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  • ::Steps in::

    ::Taking a seat near the bar, he yawns and leans back::

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    DarkStar rises from his corner seat and moves over to the bar.

    "It has been too long my friend,"

    He said quietly.


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      Tell me Darkstar, where did we go wrong?

      Where did LST go wrong? Is it me, or did the entire Universe change.

      ::He shook his head::


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        DarkStar sighed

        "The entire universe changed my friend, though only a little at a time so we wouldn't notice but changed it has and not for the better I am sure."

        DarkStar rolled the last of the water round his glass.

        "Even with hindsight i do not know where we went wrong, we all had other comitments perhaps, I do not know the answer, I probebly never will"


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          ::Etanial let out a heavy sigh and shook his head::

          Perhaps I'm too old for my own good.


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            DarkStar layed a hand on his shoulder.

            "If you are too old my friend, then what am I, have over 500 years on you, I'm a fossil"

            He let out a dry laugh

            "But perhaps we are both too old for it all"


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              "Maybe you two are just out of shape."

              ::Chaos said this with a hearty laugh. He walked over and nodded to Darkstar. He gave a low bow to Xan.::

              "Uncle! How are you? It has been a while sence you graced this place withyour presence."


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                ::He sighed and put a hand on Chaos's shoulder::

                It's been too long Chaos, sit down. Talk with your Uncle a while.


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                  DarkStar watched Chaos for a moment before inclining his head and taking a seat. Ordering another drink from the bar he stayed silent, ready to listen to what Chaos and Xanatos had to say.


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                    ::Chaos took a seat and ordered a JD and started to drink it.::

                    "Dearest uncle, what brings you back to this place?"


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                      ::Etanial raised his hand to the Serving droid and motioned for drink. Right now he didn't care what kind, he just wanted one::

                      "Not exactly sure Chaos, I think I needed to come here to think."


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                        "Thinking is over rated. Drinking is much better."

                        ::Chaos drums his robotic fingars on the table. It had become a habit to do so.::

                        "You seem down uncle. Why do you not relax? It is safe to do so here."


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                          ::he sighed as the droid brought him a drink...

                          It was Chardonnay. He looked down at it in shock, perhaps this droid had been around long enough to remember him, perhaps...

                          It didn't matter though. X sat there staring down into the goblet of liquid, his own memories of this place, and of things gone wrong, and things gone right, flooded back::

                          "Chaos... I wasn't completely honest with you. There was one other reason I came here."


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                            ::Chaos started to sip his drink.::

                            "What reason is that dear uncle?"


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                              ::He stands up slowly, and adjusts himself as best he can, fixing his hair back into it's ponytail, and straightening his jacket::

                              "To do something I should have done a very long time ago."

                              ::He slowly begins to walk out of the bar, towards the <a href=> Council Chambers</a>.::