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    For the first twenty minutes she ran hard, skipping down the slope and sliding along gravel, rock and grass. The mostly downhill run had created a much larger distance from her home than she would have achieved on more level ground.

    She wasn’t able to maintain the run much longer. Her small frame bent over, her hands pressing to her knees, swallowing as she caught her breath. She didn’t let herself remain stationary for long, starting off into a light jog.

    That too faded away, walking through the woods of Munto Codru at a steady pace. Her thumbs slipped in between the straps of her bag and her frame, tugging it higher onto her back to displace the weight. It had been at least ten minutes since she had lost sight of the castle on the mountain, and her home.

    Like all petulant youth, she was running away with no thought as to where she would go. She had no means off the planet, and she treated it like running into the woods would help her escape from everything.

    A hand moved to shield her eyes as she stared skyward, then wiped away at the sweat on her brow. The young girl of ten moved and sat down on a log, slipping her bag off a single shoulder and fishing around for a roll she had stolen from the kitchen. Atlana had always made the best rolls. She would miss them.

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    Why did the hunt no longer satisfy the monarch. Yes he could kill anything in the forest, perhaps Volk would prove a challenge, though Xander had surpassed him in power long ago. Black boots and pants, a wide sash about his waist, a leather breastplate on his torso, how Xander always looked when about the woods of Munto Codru. Something shifted in the air. The hunt changed.

    Xander followed the shift. The dark side pulling him from the cover of leaves and trees out to the open to be plainly seen. It was not a creature he hunted for the kill, not any longer. Eyes fell on a child seated on a log. She was young. Who she was, unmistakeable to Xander. He had seen her many times in the hall of his mistress, Neferis. He spied her daughter. What Neferis had said to him, the one thing she wanted him to do, pressed to the front of his memory. It was time to be... nice.

    Approaching the log, Xander let his boot rest atop the log. He looked down to the girl, pulling a bag of trail mix from the pouch on his belt. A mixture of dried fruit and nuts, protein to sustain one when out on the hunt. She appeared to be running away. If that was true it was time for what Neferis had commanded.

    "You'll need more than bread if you wish to go further than where a few hours can take you."


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      The moment a foot planted on the log beside her she was darting to her feet and spinning. She didn’t even look, she just chucked the rest of her roll at the individual, which incidentally was aimed right for Xander’s face.

      Her heart leapt in her throat, and her breathing grew faster, a hand coming up towards her chest when she recognized who it was.

      “Well now I will! You made me drop it!”

      She sighed, grumbling to herself while she took the bag of trail mix from him.

      “I know how to survive out here. I watched Volk.”


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        The Sith Knight caught the roll in hand, and dusted it off before offering it back to her.

        "Seriously, your mother's wolf?"

        Xander shook his head.

        "Then you wont mind the fact this fell on the ground."

        Of course he was poking fun at what just happened, but he was also serious. The girl would not learn how to survive as a human watching Volk. If she wanted to be a wolf then so be it, but Xander could help her be so much more, was commanded to make her so much more. Now to go about it so she never once knew it.

        "So are you finally rid of her for good, or trying to make a statement," he asked indicating the bag she was carrying, and the fact she was not in the palace home her mother had made Xander help her aquire as part of his training.


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          “I don’t!”

          She took the roll back and took a bite of it, before stuffing it back into her back. Defiantly she stared at him, intuitively feeling the negative way he spoke of Volk who was by all rights her only friend.

          “Why’s it matter to you? She probably sent you to find me, huh?”

          She cast her eyes away, disheartened by the fact her mother couldn’t even come herself, or hadn’t noticed her absence of yet.


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            "Would it surprise you to know she did not, upset you perhaps? Though I have a feeling it is both and neither," Xander said again a somewhat negative tone in his voice.

            Xander sat on the log next to the ten year old girl. This he could identify with, the negligent parent. The common thing they shared was his inroad to her trust. He removed his bow and quiver, and set them behind the log. He was relatively un-encumbered now.

            "I was hunting, if you must know. Volk is not the only predator in these woods. Your mother sent me to fight him once when you were much younger. Of course she sent me into that battle handicapped. Sometimes I feel she really does want to kill me. My father was the same way. You know I get it. My own father could have cared less. It was always about him, what he wanted. I was raised more by our butler and trainers than my own father."


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              The blunt way in which Xander addressed her question was hurtful. Trying to poke at her feelings like he took some sort of pleasure in knowing.

              “Wow. That sure was blunt…if you thought I might be upset, you could try to be a little consoling. Oh right…Sith. My Mother‘s Apprentice. Spitting image.”

              She slipped her thumbs in between her pack and her body, tugging it up higher with a shrug of her shoulders that let her reposition it.

