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  • Looking For LV...

    Soth walked in and glanced around, looking for Lady Vader he needed to talk to her. Something was amiss...

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    Alana turned as she felt the presence of her brother in blood. Sending him a call with the force." My brother join me, is everything ok?" She said with a worried look...


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      *News traveled fast when someone needed to speak with her. It could be a gift or a curse. But in this case, she would consider it a gift.*

      *She came up to Vampyre, nodding to him in respect.*

      What is it you need, Lord Soth?


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        Soth retuned the respect to Mistress Vader as he too slightly bowed to her. In his talon glove was a small black data-pad. Soth then presented it to Lady Vader as a questioning look crossed her face. He knew by the puzzled glance from her, an explanation would be nice about then from him. However, the importance that was stored on the hallow-cron pad would in detail explain the meaning of it's contents and it would be fully understood as soon as it was viewed in privacy. It contained the coordinates and other special instruction's she would need to the outer remote rim system, ... Roon!

        Soth narrowed his eye's as he leaned in towards her. His smooth word's came out in a low whisper to Lady Vader.

        "M'lady, this is for you. Keep it safe and close to your heart. You are always welcomed there, as well as your "Sister's"... I know they hold your same conviction, and it would be "our" honor if you would grace us with your presence in due time, ... Please come at your convenience."

        Soth then bowed once more to her. She had always show Alana and Soth her hospitality and respect whenever they ventured through her system. Stopping by to refuel and restock supply's as well as exchanged pleasantries. She was a "true friend" and a deadly ally!

        Alana knew immediately as soon as Soth handed the data-pad to L. V., why he was there to meet with her. Lady Vader was a "trusted" friend and it was his way of showing his deep admiration for her and her "Sister's" that made up their guild. It was his invitation to them, a rare invitation indeed...To the Shrine of the Damned!


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          *She took the data pad from him and quickly scanned it's contents. This was indeed an honor to have such a private revealed to her. She looked at Soth and Alana and smiled.*

          Thank you. I will indeed come and visit in short time after I have dealt with a few business deals I am in.

          *With a bow of her head, she placed the information within her cloak and returned back to her duties.*