lina ?"

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-27-2002 05:25 PM:

    Lina smirked a bit, and removed her leather coat. Underneath was a torn up dress, all black. Only one strap, and three circle cuts on the front, one in the chest and one small one below that, and another around the belly. The bottom half was torn into little uneven triangles. She gently fanned herself with the free hand, while the other held her glass.

    "Not really Evie..." She peered over at her toes and wiggled em a bit, "As long as I'm trained by Dara there's nothing to worry about. If they even try anything all they will see is my foot, carressing their ***!" She chuckled some and pursed her lips, smoothing out her dark red lipstick once again.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-29-2002 01:40 PM:

    "Caressing ? You're still too nice, Lin ... I'd shove a stick up their *****." She said, with a monotone tone.

    Eve chuckled slightly, but didn't do anymore. She admired Lina's bravery, but a part of her was still worried. As she was, for the last 8 years. She slid down her chair slightly, and sighed.

    "Well, enough of depressing talk. Here comes the big question."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-29-2002 04:09 PM:

    Lina canted her head a bit, locking eyes with Eve.

    "Oh...and what is that?"

    She took her glance away for a second, to make a few invisible circles in the inside of her glass, which still remained on the table.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-29-2002 06:50 PM:

    "Where's the boyfriend ?" Eve smiled as she asked.

    Some questions were inevitable. Lina was her X sister, and well, Eve may be pretty much in her own business most of the times, she still has permission to be girly once in a while.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-30-2002 01:43 PM:

    Lina furrowed a brow at Eve.

    "I guess I never really told you..," she admitted, and glanced down at the table for a second, "things just got a little haywire...and I killed him. That's it, end of story...but, I'm still trying to find some fresh meat if there's anyone good here."

    She chuckled a bit, and brushed back her red hair, coughing some...but Eve probably knew that that wasn't the whole truth to the matter..

    Posted by Eve Siren on 06-30-2002 08:20 PM:

    "Mine was burned to death. The other, vanished in thin air." Eve said, thinking of Zachary and Vyes.

    She sighed, and shook her head. "Waste of time and energy, anyways."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 06-30-2002 11:45 PM:

    Lina shrugged a bit, and crossed her arms over her chest. A thought just hit her.

    "Umm, it's strange actually." She thought back for a second and bit her lip. "I flirt with tons of guys...It's nothing too difficult of a task to do... but a few moments ago there was this one guy...he had wings and such. He seemed very nice, like he was trying to embrace the evening or something.." Lina stopped, realizing she was getting a bit too mushy over the situation.

    "Gah! What's wrong with me..? I don't even know who in the hell this guy is, and I'm already crazy." She whacked her head a bit, and shook it. "I just joined the Empire, and now I'm already in love with a guy..! I need a life.."She rested her head rather roughly on the table.

    "You might know him," she mumbled, her mouth facing the table, "He's like..a werewolf..only he has wings..something along those lines...I can't believe when I said hi to him, all that came out was this puny, disgusting squeak! UGH!"

    Lina continued to bang her head against the table, hoping the thought would get wrestled out of her mind, a few slight groans escaping her lips..

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-01-2002 09:46 AM:

    "Werewolf with wings .... Umm ..." Eve dropped her gaze to the floor, trying to match out who it was.

    Her eyes widened with surprise as she finally realized who it was. A slight chuckle left her mouth. "You mean, Dalton Blesse ?"

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-01-2002 01:05 PM:

    "..YES! That's him," Lina melted at the thought of him. Dalton had really captured her eye, and just the thought of him made her blush.

    "He was a little rough at first, but kind and gentle. He even offered to take me to Med Bay, for my knees were acting up a bit. Then ... "

    Lina remembered for a brief second how he had scooped her into his arms, gently cradling her. She also remembered how she wrapped her arms around his neck, and stared into his eyes ... For that she went silent, as she was deep in thought over it.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-15-2002 09:59 PM:

    Eve let out a slight chuckle and nodded her head, sarcastic.

    "Uh-huh ... Then what ?"

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-17-2002 12:05 PM:

    She laughed, noticing Eve's sarcasm.

    "Forget it .. all he did was carry me around. But the weird thing was ..."

    She paused briefly, her smile fading as she thought of this.

    " ... he knew about the death of my fiancee, without me even telling him."

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-17-2002 01:11 PM:

    "He's mysterious in that kind of way," Eve smiled slightly. "He's single, last time I checked."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-17-2002 03:27 PM:

    She couldn't help but laugh louder then expected to. A few eyes turned their gaze at her, yet she ignored them.

