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When depression takes over.

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  • When depression takes over.

    ::Chaos sat at a table in the shadows. This wasn't hard to do. Many of the tables here were in the shadows. Chaos didn't even bother to order a drink. He hadn't ate, nor drank anything in days. Ever sence he lost his arm he had been this way. He found some fun at The Old Devils Inn. It was the best place he had been. Also his new home. Chaos remebered when he was happy. No longer. He had to do something soon.::

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    Seeing Chaos move to a table in the shadows, Daegal moved toward him. He had noticed that the Warrior had not been himself lately around HQ. Approaching slowly, Daegal let a slight smile creep across his normally emotionless face.

    "Greetings, Chaos."


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      "Greetings Daegal. What brings you to this lovely hole? I sure hope it is not the food."


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        "Food? When did Rama's begin to carry anything that could be compared to food?", he said with a smile.

        Pausing, he began again. "No, I am here to meet friends and drink a bit."


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          "I am all for drinking. All for it!"

          ::Chaos takes a big swig of his JD.::

          "Help yourself."


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            Grinning, Daegal motioned to a service droid.

            "Vodka for myself and more JD for my friend!", he said loudly.

            Grinning to Chaos as the drinks arrived, Daegal took a long swig of his vodka and smiled. The slight burning in his throat was a familar comfort for the Sith Warrior.

            "So, my friend, how have you been lately?", Daegal said with a smile.


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              ::Chaos touches his Robotic arm.::

              "A little different. Hard to get used to it. It seems my world is falling apart slowly. Hard to stay in the game."

              ::Chaos takes a swig of the JD.::

              "Thanks for the drink man."


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                "Anytime. Anytime. Have you begun to train with your new arm?"