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*Enters Rama's*

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  • *Enters Rama's*

    *This was an odd occurance for the Dark Knight known as Darth Snack to grace Rama's with his presence. The past two times had been to meet and catch up with little things with fellow Knight, Athena, and to take a different approach to training with Jodah. Other than those two recent showings, Snack could not remeber when the last time he just came here to sit and drown his thoughts in liquor and stuf his mouth with delectible food.

    Finally with time to spare, Snack sauntered in and took a seat in a booth located by the near wall. In order to get a better view of the happenings of the pub, Snack slid to the end of the padded seat, leaning his back up against the dura-crete wall. He threw his right leg up on the booth seat, bending it at the knee to bring his leg closer to his chest. Resting his right arm on the raised knee, the Knight drummed his (left hand) fingers on the table top. Comfy.*

    I'll take an Ale, your choice.

    *He told the server droid who rolled hastily to his table. It rolled away just as fast, disappearing behind the bar preparing Snack's simple order.*

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    "You must be Sir Snack...honor to meet you".

    *Snack turns to see Bi0 holding his Ale*

    "Sorry, Droids are too slow nowadays..."

    *Places the mug of Ale in front of Snack and sits down on the oppisite side of the table*

    "You don't mind any company do you?"


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      "Or how about two."

      ::Yurza speaks as he walks from the other side of the bar. He walks towards the two holding a cup of ale for himself::


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        *Slums back in his chair at the new arrival*

        "Ah, Yurza...apprentice to Trunks. I know him...quite a force at SWFANS".

        *Flags the bar astro droid down*

        "Tell me Yurza, how is your day fairing?"


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          "My day fairing quite well. how about your own? And yours has it been?"


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            *Bar astro droid rolls in*

            "Ice water"

            *BAD [hey bad! haha] rolls off to get his drink*

            "Me Yurza? Been thinking about that bar fight that happen between Nicloas Marr and Rama...quite a fight I heard...too bad I wasn't present at it..."

            *Chuckles and continues to slum back in his seat*


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              *Snack's eyes peered up to first see Bi0 holding his ale. He set the glass down and pushed it over to the Knight saying, "You must be Sir Snack...honor to meet you.... You don't mind any company do you?" Not saying many words, Snack nodded his head both in appreciation for bringing the drink and in answering that he was indeed "Sir Snack."

              A few seconds later, another Sith Warrior, Master Yurza, made his way over to the two, asking as well if he could join them. Snack again nodded his head, making room for him.

              He sipped at his ale nonchalantly, listening to the two talking about their days and other happenings that had gone on in the bar. His injterest perked at the mention of the name "Nichos." Snack sat back so his back toached the back of the booth seat, and glanced at Bi0.*

              Nichos? I hope Rama gave him a beating.


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                **Sakuya stepped slowly into the bar, pulling the hood of her cloak away from her face, letting her hair fall to her shoulders. Her eyes scanned the room, looking for just any familiar face, today hadn't been a good day for her and some company would help. She spotted Snack and the others, and walked up to him, nodding respectively**

                Excuse me, but would you be so kind as to let me join you?

                **She smiled slightly and waited for anyone's reply**


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                  Re: .....

                  *He watched as the woman stepped up to their table, looking a bit donw and in need of company. He recognized her from somewhere, sometime in the past, but couldn't put an exact date nor an exact occurance. He nodded, motioning her to sit down with them. He kept quiet, still looking at Bi0 to determine whether or not Nichos had gotten beat down.*


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                    Re: .....

                    *Bi0 didn't mind the new lady joining in the conversation..however, he noticed that Snack was still waiting for him to answer*

                    "Oh Nicholas? Yeah, got quite a beating. You weren't <a href=>there</a> eiether? Man, we are so unlucky..."

                    *Takes a sip of water


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                      Re: .....

                      Nope, I wasn't there. But I'm glad he got a beating.

                      *A sick demented smile came across his face as the memory of Nichos entered his mind, his lightsaber ignited, clashing with that of Snack's. The fight lasted for a while, until the Jedi brought in stray animals to finish it for him. And everyone thought the Jedi were fair. Ha! Snack lost that day, but with it came a better understanding of the Force.

                      He sipped at his own Ale, turning his gaze towards Sakuya, who had been very quiet since sitting down.*

                      How are you? *He asked her.*


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                        **Sakuya startled slightly and turned her gaze from the blank wall toward the three**

                        Oh..I'm sorry I wasn't quite listening...

                        **Flicking a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, she composed herself quite quickly**

                        I am...well...Okay I suppose, been much better but I'm okay

                        **She smiled gently and in return asked Snack**

                        And yourself?


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                          Re: ...

                          Hello, Snack. Zeta around?


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                            Re: ...



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                              Re: ...


                              *Snack looked at the little ball of fuzz, its cuteness bringing his stomach to churn.*

                              Who the living frell is Zeta?

                              *Snack's eyes bored a cold hole through the eyes of the thing, before ignoring it. He turned his attention back to Sakuya.*

                              I'm doing quite fine. Enjoying the Empire?