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I don't care if we fall from grace...I'd follow you down(Gianna)

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  • I don't care if we fall from grace...I'd follow you down(Gianna)

    OOC: Written to this

    If I could find assurance to leave you behind
    I know my better half would fade
    And all my doubt is a staircase for you
    Opened out of this maze

    The first step is the one you believe in
    The second one might be profound.

    I'll follow you down through the eye of the storm
    Don't worry I'll keep you warm.
    I'll follow you down while we're passing through space
    I don't care if we fall from grace
    I'll follow you down

    You can have the money and the world
    The angels and the pearls
    Even trademark the color blue
    Just like the tower we never built
    In the shadow of all the guilt
    When the other hand was pointed at you

    Yeah the first step is the one you believe in
    And the second one might be profound.

    I'll follow you down, through the eye of the storm
    Don't worry I'll keep you warm.
    I'll follow you down, while we're passing through space
    I don't care if we fall from grace
    I'll follow you down... where forever lies
    Without a doubt I'm on your side
    There's nowhere else that I would rather be
    I'm not about to compromise,
    Give you up to say goodbye
    I'll guide you through the deep
    I'll keep you close to me!

    I'll follow you down through the eye of the storm
    Don't worry I'll keep you warm.
    I'll follow you down while we're passing through space
    I don't care if we fall from grace
    I'll follow you...

    If I could find assurance to leave you behind
    I know my better half would fade
    I'll follow you down.

    Antony had been there for a while in Rama's drinking juice for the moment. The song playing on the 'jukebox' he called it. From some new holo band although he'd heard it once before on Naboo. It was a good song and since he was thinking about Gianna it so happened to play while he was sitting there. A smirk then formed at his lips as he then played the song in his head mouthing the words out loud. As he then sipped his drink he then looked around in the dimly lit bar as he saw nobody watching him.

    Taking out a flask he then poured the contents of it into his juice drink. Then taking it to his lips he then took a few sips noting the new taste of alcohol in it. It was a pretty good mixed drink if he could say so himself. He hoped his girl would come by if she wasn't too busy training with his moron of a father. Antony could see it now that she'd be punished for being late or something remedial. Sometimes his father was more of a jerk then anything. Showcasing his power like he was some kind of god or something. But in reality he was afraid of fire. The thing that made him who he was now.

    "I gotta stop coming here that often. This places' bad habits are rubbing off on me." Antony said out loud to nobody in particular.
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    "Hey stranger." Gianna leaned in over his right ear to whisper and kissed his cheek, giggling and coming round to sit in the chair in front of him. "Great song, that band." She wore a long sleeve black shirt, black leather pants, and black and brown boots. Winking at him, Gianna grinned brightly. "Somehow I knew I'd find you here. So how's it going?"

    Looking around the room quickly, she noticed how empty the place was at this hour surprisingly. "People must be eating off-world or something. I've never seen this place so dead. I'm not breaking anything up, am I? I just saw you sitting by yourself and I thought you could of used company. I'm not taking someone's seat while they're in the bathroom, am I?" A little hint question if he had other female company.


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      Antony then looked up as Gianna came in commenting about the song that played, "Yeah, I was mouthing the words before you came in. Hope nobody saw that."

      Chuckling as she took the seat across from him he then took a sip of his drink. Then setting it down the Sith Warrior then smirked at her comment about everyone eating off-world or something. That made him giggle and the kiss on his cheek made his face turn a bit red. He was still getting used to having a girlfriend now. Although a few days had passed since they said that they were an item.

      "No your not. I was here alone anyways. Took some time to stop by once in a while. Although I don't come often this place is rubbing off on me." He said with a grin, "Everything is good. I'm glad to see you though. How's your training with my dad coming along?"
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        When Antony said he was glad to see her, Gianna blushed. No words were even needed to see that she was glad he was there as well. "Trainings' good right now. He cracked like a whip on me after I thought the training was fun so I changed things up a bit. He is right though. It might be fun now but it's life or death when the time comes."

        Calling over one of the waitresses, Gianna already knew what she wanted. She looked at the uploaded menu on her datapad before she came and was going to get it to-go, but the sight of Antony changed her mind. "Ma'am, may I have a Space Waffle, a side of Frill Syrup, and a glass of veractyl egg nog. I hear its good." Smiling, she also noted something else to the waitress. "And whatever the gentleman would like, add it to my tab and if it seems like he's not ordering enough...add another helping of whatever it may be." Winking, she crossed one leg over the other and leaned back in her chair, raising an arm to rest over the back of it while Antony ordered. She wanted to treat him for the magical night days before. Chivalry did not exist with Gianna where the male normally pays.

