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  • Noblesse Oblige, no more (Open)

    Thunder heralded a storm to come, the already humid climate about to grow far more damp as the evening waned on. In spite of the inevitable downward turn in weather Alastair wandered off from the main Temple grounds to the outlying structure. At reaching the establishment he raised a gloved hand towards the placard denoting the name of the building. “I wonder who this Rama is…” He spoke in a soft mutter to himself, curious if it was the name of the proprietor or named in tribute to someone else. His cloak fell back to envelop his hand when he lowered it to his side, the interior lined in a burgundy while the exterior was a less lavish black.

    Beneath the guise of the fabric his hand extended just enough to push open the door, which was then released to his shoulder and then to close behind him as he passed through the portal. His explorations through the temple had been fruitful following his induction, meeting another Sith and finding his way as a result of the encounter. With a chambers to call his own, though a significant step down from the luxury he was accustomed to on Serenno, he was well on his way to acclimating himself. Knowledge was his next pursuit. To learn names, people, locations, events.

    Alastair briefly loitered at the bar, awaiting the attention of the tender and when he had it placing an order for a drink and a fodu, a particularly spicy Melahnese meal. A casual pace brought him to a table not too far off from the center of the establishment, his hand sweeping back to gather up the long hem of his doe-skinned doublet and push it to a more comfortable location to sit. His gloves were then plucked off his hands one at a time, resting one atop the other on top of his table. Not seeing any sort of need for propriety over comfort, his form reclined slightly to kick his feet into the chair just to his left on the squared table.

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    Dink sat nursing his correlian ale watching the new comer. He had, of course, heard there was a new member of their lovely order. Opening himself to the Force, he reached out feeling the potential of young Mr. Kade.

    Feeling the untapped, untrained potential there, he sat his drink aside, clearing his throat.

    "A doublet and gloves? My, my, aren't we the well dressed one?"

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      "Old habits, and all that." Green eyes sought out the voice that addressed him, but hadn't been expecting to see the half-sized man. He had in fact never seen one on Serenno, and to see one amongst the Sith seemed as if it would have been even more far fetched. "It's seen better days though." The material was worn, obviously a favored outfit and a comfortable one. It had the ability to be both fancy, and practical, as opposed to an outfit more suited for a courtier. "Have I exceeded the dress code?" He questioned with at first a raised brow, and then a smirk set to cross his lips.

      In truth, he wasn't certain if the man was mocking him, or just remarking passively. He wasn't about to start a fight over an uncertainty, and in fact was more content to play it off in a more humorous direction. A server at that time brought over his food and drink, which he gave a nod of acknowledgment to the individual before setting his attention towards the dwarf. "I'm not really keen to speaking across a room, particularly while I eat, so if you'd like to join me then do so." His right hand swept back, rectifying the errant state of that side of his hair, before taking the first bite of his food and the subsequent sip of his drink that followed the spicy flavor.


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        Dink gave the other man a slight smile, standing and walking to the table taking the proffered seat.

        "Don't mind if I do. As to our 'dress code ', as it were, I believe you will find Munto Cordo to favor the diverse.

        That is, if you are in a position to choose, that is."

        Raising his glass, Dink gave his smug half smile.

        "Dinkus Tor, though those in position to do so generally refer to me as Dink."

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          Seated at a nearby table, silver orbs perused one of the many tomes that the priestess had gained during her last foray on Korriban's ancient terrain. The excavation had gleaned more than she had imagined and had now been spending much of her available time reading and learning more about the Sith history after their captivity. Fighting for their own freedom, she was amazed at the variety of stories that the scribe had been allowed to record. She had no doubt that the king's own personal aide had recounted the events with the voice of the king himself giving the details while others filled in the blanks. Sianna wasn't above thinking that much of the heroic embellishment was beyond either and had learned to read between the lines.

          Sipping her wine, she then heard the discussion between the two at the nearby table, glancing over to the pair and having seen the one named Dink in the great hall before, the newcomer wasn't known. Both being disciples, they had a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish before being noticed by the newly promoted Sith Master. Until now.

          Adorned in her typical black robe, close fitting leather pants disappearing into knee-high boots and a looser blouse whose sleeves ended in leather vambraces, the Echani quietly listened to the pair. "What matters is your dedication to the cause," she motioned to Dink. "He's right though, your wardrobe doesn't matter all that much."

