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  • Some Spirits and Conversation (Open)

    Late Afternoon

    Gary pushed open the door to Rama's and stepped inside. The dimly lit bar was more crowded than he would of expected. In a place where he knew no one, he felt as if all eyes were on him. The one dressed differently in a hoodie and street pants compared to the traditional leather and cloaks. He hadn't gotten his room or his clothing yet, but before he did, he needed something to wet his throat.

    Hands in his pockets, Gary looked forward and walked past the many tables and towards the bar. He raised his hood over his dark brown hair and returned his hand to his pocket. Taking a seat, he eyed the bartender and lowered his hood. "A Correllian rum on the rocks." Letting out a sigh of relief that no one attacked him on his way to the bar, Gary relaxed. Normally he didn't drink, but this time was a special occasion. He needed something to relax.

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    Strolling into the dingy, dimly lit bar, hazel green eyes took in those attending the beaten and weathered tables and chairs within the establishment. Many had lost their lives in this dive and Lykeira had seen a few of those bouts herself. Never having been a part, the Knight was more than ready for someone to try her. Moving to the bar, she spotted a newcomer whose eyes kept alive through fear of the building full of strangers, she could smell the sweat under his warmer clothes.

    Dressed in her typical brown leather vest, close fitting, dark pants and high boots, the cinnamon toned witch moved to the empty chair beside him and plopped down. Gaining the attention of the bartender, she waved him over and noticed the drink that he carried to her "newfound friend".

    "What can I get ya," the scarred, older owner queried.

    "Corellian Whiskey with a Lum chaser." She motioned to the human male to her right, "He's buying."

    With a smirk, he moved to the rack of bottles behind him and began pouring as Lykeira leaned in on her crossed arms, the once polished counter top now cut, etched with names and other graffiti covering nearly every inch. "So, you have a name or should I make one up for you?"


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      Hearing her say the words, "he's buying", caught him off guard. The frell im not. He thought. Not like he couldn't afford it with his wealthy reputation for credits, but he wasn't about to be pushed around. No matter how off he felt about this place.

      The bartender returned with the drink and sat it down before the woman beside him. Gary quickly reached for the glass and put a hand to hover over the opening. "Thanks. I could of used another drink." He glared at her angrily, finally making eye contact. She was pretty, but looks could kill in this sense. "My name's not important, but I've already got a few for you I just came up with." Gary sighed and shook his head, calming down. He removed his hand over her glass, grabbed his own half empty drink in one hand, and got up from the bar to sit in a booth in the left wall by the window. He'd been through a lot in the past couple of days. The last thing he would need is to get in a fight on his first night of being accepted into the Sith.


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        Antony was already sitting inside the bar drinking himself. A few days prior it was his 17th birthday and he was finally celebrating it here. He already had on Drifters and seen his cousin, Sinead. It was fun, and, seeing her on her own turf gave him better insight into her life as a mercenary. Maybe he could use her skills in the future. At some point maybe. To kill his idiot father! He'd never see THAT coming.

        Putting a hand on Gary's shoulder he then smirked, "Just do it, man. She's a Knight. A beautiful but powerful one. I would know. I've heard quite the stories about her."

        Although his drinks hadn't kicked in yet he was hearing the voices still. It made his frakking head hurt. Like always. He then twitched his eye then shook it off, taking his bottle and taking a big swig from it then wiped his lips calmly with his sleeve. Taking a seat, the Sith Warrior then heard the voices in his head.

        This one might come in handy, Antony! Keep him close, and your enemies closer! His 'dark passenger' said to him.

        Don't give into him, Antony. I'm always here for you, my brother. Jaden spoke afterward.

        Don't listen to your Jedi brother! He'll make you weaker! He's already had an influence on you. You better not let it get any worse! Or I'll take over for good. You're lucky I haven't. The Dark Passenger spoke ringing it through his brain.

        "My name's Antony....your new I take it. You got that newbie look." He said with a nod, outstretching his hand.
        Antony's Theme Music Antony's alternate theme song Thanks Tearstone for all the help you did on this


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          The moment that he placed his hand over the top of her drink, Lykeira shot the man a glare that could have killed, hazel green darkening as the Force welled inside her. Smartly, he removed his hand before she Pulled a knife to her own and staked his wrist to the counter. Turning, he walked away and though she had the ability to read his mind, she refrained from intrusively finding out what names he thought for her, though she knew it wouldn't take too much imagination. Blood boiling, she pushed herself up and stalked after him, being intercepted by Antony who then warned the newcomer about who he was messing with.

          Moving around the slightly younger male by a few years, the Knight continued to within a foot of Gary. "Listen here, some may not have told you how things work around here, but when someone of stronger hold and training in the Force tells you to do something, you do it without question. Understood?" Conversation in the bar quietened to a hushed tone as everyone looked on, knowing the witch already. Some even taking bets as to the outcome. "You actually survive the next few minutes, and then training, then in a few years you can walk in here as if you own the place. But, right now, you're nothing."


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            Gary could of gone about this two ways. One of the two ways he wished he could of, but refrained and listened to Antony. Biting his tongue, he continued to look straight and stroke his chin as she ripped him in front of everyone. It was one thing to speak to him one kind of way and then it was another to do it publicly. He took his final swig of his alcohol and swallowed the burning fluid. "Duly noted...." He turned his head and looked up at Lykeira. "'am."

            Ain't been here five minutes and I've already got enemies. He thought to himself. Antony was right. He should just let it go before this gets any worse. He really wanted to tell her off. Gary wanted to let her know that even though he respected her rank, paying for a drink for someone who hated him before they even knew him was something beyond him. He'd die first before becoming a lackey in the eyes of every onlooker.

            His glare turned into a grin. Raising his hand up, he waved for the bartender and extended his neck to see around Lykeira. "Seeing as the mood is a bit tense over here, a few chillers over here, man. For me, my friend, and...." He waited for Lykeira to offer her name. This was going to be his way to make up to her in front of everyone. That, and Gary wanted to know the name of the woman he'd love to destroy in those said years she spoke of.


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              Stepping from the shuttle, Akilah could feel the uneasiness in the air even before meeting anyone here on this world. The mountains and surrounding scenery were definitely something to behold, but as her hazel eyes turned to the staff moving to the vessel, one pulling a hose from the refueling station, the looks on their faces and overall demeanor just made her uncomfortable. Letting the captain deal with the ground crew, she continued on through the various ships parked nearby and toward the maintenance hangars. Lurking between each, local codru'ji sifted through trash reclamators and fought over anything of worth.

              So, that's how the Sith treat those they subjugate, she mused.

              Soon, the entrance to the bar came into view, it's location near the mountain's edge being perfect to dump those they didn't want around any longer. Music played within as she opened the door and stepped inside. Musty smells mingled with cigarra smoke and she scanned the interior to see an argument going on, two males and a female who seemed rather bossy. Having only just stepped into the Sith world, she was already ready to leave. Continuing on toward the bar, she kept her ears focused on the argument, hoping that it didn't shift her direction. Shooting one of them wouldn't be the best way to enhance the relationship between the Sith and Galactic Empire.