              “Yeah, I get it, we grew up alike then. So does that mean I am going to be you one day?”

              She shook her head vigorously.

              “No way. Not you. Not her. Not anyone.”


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                "Blunt, yes, but I have been my whole life, long before your mother entered it. I am afraid I have not had a good example of what it means to console someone. A fault I know, but at least I can own it."

                That was as close to an apology as Xander could come. Not because he didn't want to, but because he lacked the capacity to. He was selfish, and to apologize would mean putting Talia's feelings first. A stick was called to Xander's hand with the force. The monarch began to draw patterns into the dirt path.

                "Please do not grow up to be me. I have had no example of what love is, and I am king of a world that sees women as nothing but objects to be possessed. I am not all something to aspire to. My own people would force me to produce an heir to retain my throne even. At least your mother has had sense enough to show me woman are more than tools."

                Her innocence was not his concern. Xander was simply told she became her own person. He smiled as she suggested that was her intent.

                "Good! Be your own person, but let me suggest that means you need many experiences. I can give you a peak into my world if you wish?"


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                  "You grown ups."

                  She shook her head, clearing her throat and putting on her best male voice.

                  "At least I can own it."

                  She cut it quickly, reverting to her regular way of speaking.

                  "That's nice, you can admit you suck at consoling. If you know you're bad at it, why not work on it? I don't know how to swim, but I made a promise I was going to learn!"

                  The Force pulled the stick to him suddenly, and in spite of who her Mother was she was always amazed, the woman rarely putting it to practice in front of her.

                  "Your people want you to make air so you can keep being a King?"

                  She misunderstood the word heir, never having heard the term before.

                  "Well that's just stupid. You tell me to be my own person, doesn't sound like you're being your own. You become your dad. Your people make you make air. When do you do what you want to do?"

                  For now, she didn't regard the invitation to his world, having too much else to focus on for that mind that so failed at multi-tasking and focus at her youthful age.


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                    "To make an heir, to have a son," he said laughing at the way Talia had interpreted what he said. "I was never supposed to be king. I became my own man, chose what I wanted, when I chose your mother and the Sith Empire over my own father. You should consider yourself fortunate. At least your mother hasn't tried to kill you, like my father did me."

                    An attempt at offering consolation.

                    "I would be a horrible father don't you think?"

                    A laugh escaped Xander.

                    "If you think I became my dad, you are very mistaken about that. I have worked for everything I have. It was not simply handed to me. You think I am who your mother tells me to be? She is simply a means to an end. She aggravates me you know. You are not the only one she has neglected, and yet..."

                    Xander stopped there. The child would likely not understand. Perhaps this meeting was chance. It was important though if Talia would ever think to seek Xander out on her own.

                    "So tell me Talia, why are you running off?"


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                      “Why would she try to kill me?”

                      Neglect her maybe, but she couldn’t understand the idea of killing her. She was not a threat to power, as Xander surely was as a Prince.

                      She laughed as he made a joke at himself, nodding.

                      “Yeah, you kinda suck at this sort of thing. That’s okay, you can get better. You don’t have to be the same kind of dad your dad was.”

                      He finally called attention to her reasoning for running off. She had a whole host of reasons why, but not a specific one in the moment. Her mood had just gotten the best of her.

                      “Because I can.”

                      Her shoe covered foot scuffed against the door, embarrassed at being so petulant. Her hand slid back into her hair, palm obscuring one side of her face slightly.

                      She wanted her mother to maybe notice her more as well, to see the very real chance of losing her, but she wasn’t there and she hadn’t sent Xander.


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                        "She wouldn't, and that's why she is still better than my own father. He did try, because I chose your mother over his will."

                        There were things Xander could teach Talia if she would listen. If she wanted to be her own person, then she needed to stop doing things becasue she could, but have a purpose for it. It was something that every child eventually learned. Just because one could do something didnn't mean they should.

                        "Take this as you will, but you are just like I was when I was your age. And do not fear, I will not be the same kind of dad. Though I would have to have a child in order to make that attempt."

                        Xander could tell she was trying to get attention. Her rebellion was her way of begging for it. With what Xander knew, he felt sorry for the girl. Neferis had her plans for the girl, and that's all she was to her mother, a plan, a means to an end. Perhaps a little hope could be given. Just enough to keep her from running off at ten.

                        "What if I told you your mother didn't send me at this moment, but she did ask me to be for you what she, or Volk, cannot be?"

                        Xander offered his bow, perhaps learning to hunt would be something she would enjoy. After all there was a predator in the girl.

                        "You have seen your mother's world. You have seen Volk's world. Perhaps you would like to see my world? I am not going to ever tell you what to do, or who to be, but I can give you a different view yet, and when the time comes, you simply choose who you want to be."