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            Certainly between him and the man across from him, there was diversity. Only briefly did he glance to the other patrons, taking note of Sianna for the stark contrast of white on black. The sweep of his emerald gaze was a search for diversity, and now in the trio he saw enough to confirm the statement. "I imagine you wouldn't have informed me of the potential nickname if you disliked it. Alastair Kade." In lieu of a shake of hands, he raised his glass and gestured it across the table to his dwarvish companion.

            It was around the same time that Sianna interjected with her own observations on the topic, Alastair finding himself mildly amused that a simple teasing comment about style had gone as far as it had. It was the stark white woman in black garments that addressed them, the tome she poured over noticed for the first time. "I imagine the statement 'the cause' can be taken many ways. What is the cause of the Sith Empire as a whole, supremacy? Everyone must have their own individual causes though." Or roles. She was obviously something of an archivist, leaning towards physical tomes rather than digital copies. Dink he had no understanding of yet. His stature wouldn't have normally suggested combat prowess, but he wasn't about to underestimate him.


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              Dink gave Kade a slight nod of his head.

              "In those I consider an ally, I do not mind the use of a nickname, Mr. Kade. "

              Dipping his glass in a mock salute he took a sip, when he heard the Sith Master call to them. Dink was nothing if not studious and observant and knew of the enchani Master, even if only by name.

              He looked giving Sianna a slight bow. For a disciple to draw the attention of a master was always an opportunity. Whether that opportunity was for knowledge and power, or a painful death, however, that was an eternally question among the Sith.

              "Greetings Master Sianna."

              He then turned back to to Alistair.

              "And I believe I can answer your question Mr. Kade.

              I see you and think proper upbringing, possibly a well off family, conglomerate owner or some such, I am sure you were taught the concept of 'credits are power'. Among the Sith, it is my observation, that power is power.

              Take Master Sianna. Though I have never formally met her, I have no doubt she could crush us both with but a wave of her hand. Just as I, insignificant as I seem, could crush our server as easily as smashing an insect.

              This is the power of the Dark Side, as I have observed it.

              Our cause, as it were, is to utilize our power to bring about order to our chaotic galaxy, and return it to a state not witnessed since the great Sith Empires of old."

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                Glancing between both, she expected the obeisance from Dink and continued listening as they mused aloud on her statement. It was refreshing to have two disciples that actually used their brains instead of their brawn, which would also be telling once they began training. Most of those that had walked through the front doors in the early days only wished for revenge of one sort or another, Sianna admired the fact that the pendulum had seemed to swing the other way for once. Dink was close as to the goal of the Sith Empire, but as always to the priestess there was more to it.

                "First and foremost, the perfection of self is the ultimate goal. For the galaxy though, the council has allied us with the Galactic Empire to defeat the Jedi and New Republic." She closed her tome, marking her page with her right thumb. "Everything in nature proves that the weak serve the strong. Even a droplet of water is consumed by fire. Things die and give life to other things surviving on their remains. We ride on the knowledge that past masters have left behind," she shrugged. "Simple really."

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                  The gesture of drinks tipped towards the opposing individual was mimicked by Dinkus. The sip that followed assailed his sense of smell first, preparing his taste buds for what was to come and contributing heavily to the actual flavor. The liquid offset the spiciness of his meal just perfectly, not in the least bit uncomfortable because of it. The drink was paused in his grasp a moment, noting the second usage of the proper attached to his last name. He set the glass down, and quickly touched on it before deviating back to the primary conversation. “Alastair will do fine, Dink.” The left corner of his lips briefly arced up in a smile, using the man’s nickname, then vanished just as quickly.

                  In spite of that brief exchange, he hadn’t neglected the name Dinkus had used for the woman, as well as the title. He considered if she was referred to as a Master because she taught others, or had earned a title of Master like James Icarus. His glass was set aside and his torso bent forward, hands coming together atop the table as he listened with rapt attention to what both Sianna and Dink had to say. The half-man was not far off on his estimation of Alastair’s background, at least the part of it being the luxurious sort. “Power is power. I can agree with that.” It was the whole reason he found himself with the Sith.

                  Sianna went on to further explain the nature of the Sith, the dark side, and the way the universe worked. These philosophies were not foreign to him, but he gave them all their due attention. “What happens when we succeed, and the Jedi and Republic are gone?” It was above his ‘pay grade’ to ask such questions probably, but he was curious what the two at least though the Empire would take for a direction.