    "Shush, Eves. But, umm ... thanks for saying so." Her loud happy voice dropped to a whisper. Lina couldn't help but grin.

    "I just hope I don't embarrass myself like that again ... Luckily he was sweet enough to except one of my flaws. "

    She turned her gaze to Eve, and smirked a bit.

    "Okay, hon. Who's your heart set on ?"

    Knowing Eve, she probably didn't have one, but you never know, she can be full of surprises ..

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-17-2002 05:38 PM:

    Eve laughed. Usually, men for her were pigs. Disgusting, rude and perverted little pigs, but she did have her heart set on someone.

    "Let's just say he's a Sith Lord."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-19-2002 12:45 PM:

    "Oh really now ?"

    Lina couldn't help but giggle a bit at the thought of this. She knew Eve was the kind of person who didn't have much interest in men, but this was something new ...

    "Well, I guess we both have our eyes set on someone. But seriously ... what's so different about this one that made you change your mind about men completely?"

    She canted her head a bit, this was something she wanted to find out ..

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-19-2002 05:38 PM:

    "Heh. I wouldn't really know how to answer that. Besides ... Instead of being a big show-off and tried the 'Hey-I-lost-my-number-can-I-have-yours-?' line on me, he just kept his mouth shut."

    Eve giggled slightly, and shook her head lightly, as she pulled her arms out of her jacket, and left it on the back of her chair.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-19-2002 06:01 PM:

    She raised her eyebrows, laughing a bit at this thought.

    "Well, what do you like about him, you can at least tell me that !"

    Lina gave Eve a small nudge on the arm with her elbow, chuckling some.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-19-2002 06:17 PM:

    "He's ... different. When I look at him, I want to take care of him. And when he looks back at me, I want him to take care of me."

    Realizing it was a stupid answer, Eve chuckled once more, half-nervous. "It's a complicated thing."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-19-2002 06:25 PM:

    Lina furrowed a brow

    "Umm ... Evie ?"

    She coughed a bit, and crossed her arms over her chest, a grin slowly spreading on her face.

    "That was the weirdest crap I've ever heard from you ... weird, but understandable.

    Lina couldn't help but laugh a little.

    "You've really changed your ways ... or maybe some evil Jedi took your body away and replaced it with some loveable clone." she joked, smirking slightly.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-19-2002 07:08 PM:

    "Talking about clones, I have two of them running around: Lily Winters, a schizo who wants to kill me half the time, and Angua Vetinari, who wants to kill me all the time."

    It was a good idea to change subjects; Eve was beginning to blush.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-19-2002 07:34 PM:

    Lina's grin began to widen.

    "Evie, you're changing the subject !"

    She giggled, her eyes widening a bit, noticing how shy her old companion was on this whole thing.

    "Is that blushing I see ? Eve Siren, blushing for a Sith Lord ... well, well, well ... that's something you don't see everyday."

    She chuckled, and ended off with a plain smile, her blue eyes shimmering a bit.

    "You have one weird brain, my dear ... but then again, I was only kidding on the clone thing. Hehe, never thought that was true. "

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-20-2002 09:54 PM:

    "Should believe it. You probably have somes running around. But don't worry, they aren't as pretty as you." She said, with a sarcastic tone.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-21-2002 01:26 PM:

    "Hardy har har."

    Lina smirked a bit, trying to hold in her laughter.

    "But still, Miss Siren blushing. C'mon Evie, there's more to him that you like. At least tell me his name, or at least what letter it starts with !"

    She giggled, and awaited Eve's response to the question.

    Yeah, right, like she'd tell me ..

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-21-2002 03:08 PM:

    "Darkforce. Dyne Darkforce." Eve said, almost without hesitations.

    She and Lina have been through a lot, at DK Corp. They had numerous to trust each others, considering they've been through almost the same horrible experiences, in their childhood. So Eve didn't hesitate to speak her mind to the fellow X.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-21-2002 05:11 PM:

    "Ooo la la."

    She smiled, gesturing Evie once more.

    "I guess we can trust each other ... nothing too bad of doing. Don't worry, it's our little secret."

    She giggled slightly ... all of a sudden Lina's face remained expressionless ... She frowned a bit.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-22-2002 09:45 AM:

    Eve's eyes blinked once as she looked up to Lina. The Sith Knight cocked her head to the side, trying to wonder why Lina was frowning.

    "Lina ? What's the matter ?"

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-22-2002 12:16 PM:

    "Umm ..."

    Lina remained speechless ... she felt like a cloud of misery was floating over her and wouldn't budge from its space.

    " ... just one of my misery moments, it'll pass .. hopefully."

