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    Rama's was not without it's quiet corners and sequestered areas. It was only natural, being the choice location of leisure for the Sith, a sect that was both deceptive and suspicious to it's core.

    Private communique's were made to Lucette, Xander's newest Apprentice. She now had two reasons to form a connection with the young Shadana: One, Lucette's brother. Two, her Apprentice.

    While she offered Xander a task, one important to her that would show some trust, she would always cover her basis. Thus was the reason she chose to develop her relationship with Lucette further.

    "Mistress Neferis awaits you beyond this door."

    She heard the hostess address her guest just beyond, and rose to greet Lucette with perhaps more attention given then she would any other visitor. All with reason.


    She smiled an actual smile. No mischievous smirk or mocking grin.

    "So good to see."

    Her tawny eyes moved to the hostess before the woman could depart, gesturing her with a raise of her hand.

    "Fetch us a bottle and two glasses of whatever my guest will have, and then..."

    Her hand gestured sideways, permeating the mind of the woman.

    "Forget you saw her here. Forget you saw me here. This chamber is reserved until the next day and you know not by who. We are not to be disturbed."

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    Lucette sashayed into the private lounge like she owned the place; which, of course, was precisely how she walked everywhere. Upon seeing Neferis, the daughter of Jezebella returned the rare smile she saw on her lips and moved past the hostess that had led her here. She paused near the couch that the Kiffar stood in front of and then turned her amber eyes upon the hostess, her gaze flicking over the woman in a judgmental fashion.

    "Emerald wine." She intoned at the other Sith's behest and then plopped down into the buttery soft leather of the sofa. The hostess was dismissed with her orders, one of which demanded that they were not to be disturbed. Understandable, of course. The gossip that was undoubtedly about to ensue was not meant to be overheard and Lucette had a couple devious plans of her own in mind.

    "Neferis, it's been so long. Too long." She said with a feint pout, drawing her knee up onto the couch and angling her body toward the other woman receptively. "How have you been? I trust the visit to Vortex went well."
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      Layla brought a hand up, requesting Lucette's patience towards a response with that simple gesture.

      "Please, call me Layla. What I do in public, is in part to create an image, but sometimes I miss the sound of my name."

      Her statement aimed to create a sense of trust, and relaxation. Rejoining Lucette on the couch, she rested her elbow atop the rear of it and tipped her head slightly to touch her index finger to her chin.

      "It did. A shame I could not bring you with me, but I did not trust you would be safe. Your brother however...things went as intended. He retains more control than was hoped for. In time, he will be back amongst you."

      She didn't press the girl for any secrecy on the matter. Lucette knew Layla wished discretion, and pressing the matter would only cause suspicion that the Kiffar would have liked to do without.

      "I never really had family. I suppose that is part of what makes yours important to me."


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        Amber eyes never departed from the tawny one's Layla possessed and she listened with rapt interest as the woman spoke. She was pleased to see that in this intimate setting, the woman did not stand on formality and that their previous encounters now put them both on a first name basis.

        Revelations about her brother's 'condition' steered her thoughts toward the family she belonged to; now, all of the Shadana children were together for the most part. It would take time for them to find strength in that truth. But, she trusted it would come with time. If not, there were others she could rely on.

        "Sweet words like that are going to make me jealous of them." She confessed, her piercing stare landing upon the hostess as she dropped off the wine and then swiftly departed. Reaching over to the short table next to them, she poured them both a glass and then handed Layla one of them. "I trust you heard that Xander has agreed to train me, Layla." She tested her name with a grin, taking a sip of the green wine and sighing with contentment at the taste.
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          Layla smiled at the acceptance of her name, and the enunciation given as it was tested upon Lucette's tongue.

          "I have."

          She didn't say much on the topic at first, not wishing to overplay her hand and show that it was part of her intrigue. Instead she set her focus to the glass of wine offered to her.

          As Xander knew, she indulged from time to time, but always sparingly and never when she needed to keep her guard on high alert. This was a setting however where the more comfortable she was, the more it would go in a preferred direction.

          The topic of Xander was put aside for the wine, sipping from the glass, then holding it before her visage to obscure everything about Lucette beneath her neckline.