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                    Dink took a drink, giving a half shrug.

                    "I'm sure Master Sianna could give you a better, more precise, answer, but I believe she answered your question already. It is the nature of things that weak follows strong. With the Dark Side of the Force, we are the living embodiment of strength. "

                    Sitting his drink down slowly, the short man made eye contact.

                    "Sith rule."

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                      Silver orbs again shifted to the smaller of the two as he repeated what she had just said. "Who's your master, Dink?" Very few seemed to grasp the nature of the Force at such an early stage, except for her. She could imagine several that would put their student on this path at the outset and it appeared that either this disciple had been well trained or he took it upon himself to gain this knowledge.

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                        Jack then suddenly appeared at the mention of Sianna asking Dink who his Master was, "Tis I, Master Sianna."

                        The clown then put his hands up into the air walking casually over to their table. Jack had come back from his trip to Kamino where he'd held the High General prisoner. But, he'd also seen his rival, Nafrayo there too. The Neti had of course gotten in his way. Still, his clones were safe, because the fact that Jack had them hidden far into the facility where nobody would find them. All except Jack and the scientists who created them.

                        Sitting down across from them, Jack then looked to the new guy gave him a nod and then looked towards Dink and Sianna. Giving them an incline of his head he then snapped his fingers as the droid came by and Jack then looked up to it to order.

                        "I'll have a shot of rum. Actually...bring the bottle. And keep it here." Jack said his face twisted into a grin, "I got a feeling that this conversation will get interesting."

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                          “Point made.” It was an easy reply to an easy question, but he knew when the Jedi and Republic were gone a new war would begin, because neither would submit to the other. Sianna’s following question to Dink was answered not by his short of stature companion but a newcomer. His features were pallid, eyes appearing darkly rimmed. The stoic expression shifted to a grin far wider than he would have suspected, and with something a bit sinister lurking beneath, even if it was not the intention for the time being. The newly arrived man was introduced as Dink’s Master, further refining out the pecking order of all present.

                          His eyes shifted momentarily to Sianna, and lastly to Dink. He bit back any comment, but he couldn’t help but notice the more advanced in tier they became, the paler they grew. He wasn’t certain if it was coincidence, or if they had just been stolen from natural sunlight. Either way it was unimportant, and he appraised the now fullish table. “I wonder if I should drag another table over. Never know who will pop in next.”


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                            Dink made a waving motion as his own master answered up for him and sat.

                            "Yes, I am a proud disciple of my Master Sheetai. "

                            He took another sip taking in the look Sianna was giving him.

                            "I grew up, as it were, amongst Black Sun. I learned early on that knowledge is life."

                            He gave Sianna a slight smile, having taken in the look she had given him.

                            "I also learned, even without the Force, to pay close attention to the non verbal clues of those those ahead of you."

                            Glancing towards the other two men, he set his glass down.

                            "Lessons Master Sheetai vigorously reinforced. And lessons I highly recommend you learn, my good man Alistair."

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                              Silver orbs glanced to Jack as he entered, then proclaimed to the room that the smaller Sith that she was talking to had been his own disciple. Nodding with approval, she could hear most of the surface thoughts of those around them, but keyed on those of Alastair for a moment, his opinions on her complexion being foremost that caught her attention.

                              Turning her attention to the newcomer, "I'm Echani, it's natural for my people to be this white," she raised her left hand briefly. Motioning to Jack with an upraised chin, "He, however loves the shadows and this area of Munto Codru is cloudy most of the time."

                              Sianna then returned her attention to Dink. "Knowledge is indeed power, depending on how you employ it. Knowledge breeds wisdom to the motivated, which is how I attained my position." Raising the tome in her right hand slightly, silver eyes glanced between the trio, "I'm a historian and have read everything I can get my hands on about the history of the Sith and it's origins which has helped me find their tombs and other sites. This one was recently gained on Korriban in an ancient fortress. This journal belonged to the greatest king the Sith people ever had and is written in their tongue."

                              Shifting her weight towards them slightly, the lithe master was in her element now, loving the subject. "Do either of you know about our beginnings?" She knew Jack had a fair idea, but undoubtedly not as thorough as her own.

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