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    Late Night

    Hayden's hand that wasn't wrapped around his drink covered his face and slowly slid down until it hit the bar counter. He'd been awake twenty three hours from the moment he left Nar Shaddaa until now. Usually that amount of hours was normal when he was working late night through the nightclub hours and tied up in his frivolous sexcapades nearly every night, but this was different. He had killed, stowed away, and lied to so many people and the last thing he wanted to do was sleep. If he slept, he could miss something and he couldn't trust a single person in this place. Last thing he wanted was for someone to stab him in the back and make his entire travel here for naught.

    The attractive barmaid slid him another of his same drink and proposed that it was on the house. Thanking her with a wink and a head nod, Hayden's lips touched yet another glass and the burning alcohol scorched going down. All he wanted was to see his friend here and know she was okay. He reached into his black pants pocket and noticed that her datapad frequency was not found. Either she was off planet or she changed datapads to hide herself from their pursuers. Sliding the datapad back into his pocket, he stroked his stubble on his chin and leaned forward, his tight black longsleeved shirt revealing almost all of his skinny, yet toned frame.
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    Finishing up a game of billiards, Tess moved from the table and handed the loser her stick and continued on to the bar. Sliding into one of the empty seats, she glanced over at the handsome loner apparently drinking to keep himself awake. Grinning wryly, Tess motioned to the bartender who's rough demeanor fit this place well.

    "Whiskey," blue eyes turned back to the one that looked like he was about to fall out of the stool. "There a reason you're killing yourself?"

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      Asori entered Rama’s, ruffled up with a soft ‘beaten’ expression on her face. She was currently learning Soresu from the Sith Master Icarus, and though he was an impressive Sith, he did not take it easy on her. Not that she would have wanted him to either. After their first lesson, it was up to her to tackle the new skills on her own, hone them, build up her strength and speed, and skill. That’s when the droids came in handy.

      The brunette had done some damage, she made sure of that before the last droid drove a strong stun blast to her back... which seemed to knock her out for a good fifteen minutes. She awoke with a poke from some curious Sith Disciple, she gave him a scowl, asked what time it was hand headed directly for Rama’s for a drink.

      Landing on a seat at the bar, the eighteen year old ordered some red wine and some food, and turned to notice a man sitting not to far away. He had a glass of one hand and a look of depression on his face. The man was unfamiliar, though Asori felt he was a new recruit. She was about to ask him where he’d come from when another woman took the seat between them.


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        Hayden smiled and gave a single chuckle before taking another sip. He glanced over at the rather attractive woman beside him and raised an eyebrow before looking forward again. "Wanna tell me what you're referring to?" Lowering the glass back down, he spoke again. "You know, you play a mean game of billiards. Poor guy never stood a chance." A slight indication that he saw her and made note of her even while he was preoccupied with his drinks at the bar. The young girl on the other side of the one in the middle caught his peripheral as well. Hayden was just about to say something but someone else prompted him first.


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          Sitting back as the redhead to her right seemed eager to also chime in about the man's demeanor, Tess nodded to the fellow Sith, then turned back to Hayden. "Just noticed the aura of alcohol around you," blue eyes motioned to the half empty glass in his hand. "How many is that?"

          She flashed a sultry smile, glancing back to the table as the loser now tried to lure another female to a match. "Easy when his mind is on other things." Men were so predictable, she mused. As the bartender set her own drink before her, she jambed a thumb toward Asori. "Should've seen her beat two guys at darts a few nights ago."

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            "You play me," Pen said to the sulking loser at the table who had moved on to yet another female.

            Archer chuckled inwardly that the man had thought he could beat Tess, though Archer had not seen the entire match. He was tired from a full day of training with Jack and needed some down time. What better way to relax than go to Rama's for a drink, and to kill some time with billards. The game kept his mind sharp. Aligning the right angles kept his eye keen as he used the bow, or now as Jack was insiting, daggers.

            A hand, adorned in a fingerless glove, motioned for the bar maid to bring him a bottle of red wine, and the proper glass for such a drink. Pen allowed certain parts of his culture and people to shape him, such was the appreciation for a good wine or brandy. Others looked at him as though his selection was not fitting his attire, nor did it as he did not seem to be of a regal background. Archer was dressed in his green leather pants, and archer's jacket. The hood remained in his quarters, but a belt brandishing two new daggers set on his waist.

            Taking the cue stick in hand, the game began, as blue eyes looked over to the bar where three other Sith were gathered. Archer knew one, the other two he did not. He would learn who they were by the end of the night.


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              He finally looked at his addressor and charmingly smiled. "Well, only about four but I think I got enough room for one more before I call it quits." The drinks he ordered were strong and though three of them were red in color, the last one was green and tasted like medicine. He noted to never order that one again.

              He laughed at her joke about the guy and looked back as she did at his sorry attempts to find another taker at the table. "Poor sap. He'll get em' sometime. Or maybe that's his game. Lose now so he'll win later." When she mentioned the girl on her other side Hayden leaned forward so he could see her down there smiled at her. "Now that deserves a drink. Cheers to taking down the competition." He raised his hand and beckoned the barmaid who had helped him before and told her that the next drink, whatever the drink Asori wanted, he'd cover it. Turning to the side in his chair to look at Adgertesse, he left one arm relax on the bar counter and the other in his lap. "Hayden Warr. Newest recruit in this fine establishment."


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                “Noticed? More like smell.” Asori said under her breath at the man, though he didn’t seem overly drunk, at least his words haven’t slurred yet. Still, looking around the place, Asori wouldn’t want to get smack-drunk alone here. She was about to take a drink of the wine, when the woman next to her jabbed a thumb in her direction, claiming she had taken out two guys at darts.

                Asori paused, and tilted her head, she didn’t remember that, nor coming in a few nights ago. Was the woman trying to set her up for something? Or was it just a play for the drunk audience? Deciding it couldn’t hurt to play along, she shrugged the compliment off as if it was no big deal. “They had it coming.”

                “What are you drinking?” Asori then asked, leaning over the bar to look at the man at the far end. His drink seemed... abnormal. “The name’s Asori Terrek by the way, Hayen was it? A word of advice, try not to have a hangover on your first day of training.” The Warrior didn’t even know who his master was, of if he even had one, but she knew enough by now to know that poor performance on your first was never a good sign.


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                  "Duly noted, Miss Terrek, but I had no intentions of getting that drunk and this is the last place you would catch me passing out. Just wanted a few drinks since its been quite some time before I'd had one. If anything this night will bring me back to life. At least something will." His voice trailed off at the end. Hayden lifted the empty glass which used to have the green drink in it. "As for this little beauty, it's called a Corellian Twister. Trust me, the twist is that it looks great but you could find better taste from licking the residue from this counter. Never had Corellian alcohol and I'm thinkin' it should of stayed that way." He raised an eyebrow at the drink and shook his head.

                  Hayden smiled at her Asori as he lowered his glass back to the table. "And you are?" His question now to the one next to him.