        Once Antony was done ordering and the waitress departed, she decided to speak of why her mood was glowing. "Wanna know why I'm in such a good mood? I received video footage of the rebellion in Kestal. Everyone is in uproar! And the Conglomerate has split in half! The best part of it is that the ones occupying my city kicked Malcome out along with his followers and they want me to come back! They said something about a trial or something, but who cares! For once, something good has happened and my people are safe for now. Someone actually is fighting for me on my behalf there."

        Something pondered in her mind however despite her happiness. She knew Malcome's personality all too well and after seeing that he was a man of ruthless vengeance, revenge would be in order and Kestal would be attacked soon. But what was he planning? Either way, it was a time of celebration if even just for the moment.


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          Antony then grinned, "Yeah, he can be quite stern at times. It's just a facade though. He is really a teddy bear though."

          The teen then chuckled at his own comment about his dad then winked at her. True his dad could be a huge jerk at times but he knew he loved him. A strange way of showing it at times favoring his brother Jaden over him a lot of times. Watching over his shoulder made Antony annoyed and angry at him. Then again he wasn't as close to their dad as Jaden was. Jaden was at his heels when they were young. So, that's why James favored Jaden over him. His older brother worshiped him it seemed. Also wanted to help him whatever way he could.

          Hearing her say her order of food and then asked him whatever he wanted he then shrugged, "Not sure. I'll just have the bottle of rum over there. That'll be all. I ate earlier anyways. Not doing too much today so I've decided to take just that."

          Then Gianna mentioned Kestal and the uprising there. A smile formed again to his lips. It was good thing that everyone broke off that Malcome guy. Plus someone fighting in her place and that they wished for her to come back for some random trial. Seemed kinda fishy to him but, if she went back he'd gladly go with her to be there for support more or less. She needed someone by her side at this time.

          "That was why I got that bottle. Kinda figured you needed a celebration of sorts. Plus we can celebrate us if you want to." Antony said then placed his hand on hers as the bottle came over and was placed on the table to which Antony poured a drink into his glass, "Here is to us...and the uprising on Kestal."
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            Gianna's veractyl egg nog arrived at the table next and she raised her glass with Antony. "To us...and the uprising on Kestal." She raised the sweet nog to her lips and drank the thick liquid. It was just as good as she imagined it was going to be. Lowering the glass, she smiled at Antony. "I'll tell you what..." She raised her hand up and waved the waitress over once more. Once the waitress was there and bowed before the two, Gianna looked up at her and added a second order. "May I have a.....Red Dwarf, please?"

            The waitress bowed and left to disappear into the kitchen to fulfill the order Turning back to Antony, she shrugged playfully. "Well if you're gonna drink, I'm gonna drink. I've never really had alcohol before but this really is a time of celebration. That drink said it had a really high alcohol content on the menu so I....hope that's a good thing." In truth, she really had no idea what she just ordered, but the name sounded fun enough.

            A tall glass of bright red liquid was set before her now, bubbling slowly and causing a steam-like vapor to flow from the top and down the sides of it. The vapor itself acted as the "atmosphere" for the red dwarf. Inhaling that alone was enough to get you buzzed. Her eyes widened at its glorious display. It sure was a very visual drink and even came with a straw in case the drink was too strong or if the tall glass was too big. "Bottom's up, I guess." Gianna laughed. She picked up the straw, and put it down, then picked it up, and put it down, eyeing how to best "tackle" this steaming behemoth of a drink. "Have you ever ordered anything like this? I've never really tried anything like this so what's the best way to do this? Just drink it all down? Slowly sip it?" Giggling at her own confusion, she was open to any of Antony's suggestions.


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              Antony's eyes went wide when she ordered the 'Red Dwarf'. He had one before and it had like three types of alcohol in it. Well, all of the clear ones but the drink sure was a strong one. That was for sure. When he saw it placed before her he then raised his eyebrow. She was brave he could say that. At least she was into trying new things. Then again so was he most of the time.

              "It is depends on how drunk you wanna get." Antony said with a chuckle, "But, just be careful, okay?"

              When she asked if he'd had one before he nodded, "Yeah, once. It has like three types of alcohol in it. That's why it's so darn strong. Just sip it for now. You've not had alcohol before like I have. I'm used to drinking a lot. If you wonder why it'll take me half this bottle before I'll spill my guts to you."

              Winking he then raised his glass with her as she giggled. Taking the shot and downing it he then poured another one. Also taking that one he downed it then placed his shot glass gently onto the table. With her drinking nog mixing that wouldn't be a good thing. Raising his eyebrow the Sith Warrior then took the nog and then set it aside.

