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Unexpected Visit By 2 Jedi Masters

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  • Unexpected Visit By 2 Jedi Masters

    *Knowing that much had changed since his recent return, Obi decided to come and see what remained the same about TSE. Of course, this was Rama's Corner so he expected it to be a wee bit on the dirty side...although maybe "a wee bit" is downplaying the Sith's bar a little too much. Either way, Obi was anxious to see some of the new recruits as well as some of the old faces he remembered. He occassionally would make a visit to the bar, more than anything just to laugh at the Sith. That's one thing you could always count on them for...especially the guys who hang out at Rama's Corner. The Jedi Master went to a table there at the bar and sat down, waiting for his beautiful fiancee to join him*

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    **Moments later..a petite figure entered Rama's. Very discretely Leia looked for her handsome fiance. Upon spotting him a smile crept across her face. She quickly made her way to his table and pulled back her hood and leaned over to give him a kiss**

    Good Evening my love. What a place for you and I to pick to go out for the evening. Do you suppose we will see some of the old wretched scum here this evening?


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      **"Mmmm" Obi can't help but say and smile at his love from the sweet sweet kiss. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she sat down next to him. Smiling a bit at her comment, Obi continued to watch her as she sat down "She's so beautiful" he kept repeating to himself. It was clear to see how in love they were as they gazed into one another's eyes. Obiwan took her hand in his smiling as he looked at the engagement ring on her finger. Looking up at that angelic face of hers once more he whispered to her, "You know...we really should talk more about plans" smiling at her all the while he says this."**


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        **Leia just smiled away at Obi, she was truly in love with him and that was quite evident. Holding his hand oh so tight, yet gently she replied**

        Sweetheart, we just came back after being away for some time and I think you are so right my love. Its time for you and I to make our wedding plans final. There is nothing more in this galaxy that I want to do then to be blessed and honored to be your wife.

        **With that Leia could not resist but to lean over and give Obi one more gentle kiss on his sweet lips**


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          Well Well Well........Now Why would two noble Jedi such as yourself, come into a place like this?

          :: Rama walked down the bar towards the 2 Jedi that he knew all too well. ::


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            Vega squinted slightly as he watched the two Jedi Masters freely socializing in Rama's Corner. Very slowly, and in an over pronounced fashion, he rose a single thin eyebrow. He wondered, for a fleeting second, why the Jedi would be here - then it struck him. They were, of course, stupid enough to venture into the Sith bar, as Marr and Sunrider had been recently. The ill-educated trait seemed to run through all of the lightsiders ... perhaps it was a genetic default.

            "This should be most interesting," he thought to himself, sitting back to watch.


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              Satine noticed the presence of the two other Jedi immediately. Finally more Jedi decide to come in here. He smiles, and sends them a small greeting.

              Hiya guys! Surprised to see you in here Even in force-speech, Satine's youthful voice was apparent and very obvious.


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                He titled his head towards the Jedi appearing in Rama's Corner. He thought to himself why they would come to a Sith place such as this. Stupidity? Maybe. He laughed lightly, sipping the rest of his drink, a finger lightly running along the hilt of his saber.


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                  Satine notices Phantom's look, and his hand drifts to his sword hilt, while he lifts his cup of klah up, and takes a sip.


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                    *Bi0 walks up to Vega and sits right next to him...Vega knew Bi0 saw the Jedi's...even a Disciple could spot them in broad darkness*

                    "Lord Vega...I may not have much EXP with lightsiders but...are they all this dumb? I thought that Nicholas fellow might have warned them about his dumb defeat against Rama...are they here to see if Rama is indeed as powerful as he says he is?"

                    *Bi0 sits next to Vega, awaiting an answer*


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                      Jared watched both of the Jedi Masters enter out of the corner of his eye, he sat in a booth across the bar from Lord Vega slowly sipping on a Chambertin, the glass he held rotated back and forth in his hand as he watched the Jedi's with a growing interest. In his mind, he thought, [why would two Jedi masters show up here? Are they insane?]


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                        *Bi0 sips his ice water that he took over with him to sit with Vega*

                        (What's their deal? Surely they know this is enemy territory and yet the still flock here...)

                        *Takes one long sip of his water*

                        (Jedi's are such a odd breed...)


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                          Xavier enters Rama's corner slowly and spots Vega, moving towards his Master slowly as he looks to the two Jedi. He growls quietly to himself and continues walking towards his master.


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                            *Vyle just sits back in his corner booth and sips his water, an evil grin was upon his face as he watched the growing number of sith in comparison to that of the jedi*


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                              (blade who was taking a short nap at his master vegas table awoke quickly with the stench of jedi in the bar. Blade quickly spoke to his master.)

                              Them Jedi don't deserve to live stinking up this place like they do. I'm walk right up there and chop there frigin heads off. (blade bigins to stand up and reach for his saber)