          "A good choice. I have never had this kind before, and this color suits you well."

          Her actions were made clear of picturing Lucette briefly garbed in such colors. Her own garments were of not so vibrant colors. A brown top cinched tight around her middriff, then wove laces together over her skin. Black cotton pants embroidered from mid thigh down tucked into brown leather boots. No gloves adorned her normally shielded touch, left bare for her psychometry to be put to use as whim.

          "Xander is an interesting being..."

          She began to gossip with Lucette, genuinely smiling as she conveyed details the girl might not be privvy too.

          "He comes from a predominantly patriarchal society, where woman are viewed without the respect they deserve and yet...he surrounds himself with women, because he so very obviously likes to be dominated by them. You will see. He will delight in your challenging him, but crave your acceptance."


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            She watched on intently as Layla sipped the wine she had selected; never having known the woman to indulge but excited that she was joining her. The topic of Xander was set aside momentarily and she contemplated the color of the wine they imbibed as the palette for her next designer dress. This evening, her mode of attire could be described as flirty; short skirt of sheer, soft brown, a cropped black top that shimmered in the dim light of the lounge, and ruffled knee high stockings that ended at black high heels.

            She turned her gaze upon Layla's attire, far simpler than what she normally saw the woman in. Still, she looked incredibly hot. Her inspection of the woman's attire was not hidden and she fanned herself openly while aiming a wink in her direction. Then, they were back onto the subject of Xander and she was all ears.

            Oh, the things she learned.

            "Is that so...?" She asked with interest, having been allowed an intimate peek into Xander's mind during the initial bout of training. She hadn't gotten that much from it, of course. She wondered exactly how Layla knew that. "Sounds like you know him very well, Layla."
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              "Oh, I do. I know all the buttons to press. And when to press them."

              She was rather proud actually, of just how well she had grown to understand him. She had learned when to give, and when to take, to always keep him guessing and hooked.

              "While it's just us girls, and we can be open..."

              She sipped from her glass once more, taken with the taste Lucette had introduced her to.

              "...perhaps I come off full of myself for his statement, but he is taken with me. At least I assume so. I am not altogether skilled at discerning these sorts of things from people."

              Her attention cast away, lowing both hands towards her lap with the glass with it.

              "As he likely knows, I am not interested. Even my own dalliance had purpose, and I have no interest in that individual either."

              She was candid about her feelings with Lucette. Their was nobody in her life, whether they wished to be or not.

              "It is good to talk. I would venture to say you know me better now, in our short time together, than most."


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                All of the information she was given was soaked in, carefully cataloged for later use should the need ever arise. An amused smile was hidden behind the glass she held, a quiet chuckle briefly interrupting the sip she attempted to take. As she had assumed, it seemed everything Layla did was riddled with ulterior motives and nefarious purpose. She had no doubt that even their meeting here somehow played right into her plans. She could not fault the woman. Why waste time dallying with something that did not profit one in some way?

                "I am at your disposal for such conversations any time. I admit, I cannot stand to be around other women. But you, you're different." She confided, unable to mask the brief sadistic streak that entangled with her earnest expression. Her thoughts had briefly wandered to Mira, who she had butchered like holiday game on Onderon, for betraying her trust. She was most certainly a contributing factor for her intolerance of other females. "I'm afraid I'm an open book, I wear my heart on my sleeve. No secrets to be discovered or leverage to be had. If there was, no doubt you would discover it, though." She said with another wink, polishing off the rest of the glass and then pouring herself another.
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                  "Oh, I very much doubt this."

                  She countered Lucette's open book statement with her denial.

                  "I am, however, not out to find your weaknesses or a point of leverage. You are Apprentice to my Apprentice."

                  Her eyes refocused on Lucette's, lifting her glass to drain the last of it and offer it forward for a refill.

                  "Through this chain, you are thus my Apprentice. You are my legacy. I take great and genuine interest in you, Lucette."

                  It was the truth. Xander could even attest to that part of things. Her legacy was important to her. Tristen and Lucette. They were not her kids, but they would define a portion of her legacy.

                  "So if your concern is that I might use something you tell me against you, talk to me about things that cannot be used against you. The weather. How your evening has been. How you discovered green wine."