              "Trust me, don't drink that with alcohol unless ya wanna spend the next day hurling that up. I know from experience." Antony said smirking at her.
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                Gianna watched as Antony took both of his shots. He was right. His resilience was far stronger than her when it came to alcohol. She grabbed the tall glass in both hands and raised it to her lips, the cool liquid burning ever so bad as it went down her throat and the vapor moving up her nose following each swallow. Dropping the glass back down quick, she coughed and dabbed a napkin to her lips in case there was anything on them. Her eyes watered as she coughed some more but she laughed at the same time. "It tastes...good. Kind of fruity, but it tastes good." The room already felt like it was spinning and with each blink, the room returned to normal.

                Her waffles arrived now at the table and Gianna dipped her head in a bow at the waitress as a thank you. Picking up the fork and knife, the waffles were a great balance to the strong drink. "I've heard what alcohol can do to you and even seen what it can do to you. It changes you and alters your mentality to negate the bad in your life. You drink a lot, Antony. As if trying to drown something or keep something from resurfacing. Is everything okay? Or is it more like a hobby you just enjoy like how warriors love to fight?"


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                  Your not drowning me out, boy! Not today! The 'Dark Passenger' said to him and it's voice rang out to anyone else also in the vicinity.

                  Antony then took his shot glass and poured another one. Not drinking it at the moment he watched Gianna drink some of her own then laughed a bit as she coughed. It was sorta cute seeing her cough like that and then mention how fruity it tasted. He then nodded at that comment. It was fruity indeed. Sometimes that was a good and a bad thing. In his mind at least.

                  Seeing her waffles come to the table and watching her start to eat them, Antony then shrugged at her comment about him drinking a lot. It was true, he did for a teenager. Then again his reasons were that he kept the 'Dark Passenger' at bay. It's voice already ringing in his head. So, he wanted to drown it out. As much as he could.

                  "It's both. I drink like a hobby and to quell the voice of my brother. Like I said sometimes I hate having him in there because my consciousness had created him when we went our separate ways. Still it's okay sometimes but it can give me a headache. Like right now. When you rubbed my temples the day we met that helped a lot. That's why I drink because my dad won't let me and it's a rebellion thing and also to quell the in my head." He said nearly slipping up, then took his shot and downed it.

                  Looking into her eyes he then got lost in them for a moment, "You know...I've got to be honest. I wouldn't care if we fell from grace...I'd follow you anywhere. Just seems right to do so."

                  The teen then blushed knowing he was starting to spill his guts. But, the bottle wasn't even half gone by then. It was only a quarter of the way gone. Must be good stuff, he thought.
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                    Gianna listened intently as he spoke about his drinking and his brother. She didn't see it as a bad thing, especially since his reasons seemed fair enough. When he got lost in her eyes, she took notice of his stare and grinned. She knew he was going to say something and when he did, her heart warmed. Her cheeks blushed the same time as his did.

                    "Oh yeah?" She said flirtatiously. "Well I might just have to put that to the test then." She joked, placing her hands over his, without a care if anyone else in that bar knew they were in love. "I'd do the same for you too, Antony. You really honor me with just your presence alone. Everything about you is wonderful. There's umm...." She cleared her throat and removed her hand out of fear of how he would react. "There's a guy in Kestal. A prince. In the latest video footage, I've seen him and he is on the side that is fighting for me. He's nice, Antony, and I'm sure you two would get along fine. While I was imprisoned, he fought so that I would face the least sentence. His name I cannot recall right now, but he is from Naboo...where you said your family estate is."

                    Taking another large gulp of the tall glass, Gianna's squinted her eyes and blinked them as she swallowed the harsh alcohol. "When we get to Kestal, just...just don't hit him. He said before my exile, if I was to ever survive, I should make it to his capital on Naboo him to unite our kingdoms. He said the nicest things as you do, but all of his words felt as if they had a higher purpose just to serve him. That is why I found it hard to trust him. You are different, however. I feel like you really mean what you say and you truly care about me beyond some grand purpose."


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                      OOC: This post is written to 'Famous Last Words' by MCR lol

                      Antony grinned when she said they'd put that to the test as she placed her hands on his. As Gianna said she honored her with his presence alone he then blushed again getting red cheeks again. But, once she spoke of a prince on Naboo that helped to fight for her he raised his eyebrow. Saying that they would get along he then shrugged. Most people other then Sith he got along with. Usually that is. He suspected he'd get along with the guy for her sake.

