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*Stops in for a drink*

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  • *Stops in for a drink*

    :: Dia wanders into Rama's around midday, looking for a glass of water, and perhaps something to eat. She takes a seat at one of the tables and looks around to see if she knows anyone. ::

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    Vega's notices the newly returned Sith Master entering the bar and rises up from his table, approaching hers - giving a light bow of respect.

    "Good day, Lady Dia," he said with a slight smile.


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      "Good day to you, Vega. Would you care to join me? I was just about to order some lunch."


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        Vega had got up without evena goodbye...hmm..somthing important must have just enterd the bar...and there she was..the newly apointed council member i got up and joined Mr.Van-Derveld in his travels to see Miss Dia.

        ' Good afternoon m'lady' i said with a slight smile


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          :: Dia smiles at the newcomer to her table. ::

          "Hello. I don't believe we've met. I'm Dia. You're welcome to join me, if you like."


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            "It'd be my pleasure..."

            Vega nodded to Dia then smiled slightly to Sieken, taking a seat across from the Sith Mistress. He took up the menu that lay on the table and flicked through it.

            "Any suggestions?"


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              :: Dia grins at Vega. ::

              "Actually, I was hoping you would have some suggestions. It's been too long since I last ordered anything here."

              :: The serving droid comes over to take their orders. Dia gets a mischievous look in her eye, then opens the menu flat on the table, closes her eyes, and points to a random item. ::

              "That. I'll have that."


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                Vega lent down at and peered at he menu, squinting a bit before bursting out laughing.

                "Gungan on a stick it is, then!"

                He flashed a grin and glanced up at Sieken.

                "Same for you or will you be shying away from the crispy Gunganic delights?"


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                  :: Dia joins Vega in laughing at her selection. ::

                  "Gungan on a stick... one of the few foods known almost universally. The rich won't buy it because it's beneath them, the poor won't touch it because, well, it's gungan. But in a small inn on a backwater planet, I enjoyed the house specialty of gungan on a stick, prepared with pineapple, to hide the fishy flavor."

                  :: She gives the droid instructions on the pineapple preparation, then turns back to her companions. ::

                  "So, how have you been?"


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                    "Excellent, excellent. And yourself, Lady Dia? I've yet to here of all of your exploits during your absence from the Empire."


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                      :: Dia smiles wryly and laughs a short, derisive laugh. ::

                      "Of my exploits, there's not much to tell... I wandered around aimlessly for the most part."

                      :: She absentmindedly fingered her necklace, the one heirloom she possessed, her only remaining tie to the family she lost long ago. ::

                      "It was like I was trying to find something, but I didn't know where to look."

                      :: She snaps out of her reverie just as the food arrives. ::

                      "Ah, here we go, Pinapple Gungan on a Stick."


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                        "...and the Empire had been what you were looking for all along, then?"

                        Visibly squirming a bit in his chair as he catches sight of the food, Vega laughs.

                        "Oh.. it looks... delicious!"


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                          I sat down spinning the chair around to have the back of the chair against my chest. With my glass of Ale, plonking it down apon the wooden surface of the table, i rested my elbows on top of the chair and hung my head low takeing a quick glance about before talking.

                          ' Cant imagin them haveing much to eat here...i in actrall fact have never eaten here before...' i said takeing a long sip of the amber ale.


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                            :: Dia nods to Seiken. ::

                            "I didn't realize it either, but I overheard someone say that the food is pretty good, so I figured I'd give it a try."

                            :: Dia notices Vega squirming as he looks at the food. ::

                            "Oh, just try it... It won't kill you."


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                              "I'm not so sure about that..."

                              He picked up a fork and poked at the crispy fleshy mound, causing a little crunch.

                              "...doesn't seem right to eat somethings ears."