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    Eve and Lana walked in. In a sigh, Eve pulled out a chair at a table and sat down, motionning Lana to do the same. In a sigh, she ran her hand through her dark hair and closed her eyes.

    "The Van Derveld family is very complicated, if you haven't noticed yet, Miss Westbrooke ..."

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    Lana took her seat and looked at Eve with some confusion.
    "...I don't understand. Elaborate?"


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      Eve shrugged as her gaze lowered, a beeping droid came and she ordered a glass of water with a lot of glass, she looked back up at Lana.

      "Heh, you'll see ... Want something ?"She said, as she pointed at the droid.


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        "Yes, a water will be fine."
        She addressed this to the droid and smiled slightly as she watched it whisk away.
        "...I will see...?"


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          Eve chuckled lightly, closing her eyes. Then she gasped slightly, holding her hand out towards Lana for a shake.

          "Oh, forgive me, I still haven't presented myself."

          Eve smiled lightly as she tilted her head to the side slowly.

          "The name's Eve Siren, Sith Knight of the Empire."


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            "Ah, Eve. A pleasure meeting you finally. I'm Lana Westbrooke."
            She extended her hand as well in greeting. A small smile creased her lips as she also tilted her head a bit in curiosity.
            "How long have you been here, if I may ask....?"


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              "For almost a year, actually ..."

              Eve shook Lana's hand gently, smiling. It was rare to see Eve's smile, usually, she was described as "Emotionless" or even "Heartless".

              "And you, Miss Westbrooke ?"


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                "A little over a month. Hard to believe.... I feel so at home here."
                She looked to Eve and smiled a bit. Her own words echoed thoroughly through her mind.... I guess this is her new home.
                .....And there's no point in lying to herself.....


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                  "I see what you mean ... But I don't feel like that. It's weird ... I have no 'true' home."

                  Eve shrugged, though that saddened her. She ran her hand on her right shoulder, on her barcode tattoo. Sighing lightly, she forced a little smile on her lips.

                  "Tell me, where were you before you joined ?"


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                    Lana wanted to say 'mourning,' but thought otherwise. She knew by now not to bring personal issues to conversations, or else she'd get all teary-eyed and wimpish.
                    "Carmune, my home planet."


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                      "Carmune ? I've never been there ... Tell me about it."

                      At least Lana had a homeplanet. Home ? Eve chuckled to herself. If we can call hell 'home', then so be it.


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                        "It's a really dark planet.... Everything there is crimson and violet. It was once Sith-infested, too. Now it's just....--"
                        Lana blinked and slouched. What was it now? Even she didn't know. She couldn't remember, oddly enough.
                        "...Well, I would imagine it's the same old planet. Deprived and bare now, but the same, in any sense."


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                          Eve blinked. A crimson and violet planet ? Interesting ... Eve's "home" was gray. Everything there was so sad.

                          "Crimson and violet ? It must've been weird to come here ... Since there's not much crimson or violet around here."


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                            "Yes, it was quite the change. A lot more color back on Carmune, but not as much things than here. Like.... I've never seen bodies of water on Carmune. Here, I see a lot of that. Like at the Tides of Darkness!--"
                            Lana was quite excited talking of 'water' that it almost seemed like water wasn't of the essence on her home planet. But there was a lot that didn't come naturally there. It was a place where nothing came for free....
                            "...Eve, why have you no place to call 'home?'"


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                              " ... A home is a place where you feel you belong. A warm place ... And I've never experienced that. Therefore, home doesn't exist to me."

                              Eve lowered her gaze as she talked about how she felt about home. It was rather sad. Rejected.