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  • ...a lowly stranger

    *she walks in looking around the establishment. Nothing had changed except for maybe a few of the faces. She walked over to the bar*

    I'll take the regular....I mean a jack and coke please

    *the unfamiliar droid beeped and whistled as it prepared her drink and slid it to her on the counter top. She turned and leaned back against the bar, surveying the room for any familiar presence*

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    "Hello, Stranger," a voice says from off to Aya's left. Dia approaches the bar and orders a glass of water from the droid, then turns back to Aya. "Are you meeting someone here, or may I join you?"


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      *she turns and her eyes get huge as they fall upon Dia*


      *she wraps her arms around her and gives her a big Aya hug*

      How are ya kid?


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        He had been home on Meras, when he felt a very familiar ripple through the Darkside, a ripple he immediately recognized.

        Deciding to investigate in the quickest means known to him, he incanted the spell to send his Astral form through the universe and to a place he thought he would not see again, and too his surprise to see a person he thought he would not see again.

        The ghostly apparition moved closer and spoke through the Darkside so that she could hear.

        ”It is good to see you Master."


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          :: Dia hugs Aya back. ::

          "I've been good, better since I've returned to the Empire. And you? How've you been?"

          OOC: Gotta go for awhile... I"ll be back later tonight *hopefully* or tomorrow.


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            *a familiar presence seemed to invade her mind. She closed her eyes and smiled, seeing a familiar apparition, one that she would never forget*

            Ogre.....*she was speechless at just seeing her first apprentice*

            How...are you?


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              The faint form of the tall Sith moved closer and stood nearby, she could see there was a smile upon his face.

              “I am doing well Master Aya. I have a family now and a child coming soon. Kashirian blood will continue to serve the Darkside and your teachings for eternity, now that I have progeny.”

              His smile grew even wider, and her drink arrived.

              “Still imbibing in the same spirits I see.


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                *she smiled and nodded her head*

                Yes...although I probably shouldn't be. The dark blood still flows through me like a never ending river, and I thrive on the blood of others, but I still get a craving for my friend Jack.


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                  ”I really know little of the ways a Vampyre lives or more accurately doesn’t live, but I would think such spirits would lose their potency, where blood had taken its place.”

                  He chuckled a little at the situation and passed his ghostly hand through her drink, just because he could.


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                    *she smirked a little and took a drink*

                    Well some habits you just can't "kick." I'm still the same Aya, just a little different chemistry going on.


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                      ”I know all too well about breaking habits. I managed to quell mine for a time but still resort to it on rare occasion, only to get scolded for it afterwards. I’m sure after my child is born it will only become worse.”

                      One of the bar droids was wandering about cleaning up and ended up near where Ogre’s Astral form was. The Sith decided to be mischievous. He passed a hand through the droid’s head and it reacted by stuttering and beeping erratically as its systems where momentarily interrupted, but then it went back to normal looking around as if puzzled by what had just occurred.


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                        *she laughed and patted the droid on the head*

                        Yep, you were definitely my apprentice....


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                          "Only so much mischief I can cause from here on Meras to there at Rama's, but I thought it would remind you of good old times we had tearing up the original Rama's and terrorizing its patrons and attendants."


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                            "Well well well...Haven't seen you in a while..."

                            Alpha walks up behind Aya, holding his normal cup of klah, and smiles. His silver hair and eyes flash in the light, and he cocks his head to one side.

                            "How ya been Aya?"


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                              *she smiles and nods*

                              I'm good, and how are you?

                              Ogre....we did more than terrorize.