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    Munto Codru wasn't exactly like he expected it to be. He had expecting something a little more...modern, than what was the reality. The hangar bay was deserted with the exception of a few astromech and protocol droids roaming about. He wasn't asked anything about any weapons. He had a slugthrower on an ankle holster under his camouflaged BDUs. Forse had decided that he'd use some of his leave time in order to visit the newest "ally" of the Galactic Empire. The so-called Sith Empire.

    As Forse looked around, he saw nothing that indicated any sort of imperial war machine. In the past, The Sith Empire was one of fleets and soldiers, not only saber jockeys. But it seemed that the title itself was more ceremonial than anything else. A gathering of sociopaths, and nothing more.

    Forse made his way into the small city that served as civilian habitation. The streets were deserted, and barely any sound could be heard. Forse did hear voices in a nearby tavern, and made his way towards it.

    Looking up above the door, he saw a sign which said, "Rama's Corner." Forse could only assume that Rama was the head of the establishment. The patrons seemed in good spirits, and so Forse entered the room. Barely anyone looked in his direction, and the bar seemed to be filled with people who may not have been connected to the Sith cult that dominated the planet.

    Forse still didn't understand why the Empress would ally with these savages, but it wasn't his place to question her motives. He knew Tatiana well enough to know that she had contingencies in place.

    For the moment, Forse was content with taking a seat at a table near the bar. He took a thickly rolled cigarra into his mouth and lit it. He then began scanning the establishment. In his mind, he was performing an exercise that he had learned when he was being trained as a Storm Commando. Forse knew that Jedi could read minds, and could only assume that Sith could as well. In order to disguise his thoughts, he began visualizing his slugthrower in his mind, taking it apart piece by piece and reassembling it. It wasn't easy to do, as distracting thoughts could easily interrupt the process, but Forse had done it before.

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    "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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    "I have never understood your lot. That with all the lessons of a millennia of history at your beckoning, the cold hard truth staring you in the face, that you people still cling to technology as your saving grace."

    Hydrocus' words, put matter of factly to Forse, where followed with the draping of fur lined overcoat on a chair at the Imperials table. Uninvited as he was, the Sith Master payed little mind to any protest that might come towards his sitting. Munto Codru was Sith Territory, no Empress or imperial law would deny him here.

    "You come to a world where it's habitants have the power to implode suns, summon storms at a moment's notice. A race of sentients who can move faster than your eyes can see. Who can determine your actions before they happen...and here you sit thinking an archaic piece of weaponry would deter us from harassing you."

    Hydrocus paused as a serving droid, without hint or summons, brought a stemmed glass to the table and filled it with the pink liquid of a Coruscanti blush wine.

    "I hope for your sake Imperial, that your hands are faster than your mind's eye. There are those among us who are still a bit peeved about that whole force sensitive ban...."


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      Forse was impressed by the man before him. The things the man said were so hyperbolic that Forse couldn't help but chuckle. Forse wasn't naive enough to think that the man was lying. He knew that the Sith were quite powerful. But even when faced with that sort of power, Forse wasn't intimidated. Force users had been killed by the hundreds in times of war by men and machines with blasters. The birth of the Empire was laced with the blood of hundreds of Jedi.

      "Then surely a being as powerful and omnipotent as you claim has more pressing matters than a little 'Force sensitive ban.' I'm a student of history, Sith. Your Order has a long history of using regular armies to attain their goals, so don't act like what you've got going on here is a result of finding a better way to fight. And each time your order has gone into battle, they've found themselves at the receiving end of a galactic boot. What makes you think that the little 'Empire' you have now is going to be different?" Forse replies.

      He pauses for a moment. A serving droid appears to him but he waves it away.

      "Forse Dirum. Army Lieutenant. We're allies for the moment, Sith. Might as well act like it." Forse says, stretching his arm across the table to initiate a handshake.

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      "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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