                      Naboo? So the guy had ties to the Queen of Naboo then? Interesting enough. When she took another gulp of her glass he then kept his glass steady on the table. No need to take another shot yet! Not yet! Maybe in a moment he might have to. The teen hoped not! As Gianna said that when they got to Kestal to not hit him. Why? Then he found out why. The guy said for her to marry him to unite their kingdoms. Although Gianna said that his words felt as if they had a higher purpose. Probably!

                      "I do care, Gianna. If I were you I wouldn't trust the guy. You never know he could be working for Malcome and trying to spy on all of you. It would be a trap and I wouldn't want you to fall into it. That's why I'm going with you." Antony said.

                      Antony could also picture a future with Gianna. He saw both of them lying on the ground with him saying the words he thought he'd never say to anyone. The words he'd say awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead. Either way with her he was complete. For a while he felt so incomplete and weak until he met her. Now all that had changed.
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                        "You could be right about him. I had a bad feeling anyway. I'll decline if he ever brings it up again." Gianna said. Antony was too sweet to her and she already knew he cared so much for her. Leaning in on the table, she licked her lips and shook her head playfully. "However, if I didn't know any better, it sounds like someone is a little...jealous." She raised an eyebrow at him, jokingly.

                        Once the waffles were done and gone, the young disciple decided to express another thought she had. "I had a dream two nights ago and I wasn't sure who to talk to it about. Everything was so vivid. I dreamt that I was in a city of some sort on a landing pad and faced down with another Sith, I believe. I tried to speak reason into them. I told them that we didn't have to fight and all they had to do was return with me to Munto Codru and everything was going to be alright. They drew their lightsaber and ignited it. The color was blue though I don't know why. I didn't know any Sith that would choose blue. I couldn't see their face until they pulled down their hood...and I saw me or at least it looked like me. I don't know if I was armed or not but I do remember feeling drained and falling to my knees. I felt so angry for some reason and then I woke up in a cold sweat." Gianna looked around the bar and lowered her voice. "What do you think it means if it even has a meaning? Does that mean I was fighting myself? And for what?"


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                          Antony then half smirked, "Maybe. I wouldn't want some guy chasing after my gal. Gotta put up my tough exterior you know."

                          Winking at her he then heard what she described in her dream. Sounded to him like she was facing the good part of herself. Or what it seemed like more or less. He'd faced that himself. But, it wasn't him per se but it was Jaden. Which was like literally looking into the mirror. The color blue reminded him of the Jedi so it seemed like to him that's what it was. The good part of herself that wished to remain part of her innocence.

                          "Seems like to me it's you fighting the innocent part of yourself. I had a dream where I faced off against Jaden. Which is like fighting myself. More like looking into the mirror more or less. But, if I were you I'd just dismiss that. Dreams are what we think of. Or what's stuck in the back of our minds." Antony said with a shrug, "My dreams are quite nice."

                          The last part he said with a wide grin. Taking another shot he poured it then downed it setting his shot glass onto the table. Gulping it down he then flashed a wink at her again.
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                            Gianna rolled a lock of hair behind her ear and smiled happily. "You always seem to know the right things to say, Antony. You really make me feel appreciated."

                            When he referenced her dream, she nodded and thought about what he said. Perhaps he was right. There was truth in his words and just the fact that it could just be her innocence made a lot of sense. Gianna took another large gulp of her drink and the buzzed feeling made her lips numb even more than before. She raised an eyebrow and grinned with Antony when he mentioned he had nice dreams. Part of her knew what that could of meant but the alcohol intrigued her.

                            "Is that right? And just what happens in these dreams that make them so great, hmmm?" She toyed. Her mother said lust was a creation by the "Crafter" to make women stray from their true paths in life. Success. If lust consumed the woman, she would be at the mercy of man and would be seen as a play thing. Any hint of that kind of affection was quickly put to rest, but Gianna didn't care. Her mother was a traitor to the clan and her ideals no longer mattered.


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                              Antony smiled at that. It made him feel better about himself. Just because he was a Sith didn't mean he was totally as evil as they came. Not at all. He was still human even if he didn't feel like it at times. So having her around made him feel more normal then anything. Not saying he loved her at all. Well, maybe a part of him did in some way. She brought out the normal parts of him. Not the cold, calculating and manipulative teen Sith that he was without her.

                              When she toyed with him, the Warrior then half smirked and then nodded, "Yeah that is quite right. What makes them so great is that your in them. They mostly consist of us sitting on the roof of my Naboo home looking up at the night sky. It's quite intriguing if you ask me. Did it as a little kid and do so now when I go back there every once in a while."

                              He then chuckled and then told something honest, "Well, I mean we share a kiss or two but I usually wake up before anything else happens."
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