    She scratched her head, wondering why it had to happen now. Usually her miserable situations don't end for days .. maybe even weeks.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-22-2002 06:10 PM:

    Eve's eyebrow arched. A miserable moment ? Didn't seem like just a moment. Then again, Lina was unpredictable. Surely, it was a good thing, even a great, but sometimes, it just worried the Knight.

    "Alright ..."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-23-2002 12:27 PM:

    She giggled a bit, noticing the scared tone in Eve's voice. Lina smiled a bit.

    "It's alright my friend. I'll be fine."

    She shrugged helplessly, and decided to move on to a different subject.

    "So .. how's that blood brother of yours ? Vega isn't it ?"

    Lina canted her head a bit, eying her companion carefully.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-24-2002 11:38 AM:


    Anger filled up Eve's body, but she tamed it down, trying to control it.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-24-2002 12:36 PM:

    She canted her head a little, noticing her trying to fight off a certain emotion.

    "Umm .. sounds to me that there's something more to the story, but hey, if you don't want to say anything .."

    Lina's words trailed off, wondering what Eve's answer would be.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-25-2002 10:32 AM:

    "No more to the story. He got bored. He left." She replied, dryly.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-25-2002 12:15 PM:

    "You just don't seem too happy about it ..."

    Lina's words once again trailed .. maybe getting too much into Evie's problem, wasn't such a good idea.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-26-2002 04:03 PM:

    Lina knew that it was dangerous to butt into Eve's business too deep. After all, they spent a big part of their childhood together. Eve sighed and shook her head.

    "Nope. Pretty neutral."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-26-2002 04:15 PM:

    "Umm ... alright then."

    The tone in her voice was unsure, but she knew if she tried any more of it, her *** would definitly get whooped. Lina decided to change the subject.

    "So ...."

    Lina couldn't really think of anything else to mention to Eve ... She remained silent, hoping that her companion had something in mind.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-29-2002 10:17 AM:

    "Lina ... What I'm about to tell you, you have to keep it a secret."

    Without even waiting for her approval, Eve turned her head to the side, a sadened look taking place of the angry one.

    "In a few weeks ... I'll be dead. There's no way to stop this-- stop him. In a few weeks, there will be a huge fight between me and another fellow X, and I'll die."

    Another X. But why would two Xs try to kill each others ? It wasn't a clone, it was an original, a brother. Though half of the X-series escaped when they were young, a few still remained there and the training has been a lot tougher on them after the escape ... So they somehow seeked revenge. After all, DK was dead. They could do as they please now. Eve couldn't predict the future ... But anyone can feel death hunting them down.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 07-29-2002 11:55 AM:

    "What ?!"

    Lina jumped suddenly at Eve's last words, her look puzzled.

    "Who's going to do this to you ?"

    She lowered her tone a bit, knowing it wasn't good to cause any attention ... especially at Rama's with all the people around. Still .. Lina was rather confused as to why Eve wouldn't try to stop him.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 07-31-2002 11:33 AM:

    "Shin. DK's trophy boy." Eve casually said.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 08-01-2002 12:24 PM:

    "So you're just gonna let him kill you ?" Lina furrowed a brow.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-01-2002 01:05 PM:

    "No .. Yes ... Maybe, I don't know. You know he's still our brother, I'd never even dare to think of killing him."

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 08-01-2002 04:28 PM:

    "Then why the hell does he want to kill you ? Unless he was bored and decided to pick on one of his helpless brothers and sisters with a shotgun !" Lina grunted.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-01-2002 08:26 PM:

    "He's one of them, who didn't get the chance we did, Lina ... He had to stay after our escape." Her voice trailed off.

    Posted by LinaCapulet on 08-02-2002 04:07 PM:

    Lina remained silent for a few seconds ...

    "So you're just gonna go ? Just like that .... ?"

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-03-2002 06:14 PM:

    "Not anytime soon." She sighed.

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-04-2002 02:27 PM:


    Lina's lip begain to quiver .. without thinking she locked her arms around Eve, feeling another cloud of misery take over her. She clung on tightly, not knowing what to say exactly.

    Posted by Eve Siren on 08-04-2002 03:08 PM:

    Eve's eyes widened. She sighed once more; she was never the type of showing affection physically and publicly. Lina on the other hand, was never scared. Eve pulled her hand up and tapped Lina's back gently.

    "Lina ..."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-04-2002 03:46 PM:

    "Oops ..."

    Lina forgot about the whole deal with Eve. She instead laughed, and let go gently.

    "Umm .. sorry. It's just that .. you're kinda like my big sister, y'know .. ? Losing you would be ..... shall we say, bad ?"